Quite possibly the awesomest photo ever submitted

It’s… TONGUE’S EYE VIEW!!! [blazing guitar riff sound] Ow!


Whooooooooooaaaa! "Baron (Large Tongue)" by Alex R.



  1. 0.5 seconds before being leecked to death! 😀

  2. Say aaaaaaah please.

  3. WOW.

  4. Isn’t this STICK CAM

  5. Its Nom Nom Nom Cam!

  6. SLUUURRRP!!!!

  7. It’s not-by-the-hair-of-my-chinny-chin-chin Cam!

  8. This dog obviously is a Kiss fan.

  9. Oh! if there was ever picture perfect for filing under “I shall leeck you”, it would be this one, don’t you think?

  10. biscuithead says:

    Gives me nightmares!

    /loves dogs

  11. It’s the last thing a Snausage sees!

    awesome photo.

    Baron’s teef and gums look good too.

    (and it should be “I shall leeck you” too.)

  12. I can smell the doggy breath from here.

  13. that really is a cool shot! Never saw the roof of a dog’s mouth in such detail!

  14. Lurker, I was already thinking along those lines, heh…

  15. Imagine what he’s like catching snowflakes…

  16. Use full view…
    Then you really fell like you’ll be licked. ^^

  17. Aww, could be my Diva’s long lost cousin.

  18. omg it’s 3-D and smell-o-vision! I can smell the lamb snax on his bref.

  19. Not to get technical… but this isn’t a “tongue’s eye view”. First of all, tongues don’t have eyes. 😉 Second of all, “eye view” refers to what the world would look like from something’s perspective. A tongue’s eye view, if there was one, would be looking out from the doggy’s mouth! This cute pic looks like a view of small cat, or perhaps a short person.

    [No, you misunderstand. We attached a little webcam to the tonsils of a French Poodle, see… – Ed.]

    But enough blabber… cute pic and interesting perspective!

  20. Yes, okay, I concede that possibility would also work.

  21. Cool pic.. but now me being a self absorbed homo sapien im wondering what our roofs of our mouths look like?? any one got pics that not pervy? im curious..

    And my cats are not pleased with me trying to check out their mouths while they are sleeping on my pilla

  22. I think someone needs to go to the doggie dentist…

  23. Sahrawi Wife says:

    YIKES!!! Scared me to death for reals !! Way too freaky for me yall !

  24. violetgreen says:

    It’s like the last thing Jonah saw before the whale swallowed.

  25. Looks like that big glob of peanut butter went down just fine…

  26. the other Brenda says:

    very cool pic.

  27. It’s slobber time!

    (U can’t touch this!)

  28. The last thing a Pupperoni sees…

  29. I often times want to look at my Elroy’s mouth because he is part Chow and it is spotted inside, but he never lets me. This fullfils my desire to see roof of dog mouth. Thanks.

  30. [snerk] “attached a webcam to the tonsils of a French poodle”

    And LOL @AuntieMame!

  31. Darn! Lurkertype stole my joke! I was going to say, “that’s the last thing kibble sees!.” However, I think Snausages is funnier, so well played ol’ chap!

  32. I’ve seen this angle from my puppers many times while trying to do sit ups on my living room floor…”hey moms whut ya doin can ya let me out or get me a snack or sumthin here i’ll just give you kisses oh and i just ate some cat brownies out of their big sand box…”

  33. i thought this was CUTEoverload?


  34. totalee puppy says:

    “MilkBone docking in 9-8-7…”

  35. That would be a lot of slobber generated. It is cute, but even though I like dogs, I do not like them to lick me.

  36. Isn’t there just a little light shining in from the other end?

    Freaky episode of Star Trek: someone PLEASE photoshop the Enterprise going in for a look see.

  37. Faye:
    1) EWWWW, and
    2) honey if I had the time right now, it’d be Warp Ten Engage.

  38. berthaservant says:

    A deleted still from “Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World?”

  39. Best pic EVAR!!!

  40. Awesome photo? Sure.

    Scary-ass photo? You betcha!

    CUTE photo? NOT SO MUCH!!!!


  41. Cathy Carpenter says:

    Golly, he’s just y a w n i n g, riht? Nothing wrong wit dat!

  42. One word folks:


  43. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    auntyb – never thought about looking at a dog from that angle, or that particular hazard of doing sit-ups on the floor. Now I have a visual to go with that whole new idea. Thanks, I think. Oh, and LOL @”cat brownies”

  44. Wooaaa xDDDD I like it! xD I want a kisuuu xD jijiji

  45. LOL auntyb, I can’t exercise without “help,” either!

  46. Mary (the first) says:

    My first thought was that it was a donkey! Woaaah!! Definitely cute. Yes.

  47. How can you nuff this photo? This is, like, the best pic evAR!! Love it – gave me a good laugh today.

  48. OO eee ahhhh. >_< *smooched up face*

  49. wow. that is a very cool pic.

    i smell dog bref.