It’s tough, tough times out there, Kittehs. Just say “nyerhe” to boxes.

The economy is taking its toll globally and here is proof. Alert reader Josh N. writes: “Boxhab isn’t working and he’s now sliding all the way through the boxes, in SLOW MO”.

Of course Josh is referring to “Maru” the unbelievably overindulgent kitteh.

Maru, we might even set up a collection to send you to Boxhab.



  1. I’m in love with him.

  2. I LOVE this cat!


  3. momof2kitties says:

    I bwahaha’ed out loud. A BOL, perhaps?

    Hubby told me to keep it down, he can’t hear the football game. In the other ROOM!!!!!


    I love this kitteh…

  4. LOL at the one that takes out the camera.

  5. biscuithead says:

    Makes me wish that I were a cat.

  6. Awww I sent this in to CO the other day too

  7. LOL! Maybe he feels like he’s being petted when he moves through the box? And what exactly IS “Diet 77?”

  8. I <3 Maru. It's the way his back legs splay and flatten out.

    Just think, if his owner had carpet, we’d never have known.

  9. My favorite is the last dive, at about 0:43, where he goes all the way through and then just sits there looking pleased with himself. I love Maru!

  10. This cat is ridiculous.

  11. I love how it says “end” . . .even tho we know it is not, and never will be the “end.”

  12. HOURS of fun!

  13. i really wonder how many times he does that a day!

  14. This cat need an intervention before going to boxhab. I volunteer to sit down and tell Maru the awful truth.

  15. Wish I could figure out how to e-mail the link, I’d love to send this to my sister.

  16. Sandy — so true. He’s now moved on to double boxes.

    Fast forward to 0:27

    *pours our 40oz.*

  17. DumBunny — There’s a link that says “email to a friend,”

    If that doesn’t work, just right-click the headline and copy it. Then open an email to your sister and paste it into the email (ctrl-V or right-click paste).

  18. Maru is the secret to dust-free floors!

  19. Well, at least it’s Diet 77. Imagine how chubbular he’d be if he used Regular 77.

  20. By far the most convincing evidence of the need for boxhab…brought about by the now-proven existence of debilitating boxophilia among felines.

  21. Maru is such a cute one!
    He is soo chubby and charming – what breed is this?The broad, short tail, the tabby fur and white paws…Does anybody know?

  22. Yay British Shorthairs!!

  23. “It’s the way his back legs splay and flatten out.”
    lurkertype, you took the words right out of my mouf.

  24. Eric in Hiroshima says:

    Diet 77 is a kind of happosyuu — a Japanese drink that’s almost exactly the same as (low quality) beer, only cheaper.

    Supposedly there are only 77 calories per can. But I can testify that it still makes you fat.

  25. Chinchillazilla says:

    I love Maru so much.

  26. Gail (the first one) says:

    Almost makes me wish I had laminate floors!!! What would be the US equivalent box-wise, a 24-pack?

  27. goldenpuppy says:

    at the last dive, he pops out saying “ta-daaa!” or so it seems…

  28. paulajeanne says:

    goldenpuppy, that’s just what I was thinking! All his previous efforts led up to the Ta-daa moment!

  29. Slip slidin’ away
    Slip slidin’ away
    You know the nearer your destination
    The more you’re slip slidin’ away…

  30. awww, it says the video is no longer available… 😦


    he’s got the cutest lil double chin i ever did seeee:]

  32. Oops! Nevermind. It’s working now.

    keeeeeyute! I can’t get enough of this cat!

  33. “If loving boxes is wrong, I don’t want to be right” -Maru

  34. The hot, new national sport of Japan and Canada: Curling for Kittehs.

  35. Why do we want to “cure” the kitty of his favorite thing? So long as he’s not hurting anyone, ruining his health, contributing to delinquincy of minor kittayns, who cares? Legalize it! Wait, what were we talking about?

