I Hate Mid-terms…

"This is my worst semester EVER.  In History, I have a paper due on the Code of Hammurabi; in Government, I have to write about Alexander Hamilton, and I haven’t even started reading Hamlet for Literature class."

Once this is over, I'll be in my hammock.

Better stock up on the Red Bull, Lindsey B.



  1. Well I would certainly hate for his GPA to be hampered by his poor study skills.

  2. That ham had better cram.

  3. such lovely typing paw posture

  4. Looks like your hamstrung.

  5. And after exams, I’ll be resting in the Hamptons.

  6. Has he/she been nibbling on that dark blue pencil? So cute!

    I sure don’t miss studying.

  7. Oh jeez this just made my day! I just got out of the worst final ever (I wasn’t even able to answer enough questions on it to be able to pass) and I come here and see this lil’ fella! Aww!

  8. nrosetulip says:

    Looks like his nerves already got the best of him… check out the blue pencil!

  9. Trabb's Boy says:

    Do I detect a theme?

    No, not the “ham” jokes — the worried animals! Hate to nuff and all, but can’t we get back to joy and love and disapproval?

  10. NOM-TOM, you seem to know a leeetle bit too much about procrastination. Perhaps your current streak of CO-posting brilliance has something to do with that?

  11. What an intelligent looking ham-face!

  12. ButtaRumCake says:

    Now all hammie needs is a wee pair of teensy glasses on the tippy tip of him weensy nose.

    *pases out from diabetic shock*

  13. ButtaRumCake says:

    um….*pasSes out from diabetic shock*

    The sugar content of picture is making me unable to spell…

  14. Wow is he cute! Those paws are too much!

  15. What a doll baby! He’s so cute he must distract himself all day from studying! Can you really blame him?

  16. Gail (the first one) says:

    Looking at the little armsies/handsies, I’m wondering, “Can hammies get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?”

  17. Jennie Mello says:

    Sometimes I just feels like a hamster on a wheel, going round and round never getting nowheres.

  18. how kawaii!!! that is EXACTLY how i felt last friday!

    >phew< I'm glad finals are OVER!

  19. AuntieMame says:

    Ordinarily I would never say such a thing, but in this case, I think Hammy would be okay just to watch a movie of Hamlet. (HAMlet…BWAH!)

    I recommend the Derek Jacobi version with Patrick Stewart as Claudius.

  20. Wow! That hammy is a fatty. Awww.

  21. I know exactly how he feels :-[ Just got done with 2 finals, 2 15-page papers, and now I have to write a 20-pager. I have no strength left.

  22. “Hamlet”! You made a lol!

  23. momof2kitties says:

    I don’t ever want to go back to school. EVER.

    But if this little guy would be my study partner, I might consider it. We could study the history and social makeup of Hamtramck.

  24. ThreeCatNight says:

    “And then there’s that history lesson about Hamilton Fish, and what goes into Virginia hams, and what do I know from ham anyway — I keep a kosher cage! Oy, the angst!”

  25. Can you bribe your professors with that apple? They’ve got to be impressed bigger than your body. Student body that is.

  26. Next semester: midterm paper analyzing the impact of Alexander Hamilton’s domestic fiscal policies on foreign trade.

    Uff da!

  27. Boy, is he behind! It’s finals time!

  28. Rhino!

  29. Is that first hamester or second hamester?

  30. ant man bee says:

    and next semester’s even tougher — I’m taking classes on Hamiltonian methods in mechanics and the philosophy of William of Ockham. But then for spring break I’m heading for the capital of Bermuda…

  31. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I used to love school, but the longer I’m out, the less I miss it.

    Egad! Is it really over 20 years since undergrad?! *slinks away to see if the hair color needs touching up again, I think I sprouted a new gray hair*

  32. berthaservant says:

    All he wanted was a college education. But this little hammy — (record scratch interrupts bubbly soundtrack music) — got more than he bargained for!

    Walt Disney Studios and Pixar Entertainment present the story of a ham…who learned that there’s more to life….than apples and cheese and exercise wheels! Coming this Xmas, starring NTMTOM as the voice of Hampton the Frat House Hamster, it’s “Hampton: The Old College ‘Ehn!'”

  33. capture_the_spirit says:

    Yeah, victoreia, he should totally be in finals right now!

  34. berthaservant says:

    Special cameo by the late great Hamilton Camp.

  35. Ack! Ack! Too cute! Hyperventilating!

  36. Victoreia, you took the words out of my mouth. Now I get to GRADE the finals. Bleh.

    berthaservant, as always, you’re on fire. I can almost see Disney optioning your movie idea. When College Humor did that “Head of Skate” trailer, I could almost hear Disney execs gnashing their teeth–“Why didn’t we think of that?”

  37. LOL I just finishedmy Spanish Final… I am afraisd I did not do well but this Ham has me feeling much better!

  38. Gail (the first one) says:

    And, don’t forget the Political Science seminar on President Carter’s aide, Hamilton Jordan!

  39. If anyone wants to pro-HAM-stin-ate on your studyin’, here’s a new puppy cam to get addicted to, and totally not study.


    It’s snowing so we’re closing down the paper.

  40. AuntieMame: I just watched Hamlet with Derek Jacobi and Patrick Stewart for a class! And I have a final for that class due next week!

    Berthaservant:”Hampton: The Old College ‘Ehn!'” hahaha!

    What a fat little ham! Which is rounder, the ham or the apple?

  41. I always think of my third grade nativity play. The kid playing the head shepherd was from Texas, and so when he said “Bethlehem” it came out “Bethleham.”

