Welll THAT’S a relief. I was worried I would have to forgo the primate action for my next promo. [wiping brow] See Banana for more details (for your promotional needs). You heard me;


Boing Boing found this one….



  1. It says on the website, “If you like pig racing, you’ll love the Banana Derby.”

  2. biscuithead says:

    Dog looks happy.
    Monkey… not so much.
    Might just be his/her blank expression though.

  3. Uuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………….did I take drugs or something?

  4. ISn’t it time for your dog to get the monkey off his back..

  5. If you think that’s weird, check this out!:

    You can thank me for the earworm later…

  6. First I was like, look at that kid on that humungous dog, then I was all like, what the?! That’s a nuffing monkey! And then I was like, banana derby? sign me up! OMG.

  7. I don’t know if a monkey chained to a dogs back qualifies as “cute” 😦

  8. @Tuppermaddie: Compositional genius.

  9. So this is what the laid-off stock brokers are doing…..

    Oh dear……………

    And the Chimpanzee riding on a Segway, please God, make it stop.

  10. Michelle S says:

    These lovely ladies are a regular staple at horse shows for years. And it’s super crazy how fast they zip around the arena. 😀

  11. The monkey looks sad… he SHOULD be riding a giraffe.

    Somewhere out there there’s a monkey-less giraffe : (

  12. biscuithead says:

    @ Jess <3's Sandy

    And I weep for that monkey-less giraffe.

  13. @ Theresa & Katrina …and don’t that lady look surprised!…

  14. Kristabelle says:

    That is a weeeeee bit strange…

  15. I agree with ‘electric’–this is a bit questionable…

  16. Okay, I think I might have finally snapped or at least developed an immunity to redonk.

    I looked at this picture, and with all those multiple layers of craziness going on, my only thought was, “Where can that monkey possibly be going DRESSED LIKE THAT?”

    I take it as perfectly natural that the monkey has somewhere to go, has decided that the most efficient means of transport is a Fidomobile, has gotten the harness and bridle out of his tiny gingerbread tack room, has painted a tasteful Japanese cartoon backdrop, and has draped the mounting block in cabernet velvet, but i’m QUESTIONING THE APPROPRIATENESS OF HIS WARDROBE CHOICE.

    W H A T H A V E Y O U D O N E ? ! ?

  17. If I don’t take enough pain medication before going to bed I have nightmares like this. Except the– oh, never mind, you get the drift.

    I’m sure they zip around the arena- heh, heh (smiles wanly but politely)

    And that is MY money=less giraffe! No monkeys for my giraffe, nosireee. Oxpeckers,sure but no monkeys.

  18. And what about the dog? That poor critter.

  19. Making a monkey of a minkie.

  20. You know what I DON’T see on the Banana Derby website? A SINGLE mention of how their animals are cared for–not how they’re housed, no mention of any special care or consideration for these wild animals whatsoever. All I see is profit, profit, profit. I can’t think of anything less cute than this. Circuses, perhaps. This is a Cute Fail submission, not Cute Overload.

  21. Um, Katrina, did you just say ox peckers? Wow, I thought I was confused before……….

  22. I dont think chaining a monkey to a dogs back is “cute”, nor is it fair to the animals.

  23. Add me to the list of people that think this is full of fail. Not cute. Disturbing. Saddening. Worrisome. Not cute.

  24. At first glance, this is adorable. But, looking at how the monkey is attached and looking at more pictures on their website of monkeys on short leashes and looking miserable on the backs of these dogs… it just seems cruel and not very cute.

  25. ThreeCatNight says:

    More for human entertainment; the animals get nothing out of it.

  26. Um, PETA where are you to rescue these poor animals? This is gross and wrong (can you see the chains on the monkeys?). Why is animal captivity and exploitation “cute” to some people? Leave animals alone, in there own environment (sans clothing, please)and let them be cute there.

  27. Janet in Cambridge says:

    This show isn’t nearly as cute and funny as you’d think. Forcibly tying a monkey to the back of another animal is animal abuse and exploitation. There’s nothing the monkey can do to escape the back of the dog. This is cruel and shouldn’t be posted on this site, unless CO condones animal abuse. Let’s keep to entries that don’t hurt animals. Please.

  28. ThreeCatNight says:

    @hibousoir –
    You voiced my very thoughts. They have “pig racing”, too, if I’m not mistaken.Just how are these little animals trained? Things like this make me feel ill; bad call, CO.

  29. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Hubby & I saw these critters at the Hamburg NY (just outside of Buffalo) Fair this year.
    Honestly, the dogs looked bored out of their skulls.
    *I* think they were all treated well.
    They just walked around the ring. Plodded, more like.

    I should send in the photo of the 2 hour old calf that was born at the fair…

    I also got to hold an angora rabbit. My god, they are like living cotton candy! Little bitty body, loads o floofage!

  30. OMG that is so cruel. Just horrible.

  31. Gail (the first one) says:

    @TUM: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. I always feel really bad for those poor ponies chained to a wheel and made to walk around in circles all day with loud little brats on their backs,and this kind of reminds me of that.

