Little Bo Peep Gets Pwned

LBP:  HAI GUISE!  im LilBoPeep and im lukin 4 my sheep.  U d00dz seen sheep?
Dog1: ZOMG no wai I havnt seen ur stoopid sheep
Dog2: Baaaaaaaa GTFO n00b!
LBP:  whatevs, l8r lusers

You owe me, pal.

Took me a second to spot it, Paige K.

[This morning’s post brought to you by chat rooms, texting, the violent death of all civilized language, and by the number 1337… – Ed.]



  1. cellarmouse says:


  2. Linda R--SF says:

    “And the pit mix shall lay down with the Lamb….”

    Peaceful Advent, all.

  3. Hahaha, what an accurate chat experience. Cute sleepy pup and lamb also qualify as matchingks, no?

  4. Sure, what the heck, updating…

  5. Horrible attempt at leetspeak?

  6. There’s such thing as a GOOD attempt at leetspeak??

  7. Haha, should have used “Teats or GTFO” for the lamby 🙂 Anyway, adorable!

  8. I am so proud of myself! The only word I understood in that entire exchange was “sheep.” Yay! I’m literate!

  9. Lurve der lertsperk! Gertta lerve der lertsperk!

    Srsly, I told someone once that my password was (a buncha numbers), and they gave me the awesomest most horrified look! That’s when I knew, I lerve der lertsperk!

    I didn’t know Woolworths had a pet department!

  10. hm. some how l337 sp34k always makes me think of WoW chat……. and 12 yr old kids trying to act “tough”

  11. BabyOpossum says:

    Does anyone else have the urge to spoon the lambie?

  12. it’s like those worksheets they give little kids: what’s wrong with this picture?

  13. notsoadvent and a lil h4rD(0r3 says:

    Little Bo Peep: HI GUYS! I am Little Bo Peep and I am looking for my sheep. So guys have you seen my sheep?
    Dog1: Oh my God, no way, I have not seen your silly sheep.
    Dog2: Baaaaaaaa *cough pause* Go f*** yourself greenhorn.
    Little Bo Peep: Whatever! Later losers.

    OUCH. The cute is mean.

  14. Who knew lambies make little swirls when they sleep too? *sigh*

  15. Pyrit, Coach Z is *not* teh l33t. 😉

  16. Way to pull the wool over her eyes, Dogs 1 and 2! I sure ram impressed.

  17. I knew this was NTMTOM–good reading (some of it I understood)! yay Linda R.–SF–yay pyrit.

  18. This post gave me a brain cramp!

  19. Woogiesmama says:

    Yah, another vicious pit bull… just waiting to share their bed with a lamby-pie.

  20. Shshshsh, ert’s a sercret kerd, man, yer gervin’ ert erway!
    We’re gernna nerd a new coerde!
    Mert me at der treefert!

  21. Did someone say leetspeak??

  22. Pyrert, arr tree ferts green house gerses? Thyat’d be orful!

  23. Erps. I spelled “code” 2 different ways. Ha!

  24. notsoadvent: These work:
    Hi guys, OMG, and Later losers (thanks for the last one).

  25. Teho – If a tree ferts in the ferrest, and ders noone der to hear it, does it still break wind?

  26. T.L.— I was Totally ROFLMAOing! That was hysterical.

  27. Oh, I think I just had an aneuryism…

  28. Ha ha haaaz!

  29. ummm…lamb-tocks anyone?!

  30. Wow, I had to look closely to figure out what it was! I want a lamb now.

  31. berthaservant says:

    I had to take some time to decode everything, then transpose it to the picture and try to put the story together in me head, an altogether cerebral as well as entertaining experience.

    It’s the mixture of letters and numbers that I find most curious.

    Nice job Tom!

  32. LOL at Pyrit and I was looking all over the back ground of that picture thinking I don’t get it where’s the lamb and all of a sudden whammo there it was right in my face
    LOL obvious 14m6y pwnage

  33. paulajeanne says:

    Not too apt with lolspeak: what does “pwned” mean?

  34. Ok, The granny needs to know, what does 1337 mean?

  35. SECOND dog? WHAT second dog? Why can’t I see it?
    Somebody he’p me, pleeze!

  36. DumBunny thanks for asking that question–I just couldn’t!

  37. I have to tell you guys, as a total aside — every time I see NTMTOM I “read” it in my head as “NOM TOM.”

  38. the other Brenda says:

    I want to spoon them BOTH.

  39. Idiolect — you’re not alone.

  40. I’m worse. I just see NOM NOM.

  41. This is how the whole “Teho” thing got started, y’know.

    Truant lambs. Yep.

  42. So almost matchings. So want to curl up in the middle.

  43. They are sharing the cushion! Can we have a category for sharinks?

  44. @DumBunny & Jezebel: read here:

    @Paulajean: read here:

    @idiolect: I always read it as NOM TOM too. Who is Tom and why should we nom on him?

  45. That herdeeherdeeher speak reads like Coach Z.

    I wonder if the lamb follows the pit bull around? Or if the pit teaches the lamb how to be dominating and formidable? A pit lamb, if you will?

  46. d3345

    if you type that into your pocket calculator and turn it upside down you know what it spellz?


  47. I couldn’t understand a freaking thing that was written lol

    On the flip side, cute pict 😉

  48. Martha in Washington says:

    I’m so glad to see that I wasn’t the only one who had a hard time reading the post. I was afraid I was old or something…

  49. Aww. I want to squeeze the little sheepie and bury my face in her side. Damn wool allergies.

    I need to show my husband this. More proof that lambs are not for eating.

  50. Einsdreidreisieben!

  51. LOL wut?! D00dz, ur Teh Cutezorz!!1!

  52. k Ed is crazy with his Spork talk- but as for puppeh and lamb, anerable late-afternoon nap. *bleen*

    [Sporks?? – Ed.]

  53. I have a leetspeak generator for Firefox. Although the dialectizer is great too:

    Fry mah hide!

  54. I’m quite happy in my ignorance of leet speak.

  55. leetspeak is teh r0x0rs!!1!! WoW is teh r0x0rs. Don’t be dissin’ teh WoW.

    [Suddenly I feel like dissin’ teh WoW. I can’t explain it. – Ed.]

    Srsly, that pic is adorable. Gotta love that little lamb.

  56. marsheeeee says:


    (Yes I’m old and I freely admit it.)

  57. this reminds me, i gotta log on and play world of warcraft.

    “pwn” was a misspelling of “own” as in “i own your ass” in the gaming world but the typo caught on and is now used as is.

    great pic! almost missed the lamby-lamb.

    ~lvl 80 epic’ed out, leet sauce MM hunter, sen’jin server.