Wonder Tail Powers, Activate!

Take that, evildoers!  By combining our tails, we unleash our devastating Super Mooning Powers!  FLASH!  Your attacks are useless against our a-tocks!

More like 'Super Wretched Pun Powers,' jeez...

Will you be my Super Friend, Erika S.?



  1. berthaservant says:

    Form of….a Scuiridae!!!

    Shape of….a bleen!!!

  2. VERY cute! They seem to be squirrelly critters of some sort. What are they?

  3. berthaservant says:

    P.S. I know you’re “new” here NTMTOM, but I believe the correct term is “tailio(s).”

  4. fish eye no miko says:

    Great; I’m being mooned by a rodent…

  5. BServ — for the record, you’re newer than he is. *ahem*
    Not that anyone’s counting.

  6. Oh my, and it isn’t even Tocktober! Please tell me there are more pictures of this squirrely duo somewhere.

  7. You otter be ashamed…

  8. Oh — and when you work out exactly what *shape* a Bleen is, lemme know & I’ll sculpt one out of C4. Thaaaaaankyou.

  9. berthaservant says:

    touche. no disrespect intended.

  10. KittehMamax3 says:

    Come on, Theo. Lighten up! Everyone knows bserv served up the comment with a “wink-wink, nudge-nudge”. Afterall, NTMTOM didn’t use correct CO terminology this time, like Meg always does….

    Here, chew on this tasty “Squirrel Nut Zipper” candy and chase it with a glass or two of your drink of choice and join us when the correct mood kicks in…

    We’ll wait……you can do eet.

  11. I don’t “think” they’re squirels, they might be some kind of weisel or stoat. Beautiful Tailios, (don’t want BServ to get on my case.)

  12. KMx3 —


  13. BabyOpossum says:

    Why yes, I *was* hankering for some baby squirrel thigh chub. How thoughtful of you!

  14. KittehMamax3 says:

    OOOOOKKKKKAAAAAYYY…Theo, that’s not exactly the mood I was shooting for, but it’s better than nothing…Maybe those 2 (or so) drinks of your choice have ALREADY kicked in… And to think, I just had fond childhood memories of an awesome candy in my head until now….

  15. Squirrel Nut Zippers?

  16. PS Shouldn’t the plural of “tailio” be “tailii”?

  17. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I know I wander in different circles from some of you peeps – I had never heard of Squirrel Nut Zippers! How totally cewl! (as my cousin’s daughter would pronounce it) I love how this blog is always teaching me things!

  18. They’re still cute overload for me!

  19. In case it hasn’t been mentioned here, something odd is going on with oak trees this year, leaving many areas in the U.S.without any acorns. Squirrels are going to be hit very hard by this, so go out of your way to feed them this winter. Seeds, peanuts and hazelnuts are good substitutes, so spread them around this year, whenever you can.

  20. Squirrel Nut Zippers have distracted me from the tailios of infinity.

  21. oooooooooooooo squirrel booty. love dem squirrel tails and their little toasted bun.

  22. um, exsqueeze me, but the candy came before the band:


    [Holy crap, it was a candy?? That’s as bizarre to me (nowadays) as “horehound”… http://www.amazon.com/Claeys-Horehound-Drops-12ct/dp/B000NPZUBG – Ed.]

    More importantly, I saved a squirlio this fall! He was laying stock still and petrified in a crosswalk, and I just scooped him up and carried him to safety. (Just to anticipate the naysayers: I had gloves on. But I didn’t think twice about helping heem.)

  23. Oooh, talkin’ aboot the ooold days are we? I remember NTMTOM from way back.
    He vas alvays a velly clevah boy. Nevah any trahble. A good kid, not like like some. Sigh. Now though, it’s such a shame, that French accent, the new toiminologics, the craziness. Whatchagonnado?
    (rubs keester, looks for glasses…)

  24. totalee puppy says:

    So great, pyrit…lol! Seems like everyone’s changing–first NTMTOM, now they’re trying to lighten-up THEO…believe me, there’s no “correct mood” for NTMTOM or THEO..got to enjoy the mood they’re in.
    In all sincerosity, T Puppy.