  36. Does anyone else get the impression that this is truly a team effort here? Like Jackass for cats… I can just see the preshot banter…
    “Ok ready?…
    “Take nine…Go!”
    and everytime Maru is done he looks up like, “Did we get the shot?”

  37. Maru is redonkissimo.

  38. littledogrescue says:

    better than Jamaican bobsledding

  39. littledogrescue says:

    better than Jamaican bobsledding

  40. littledogrescue says:

    better than Jamaican bobsledding

  41. littledogrescue says:

    better than Jamaican bobsledding

  42. the other Brenda says:

    I want him!!

  43. Is there anything better than Jaimaican bobsledding?
    Now let’s get to the real problem: I need rehab from this cat. I watch the videos over and over again by myself, I leave empty boxes around my apartment hoping Maru miraculously appears, I’m obsessed! I need a 12 step program, STAT!

  44. the other Brenda says:

    He is having so much fun!! I love him.

  45. LOL the slide thru and look at the camera at the end is by far THE best shot ever.
    LOL Maru is one slippery character

  46. Well, *I’m* not contributing to the collection. I like Maru just the crazy way he is. The slo-mo in the middle just adds a certain je ne sais quois to his style.

  47. He’s training for the box-sledding team!

  48. I LOVE this kitty. I’m so addicted I subscribe to the poster’s clips so I can watch new ones as they are put up. Kind of like Winston, except not as fang-y.

  49. oh that is just so gosh darn funny!! i love the splayed feet. and what a beautiful cat too.

  50. Somebody PLEASE!!!! get Maru a national commercial where the printing on the box is the sponsor’s product. Make him a millioncatter and keep him (or her) in luxury foreva. Although I don’t see how he could be any happier!

  51. NuffExpress says:

    Of all the insufferably stupid concepts this blog has introduced, I think boxhab crowns them.

    [Meh. Keep trying. Until I ban you, of course… – Ed.]

  52. I love Maru! Sign me up for the fan club, please 😀

  53. I love the preparatory ‘tock-wiggle prior to diving in.

  54. i just love this cat. he’s ridiculously adorable.

  55. Does anyone else see evidence that he’s chasing a laser pointer?

  56. Brandi7920 says:

    I lofs Maru! I can watch Maru box-slide for hours – and belly laugh every time. LOL

  57. Suuuuch a cute kitty!

  58. His legs are totally splayed out in some parts of the video.

  59. he’s big enough to do that in a refrigerator box!

  60. Juniper Jupiter says:


    That. Was. AWESOME!!!!

    Where’s a fridgedator box when ya need one!? I SO wanna do that!

    Oh, and I want that kitty!

  61. Just let a kitty have some fun.

  62. At the end of the last slide, he looks genuinely confused that the world still exists on the other side of the box.

  63. totalee puppy says:

    Good times!

  64. Michelle S says:

    I love Maru. <3

  65. *sighs as she lounges w/Maru in betwixt box dives, read in jaded snooty voice* they just don’t understand us sybarites, do they, dahling. When one enjoys something, the setup (paw raised to *just* such an angle), the act itself (the thrill of the dive, the release of the tock-splaying), the denouement (the satisfied look of a dive well done & the anticipation of more to come)…Well, the entire experience is the thing isn’t it? The same with a luscious cake. The walk to the pastry store, the anticipation, the smells, choosing just the right gateau…I understand, sweetie. Boxhab is for those who are afraid to live life to its fluffiest, lol

  66. Maru rocks 🙂

  67. berthaservant says:

    Maru is like the Hamlet of cat-boxhab videos; he just keeps revealing layer after layer of himself upon repeated viewings.

    :: watching agin ::

  68. I thought that was Shrek.
    Ogres have layers.

  69. Maru trains for the boxhab games.

  70. no boxhab. I vote for legalizing boxes.
    BTW does Maru mean round?