  42. Look at that ball of floof. Hamsters. Hehe.

  43. berthaservant says:

    I can’t believe no one has said this, but it’s also clear that the ham has matriculated at the University of New Hampshire. Go Wildcats!!!

    (clearly not a Dartmouth lad, or he’d be drunk by now)

  44. Neither UCSB, because OBVIOUSLY he’d be surfing.

  45. It’s been many years since college, but I don’t remember doing a lot of cram reading or paperwriting, but I was an art major. The most time I spent writing was my grad thesis and it was harder to get that approved than to write it. That hammy can snuggle up with me anytime.

  46. Von Zeppelin says:

    When he finishes, he should kick back with a nice cold Hamm’s Beer (the beer refreshing. . .)

  47. “Wow! That hammy is a fatty. Awww.”

    Dang freshman 10.

  48. I´m sorry, the hamster is cute and all.
    But eh..worst photoshop-montage ever on Cute Overload…I mean: THE APPLE, FOR PETES SAKE!

  49. It’s 15, these days. When were you in school, Sniper?


  50. Supercutie!

  51. One of the many things I love about hams (the furry variety) is that they always look like they’ve been interrupted in the middle of something. That ham is all like, What?

  52. berthaservant says:

    lol Teho…I’d be on the waves but my babe stole my skateboard and I’m just chill here at my place on Sabado…Freebirds later maybe.

  53. New Addiction: “For Assistance with your Withdraw from the Shiba Inu Puppy cam come see our “Lab Experiment”, unfortunately no Hamster wheels but we might add a puppy size one if I can find it in the stores. Join in the watching and the discussion for some fun this Holiday Season!! On our web site @ http://www.karemy.com/puppy or Ustream @ http://www.ustream.tv/channel/karemy%27s-labrador-retriever-puppies

  54. Finals must have really fried my brain, because I didn’t get the ‘ham’ jokes until the third time I looked at this.

  55. Once he’s finished, do you think he could help me with my personal project?

  56. Just in case you were wondering, being in college is EXACTLY like being a hamster:

    Wake up
    Eat food pellets
    Shred paper all day
    Run on wheel
    Shred more paper
    Curl up in nest to sleep

    If you laid the design of a hamster cage over a map of my campus, it would match exactly!

  57. Whoa – hammie on Red Bull! How fast can the wheel *really* go?

  58. Cu-test!

  59. “It’s 15, these days. When were you in school, Sniper?”

    Um. It’s been a while. If by “a while” you mean “decades”.

  60. ahhahah!!

    Hamlet…that’s a good one.

  61. Hey! He’s got the answers written on his teeny-tiny hand!

  62. Whoo, Hammurabi on CO! that was on one of my art history finals at some point in the last 3 years. Thank goodness finals are over this semester!

  63. The dorm my brother lived in *was* like a giant Habitrail.

  64. Remember those teeeny-tiiiiny red pencils that came with the Time magazine subscription? He needs somes of those for his tiiiiny hands.

  65. awww….this picture made my day….after i just found out that i was 0.1% from the A- cutoff….school sucks !!!

  66. hotpantsmcgee says:

    Anyone else getting a leeeetle tired of the “Cute Story To Go With Your Photo”? I could do with reading only a line or two, non-rhyming please.

  67. That ham is mirroring my feelings today, as I worried about whether or not I still have a job. (So far, so good!) Note to self, and all of CO: don’t get pants-shitting drunk on a weeknight, even if it is your birthday!

  68. haha i just finished my finals. if i had known this ham was studying too we could have been study partners!! 😦

  69. Vanessa The Animal Rights Advocate says:

    Poor hamsters, they always look so worried!
    What a cutie.

  70. This makes me happy I went to beauty school

  71. The ham should start with Hamilton, of course, then do Hamlet and Hammurabi. Alphabetizing that fourth letter always works for me. 😉

  72. If I had to do all that studying, I’d be hammered.

  73. New rule: if you’re the size and shape of an apple, it’s cute.

  74. Don’t forget listening to “La Boham” for Music Appreciation. *shifty eyes*

  75. Homer & Maggie's mom says:

    Are we sure his paper wasn’t on the Code of Hamsterabi?

  76. How do I buy this picture?

  77. Don — that’s an interesting question. We’re not really set up like DeviantArt or a pro photoblog, but I’ll see what I can find out.

  78. well, you can buy it! this picture is actually part of a calendar. check it out! http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/479690
    you can look at hamsters every hamester of the year, maybe while you’re eating a ham bone, or lying around in the hammock!

  79. Thanks, Lindsey, that seems to cover THIS photo (looks like it’s September on your calendar)… I’m still going to be looking into the idea in general, though.

  80. -French-Failure- says:

    awh. that is so cute.

    and i have a hammurabi’s code essay too!

  81. Ack….. Berthaservant and Teho ~ could it be that you two are also Gaucho alums? I lived off Embarcadero del Norte in I.V. for three years….. back in the day;

    Now, this little Hammie makes me remember the ‘stress’ and appreciate the ‘memories’… BTDT, once was enough, LOL!

  82. BServ — wuzza Gaucho? Besides an Argentinian cowboy, I mean.

  83. totalee puppy says:

    Okay, little study partner,
    we’ve shredded enough paper…maybe we could use a break…You start watching the Hamlet movie, and I’ll go over to White
    Castle and pick us up a bag of those teeny-tiny

  84. He looks just like Jennifer Aniston in her recent nude photo! If only he had a tie..

  85. Browngrl, you’re not the only one to notice. While we’re not likely to POST it, y’know, Meg & Mike & I had a good chuckle over that photo juxtaposition the other day. It’s the paws/hands.