[Choking] OMGarshk! Check out this crazy unstoppable tabby six-pack with mini-claws!

Talk about your insane milk buffets. (Wait—does anyone besides me talk about ‘insane milk buffets’!!?)


Yes, we can re-run this pic on Mother’s Day, Scott W.



  1. “Insane Milk Buffet” sounds like a great band name!

  2. BLEEN

    my family used to raise pugs…and it was always a milk bar in my house!

  3. Jeez, motherhood must really suck. 😉

  4. Mom kind of looks pleased with herself.

    Nice work mom!

  5. Aaaaaaaaaaarckkgkkk !!! *splat*

    (recovering somewhat)- the patterns on those bebehs ! Am going to make me a quilt. [Momma cat proceeds to scratch eyes out.]

  6. PLEASE, there is a great need for a coxc here to better see teeny tiny paws with teeny tiny claws!!

  7. Privacy Tail replaced by Privacy Kittens.

  8. omg. that is one wild party!

  9. Poor mama. I’d love to spoon-feed her some tuna while she’s lying there to keep up her strength.

  10. I’m rather certain that’s whole milk there.

  11. GreyhoundMommy says:

    What gorgeous kittens!!!!!!!!
    Mommy does look quite proud and check out the cushy bed!

  12. “Wait—does anyone besides me talk about ‘insane milk buffets’!!?”

    We do now, Meg…we do now…


  13. Yikes! Such needley claws!

  14. Dang. Looks like a gas pump with ten hoses.

  15. wow.. such cute kittens!!!

  16. paulajeanne says:

    I’ve heard the expression “her jaw dropped” but it’s never happened to me until now. Also, my eyes “bugged out”. I hope that is normal behavior upon viewing a picture of this magnitude.

  17. Michelle S says:

    I’m loving all those wild coat patterns. Any cat breeders here know if that black kitten with a handful of amber stripes will stay that color? So pretty! I wonder if they’re Bengals.

  18. Just Passing Through says:

    We need a web cam. 🙂

  19. toborzgrrl says:

    Hmm. Looks to me like Mom is thinking “I never should have had that fourth beer after Prom.”

  20. Three sets of TWINS!!!

  21. Love the spread eagle posish. And the “yea, I am fantastic!” expression.

  22. Is it common for Momma cats to lie on their backs? It looks so comfy for the kitties. They don’t have to crawl all over each other.

  23. She’s got the the classic universal put-upon-but-goofy-happy mama cat look on her face.

  24. I count seven kittens. The seventh is in the lower left corner, almost camouflaged by tabby floof. Am I losing my mind?

  25. need a COXCU! on the nails

  26. “We got STRIPEY tabbies, we got SWIRLY TABBIES, we got SPOTTY tabbies! If it’s a tabby, we got it!”

  27. Oops, was wrong, only 6. I have officially lost my mind to the silky babehs.

  28. PS I theenk there are SEVEN kittens in the pic. 7!!!

  29. Trabb's Boy says:

    Oh! The happy, little, stripey, splayed-toed chomp-chomp-chompery …

    *whew* Major hormonal rush there. Back to work.

  30. I was gonna say “bow-chicka-bow-bowwww” but they I saw babies were involved (hangs head in shame)

  31. No I was fooleded. There are six there. Kittehs are always fooleding me.

  32. We also need a coxcu on the sweet little mouth on the second kitten on the right. It looks like she is smiling while eating!

  33. Momma kitty looks like she needs a vacation day! 🙂

  34. Got milk?

  35. I think I can hear them purring! gaaawww

  36. Tabbies Are Go!
    (suckle, suckle, suckle)
    OK, I’ll wait.

  37. OK, we have six dinghies docked to the Mothership for supplementary fueling, prior to multi-flight missions of mass destruction…

  38. Er huh?
    Sorry, I was massively distracted.

  39. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Wow, pyrit, just wow. Bigger laugh than I’ve gotten from the pics yet this morning (but I’m still playing catch-up).

  40. scooterpants says:

    hmm. seems like shes done THIS before…
    chick-a-bow-bow is right!
    i like the lil black and ORANGE stripy one on the left directly above her right leg, (yep, the one with the stretchie hand) wow! what beautiful markings!

  41. wannadance says:

    i knead thee every hour…hmm hmmmmm la la de dummmmm

  42. Awww I just want to nom each and every one of those babies… mom looks less than impressed lol

  43. Tabbies rule! (Our girl, Cipher, is a beautiful tabby.)

    Non-related plug: I urge all CO fans who have any free time to volunteer at their local animal shelter. At the place where I volunteer we are truly desperate for people to help out. You come in and for 2 hours every shift you get to give TLC to either cats or dogs. Talk about your Cute Overload! Plus it helps get these animals more used to people and makes them more adoptable. We are so swamped with cats at the moment that there just aren’t enough people to keep up and some of these poor kitties only get out of their cages once or twice a week. Please, if you have time, sign up, it’s truly worthwhile and will make you feel fabulous.

