Mouf Animals Sing!

Boing Boing has just alerted us to this redonk video of Animals singin’ about a Merry Christmas. The video is from the "Do One Thing"  organization, which encourages folks to "Make this the year you do one thing for nature". Some of their simple ideas are here!

Thanks Marilyn N. 😉



  1. so cute! Merry Christmas!

  2. Cute and conscientious!

  3. Yikes!

  4. Yikes but I love it, that is. Happy Holidays, everyone!

  5. omg thats so scary but eeeee at the same time!

  6. Squeel…..

  7. This might fit on UglyAndWeirdOverload, but not here.

  8. oh my LORD that is creepy. *hides under a leaf*

  9. wth.

  10. I like the seal! The larvae not so much!!

  11. Wait, is it Friday?
    Did I do this under the influence of Ambien or something?

  12. warrior rabbit says:

    Eh. More than a little creepy.

    I did like the instrumentation, though. 🙂

  13. Okay, I am glad I’m not the only one who thought Holy Creepy

  14. Yowza!! Lips on critters! Critter lips!

  15. dubbie dubbie dum dum dubbie dubbie dum….very catchy actually

  16. kibblenibble says:

    A bit reminiscent of the disembodied singing lips at the beginning of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. (Were those Tim Curry’s lips?)

  17. ROTFLMAO!!! Lurve it! Want the lyrics and this is my new Holiday song!

  18. Not Tim Curry’s lips, but I don’t know whose they actually were. It’s probably in Wikipedia somewhere.

  19. Creep-tastic, but the trumpet-playing bee was kinda cute.

  20. OK, re: the Rocky Horror lips, they were Patricia Quinn’s. She was also Magenta. Science fiction, double feature…

  21. Looking at the link, I wanna make a hedgehog house! Sadly, there aren’t really any hedgehogs in the neighborhood… Maybe if I advertised in the paper? Cheap rent?

  22. kibblenibble says:

    Thanks, Teho!

  23. I agree with Dan, this is creepy weird overload. and i might be having nightmares tonight.

  24. ‘ang on. Don’t be too harsh noo. The east London accent!
    The grasshoppah on percussion! I think that larvae has a quite promising careeah with the Beetles.
    Can’t say the same for the badgah. What was it do-… oh no no.


  26. Disturbing and hilarious! I loved the cymbal crash.

  27. Oooh, the head-bobbing weasels!! Gawd bless us every one!

  28. OMG! Cute and a little disturbing all in one!! I likes it!! Anyone have the lyrics?

  29. Super weird, innit! Love it…

  30. I larve it!

  31. [stares]
    [mouth drops open]
    [brow furrows]

    [thinks about Speed Racer]


  32. I’m in with the cute-but-also-a-tad-creepy crowd. The campaign reminds me why we redid our garden to be more animal friendly, despite grandma’s protests. So far, we’re counting three hedgehogs, three to four bats (hard to count, you know), a woodpecker, a family of blue tits…
    It’s really nice, we always have some animals to watch, even in winter :-).
    No snakes so far though. Pity.

  33. heh, you said blue tits.

    [sorry, my immaturity showed there for a minute…]

  34. EEEEWWWWW!!!

    OK, the head-bopping was cute, the instruments were very cute, but the human mouths on animals? EEEWWWW!!! Especially the insects–anyone else hear a teeny little “Help meeeeeee”?

  35. cute or not, its catchy, and that means the word gets spread for a good cause – to halp out the cute critters! they’ve got some good ideas.
    love it!

  36. Von Zeppelin says:

    The grasshopper on drums was Best, but he still got replaced by Ringo.

  37. smile.

  38. creepy and weird!

  39. I don’t find this creepy. Does that mean I’m creepy? I think it’s pretty gosh darn funny!

  40. And the british thing makes it even cuter, roight?

  41. Eastie: You’re not creepy, you just have a different sense of humor than the people who do think it’s creepy.

    Laura: Your first comment was hilarious. Your second comment was immature and unecessary and gave me an unwanted mental image… But yes. X|

    I thought the music was great, the animals were cute, and the cause was good, but the lips…. oh my goodness, the lips…. I cannot forgive those people for ruining the natural cuteness of those animals. And the larvae weren’t cute. Sorry, but I likes me my furries. (Heh.)

