Friday Staff Meeting

… and our final action item for today, in regards to re-purposing the deliverables for the Q1 global co-localization initiative going forward …

… we’re experiencing push-back over negative asset retention metrics, vis-a-vis our mission-critical relationship management wombat …

… at the end of the day, to synergize a best-of-breed flapdoodle customer-oriented splinky narfle paradigm wumpus noodle fleeple spork …

Brought to you by, the most comprehensive resource for cute things falling asleep in the entire global history of cute things falling asleep.



  1. I like the third one: “No, no, I’m listening, I’m…zzz [plop].”

  2. bleen it all! I can’t watch vids at work! Grr! Torture!

  3. platedlizard says:

    I’M AWAKE! NO REALLY! I’M– *zzzzzzz*

  4. So much fluffatude!

  5. re-purposing the deliverables…. I totally remember talk like this….snooooree

  6. eeets keeeeelling me!

    the pup at the end… lean lean lean leeeeeeeean WHOMP!

    If I were a cuter animal i could submit a vid of myself for that page! I totally do this!

  7. and I TOTALLY relate to that kitteh.

  8. I’ve been in meetings like that……

  9. LOLOL! Puppeh iz broke!

  10. Thanks for drilling down into the mission critical snoritude, for the proactivity of the fluffitization of … wut? Looks like me after a burrito lunch.

  11. marsheeeee says:

    Death by Powerpoint. I have SO been in those meetings. What little sweeties!

  12. I burst out laughing at the last one! What kind of dog is it anyway? It looks so different! The coloring is amazing.

  13. Yep, can so relate to this. This week, I’m sure loads of us in corporate Europe and USA have been getting teh mails from the boardz with all this kind of blip and have been going yes, very interezzzzzzzzz

  14. THis is me at work today ZZZ. jerk awake… ZZZZZZZ. jerk awake

  15. I went to check out that web site. Man! VERY stringent cuteness ratings! 😮 I don’t think I’ve seen a “5” yet!

  16. The pup at the end is a Pomeranian. His name is Spudgy and he’s 10 yrs old. 🙂

  17. Sleepy Spudgy always has been and always will be my absolute favorite YouTube video.

  18. That was me all semester. “And so-and-so’s use of color in thezz zzZZZzzzz… *jerk awake* post-modernist play-doh whatchmajigger snarshmallow ZZzzzZZZZ…”

  19. …But I always feel kind of dirty typing it in. “Spudgy”? Really?

  20. Vewy qwietwy shneaks teh bestest donuts fwum teh confewensh tabel…

  21. Janet in Cambridge says:

    Yup, pretty much captured my concentration levels when I’ve been in meetings like this. Face-forward-in-the-soup…

  22. Amazing how exhausting being a cute little bebeh is.

  23. Gail (the first one) says:

    Okay, today I had a Webex to display a Powerpoint presentation and a conference call to listen to what was on the presentation and I was completely alert the entire time……my kittehs, not so much.

    (Oh, and I, er, totally look like kitteh in #1, falling asleep on a plane. Possibly not as cute.)

  24. BINGO!

  25. BabyOpossum says:

    That’s what I need–a relationship management wombat! Thanks, CO.

  26. Hands(or heads?)up everybody who began tilting forwardzzzzz…..

  27. It’s funny ‘cos it’s true.

  28. Oh no! Now I’m getting sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeejejifkdddb6 WHU?! Uh, sleepy. Why’s there drool on my keyboard?

  29. berthaservant says:

    This is per-ticularly apropos this festive season, as most people have indulged in Xmas basket goodies and baskets of candy and holiday lunch cocktails and are even more primed for a snooze in that 3 PM conference call with Steve from corporate.

  30. OK I laughed really hard at the kitten, then really hard at the chickies, but i absolutely nearly wet myself over the puppy! TOO FUNNY (and too cute of course)

  31. *fwomp*

    I’m up! I’m up!!!