  25. Theo!

    is more what I would think of first. Maybe because of the video 😉

  26. Theresa — epic jinx.

    Pyrit — now there’s a novel concept. Ass glasses? Spectikeistercles? Contact Rearendses? Buttfocals?

  27. Squeeee… lookee the leetle sqwerl backsides! I am lightheaded from the cuteness!

    I rescued two orphaned sqwerl babies a year and a half ago. Raised ’em up right and set them free.

    Now their kids and grandcritters come to my window for treats of nuts and seeds. They trust me enough to take the food gently from my hand… such fun!

  28. AliceT — you know, I’d never seen that before. It’s certainly more *me* than “Hell” but not much more Cute Overload ifyouknowwhatimean (andithinkyoudo).

    I think my fave SNZ video in that lineup is the “Put a Lid On It” one, with Katharine Whalen up front.


  30. The Wonder Twins are beginning to take after Gleek.

  31. That bleen made me giggle. :o)

  32. Total Wonder Tock Powers! Form of a SQUEEEEEEE! *bites fist*

  33. Element 5 and KBo: Thanks to you both! We have a ton of squirrels in this area of Kentucky (one was squawking today overhead in a tree). I’m adding squirrel/bird/wildlife feed to my shopping list, while I still have money!

  34. chet, ruby, and miaoux's momma says:

    i lurve the squawky ones!

  35. Oh noes! Pyrit’s gone “Altekocker”!

  36. Gail (the first one) says:

    @KBo: Thanks for the link to Old Time Candy….$64 worth later!!!!!!!!!!

  37. I also plucked a little squirrel up from a frozen squat on my neighbor’s deck and delivered her to safety. No hesitation.

    Squirrelly, you say? Hrrmmph. Squirrels rule!

  38. Theo, sounds like an Elizabethan insult: Ye horehound!

  39. OMG skwerl tocks and talios. Want!

    and @ Theo: Cheer up! *wings a bag of peppermint candies his way*

  40. Have you seen both the Put a Lid On It videos? There’s the one in the nightclub, and one where they’re burnin’ down a house!

  41. Theo: I more meant that its the first SNZ song I think of in general. And no, not very cuteoverloadifyouknowwhatimeanandithinkyoudo!
    Have you seen both the Put a Lid on it videos? Theres the one in the nightclub, and then the one where they’re burning down a house!

  42. ARGH, and I even checked to see if that post showed up before I posted again! *shakes fist angrilly*

  43. kibblenibble says:

    @DumBunny: Methinks you are correct!


  44. the bug man says:

    Yeah, “horehound” has to be somewhere in the Top Ten Disturbing Names for Desserts.

    Right up there with “spotted dick”.

  45. “Horehound” is one of the better “cough drops”.

    When a small glass of Port is not handy.

  46. And what _are_ the critters?

    Never saw a squirrel that looked like that.

  47. Larry Sheldon:

    Those are young squirrels, at the age before their tails start getting the classic bushy squirrel look.

    Their faces are also hidden, which might confuse identifying what sort of critter they are.

    But yeah, thems baby squirrel ‘tocks!

  48. Bug Man, both have a distinctly Shakespearean ring to them. Ye scurvy horehound spotted dick!

  49. Larry – (cough) Would you be a dear and make that a small, hot, port with 1 slice of lemon and 3 whole cloves?

  50. If only the Wonder Twins were this cute and generated this much “talk”. My favorite episode was when one twin turned into water and the other a bucket:)

  51. Spiced Port. I’ll have try that.

    The wonder is that I’m not in jail

    When the kids were little a bottle of Port and one of Brandy were part of the child care suppies.

    (A table-spoon full of Port for cough, and a finger dipped in Brandy rubbed on gums for a teething youngun.)

    How awful? Read the ingredients on the Approved remedies.

    Besides, a bit of either helped Mom or Dad deal with the unhappy youngun.

    But squirrels! Really? I’ve never seen a squirrel of any age with a silver tail.

    Well, yeah, Grey Squirrels, but they are gray all over, aren’t they?

    Bad day I don’t learn something.

  52. It looks like one animule with two butts! No head, 2 butts! Hello Dali designed animules!

  53. “Whadya mean ‘shape of a squerrl?'”

  54. this is a pic of two SUGARGLIDERS!!!! They are very interesting exotic mammals, hard to raise.