Another Childhood Illusion Shattered

Little Mitzi Bumblefufkin, age 5, discovers her father’s fake Santa Claus beard.

But ... but ... WHY, Daddy?

They grow up so fast these days, Glenna M.



  1. Aw! Little Cindy-Lou Who!
    I do like Bumblefufkin, too. Is that Norwegian?

  2. are those sad eyes for reals?

  3. I see tears welling up. It’s so sad to see a child’s dreams dashed!

  4. Little watery eyes — aww. One of my kittehs had this problem, too — nothing the vet could provide seemed to help, until she grew out of it. Now I understand — her little kitten heart was broken over all the disappointments of the big, bad world.

  5. Aw! Little tears are welling up in her eyes 😦

  6. But he’s still real, right?

  7. I think those are just eye boogers. But he’s still a cutie.

  8. Aw, poor kitten… in other news, “bumblefufkin” will now be my replacement for real-life swear words…

  9. Is he like a subway or prairie windstorm santa?

    Or maybe he’s a ginger santa. Either way I want to just kiss those little ears.

  10. Next you’ll tell me there’s no tooth Fairy.

  11. I personally volunteer to take home the kitteh, feed it tuna and cuddle it until it feels bettah. That’s the kind of sacrifice I’m willing to make!

  12. gloom raider:

    I’m planning to use bumblefufkin to describe people in lines in front of me, both walk-in and drive-throughs!

  13. Poor baby! How could you make her cry?

    Looks like they just brushed the dog and wrapped the kitty in the fur.

  14. Mitzi discovers that “Daddy’s” hair is really a toupee. Decides to give him a “piece” of her mind.

  15. I thought this could have been quite the fashion accessory. A giant, fluffy tutu-boa!

  16. Love the bumblefufkins. I will also be using a (slightly altered) form of bumblefufkin to describe some peeps in annoying circumstansheons in my less-than-joyous moments.

    Picks up kitty and kisses away little tearsies.

  17. I had to read the bumblefufkin twice…. I started giggling immediately and then lost all hope of saying anything intelligent in the comments.

    Poor little kitkin lost all her dreams and illusions.

  18. Awww! poor poor kitteh! My Sully is turning five in february and i fear he, too, knows santa is not real (he caught me putting a little catnip-filled bear in his stocking and won’t leave it alone now).

  19. Gail (the first one) says:

    It *is* difficult to hide Santa’s presents from the kittehs. Too curious. I have one stashed in the back of my car….

    But they KNOW there IS a Santa, who is watching them to see who’s been naughty and who’s been nice!

    (okay, so I have a little harmless fur-kid fantasy…)

  20. LOL at Gail and Kali

  21. ButtaRumCake says:

    So did I, Annie, so did I LOL

  22. But, there IS a Santa! He really DOES exist! As I explained to my oldest years ago when a classmate told him that awful no-Santa rumor, Santa is the embodiment of the spirit of giving, a way to help children understand a very complex concept of giving without expecting anything in return. Santa exists in every one of us, especially when we give cheerfully.

  23. Kittens tend to get teary eyes from time to time. It’s part of growing up.

  24. Okay so I have an earworm now too

    Thanks NTMTOM
    Yes it is safe for work

    Serving you your Rolling stones for the morning!

  25. (does the Mick chicken walk across the stage)

  26. *giggle*
    Bumblefufkin.. I was going to say something else, but that word just reduces me to giggles.

    Nicely played NomTom!

  27. Say, are the Bumblefufkins related to the Arnie Fufkins?

  28. What about the Munchkins?

  29. Is that dog hair? I sneezed a thousand times, just looking at that. They must have gotten carpet to match the dog…good idea.
    Hanky, pleese.

  30. I think that fuzz is what’s left of the dumb dog who tried to tell the ketteh that there is no Santa.

  31. ok who made up that name?? oh too funny.

    poor puddytat. yes mitzi there is a santa claus.

  32. AuntieMame says:

    I agree with Kari, and I think it’s a crime when parents refuse to let their children have harmless fantasies like Santa Claus because they think it’s “lying” to their kids. Kids who don’t have fantasies grow up to be humorless, pedantic, and way too literal-minded for their own good.

  33. AuntieMame says:

    Oh, and the pile of floof looks like what I wind up with when I brush the golden retrievers I housesit for. They’re big dogs, but you wouldn’t think they had that much to spare.

  34. You crushed her spirit!

  35. Kitty looks like she is just coming out of a cloud of smoke or dust or somethin’….I get teary eyes when cleanin’ the house too.

    Too sweet!

  36. Northern Tigress says:

    What do you mean there is no Sandy Claws?

  37. Theresa beat me to the Spinal Tap reference. Darnit all.

    So, in lieu of a joke, a haiku:

    Sad X-mas Kitteh,
    Swimming in the fat man’s beard,
    How will he believe?

  38. Dewds there is TOTALLY a Santa Claus. What are you even talking about?? He lives at the North Pole and has a big long list of peeps. Sheesh.

  39. B-serv, I am so sorry!
    Come on, kick my ass!

  40. AuntieMame, I babysat for Malemutes! You could start a mattress factory on what happens when they blow their coats.

  41. PS There is so too a Santy Claws, so there!

  42. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Annie: Thanks for the link…just spent about 45mins in Stones videoland!!!!!

  43. Actually the kitten is upset that Keanu Reeves has a new movie out. She’s crying that he still has a career. Oh the humanity! When will it end?

  44. Oh now, Decca. I will be forever grateful for “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.” His expression in that movie was just like a cat friend of mine. And you’ll see, one day society will arrange itself around the music of Wyld Stallyns.

  45. Theresa — “I’m not asking, I’m telling!!”

  46. momof2kitties says:

    Yes, Berthaservant, but can you hear the sustain on that ‘un?

  47. Momof, Don’t touch it! Don’t point!

  48. At first glance I thought someone went nuts with a FURminator…

  49. I agree Frank, it does look like furminator work.

  50. Oh man – the colors of the beard and the carpet are so close (at least on my monitor) that it looks like the carpet is about to swallow up that poor unsuspecting kitteh.