  33. This is not cute at all! This is sad. Please Please take this down Meg.

  34. So sad =(

  35. This is terrible! Suffering animals are not cute. They’re only cure when they’re happy. What were you thinking with this one, Meg?

  36. TUM… Seriously made my day I <3 you....

  37. ummmm. sad.

  38. ): Me likes to see wild animals in the wild.

  39. this seems sad not cute. no cute over load here

  40. I wonder if that dog knows its got a monkey on its back. On a side note, that monkey’s sad looking face might indicate a fear of heights….

  41. anonnymous says:

    From their website:
    “You can”t go wrong spicing up your Fair or Festival with the Banana Derby.”
    I HOPE the animals are treated well. I’d think that the dogs would be OK with this,not bored, getting to run around – but I have never seen this. And I agree with auntyb about those ponies going round-and-round-and-round. sad.

  42. How very sad. Not cute at all.

  43. Lisa (one of several) says:

    never been a fan of anything circus like…sorry.

  44. Hahaha Abuse. Have any baby chimps taken from their slain mothers?

  45. Won’t someone think of their dignity!!

  46. Just about all of the monkeys on their website look depressed. Definitely not cool and not good “family entertainment.”

  47. Animals performing–never cute. Makes me sad to see this picture.

  48. Will someone please explain what’s cute about exploiting animals? This makes me sick…

  49. Stellasmom says:

    I don’t think monkeys are ever cute.

  50. The Other One Michelle says:

    Definitely weird. I’m holding off on any further judgements because I don’t know that the monkeys or dogs are unhappy or being mistreated. I don’t know if I’d go to an event to see this, though, ‘cuz it reminds me of dropping acid.

  51. Did anybody see the hello kitty nursery ward from the boing boing site? That is a little cuter!

  52. I would like to write in regards to this photograph. I take the greatest possible exception that in these times of war and poverty that the dignity of monkys is not being given the consideration it deserves from important websites like Cute Overload.

    Very Truly Etc.
    Brig. Gen. Sir Hugh Massingbird Massingbird (Mrs.)

    P.S, Capuchins give me the creeps because they, collectively as a species, owe me five bucks. Where’s my five bucks, Monkeys?

  53. We are all here apparently to assume the worst about every possible thing. We are all experts on monkey psychology/physiognomy. We are all experts in animal safety/work regulations.

    Oh, and guess what…Cute Overload is only for human entertainment as well. In fact, so is the internet. So is most of our lives.

    If someone comes here with some proof that there’s wrongdoing or malfeasance, then great. Until then, folks, please try to confine your suspicions and appreciate the photo for what it is. A monkey jockey on a dog’s back. Yes, it’s crazy. Yes, it’s silly. But we have no idea how the animals feel.

  54. I’m always amazed at people who have capuchins as pets. Those monkeys are way too smart and kinda scary!

    Does that dog have any idea what’s going on? I do like his expression.

  55. I have the idea that they feel furry.

  56. “where’s my five bucks, monkey??” LOL

  57. Monkey Shines is all I’m gonna say.

  58. the other Brenda says:

    How does one go about sending in a submish????

  59. Janet in Cambridge says:

    ah, berthaservant, I wish life were that simple for me. I actually have the facts. Have you considered checking into this situation?

  60. alrightythen says:

    Well Janet in Cambridge, if you have the facts, what are they then? Who and what are your sources? It doesn’t do anybody any good (animals included) to simply state you have the facts without, you know, presenting them.

  61. This is sad and cruel. Not cute at all. It’s animal abuse.

  62. This is sad and cruel. How is this cute? This exploitation. Do you think that monkey really wants to ride a dog? I am gonna bet it would rather be sitting in a tree somewhere scratcing himself …

  63. i love monkeys and i love dogs. but, for some reason, i just really don’t love this.

    maybe it’s simply that the monkey is dressed like an australian’s nightmare, or that the backdrop is kind of cheap looking- and not in a cutie way.

    or maybe it does just remind me of the circus. i’m more of a parade girl.

  64. Janet, as I said, anyone with research is welcome to present it here, and I’m sure everyone would appreciate it. No, I didn’t do any research, because this is the busiest day of the year at my dad’s store and I only have a few minutes to check various posts, etc. The fate of some performing animals is not of the utmost importance to me.

  65. tuppermaddie’s link – that seriously cracked me up.

    chimpanzee riding on a Segway, chimpanzee riding on a Segway, chimpanzee riding on a Segway… (kill the earworm!!)

    Paunchie, another win for the Japanese cuteologists!!

  66. totalee puppy says:

    Cue baby hamsters.

  67. lotusdakat says:


  68. Critterfriend says:

    Yeah, I agree with the not cute monkey thing. How would you like to wake up some day wearing a ballerina outfit taking snacks from some human who makes you pose with a cardboard cutout of Mikhail Baryshnikov?

    No nuffin, just sayin.

