I shall keel you. WITH SNEEZES!

1. Winston and Rudy are snuggular
2. Rudy pushes things TOO FAR

We’re always glad to see guest-blogger Winston get a chance to address his audience, Rich.



  1. poor rudy! getting hissed at like that. he doesn’t deserve winston’s hostility!


  3. HAHAHA! All that needed was some stuff coming out of Winston’s nose, and Rudy running to the parent like “Moooom!! Winston is trying to sneeze and get snot all over me!”

  4. Juniper Jupiter says:

    My! Winston sure can be a beeyotch with poor widdow Rudy! He was just trying to give Winston soogar! Oh, well…at least they put up with each other the rest of the time, right? Like when the cameras aren’t on them…or more not on Winston, right? RIGHT!?

  5. Winston wins! Love the crow pillow! LOL!

  6. Oh Winnie Snotrocket. My heart.

  7. the red text did me in.

  8. It all started out so well! At least now we know that Rudy and Weeenston love each other, after all. Rudy is such a handsome boy!

    Other than that, LOLLLLZ, this video is too funneh.


    Whyyy does he still not have his own category?

    [Because. He has. His own. Buh-LOG. http://fourfour.typepad.com/fourfour/kitty_pride/ – Ed.]

    Poor Rudy. Just trying to be sociable and then he gets snot all over him.

  10. That sound byte in the last two seconds of the vid cracked me up as much as the sneezes!

  11. I love Winston. I can’t get enough of him.

  12. It always comes to blows, doesn’t it? But then in the immortal words of Dr. Crusher, “They’re brothers. Brothers forgive.”

    Merry Christmas, boys!

  13. Bad Winnie!

  14. berthaservant says:

    This is like me. I always sneeze about nine or ten times in a row. Espesh in the rare instances where someone starts to snorgle me.

    (I used to vomit when I went out on dates like Stan on South Park, but I got over that).

  15. My poor husband gets the same type of sneezing fit where he does like ten or fifteen in a row!

  16. The beeb says that sneezing can be a sign of arousal…so Winston has the hots for Rudy?


  17. I have an apartment full of flat-faced cats, and there’s nothing quite like those sneeze attacks.

    Somehow, they always do it directly into my face, too.

  18. Hooray! Winston cheer for the season! 😀 😀

  19. *Banging table* YES! YES! YES!

  20. Cat (and any animal sneezes) are some of the most intolerably cute things known to humankind, along with audible yawns. My one cat lets out a little *waaaaaah* and tilts her head when she yawns and I simply faint dead away from the cuteness every time. I really must capture it on video if I can.

  21. Nice Harry and Sally ref, Theresa!

  22. weeeenston! does he has his own fan club yet? Can ai start one?

  23. Oooo liddle darlins!!

  24. Rudy and my Wallace look like brothers!

  25. Winston — lie back and let Rudy love you. Why must you put up walls and then sneeze on those who are closest to you?

  26. I can’t believe I recognized who Dr. Crusher is.

  27. Winston needs to meet my lovely cat “diabetus”……

  28. Melissa H. says:

    Ah yes, the explosive, designed-for-maximum-spread-of-snot cat sneeze. Rudy, just be happy he wasn’t sitting on your chest with his face close to yours. Been there, done that.

  29. That is one straaaaaaange cat.

  30. I don’t “get” Winston. Maybe cuz he’s too familiar. My cat has the same attitude. I’d love a Rudy…..

  31. Think it’s a blue jay pillow…Rudy, you’re so
    naayyce…”Caught in a trap…can’t walk out (woohoohoo)because I love you too much, Winston”…

  32. Winston, it’s snot funneh!!

    (Ok, somebody had to say it.)

    [Did they? No, really, I’m asking. “Had to”? – Ed.]

  33. Aww Rudy. You so rock. Even if Winston doesn’t appreciate you.

  34. I know that eveyone loves Winston in all his smoosh-faced-ness, but I think poor Rudy is sadly underrated. What a beautiful part Abyssinian (I think) boy he is. I gotta say I’d take him first any day, Winston is just too much of a Drama Queen! lol

  35. Is it just me or should Winston have his own category?

    [He does, over at his own blog. Look under the “More More More” heading in the right-hand margin… – Ed.]

  36. platedlizard says:

    Awww, Rudy looks exactly like my kitteh! I def prefer the normal-faced kittehs, Winston’s smoshface looks deformed to me :/

  37. If only we could have seen Winston’s face as he sneezed. That would have been hilarious!

  38. If you could have seen Winston’s face as he sneezed, wouldn’t that mean you were the target? Or at least your camera? (ick)

  39. I think Winston is allergic to violence, even if it’s perpetuated by himself.

  40. (the original) Mel says:

    Hey, Rudy had the warning tail flick. He should have known that Winston was gonna shiv him in a minit. Winnie deserved that sneeze fit though. He wuz mean!

