No, no, thank YOU, Socks.

You’re ALWAYS SO HELPFUL at Christmastime. [eye roll]


No, no, it looks good! Really.


We’ll clean it up later, Brinke G.



  1. Christmas kitty is beyootiful!!

  2. PS. Love the spotted nosicle!

  3. Actually, it appears that Socks has done a pretty good job untangling the lights!

  4. what a sweet nosicle on this cutie patootie!

  5. Pam Siebert says:

    What a beautiful picture!

  6. “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”

  7. WickedWendy says:

    So cute!

  8. Ear tufts!

  9. KittehMamax3 says:

    Can I claim it as MY christmas card picture. My 3 babies won’t let me near them for a still shot…

  10. As a blanket warmer goes, these lights are a little scattered….

  11. How did it get the twinkle lights in its eyes?

  12. Oh dear….I can just imagine the astronomic KERFLUFFLE if I did that to one of mine. I would end up wrapped in the lights and probably hanging from the ceiling. bleeding profusely.

    That said what a BEAUTIFUL CATTY!! And CHECK OUUT the slightly open MOUF!

  13. This is the kitteh version of “pouty lips,” right? I love the innocent look and the nose spot!

  14. socks looks like he’s been having some trouble drinking his hot cocoa- a big dribble down his chin, and a smudge of chocolate on his nose i just wanna nibble on.

  15. Excuse me, sir, but is this kitty UL approved?

  16. beautiful kitty. and so furstive!

  17. What beeyooteeful shining kitteh eyes!

  18. Strike a pose.

  19. Pussicle lights!

  20. Dexter Fishmore says:

    Sorry, folks. I can’t help it:



  22. I would like to nominated that kitty for Dec 24th in the next Cuteoverload calendar.

  23. EaterofShades says:


    and I love the face it’s all “why yes I did do this on purpose, how’s it look?”

  24. aw! kitteh by xmas light is so magical!

  25. Photogirl — wouldn’t be a bad choice at all, but we’ve already got a good one set for Christmas Eve 2010. 😉

  26. (and I mean, as of just YESTERDAY)

  27. Wow, gorgeous! I love that last picture so much.

  28. platedlizard says:

    awww, they make her eyes sparkle!

  29. Heh, Peter Jackson used that effect for Galadriel, too.

  30. Oh, I wanna put that twinkly angel on top of my Christmas tree!

  31. well that kitteh must have done something right. everytime my dad gets the christmas tree lights out theres always a million bulbs missing or not working. I for one would like to hire this kitteh to untangle our lights from now on!

  32. This almost looks like kitteh Glamour Shots…

  33. YourMother says:

    Fried pussy cat

  34. berthaservant says:

    I love holiday kitteh pics.

    This post, however, reminds me of the sad news that former first cat Socks is not doing well.

    He’s one of the few famous Presidential cats — send him your love!

  35. Very illuminating.

  36. what an absolutely beautiful kitty. he/she reminds me of my kitty, Oreo, who was part Maine Coon and had that same beautiful, soulful face. I love the reflection in your kitty’s eyes. precious, precious, precious.

  37. Awwww! How preeeeeeetttttty!

  38. That’s friggin precious! What else is there to say?

  39. She’s radiant!

  40. Rejoice, for we have found our X-mas wallpaper!!!

    That is one awesomely gorgeous kitteh…

  41. ButtaRumCake says:

    *giggles out loud* @ chanpon! UL approved LOLOL

  42. Adorable – Kitty gettin’ lit for xmas! Must have been the nipnog.

  43. You know, Teho – you could always go with a “12 days of Christmas” theme in 2010…

  44. Like TwoLumps, CatAddict?

  45. Theo, I was thinking of Galadriel’s elven starlit eyes too.

  46. That kitty is a ‘him,’ his name is Sherman!

  47. Oh, my dear departed Yevgeny loved him some Christmas. Give him a cat toy and he was all meh, but give him a Christmas decoration and he went Nutters McFrisky. Never seen a fifteen-pound cat before or since who could sleep halfway up the Christmas tree every single night of December without falling out once.

    He was even a gray tuxie like the feller in the picture.

  48. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Nancy: “nipnog”!!!! LOL!!! That accounts for the shiny (glazed?) eyes!!

    I sense a photo opportunity for my kittehs! All I need is a box, a blankie and a string of lights and wait for a kitteh to pass by!

  49. Teho: Umm, well, maybe not quite what I had in mind.

  50. Teho: um well, that’s not quite what I had in mind…. but close!

  51. Sherman the Adorables. Melanie, it MUST be a kitty glamour shot! I’ll say it again…adorables.

  52. Santa Kitty, slip a Kitten under my tree, For me.
    been an awful good girl, Santa Kitty,
    so hurry down the chimney tonight.

    Santa Kitty, a sweet little parakeet too,
    Light blue.
    I’ll wait up for you dear,
    Santa Kitty, so hurry down the chimney tonight.

    Santa kitty, I wanna dog with spots,
    And really that’s not a lot,
    Been an angel all year,
    Santa kitty, so hurry down the chimney tonight.

    Come and trim my Christmas tree,
    With Kitty Lights from Tiffany’s,
    I really do believe in you,
    Let’s see if you believe in me,

    Santa Kitty I forgot to mention one more thing
    a bun the kind you hold and bounces around having fun.
    Santa Kitty so hurry down the Chimney tonight!

  53. Well done on the kitty ditty! Bravo!

    Such a pretty kitty!

    I’m thinking the name “Socks” just ain’t fittin’!

    How about Zsa Zsa? or Cartier? or Tiffany?

    [eyes blink demurely]
    darrrrrrrr- linnnnnnnng

  54. Xcept for the nosicle spot, Sherman could by my own sweet grey tuxie’s identical twin – same markings, same ear tufts and fluff, same slightly befuddled expreshe ! My Thomas Theodore Trotwood may not be the brightest bulb in the string of Christmas lights but he’s a sweet, purring lovebug who’s never met a human he didn’t like! ♥♥♥

  55. Kristabelle says:

    Gosh, what a beautiful kitty!

  56. I love the light bulb right in his axis of snorgle.

  57. thelibrarianne says:

    If you superimpose the close-up pic onto the top, a la 70s senior photo, that would make a lovely mantelpiece picture. 😀

  58. He is so Adorable I made him my desk top back ground at work. WHere all that come thru can admire him

  59. annie if you want a full-size photo for desktop i can send it.

  60. Beautiful kitty – and I love the expression – “*What* are you doing to me?!” LOL!

  61. scooterpants says:

    it looks purrfect-o.
    the perfect lights to fluff ratio!

  62. What a gorgeous cat (2nd pic especially) ….. and I’m not even a “cat person!” 🙂 (Plus, highly allergic.)

  63. lilarmadilloluva says:

    lol, how cute!

  64. Audrey Leigh says:

    beautiful photo!

  65. Audrey Leigh says:

    Maine Coon?

  66. totalee puppy says:

    the light fantastic

  67. Brandy Martinez says:

    I hope kitty is named Noelle, she is bee yoo ti ful Christmas Kitty!

  68. Gosh, this would be my Christmas card forever! Beautiful!