    (If I’ve offended anyone in this comment, please don’t hate me too much.)

  42. Hi muttluver, sorry to give you an unwanted image! Sometimes I just can’t resist the beavis and butthead thing…

    Juno- aside from the Speed Racer flashback I also got a Ren and Stimpy flash of the episode when the horse was dressed in latex and answered the door with “caaaall the policccccccce”.

  43. That’s the first and probably only time I’ll ever think a larve is cute!

  44. ROFL. I love the squirrels with the saxophones. XD

  45. warrior rabbit says:

    Laura, I went there with you. Heh heh. Heh.

  46. doesn’t this remind anyone of those old clutch cargo cartoons? those mouths always freaked me out…

  47. You’re right Temperance! I haven’t thought of that cartoon in ages!

    I think this was a really cute vid. Loved the instruments! And great message too!

  48. The larva reminded me of Alien.

  49. holy crap that was AMAZING. my favourite was the seal and the dipping/dancing birdies 🙂

  50. pixelsicle says:

    Creepy weird and I can barely understand what the guy is singing about.

  51. Ahahaha. That was extremely weird.

  52. Joel Vietch.

    you crazy crazy man.

  53. I was too creeped out by da moufs to pay too much attention to the song,but I liked the tune (and shall rewatch later) and I’m madly in love with the trumpet playing bee.

  54. LOL I called the kids over, they were expecting kittens in boxes or what have you, (HIIII Maru!) but this one, there were all *brows furrowed* and one of the kids was *stinky face* …

    That was worth it, to get that reaction out of the kids LOL

  55. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    pyrit: the badger was scritching his tummy, as badgers often do. His *tummy*.

    Sheesh 😉

  56. OH MY GOSHHH!!!! I have already watched this 3 times and I can’t get enough of it! Now I just have to find out how to make links to this site and email them. I’m sharing the love!

    And I think you all missed the point of the song while you were laughing your patooshkies off. They’re singing that they need us to keep their environment safe. KEEP THE LARVAE SAFE, PEOPLE! And all the other animals.

    One more thing: Why do the bird have beaks AND mouths? Well it’s funny!

  57. Micki — eh? Joel Veitch had something to do with this project? I don’t see anything on or the BBC page to indicate that… source please?

  58. For a translation, we’ll have to find someone who speaks Pommy. (No, the other kind of Pommy.)

  59. AuntieMame says:


    In general, I dislike animated faces on real animals, but this was too bizarre to be anything but hilarious. And the guy’s accent was just the cream on top. :-DDDD

  60. …the other kind of Pommy? Wha?

    I was creeped out–watching it once was more than enough for me.

    Laura: S’ok, mainly cuz no one can do anything about it anymore… 🙂
    Just don’t do it again. *mock sternness*
    I try to keep my mind clean, but between you people, my best friend, going to community college, and the ads I see when viewing (fairly innocent) anime, that’s kinda hard sometimes…

    You let me know when I’m rambling!

  61. Kinda creepy, but I liked it!

  62. OK, the trumpet-playing bee was awesome, but the lipstick-mouthed larva was seriously disturbing!

  63. Theo, that whole super-emposed mouth over creature thing is almost a rather good trademark!

    and he’s british,
    and he sings silly songs.

    it really looks like his work!

  64. berthaservant says:

    All for the cause, but I hate the trend of talking mouths on things that don’t have talking mouths. Those commercials with babies “talking” are by far the most disturbing.

    Lurve the horn section, tho.

  65. I like the brass section.

  66. Definitely prefer the original “Stop the Cavalry” to this disturbing twiddly-mouthed-animal version.

  67. ps Even I have to admit that the trumpet playing bee was good though.