  41. I love Winston’s smushed face.

  42. scooterpants says:

    good god, honestly , what IZ Winston supposed to tolerate?? Myself, I would’a tossed him off WAY before that, what’s in it for Winston anyway. “hummfff, hummff. get off me.”
    if Winny needs a squat, we’ll put him up and we wont mess with him. he can come on over here any day. he rocks.

  43. scooterpants says:

    erebella- you might want to get yourself a snot deflector if your really want to see that. i think they sell them on HSN. yuk, cat snot/spit…

  44. Holy CatSneeze Batman!! says:

    What really gets me here is the Old School Batman Typeface— Biff! Bam! KAPOW!!!

  45. Winston, use your Sneeze Attack!

    It’s super effective!

  46. AuntieMame says:

    Poor Rudy! Winnie, be nice to your brother!

    (And how come, every time I try to watch a YouTube video these days, the row of similar videos pops up before the one I’m watching is finished?!?)

  47. YourMother says:

    Maybe Winston is allergic to cats.

    Heh heh heh

  48. i <3 the Winston. i <3 the Rudy snorgling the most though. loves it.

  49. Mine went a little different my little cat would groom my big cat until he got tired of it and decided to bite him. Then wrestling and chasing would follow.

  50. Oh, it would have been worth it guys and you know it! 😀

  51. Shannon, I’m with you. Rudy can come over whenever he wants. There may even be a few cans of tuna around…

  52. I love love love love that face winston is making when rudy is licking him. he looks like a cartoon. I’m terrible at drawing, but i could draw that face he was making perfectly, circle head+triangle ears+dashes for eyes+dot nose+upside down V for mouth. Winston is unreal! <3

  53. Alice Shortcake says:

    I love the contrast between Winston’s beatific expression and the ensuing sneeze attack.

  54. Molly, you’re on my list for a Christmas Hideout.
    Better flat-faced cats with sneeze attacks than my grandma and aunt ;-).

  55. . . . bless you.

  56. snorglepup says:

    I sneeze in your general direction..

  57. darkshines says:

    Chanpon, Rudy wouldn’t go running to mom, he doesn’t have one, he has two daddies 🙂 <3

  58. i would totally buy a winston book or calender. i’m just sayin’!

  59. Jenny — putting together something like that is a LOT of work (Meg & I are currently doing the 2010 calendar for CO, so I’m speaking from recent experience) but I’ve just emailed Rich asking about such things. We’ll see what he says if/when I hear back; he’s a busy boy.

  60. My two boy cats have the same sort of relationship. It quickly moves from I will leek you to I will marmelize you.

    Hee’ll be bahk.

  62. you should check your cat for some sort of Respiratory Infections… sneezing should not be ignored or viewed as cute

  63. Teho and Hon Glad : you guys crack me up ! :))

    Checking back on the comments because there’s nothing on CO !! *scratch-scratch, whine, whimper*

  64. @Papyrus : Rich DOTES on his kittehs. Winston has a long history of trips to the vet and has been lovingly cared for during many years. Not a sneeze will be ignored!

  65. @darkshines: Yes, I’ve visited Weenston’s site many times, so I do know he’s owned by a Dad, which is why I wrote parent rather than mom. But “Daaaad!!” doesn’t have the same whiney ring to it, and we all know bratty kids go to Mom when these things break out. :p

    When most cats sneeze it’s surprisingly snot-free, ‘cept when one of my kitties ended up with a sinus infection. He would sneeze throughout the day, and without being too graphic, the poor guy would walk around the house, desperately in need of a tissue. It was quite, um, interesting. Thankfully antibiotics eventually cleared that up.

  66. This needs to be tagged “I shall leek you”.

  67. Done!

  68. Poor Rudy! You can come live with me any time, widdle one.
    I think Winston needs some corporate cuddling, with a bath towel. For a week.

  69. hey theo! of course its a ton of work….i would totally buy one even if it was just one of those classic “one kitty a month” calenders….winston! i love you!

  70. CorporAL cuddling, Janni. The other is frowned upon by HR. 😉

  71. Winston is like “Clean this up Mofo!”

    Poor Rudy, Winston is like a cat from another planet.

  72. Winston is one grumpy cat. Poor Rudy needs a towel after that snot-mageden.

  73. rachel waterlow says:

    i think that was soooooooo cute!!! hoe can you post vidios and pictures anyway?????? any way, they were soo darling!

  74. bookmonstercats says:

    BServe, how sad. I’m glad you are over it now.

    I sneeze up to 20 times (and sometimes more) in a row. I can clear a room.

    Betcha I wouldn’t make it onto CO, though (goes into a huff).

  75. hamster-on-rye says:

    I understand, Winston. Rudy was touching you in your swimsuit zone, and you remember what to do when you’re not comfortable. Don’t forget what Dr. Hamry says, “Out of pepper spray? Try the
    Sneeze Attack.”

  76. hahah I wuv you Whinny!!! You are the best smooshy faced kitty in the world!!!

  77. Oops!
    Thanks, Theo. 🙂