Congratulations, New Cat Owner!

Congratulations on your purchase of a brand-new cat!  With proper care and maintenance, your new cat will provide you with years of trouble-free service.


The most important step in unpacking your new cat is: Save all packing materials!  They will be required for returns or service requests, so always keep them handy.

Bonus points for packing packing materials in your packing materials!

In fact, just in case you need backup packing materials, go ahead and save your old shoe boxes, moving cartons, mailing tubes, cereal containers …

There's no WAY you're a size six, lady.

… drink cartons, lunch pails, hat boxes, unused planters, that old PC with the parts removed …

Mmm, that was refreshing -- now where's the bathroom?

… suitcases, backpacks, Tupperware containers, violin cases, Russian nesting dolls …

Say, whose idea was all the boxes?  I barely have room to stretch!

Photos of Mia from sender-inner Stacey T. More at Flickr.



  1. Toooooo sweet……..

  2. Nicolletta says:

    What a beautiful cream-colored kitty!

  3. You forgot open guitar cases…

  4. Darling pictures.

  5. And very small spaces…

  6. So beautiful .. love the coloring!

  7. I wish an adorrrable kitteh in my coke box.

  8. “Years of trouble-free service?”

  9. obviously a well loved kitteh (or two)…

  10. omg gorgeous!!
    Where can I order one as well ??

  11. Sahrawi Wife says:

    Years of Trouble free service????
    *falls on the floor laughing * Oh… I cant… catch my bref..laughing too hard!!

  12. Just what I wanted for Christmas! A new shredder.

  13. Such short paws! *aaahn*

  14. Whoa. He’s going to be *leading* the 12-step program at Boxhab…

  15. Yes – leading them straight into the nearest box!

  16. speaking of violin cases, I can personally attest to the mutability factor of the average marmie cat, who can shrink to fit in a piccolo case and expand to fill a guitar case.

  17. Note the calico model on the left in pic #4.

  18. PS: RE: “old PC with the parts removed.” You can substitute “ANY PC with the cover removed.” Thinking of last summer when I upgraded my RAM . . . :0

  19. AuntieMame says:

    Well, sure, T.U.M. and Sahrawi Wife. It isn’t any trouble for the cat, because you’re doing all the work. 🙂

  20. Such a beautiful kitty!

  21. “Some settling of contents may occur during shipping.”

  22. no assembly required, only food and love.

  23. That tummy needs a furburt.

  24. HEhehe Trouble Free… isn’t there some law about truth in Advertising…. Where are the warning Labels HMMMM!

    upon arrival of your new cat he or she will PWN you soul. you will begin immediately to serve them… opening doors to allow them in or out every five minutes.. and the famous in the front door and out the back door immediately maneuver will be their stock in trade.
    You will no longer have uninterrupted sleep.. as your new kitty will be doing one or two of the following demanding you get up and let them out and then in… or demanding kibble in their bowl which has kibble in it already or deciding your feet under the covers are some kind of tasty treat upon which they need to pounce.
    Your life will revolve around scratches behind the ears, petting and cuddling… your computer key board will no longer belong to you but to your cat.

    Beware boxes bearing marmie kitties particularly.

  25. This made my morning, seeing this posted. Thank you 🙂

  26. snoopysnake says:

    I want those Cobbie Cuddlers now!

  27. Jennie Mello says:

    Great for a monday morning: uncomplicated, no thought required, CUTE. I really appreciate it. Thanks so much.

  28. Jennie Mello says:

    or unsettling??

  29. that sounds exactly like my cat, Annie! (except the whole outdoor thing–he’s an inside cat. BUT he does scratch to get into the bathroom, and as soon as you let him in decides he is not interested in waiting for you to brush your teeth and must immediately be let out) But I do believe I am happier with my little guy owning my soul than ever before 🙂

    ooh and p.s. that is a beautiful kitteh!!

  30. Fluffy creamsickle! nomnomnom! Great birthday present, thanks!! (I’m 34 today)

  31. I so want a kitten for Christmas.

  32. I’m glad she’s into the caffeine-free Coke – we do NOT want to see that cat caffeinated!

  33. Happy purrday, Erebella. My Dante is the purrmeister, so he’s sending you some. He always has extra.

  34. Am I the only one who is flummoxed by the presence of two fluffy kitties and absolutely no fur on the carpet or rug?

  35. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Pic#2 is so cute… “oh hai, just stopped in for a snorgle…”

  36. Owner? Purchase? Service? *laff* 😛

  37. Agree with many of the others… verrrrry beautiful kitty! <3

  38. Formica, that’s obviously because they just UNPACKED them. 😉

  39. What a beautiful kittycat!

  40. @Boomer’s Babysitter – yes, I like that one especially, as it expanded on the general theme: when you have a box within another box, the kitteh must get into the inner box as it is smaller.

  41. I love kitties in packing peanuts. It’s packing peanut time at the store but as of yet we have uncovered no surprise kitties!

    (There was one last year as well of a kittie in packing peanutes…)

  42. Yup, just wanted to agree that it’s a pretty cat. I’m not much of a cat person, either. 🙂

  43. “Styrofoam! It robs me of my powers!”

    Have you seen Bolt yet? I think CO invented the word “ridonkulous”, which was used in the film two or three times and even on some ad posters, so I was wondering if Disney had at least bothered to say thanks.

  44. That little darling needs box-hab! Gods, what a cute little beast!

  45. Taekwondodo says:

    Love first pic. Kitties all like “What?”

  46. darkshines says:

    X Box replaced with cream kitty, satisfactory. Arrived quickly, good seller. Would buy from again.

  47. Russian nesting dolls?

  48. Even Miss Huggums can’t fit into Russian nesting dolls.

  49. My kitties used to love packing peanuts and I kept a “toybox” of them in the corner.

    That is until I found out that one of them loves to “snack” on them. They were immediately recycled.

  50. This is a gorgeous kitty. And I’m really a dog person. But I would think about ordering one of these kitties.

  51. Kristabelle says:

    What a very pretty kitty!

  52. LOL @ “Bonus points for packing packing materials in your packing materials!”

  53. That does it… there MUST be a “boxhab” category… Is there a “rule” concerning boxes? Because if not there should be. It’s just too cuuuute!

  54. i aloud wonder if teh deliverabul kittehs are more likely to end up in boxhab than their non-delivered, pick-up-only counterpart kittehs.

  55. warrior rabbit says:

    That is until I found out that one of them loves to “snack” on them. They were immediately recycled.

    I’m sure they were! lol Not what you meant, probably, but where my mind went.