  44. This season all the rage in Fasion is strips and spots.

  45. Miiiilkmilkmilkmilkmilkmilkmilk

    I’d be going bonkers with all of those bebehs, too. /sigh

    But look how cute they are! <3

  46. Decca is so right. And you will get back so much more in return. (wipes tear)
    (squeezes each kitten to see if it’s ripe yet.)

  47. Kitten claws are some of the sharpest things one Earth. I can’t see how mama cat is so content, with all those little claws kneeding her belly.

  48. AuntieMame says:

    Kids are so kneady…

  49. Biscuitz4Bearz says:

    “In the circle of liiiiife; it’s the nip of fortune; it’s the knead of faith; it’s slurp of hope…”

    Wait. Kittens don’t slurp until at least three months…

  50. tiny tabby
    tiny tabby
    tiny tabby
    tiny tabby
    tiny tabby
    tiny tabby

  51. I’ll bet this mom-cat wish she had a some jeans on. Ouch!

  52. Wait until all those babies fall asleep right on her tummy! I have one that does that to me every night – its not easy to sleep that way….

  53. jen in cleveland says:

    When you post this on Mother’s Day, please have an after picture with what the kittens look like when they’re older!

    Teho!! I want Rikki & Spot pictures, please!!!! ;o)

  54. I detect TOE CURLAGE AT 4:00!

  55. Jennie Mello says:

    Just down the road from here there is the Nipple Convalescent Home , in Liverpool, PA. (I snigger every time I drive by it. There ought to be rules, people.) Sign this momma cat up for an extended stay when these babies are weaned.

  56. “Lord, I wish I were a single girl again….”

    Hope the kittehs find homes!

  57. Great googlimoogli! This is why I wish we had the capability on our work computers to set a picture on our desktop, but the IT gods, they just don’t trust us that much.

    Perfect tabby nirvana.

  58. @Patricia: Two words for contentment – kitteh accupuncture.

  59. ouchy

  60. It’s Momcat.

  61. the other Brenda says:

    Three sets of twins it is!!! Adorable!!!

  62. The oxytocin is flowing, along with the milk. Look at the mother’s eyes. Happy hormone haze…

  63. A-yup – I do. And so does my ten week old. I thought I was supposed to feel less like an overabundant milk cow by now?!!!!

  64. if I could I would whip up mommy a tuna smoothie,
    add a straw and put it within her reach. 🙂

  65. Teeny Tiny Tigers! Sooo cute 🙂

  66. Oh fer the love of-

    Meg, include a warning next time will ya?! *SPLODE*

  67. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Decca: Thanks for the reminder!!! (Not sure what my Cathab sponsor would say, though. Last volunteer experience brought me kitteh #7!!!!)

    Poor MamaCat!! Looks like she’s totally surrendered to the babehs!!!! “Oh all right, already!! Here! There’s room for all of you!”

  68. Please spay / neuter your pets! Please!

  69. Yitzysmommie says:

    Ahhhh, maternal bliss…..

  70. Princess has 5 kittens. She looks like that half the time i see her. It’s cute to see.

  71. Daphne Moss says:

    Officially happy today at sight of little joy-lett club

  72. Momma’s thinking, “Angelina Jolie?” *snort* “Amateur!”

  73. Want!

  74. Wow my wife e-mailed that pic a looong time ago. I don’t know if cuteoverload allows it but here’s the rest of the pics.


  75. Katy Carroll says:

    These are “MY” babies, including the mama cat. I have 14 cats and they “ARE” all spayed an neutered now. These six kittens “were planned”. Well maybe not six. They are now over three years old and they are still the joy of our lives. They didn’t have to find a home. They were born into a home, an inside home. They sleep with us, eat with us and are extremely well taken care of and yes they have all been fixed including the mother. They are 1/2 bengal and 1/2 tabby.

  76. Katy, they are the BEE’S KNEES! Congratulations on such a delicious tabby crop.

  77. They’re adorable – but there are Seven, not six!! 😀

  78. totalee puppy says:

    “Sing a song of six kits,
    in each other’s way… four and twenty tiny claws
    poke Mommie all the day.”

  79. *insert hand-flailing and high-pitched squealing here*

    That’s not just a smorgasbord… it’s a snorglesbord!

  80. Katy Carroll says:

    Actually, there are only six kittens.

  81. warrior rabbit says:

    Thanks for the link, Scott.
    ha ha ha ha ha
    not so much blissed as pissed, here