Can we just make breakfast cereal out of kitten ears already?

Frosted Ear Flakes? Super Lucky Lobes? Extra Cinnamon Furry Drum Crunch Triangle Delight?

Give us your suggestion in the comments!


Cute Kitten by ccrazyy1 photo and topic was suggested by the wonderful and fabulous Lori W.



  1. Will they stay crunchy in milk though? *soft krosche-ing sounds*

  2. Ah..oops…should be kronsche-ing..hehe.

  3. Beth (in NC) says:

    Hehehehehe. They are extremely nubbular!

  4. Only if there are also unfocused kitteh eyeballs (fake ones, of course) in the box.

  5. don’t forget ze soft pink nosies!

  6. kibblenibble says:

    I’d like cereal made with kitteh toe bleans…er, beans

  7. hamster-on-rye says:


  8. With a prize pink nosie inside.

  9. Breakfast of Chanpon!

  10. totalee puppy says:

    Two Scoops of…No, wait…

  11. cellarmouse says:

    i would chew thru box for yummy nibble

    hee hee – mouse bite cat – hee hee

  12. They’re magically delicious.

  13. Honey Bunches of ….nom……

  14. I would just rub it over my lips. Oh, the softness.

  15. Marmalade Sugar Kronsches – they’re not just for breakfast!


  17. Fluffer-Bitz!!

  18. With some sugar on top?

    Jillian Sands

  19. Kitty Puffs (with Monsch Berries)

  20. Lorca the Great says:

    Kitten puffs!

  21. Janice of the Nine says:

    My kittehs have dark fur. Coco Kronsche!

  22. Frosted Triangle Kronche!

  23. berthaservant says:

    Super Sugar Noms!
    Super Sugar Noms!

  24. This kittie-let has facial features/expression that remind me of some darling red-head kiddie-lets I’ve known 🙂

  25. LOL all I can think of after looking at that picture is muzzlepowche madness.. and that has nothing to do with frosted kitty ear flakes.

  26. Hey, is that kitteh wearing a raccoon mask?

    [snatching kitteh and running]

  27. Sorry as much as I would love to nom the earsies of every kitteh I just can’t see eating a bowl of the things with milk. The fluffitude would disappear in milks. I would have to settle for eating them dry right out of the box(hab)

  28. Cute Loops.

  29. Nomlets.

  30. Krunchy Kitty Sparkle-ears?

    I don’t know. No good at this kind of stuff.

    But kitty sure is nummy!

  31. CheeriEars?

  32. I have the flu, or more to the point, it has me. Will come back. Blaeech….

    Hamster-on-Rye FTW.

  33. Toss in some toe beans and call it “Feeties”.

  34. Frosted Kitteh Flakes with a sprinkling of pink nosicles.

  35. Earios?

  36. Earsies! And yeah, no milk for me. Nommable right outta the box.

  37. Gail (the first one) says:

    @invid: Good one!!

    I wanna be in Quality Control, making sure the earsies and nosicles are just perfect!!!!!!

  38. Itty Kitty FluffyPuffs!

  39. Furry Flakes. Meow Krispies. Katen Kronch. Mewslix!

  40. Why not? Becuase the oranges onez is poisin.

  41. @Trey – Cute Loops!
    That made me laugh.

    Um, Special K(itty)?

  42. Lucky Noms.

  43. Katrina, take two corgi ears and call us in the morning!

  44. I’ve always been partial to Frosted Mini-Ears. mmmmmm milks soaked kitteh ears.

  45. lurvetehhlab says:

    Fuzzy Feline Audi-Os, YUM!

  46. Let’s see. I will have a bowl of Earios and toast with orange marmalade and some toe pad bacon. Thanks.

  47. NOMNOM’s!

  48. NH –

    Mewslix LOL!!!

  49. Honey Kronshes of Noze

  50. Frosted Mini Ears are part of your complete breakfast! (As long as your breakfast is made up of Orange juice, bacon, 2 eggs, toast as well as Frosted Mini Ears!)

    Remember- Frosted Mini Ears…They’re GRRRRRRRROOOOOS!

  51. snoopysnake says:

    With blueberries, yet! Those eyes!

  52. Personally, I prefer cheeksies. So kissable!

  53. JDC, take it a little further: Itty Bitty Kitty Kronsche Fluffy Puffs*

    *with sweetened Toe Beans for extra nommable goodness

  54. Pup Tart anyone?

  55. Lots of great suggestions. what about “Eearios”

    Kind of a sad little expresh/head tilt, tho.

  56. mike d,
    You would have a sad expression too, if people were talking about using your ears for cereal.
    Just saying.

  57. itteh bitteh kitteh krispehs?

  58. how about Bug-Eyed Bran kitten flakes?
    He can’t even focus his big eyes!

  59. All I can say is “eye chub.” WHAT A LITTLE DARLING! OMG! Check out the smallitude of the whiskers!!![thud – ded from the qte]

  60. Does this kitten remind anyone else or Ron Weasley??? Haha!

  61. beezusjesus says:

    never cared much for cereal…*wrinkles nose*…cute kitten tho!

  62. Slut Bunwalla’s Chocolate Frosted Sugar Noms?

    Combines two of my favorite things 🙂

  63. Cute Floops, now with more Muzzlepousches!!