Attack of the Christmas Lights II: Twinkle’s Revenge

Just when you thought it was safe to go under the tree … it’s BA-A-A-A-A -a-a-a-a-ck …

This time, it's ELECTRICAL!

Tormenting terrified tabbies trapped in its tenacious twisted tangle of twinkling TERROR!

Jeez, was there a sale on words starting with 'T' or something?

Thanks, Meghan M.!  One more set and we can start a new category!



  1. Totally toe-tastic! – Teho.

  2. oh — and while Mr. Spotty Stripey is clearly AWESOME, I do also kinda like that pine flooring. Just thought I’d mention.

  3. LOL. Oh NTMTOM. You crack me up.

  4. Otherwise known as Twinkle II: Electric Boogaloo.

  5. Oh man, that’s a National Lampoon scene just waiting to happen. 😉

    But seriously, awesome pics/commentary there, NomTom.

  6. An alliterative masterpiece NOMTOM! Oh, and the twinkly kitty is cute too.

  7. terrific exposed tabby tummeh

  8. Crispycat

  9. berthaservant says:

    Nice one, Tom!

    “No kitteh….DON’T….NOM….THE LIGHTS…..”

  10. reverse eye liner on dat kat!

  11. Please don’t chomp the wires, little fuzzbelly.

  12. Oh those kitteh’s! Always trying to be helpful!

    I did a double take on the date on this post…wondered how I’d missed three days and then thought OMG TOMORROW IS CHRISTMAS EVE! But alas! It is only December 20th…right?…
    *shifty eyes*

  13. Gabster — um, yeah. TypePad timewarp. Oops.

    [Fixed now… – Ed.]

  14. “Honey! I *told* you the lights weren’t working!”

  15. I’ve always thought that christmas trees were basically one huge cat-toy: first of all its a tree to climb and jump on; then hanging ornaments for paws to bat at and hopefully knock down and chase around the floor, then there is the all the stringy stuff like garlands and strings of lights to tangle in. So much joy!

  16. momof2kitties says:

    This tiny tabbee is toe-tally, terrifically talented!!

  17. And as I type our cat, Cipher, is diligently trying to attack her favorite Christmas ornament. No lights for her, but this little wooden coyote we bought in Yosemite as definitely met its match.

  18. bubbyscranky says:

    Don’t practice your alliteration on me NTMTOM!

  19. Oh I just love it, kitties with Christmas lights…

  20. You gotta love alliteration! I just wanna snorgle that cute spotted belleh!

  21. kibblenibble says:

    Twinkle’s Revenge II opens Tuesday: Witness tumbling, tumultuous turmoil as this tiny tiger trounces the tyrannical tree-trimming with a truncheon until he’s all tuckered out.

  22. Meggy – don’t forget any tassly or fluffy bits on the tree skirt. Ours has a malibu feather boa thing around the edge, and my kitty LUVSES IT! Om nom nom.

  23. I was recently horrified to discover that most christmas tree lights have wires coated with, among other things, lead. This goes for the traditional lights as well as LED. There is usually a little warning on the back to always wash hands after handling the lights and wires… watch out for your kitties people!

    [that’s likely due to soldered connections. Pretty common. Best not to chew ANY wiring… – Ed.]

  24. Gail (the first one) says:

    Judging from the expression in Pic #2, it appears someone is headed for Santa’s naughty list!! What’s the kitteh equivalent of “a lump of coal”?

  25. My cats don’t mess with the ornaments, they don’t climb the tree and they don’t chew the lights. However, they do drink the water from the tree holder even though they always have a nice clean bowl of needle-free water. This makes me crazy-especially since they go to the back of the tree where I can’t reach them to do it. 🙂

  26. kibblenibble says:

    Minya, I bet they love the deelishus pine flavor! 🙂

  27. totalee puppy says:

    A song for Twinkle… He sees you when you’re nomming…each ornament you break…He knows that
    you’ve been naughty…You’ll get no minced-mouse cake!

  28. I really likeies the spots on Mr. or Ms. Tabby’s tummy there.

  29. Northern Tigress says:

    A new category? Can we help name it? I vote for Christmas Capers. Or Holiday High-jinks. Or maybe Cats In Trees.

    Okay, the last one’s a little weak, I admit.

  30. Aw, I love this! What a little rascal! I love the naughty face in pic two.

    Haha Totalee Puppy, that was awesome!

  31. My goodness! All these poor cats falling victim to Christmas tree lights. I am so glad my lights have been well behaved this year.

  32. OMG Totalee Puppy I am ROFL

  33. Terrible twinkle lights trap tabby in their twisty wires and tangle tabbies toes to trick tiger kitty to teeth on the treacherous twinkle wires
    Causing kitty to transpire.
    But our hero tiger tabby in a feat of kitty prowess- twisted and turned the treacherous twinkle lights into a totally useless tangle.

  34. Oh I for got to add this post brought to you by the letter T

  35. Twinkled toed Tabby, tripping the lights fantastic.

  36. Wow.
    1)Cute Cat
    2)Intended to write in & commend the alliterative prowess, then saw that several folks had already sent their compliments to that chef.
    3) AWESOME, Anne!!!!

  37. dangerous. not cute

  38. Minya, you should put a tree skirt around the tree holder that the kits won’t get past. It’s not good for pets to drink the tree water because pesticides and/or other nasty whatnot leech into the water.