  71. Woah. 8 boxhab sessions and $5,000 later, his condition has actually deteriorated, if such a thing were possible. And he’s rounder (“Maru” is round in Japanese) too, it seems.
    I wish I could pursue my passion with same single-mindedness and reckless abandon as this kitteh. What is he, the reincarnation of Bacchus?! Where does he get his hedonism from? What does his owner, who clearly has loads of “Diet” (77calories) beer in his house, look like???

  72. Ah! “Round!” Thank you for that delectable tidbit, Kasha. I’d support an Obama-Maru ticket.

  73. Ah, Maru, Maru, Maru! I absolutely cried from the silliness when the camera was at cat-eye-level and you slid into the camera! I love kittehs, and I love them despite creeping and sliding boxophilia and other assorted sillinesses. Dogs drool, kittehs rool.

  74. Enuff express.

  75. Oh wow he is too cute.
    The vid at the link Josh N posted is great too. He gets a box stuck around his middle and goes and sticks his head in another one. I want a Maru.

  76. “Boxhab is for those who are afraid to live life to the fluffiest”, inktupbbw

    An Inspirational message for us all,thanks!

  77. Yitzysmommie says:

    We NEED Maru in our lives. He is the best internet kitteh there evere was!
    If he lived here I would sit meserized watching him and his boxes fly around my house.
    PLASE!!! Nevaire send Maru to boxhab – his is the pinnacle of cat in box.

  78. mykidzmomma says:

    OMGOSH! I’m laffin so hard i need my inhaler! Where can I rescue a kitteh that needs boxhab?!

  79. LOL! I love how he looks at the camera at the end as If to say, “Look what I did!”

  80. Maru does not need boxhab. While for others the habit is purely static, mostly associated with sleeping, for Maru it’s dynamic, a real activity, an exercise/sport if you will.

    I recommend enrolling Mia the cream kitten from the most recent CO post in Maru’s advanced Power Boxercising program immediately.

  81. scooterpants says:

    what is with the DIET77 boxes? just what is the owner trying to SAY here?
    Maru still fits nicely inside the box, (in fact, its a lil BIG … see??? he slips right thru!) so i dont think the nasty ‘hidden reference’ is necessary. Lets get him a nice YOO HOO box next time hmm?

  82. I was feeling rather depressed today…this made me laugh 🙂

  83. I just love the hell out of this rotund little cat!

  84. If that were my cat I could NOT film him playing without fits of giggles. I commend the owner for not snickering the whole way through.

    Of course, they are probably busy drinking Diet 77 while filming, thus reducing the urge to make the obligatory snorts.

    What a cool kitty.

  85. Boxhab? I think he should be in de-tocks!

  86. That’s how I diet. Try to scoot through the diet with my fat self, then repeat.

  87. “de-tocks”… HA!

  88. Yep, he definitely has that “ta-dahhh” look on his face at the end there. You can read it right on his expreshun!!

  89. I want to laugh at this, I do. Maru got a part of a giggle… but I’m just unable to be happy right now. I had to have one of my guinea pigs, Guiness, put to sleep this weekend. 😦

    /being a downer

  90. My family and I found Maru’s blog and spent a good hour just watching the vids and howling. I was in serious amounts of pain from laughing so much. Some of the best videos of kittyness I have ever seen. Love it!!!!

  91. warrior rabbit says:

    In the video Josh N linked, with Maru attempting the double box, it just makes me think of Evel Knievel. Like, he’ll keep upping the number of boxes… When will the madness stop for Kitty Knievel?

  92. Dear Lizzy- I’m so very sorry about Guiness, it is just so damned hard to do the right thing sometimes. You have the power to end his suffering and you will be rewarded, once the ordeal is over, with wonderful memories of Guiness. I’ll be thinking of you. Good luck.

  93. This video is way too funny! The best yet!Thanks1

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  95. SarahMonster711 says:

    I seriously love this cat more than my own!

  96. catzarecute says:

    So lovin’ the splayed feetsies……………. His hind feetsies are SPLAYED, people !!!!!! SPLAYED.

  97. Awww Maru is a star!!!