  32. Talk about misdirection! Sliiiiiddiiing to the left, plop on face to the right.

    I actually guffawed.

  33. Lolouds!

    That was me last night trying to finish up some reading and refusing to go to bed. Okay, perhaps not as cute and adorably fuzzy.

  34. “wompus noodle fleeble spork” – almost fell off my chair.
    I often wonder what gibberish my kitteh hears when I’m watching news…as he starts to snooze…

  35. awww, baby needs my grippy yoga socks

  36. OMG, puppeh hitting the ground suddenly was so anerable, but synchronized fuzzy chick narcolepsy for the win!

  37. totalee puppy says:

    Oh, those were chickies!
    Never skip CO…you learn so much.
    How to stay awake in a class or a meeting…chew
    gum, lots of gum…”frostbite mint” flavor. If you can’t be seen chewing, just keep a wad in the corner of your

  38. Oh man, the puppy flopping over then going “No! I’m awake! I’m awake!” just about killed me. Adorable!

  39. (the original) Mel says:

    Aaahhh “flapdoodle.” My favorite Henry Millerism.

  40. I’m concerned now, because while I had to go to to look up some of the stuff from the “1337” post the other day, I actually understood everything in this one.

    Maybe it’s because for my job I actually do work as a Relationship Management Wombat?

  41. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Hibiscus: Hee-hee! Is “Wombat” a professional designation? Are there other levels, like “Apprentice Wombat”, “Journeyman Wombat” and “Master Wombat”?

  42. Tandem chickenhead droopage!

  43. Keeeeeeeeeeeer PLOP! I didn’t see that one coming, puppy, LOL!

  44. oh-nobody-in-particular says:

    Sometimes, when I feel really down, this site is one of only a very few things that can still make me laugh.

    The entire internet is given over to brainless, sarcastic nonentities, always fussing and fighting about everything. But you come to C.O. and things are okay.

    Also, “Spudgy?” That is an awesome name for a Pomeranian.

    [Heh. Glad you like. So do we. Don’t be *too* surprised when things occasionally get sarcastic and brainless around here, though… – Ed.]

  45. The scary thing is, I was following you all the way up until “splinky narfle”. That’s when My Head A Splode.


  47. So adorable! And I can totally relate! I have been doing this since I was fourteen years old!

    They tell me I need to work on my sleep hygiene. Pfft!

    Then when I get the eight hours sleep or more, I *STILL* faceplant! Cannot win.

    Not so cute when I do it, did it earlier at my bff’s place with her husband and father in law present, my jaw wide open, but not snoring.

    To quote the immortal Grover, “Oh, I am so emBARassed!”

  48. Reminds me of myself trying to keep my eyes open at the puter when I’m STAYING UP TOO LATE READING CUTE OVERLOAD.

    Why is it that puppies and kitties don’t want to go to sleep? Are they having so much fun that they don’t want to just like us?

    Am I anthropomorphising? I don’t know. It make me wonder….

  49. binky-mama says:

    Awesomeness!!! Wumple noodle fleeple spork talk makes me nod off too. But my drool puddles are not nearly as cute as these guys.

  50. NTMTOM, you are one fine cute-ologist editor. Now I have a new resource to use at the end of my next pp presentation. Any Questions group? I’ll see who’s awake enough to see the puppeh falling over.

    And my sister and I were thinking of naming any future weenies Cinnamon, Georgia and Ginger.
    They shall now have a brother named Spudgy!

  52. Nothing says lovin like some seriouslt tie-tue animals!

  53. Mandy,
    Have you talked to a doctor? Just sayin’.

  54. totalee puppy says:

    Nothing says lovin’ like a warm cranberry muffin…

  55. Dude, those chicks could totally take the gold medal in Synchronized Snoozing.

  56. I love the puppeh! He is all “If I can just keep my feet square I’ll be OK”..2 seconds later “Ahh..forget it”, then “Whad I miss?”

  57. haha its so cute