  69. Wow, I think that I’m more skeeved out by this than I was when my wife’s backwoods Pennsylvania druncle grabbed my ass at the family Xmas party. Capuchin monkeys are extremely intelligent WILD ANIMALS with complex social networks who should not be kept in captivity. To keep a monkey as a pet is so amazingly selfish and irresponsible (not to mention dangerous – those guys are shockingly strong, and have a good set of teeth on them.) Capuchins have the mental capacity of a three year old, give or take. Would you chain a three year old to a dog and make them ride around all day, then keep them in a cage? Sounds like a Social Services nightmare waiting to happen.

  70. that’s so mean. that poor monkey is probably terrifed. monkeys belong in the wild, not on the backs of dogs 😦

  71. I find the dog cute.

    Monkey not cute.

    Some comments funny. Some nuffy (which I expected) and I celebrate. I like people who stand up for animals and no one has so far gone too far overboard.

    I think we all know that plenty of animal abuse does go on. Circus, performing animals and owning of wild animals generally remind concerned animal lovers of exploitation. I don’t think it’s unreasonable for them to express this as a reason to not find this picture cute. I don’t think that they need to provide evidence of abuse in this particular instance to justify their response to this picture.

  72. i could only find a couple of the facts janet was mentioning, from the website:



  73. No to pig racing and, not surprisingly, no to monkey jockies. Blaaeeach.

  74. Northern Tigress says:

    I really hope that Meg will post more pictures soon, so that people will be distracted from nuffing this one.

  75. Kimski – Indeed. And, very gracefully said.

  76. To Phil: “Capuchins give me the creeps because they, collectively as a species, owe me five bucks. Where’s my five bucks, Monkeys?” What were you thinking? There’s a reason for the old expression, “never loan money to a monkey”.


  78. As a graduate student in primate behavior, I find this to be repulsive and a disappointment. Monkeys are not pets – they are illegal to house as pets in most states, and they are WILD animals meant to be living in their natural environments interacting with members of their own species.

    The fact that this monkey is chained, dressed up, and forced to act for human amusement is disturbing. Wildlife is not ours to exploit.

    Please do not promote the illegal pet trade and unethical treatment of animals!

  79. She’s right, you know. Preach it, girlfriend!

  80. I’m also having a hard time finding the cute/humor in this one. I think of this as a site for animal lovers.

  81. I’d have to ask why this isn’t under “Cute or Sad?”
    Animals being chained just for entertainment.

    I’d have to say “Sad”.

  82. berthaservant: Frankly, I couldn’t care less if this monkey was sleeping on velvet cushions and eating imported bananas–it doesn’t belong in America, chained to a dog’s back and forcibly run around a ring while hundreds or thousands of people a day scream and holler at it. Just as elephants don’t need to be trained to stand on beach balls and lions shouldn’t have to leap through hoops of fire for our pleasure. I don’t need to prove their living conditions–the bottom line is their living conditions *should* be their natural habitats in their native countries, where they may live and die as they choose.

  83. Lisa (one of several) says:

    I have always been torn about zoos – I understand why they are there – to teach people about these wonderful creatures, to allow people to see animals they might never see, to rescue endangered animals from hazardous conditions, etc. However, I have NEVER been torn about circuses or anything where animals are trained and made to perform totally unnatural things. I agree with hibousoir and the others who state this monkey shouldn’t be chained to a dog, the dog shouldn’t have a monkey chained to him, lions shouldn’t jump through hoops of fire and elephants shouldn’t be made to stand on one leg. How well they are treated is totally beside the point. Me stating this won’t stop it from happening, nor should it stop Meg from posting it on her site, but I am really glad there is now the cutest lamb and puppy picture showing up at the top of the front page.

  84. berthaservant says:

    Hibousoir: I don’t disagree. But we do the same things to fellow humans. We’re a crappy species, but we have a sense of humor. We’re imperfect, and particularly imperfect in the way we understand images/symbols as a kind of “reality” that we can fix or affect (or effect). I just wish we didn’t have to preach to each other about why our personal feelings/reactions to a symbol/image are better or more righteous than someone else’s. I try to judge people by their actions in the real world, not by their in/ability to agree with me on a particular interpretation of what is or is not funny or cute. I think the photo is cute because it’s so absurd, but I don’t make any claims that the photo represents a phenomenological reality.

  85. “phenomenological reality” …aaaaaand my head explodes.

  86. Bertha: Perhaps I’m being too much of a reductionist here, but you DO seem to be making a claim of phenomenological reality in regards to this pic. Maybe we both are–you perceive it as cute, so that is your reality; I perceive it as inhumane (we can argue about whether humanity is the highest bar against which to judge ethics another time), so that is my reality. Neither of us knows the monkey’s reality, but I’ll bet he’s not terribly thrilled with his life. Personally, when it comes to flora and fauna, I don’t think there is quite *enough* preaching going on–not when a US president is still trying to knock off the last few thousand polar bears on his way out the door so we can have a few drops of useless oil 15 years from now, among other horrors of the long, un-cute history of Humans vs. Planet Earth. But hey, whatever, right? What’s one monkey chained to a dog?

  87. Being made to ride dogs to amuse foolish humans IS reality to the monkey. The quality of his life (or lack thereof) does matter very much to him.