Land of the Rising Pom

"Konnichiwa! and welcome to Sushi Kennel!  Our specials this week are Milk-Bone-shaped tuna, and the California Roll-Over-and-Play-Dead.  May I bring you a hot towel and sake before ordering?"

Kimono my house, mon amour...

Domo arigato, sender-inner-san Ariana G.




    look how round his widdle hed is!

  2. plus his wee tongue just makes me giggle!


  4. The only thing better than a Pom? A POM WEARING CLOTHES. <3

  5. Tai Kwon, D’oh!

  6. Now that is kawaii.

  7. Can’t be real. It’s got to be a muppet. Now which store do I go to to buy one for myself?

  8. So predictable. So Japanese.

    I bow to your black belt in cuteness.

  9. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I’ve never seen a pup look HAPPY to be wearing clothes before…

  10. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    There’s always a first!

  11. I’m a big fan of this site and I think you guys should try and make Cute Overload popular on Digg. I submitted this post, and everyone should make an account and Digg it. Let’s try and get it onto the front page!

  12. Konnichiwa bitches!

  13. renee in tx says:

    pwned by the Japanese AGAIN!

  14. Michelle S says:

    Cutest doggie dressup ever.

  15. sairentohiru says:

    Oh my god, a Sparks reference in the rollover! I think I’m in L-U-V.

  16. whatta haircute~

  17. [straining ears to hear Hayley’s comment]

  18. That is redonkulously cute!

  19. How CUUUUTE is that!
    I lubs eet!

    Theo, I think Haley is speechless!

  20. That dog has a perfectly round face. It’s just not natural. I’m kinda freaked out. (Or maybe it’s the cold medicine.)

  21. The Other One Michelle says:

    That is too freakin cute!

  22. I like the eyeliner. And the “Sparks” rollover text reference, yay!

  23. Extreme redonk – EX-TREME

    and super anerable. 🙂

  24. FURRY-REAL? Like seriously?! I just can’t get over the furry plate shaped head along with the “geisha” posture!

  25. L!O!L! @ Hayley!
    Don’t be shy now.

  26. I’ve spotted something suspicious about the photo.

    The people in the background aren’t collapsed from the qte

  27. LaFeeVerte says:

    You seriously need to reconsider adding a “redonk” category ^__^

  28. LaFee — that could apply to the whole SITE, y’know. “Cute Overload”.

  29. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    Must be a female pup, since she’s wearing a female style of kimono (a type called furisode), including obiage and obijime. Plus, the obi is tied in the formal “taiko” knot. This is one well-dressed Pom.

    And check out those sleeves – extra long! In kimono terms, that also means she’s young and unmarried 🙂

  30. Is it a pom or is it one of those tibetan prayer dogs – forget the official AKC name of that breed, but they do exist, and are known to sit EXACTLY like this!

    Either way…too freakin’ cute!

  31. “100% All Redonk, all the time”

  32. Honestly, shut down this site. Nothing is cuter than this.

  33. As if the perfect round shiny eyes, the smile, the cute pink tongue, the fuzzy round head and the Oh So Feminine Paws weren’t enough, she is sitting on a pillow! Must be to protect her teeny paws from touching the ground. She must be carried everywhere by her slaves…This is cute in 3D!!

  34. IT is the photo shoot from the off… off… way off broadway production of Madam Butterfly with the all Pomeranian cast.

  35. Laieanna said what I was going to say. Clearly this is a Muppet. Miss Pommy, perhaps.

  36. Don’t lose heart, folks: the United States is fighting back hard against imported Japanese cute – with a brand new vice-puppydent!

  37. Shichi-Go-San for a dog? Ugh…

  38. long life to the puppeh! cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!

  39. I’m freakin’ LIVING in Japan–why don’t I ever see these things?

  40. Sure, the costume is awesome, the pink tongue is beyond, but really…the pompup is POSING, peeps. The pup KNOWS what it is doing. Like the photog just said “Okay, give me adorable unmarried female classy pose” and pup went “o’ course” (in Japanese o’ course).

  41. OMG! Xo CuTe!!!! awww ^o^ …I want a Kimono like that to dress my puppies =D

  42. Mary (the first) says:

    This is actually a little bit scary to me. I would love an adorable little doglet with an extensive wardrobe but .. I would like it to still be clearly, a dog. Or doglet, at least. Or puppeh. This is .. is .. I’m not sure what.

  43. WickedWendy says:

    NTMTOM-Are you around the Bay Area? I’m digging the hover text. Kimono My House, check out the link peeps.They’ve got some cool stuff! Oh, and the dog is anerable!

  44. haha dogs always look like they’re smiling. goofy faces.

  45. the other Brenda says:

    this dog looks into my soul and laughs!!

  46. platedlizard says:

    Awwww! This is really qte, but I cannot help but to think of the dry cleaning bill!

  47. the word “redonk” does not even begin to describe this!

  48. EasterPreacher says:

    That looks more like a Shiba pup than a Pom…

    Cute though 🙂

  49. Um….ok….can I die now?

  50. Hi,

    The dog looks like a cat…..maybe it’s a …..japanese robot….

    Merry Christmas,


  51. Arigato Gosaimasu Ariana G.

  52. I’m tired and dazed from studying, so when I first saw this, I blinked a bunch of times and said out loud, “what exactly am I looking at here?!?”

  53. OK, it doesn’t matter how cute he looks, this dog is going to kill his owner in their sleep. And you know, I don’t know a jury in the world who would convict him.