  68. Micki, it IS very… um, Veitchy? …but is it the Blode of Ineffable Stallion himself?

  69. This runs the gamut of super-delightful and awesome to downright creepy. Hee-hee!

  70. I don’t know!

    We must find out!

    *calls searching hamsters*

  71. feed me the block

    feed me the lolly

    feed me the bunny

    sheesh that game was creepy… like this video. I’ve never been a fan of the superimposed mouths… didn’t even watch the whole thing.


  72. I’m just glad I’m not the only one old enough to think of Clutch Cargo. The larvae was a bit much…but the sax section was cool.

  73. for all you youngsters, if you’re interested, here’s some clutch cargo i found (i’d forgotten the dog’s name was paddlefoot- that part is cute!):

  74. Lyrics, from a Pom. 😉

    Hey there internets, we don’t want you to fret, but we’re not doing splendidly.
    It is very cold out here in the snow without our friend David Bellamy.
    Bill Oddie’s doing stuff, but it’s not enough, so can you do a thing for me?

    We have got to fight for every single bite, while you scoff your Christmas tea.
    That is why we say, oh yes yet again, can you do a thing for me?

    Breathing places, space to roam, somewhere that I can call my home. Wish I could be safe and sound, in a bucket beneath the ground.

    I wish I had a home for Christmas.

    “Find out about it online, yeah?”

    Based on this –

    Featuring these:

    Hope this helps! 😉

  75. LOLing!!!! 😀

  76. Come on, it really isn’t any worse than “Do They Know It’s Christmas.” 😉 Just Sting’s hairdo is more horrifying. 😛

  77. Gail (the first one) says:

    I liked the owl and birdies bobbing heads!!

    Thanks for the ‘translation’, Holly!!

  78. Creepy yet cute. How is this possible?

  79. BostonPeng says:

    Damn, that was disturbing. I don’t know if I should find the song in Sonata and play it or not. Something tells me the tune has been ruined for me for the year.

    Mewwy Chwismukkuh, CO!!

  80. I agree with Jewelia. There is something creepy about this.

  81. The lips are incredibly creepy, but the rodent brass section was awesome!

  82. CREEPY!!!

  83. Holy larva lips!!

  84. Holly, everytime I hear a Britishy type end a sentence in “Yeah”, I say it for a week! it’s so catchy and sounds waaaay less yuppie than “I know, right?!” 🙂

    And I’m making birdie treats for my yard this weekend.. we even have deer!

  85. totalee puppy says:

    Manny–thanks for the reminder to put out something for birds and other animals to eat in

  86. The Japanese may be the rulers of cute, but the British are the rulers of redonkulousness.
    Holy Crap. It was so bizarre, yet I couldn’t look away…

  87. At our suburban development housie we feed da birdies and we put some grass seed in the shed for the thingys to eat and we have an overturned kids’ swimming pool at ground level for shelter and we keep about 1/10 of our (Abbey’s) (small) back yard and just let it go natural so by the time the snow flies we have a nice set of tussocks to crawl under. We have a wonderful grand wild rose bush bramble and we don’t fertilize. Don’t know what else we can do, but suggestions are welcome.

  88. Yes, yes, us brits are redonk. We can’t help it. It’s the dark mornings and rainy days.

  89. Maudlin Hart says:

    Aww, I lol’d right when the squirrels started playing trumpets.

  90. haha, seems someone has been glancing at not least things like

    wish i could make stuff like that too:D

  91. I immediately thought of Joel Veitch too.

  92. I immediately thought of when I saw this, but there was nothing on the site… But yes, British, silly and with moving lips, it definitely seems like him. Or it’s an imposture… (suspicious looks)

  93. …homage?

  94. Laura, you said what I was thinking.

    “blue tits” *highschool snicker*

    I thought this was cute and funny and weird. I love the accent and the song.

    If only “blue tits” could rise to the status of “pasikie”. From now on when I say “pasikie” I’ll be thinking “blue tits”.

  95. Now I’m reading lewd innuendos into all the comments.
    Serves me right I guess.
    It’s a disease people, and it’s contagious, keep away.