  54. Kat, I’m still saying that.

  55. Hah. Little guy’s a dead ringer for Thomas the tank engine.

  56. omg sparks!

  57. Absolutely ADORABLE! Now if only my pom would hold still that well for photos….

  58. Conversely, I used to have a dachshund who would run around like “whee!” whenever his collar was removed. He was like a little naked kid running around.

    I’m sorry, that has nothing to do with the picture. It just made me remember. :p i’m tired

  59. How adorable – he/she is even standing on two legs!

  60. Bow wow, to the Daughter inlaw elect.

  61. SO CUTE!!

    But…I hate to kill the moment but something looks really off with the photo. It looks like it was created in photoshop. But either way kudos to the creator ^^. It really is cute!

  62. R I D I C U L O U S!

    How can you find this cute?! I will never go to countries that treat their animals like this!

    A P P A L L I N G! It turns my stomach! This animal is probably beaten to perform like this. And I’m not even mentioning this ridiculous outfit! WHY WHY do people need to dress up animals?! Please tell me why?!

  63. Jude I admire your sentiments but it is best to find out a little about the shot before you judge. America and Europe train animals for the cinema and we don’t complain of then being beaten after performing incredibly complex acts. It sounds a little racist…

    Mind you, I find animals wearing clothes creepy too. This little pup is cute to the max without needing to pretend to be human.

  64. Jude, not to worry–I believe this is an example of Japanese animatronics.

    I have seen Japan’s super realistic female robot goodwill hostesses (similarly dressed to this pom). The human robot/animatrons even have voice recognition software and will answer tourists questions about Japan. Very sophisticated!!!

  65. Staticgirl, nothing ‘racist’ (?) about my comment. I tend to avoid movies (from wherever worldwide, including my own country – Belgium) with animals in it and will never step foot in a zoo/circus either (including my own country). I’ve seen them as a kid and never enjoyed the animal acts.

    I was on a holiday in the Oman this year and on the program was a visit to a animal market. None of us wanted to go/see! We skipped it!! No need to see caged animals either.

    Thanks Meggy. If it’s a robot, then ok.. even though I still don’t get it – I mean the whole idea about animals performing and being dressed up.

  66. Gail (the first one) says:

    Miss Pom is promoting the newest “UltraLine” eyeliner in traditional dress as part of Revlon Cosmetics’ attempt to attract the lucrative “welcoming hostess” market!!!!

  67. It’s like The Stepford Wives in Japanese…with dogs.

  68. I agree with ‘jude’!!!!! This is not cute..not at all. And it was not racist..poor people will do a lot for money and it includes cruelty to animals…and it is a long discussion who is to blame for that.

  69. Having worked with abused dogs that have been removed from their situations, trust me when I say if this dog was abused, it would have run off the minute it had the chance, it certainly would not have stood still for a photo, no matter who might be menacing it.

  70. AuntieMame says:

    People need to watch programs like Animal Cops. Then they’d be a little more selective when they start throwing around accusations of “animal abuse.”

  71. Julia, her knot is not in taiko btw, it’s a simple knot. And her sleeves are not long, the long ones would’ve been all the way down to her feet. So I’d say this is a regular kimono, not a furisode.

    And there’s no ‘female type’ of kimono…. as in, men would always wear the two piece one, so when you see a once piece there’s no chance it would be for men.

  72. She is so cute, I bet her poop is pink… and ichigo scented (strawberry)

  73. The foot!! Look at the little footie sticking out!!

  74. Well, I had said “dies” but I guess the things I put around the word made it vanish. Sigh. I can’t believe that THIS of all things stirs up commentraversy.

  75. Agreed, AuntieMame. People who claim this is abuse really have no idea what abuse is.

  76. Amazing that nuffers can rain on any parade. I’ve rarely seen a happier, more well-taken care of pet. She’s the very picture of health and happiness.

  77. Im with you Hayley, I couldnt believe it either when I saw the commentraversy. I think this pup is adorable and clearly likes what its doing.

  78. AuntieMame:

    I fully agree with you, as a watcher of Animal Cops. I’m a huge proponent of getting bastard animal abusers, but I also frequently want to smack people like Jude (no offense).

    People like to take things way too far. Anytime views get extreme, they get absurdly stupid. Even for things I believe in, taking those views to extremes becomes absurd. This is one of those cases. Having seen incidents of animal abuse and neglect plenty of times on Animal Cops; this is clearly not one of them. The dog is clearly unharmed and taken care of. 😦 Why not save your vitrol for more worthy causes?

    It’s why I also hate PETA. Instead of using money trying to heal and place abused and neglected animals, they use their money on stupid stuff, like trying to make people stop eating fish, drinking milk, etc. The money they raise and the high profile they have… they can really crack down on more important issues and use less shock tactics.

  79. ChitaDenita says:

    What makes me giggle so hard it that everything (dainty paw positions, perfect hair cut, beutifully wrapped kimono, gorgeous tie in the back, good posture) is so prim and proper except for the tongue sticking out jauntily to the side. ROTFL!
    Not that anyone has said otherwise, but this photo proves that dogs are furry goofballs, sent from above to add love and humor to our lives.

  80. @SS: I agree with you about PETA. I liked the ad campaign they ran when the Greyhound passenger was beheaded by a psychotic co-passenger (he was from my city, in fact). PETA ran an ad comparing his death to meat-consumption. 🙂 Lovely.

    Ok, nuffing over. This dog is cute. Amen.