Teddy bears…in…space!

According to The Daily Mail Online, the teddeh bears shown below are "the first soft toys to take part in extra-vehicular activity… at such an altitude."



Check out Bear Armstrong and Nose Aldrin here.

According to the story: "The teddy bears had to endure temperatures of -53C buthad special spacesuits made by school children from the nearby Parksideand Coleridge community colleges."


The Ted-astronauts weren’t ALL about fun and games. Scientist Henry Hallam, 21, said: ‘We asked the children to build the space suits for the teddy bears and we monitored the temperatures inside and outside the suits. It was great to involve these young people so they can learn about physics in a different and exciting way."


This bear threat-down brought to you by Mail Online, sent in by the uber-fabulous Vicki O.


  1. Hooray for creative science teachers! Hooray for Physics!

  2. charliewabba says:

    Teh teddy on the right’s nose looks dangerously exposed.

  3. BEARS IN SPACE SPACe SPAce SPace Space space.. (echo :-))

  4. Awe.
    Teddy space ‘splorerrrs.

  5. omg this is awesome!
    those kids are our future…
    this is SO cool.
    and qte of course!

  6. Daytime Deb says:

    OMG Katie that is exactly what I was going to write!


    Gotta love the muppets!

  7. Daytime Deb says:

    OMG Katie that is exactly what I was going to write!


    Gotta love the muppets!

  8. Daytime Deb says:

    So sorry about the duplicate post — bad case of itchy post/trigger finger, I guess.

  9. Open the pod bay doors, HAL.

  10. Anna in Portland says:

    Children in community college? Do they call grade school college in Britain? Very cute, only to be expected from the homeland of Paddington.

  11. Ground Control to Major Nom…

    [Le snickère. – Ed.]

  12. (files Earwig’s comment for future use)


  13. Ted on left, doesn’t look too happy. “Tin foil and a lemonade bottle, I was expecting something more high tec.”

  14. BeckyMonster says:

    Um, I think it should be “Fuzz” Aldrin… just sayin’

  15. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Oh, Hon Glad, I don’t know, it looks rather like Ted on Left has not only cold insulation, but a space helmet so he can breathe in the altitude. He’s just very serious about his part in the assignment. It’s cute that the bottle makes it look contoured for his ears!

  16. Anna, college in the UK refers to something like high school…the kids would have been from 13 or so up.

    Sometimes I love my university so much I could burst. Go light blue!

  17. Best hovertext ever: “Thanks for the tin foil, kids.”

  18. Edward-Go light blue? Pleas esplain…kthnksby

  19. Cambridge=light blues
    Oxford=dark blues

  20. First Ted: “Right then, fancy a spot of honey?”
    Second Ted: “I would that, ta.”
    (…floating, …sharing honey)
    First Ted: “I say, are you seeing what I’m seeing?”
    Second Ted: “No, I do not see flying hamsters with wings and flying cats on leashes.”
    First Ted: “Good man.”

  21. Major Nom, geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh. That’s actually really funny. That’s one giant leap for bearkind. “Wow, I can see my house from here.” “Crap it’s cold!”

  22. Edward: Nawlins=delta blues 😉


  24. Pyrit, I must have had some of that tea too, because I certainly don’t see any of that nonsense either. More, please?

  25. @Theo: We can beat the Delta Blues in rowing, but we’d lose to them in introspective melancholy.

  26. …and SPICINESS. [nom nom pant pant zydeco time woooo!]

  27. (yeah, I’m out of my mind; it’s the tea)

  28. You’re right Theo, it is MF Brew Time. I’ll put the kettle on.

  29. YAY

  30. But, light blue? How about “GO Ceruleans, GO!” But as Cambridge was founded in the 13th century, I suppose the tradition has already gelled somewhat.

    Beckymonster-yes, it should be. Niiice one. Groaan.

  31. “Oh, Bother” said Pooh.

  32. NTOMTOM — don’t forget the Peter Schilling song “Major Nom” either if you want the slightly more obscure route. (Besides, we all know Major Nom’s a junkie…)

    I would also like to point out, that the bears made it back to earth safely!!!!

    Just waiting to see what Colbert does with this….

  33. It’s more of a greenish-blue. But we still own the Nobels. And Oxford blue…well, it’s so dark as to cover up the food stains. True fact.

    [Well… maybe the dark blue food, anyway. – Ed.]

  34. Very cute. But I’m gonna give a major shout out to science geek girls!!! Huzzahh!

  35. Please refrain from posting this stuff,keep the real cuties not stuffed animals and kids stuff. Boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. *pffft*
    Talk about your pathetic attempts. (Allow me to nuff your nuff.)

  37. Klingons on the starboard bow!

  38. Nice nuff nuff.

  39. Was it nuffy enough?

  40. (the original) Mel says:

    That’s pretty cool. It’s not as cool as “Pigs In Space,” but it’s still pretty cool.

  41. If you’re too nuffy do YOU become the nuffer?

  42. Do YOU become the nuffer?

  43. That is adorable and heart warming! People who say kid stuff is boring, nertz to you!

  44. Well I was gonna say Beeeeeeeeeeaaaarrrssss in Spaaaccccccccceeeeeeee

    but it’s been done.
    and so has the major tom comment..I guess I need a spot of that tea pyrit is brewing.

  45. NOt just a nuffer but a stuffy Nuffer.. There can be nothing worse.

  46. Is that last pic real? Looks real but how can those things survive in zero gravity much less the movement through the upper atmosphere. Too cute!!

  47. How about a nuffer stuffer?

  48. I’d rather be a puppy huffer.

  49. I didn’t know NASA stood for Nuffing Airborne Stuffed Animals!

  50. The stuffy Nuffer nuffed his stuff
    the nuffer stuffers huffed and puffed
    The stuffy Nuffer’s nuff was not nuffy enough.

    [this rhyming stuff is getting tough for someone sitting on his duff… – Ed.]

  51. The stuffy Nuffer nuffed his stuff

    the nuffer stuffers stuffed his nuff

    The the stuffy nuffer’s nuff wasn’t nuffy enuff.

  52. Oops can you delet my double Teho I thought it had an epic computer post fail on the first post

  53. It’s long past time we snuffed this fluff.

  54. Erm, maybe I’m missing something here, but wouldn’t the bears break off/burn up exiting the atmosphere? I call fake.

  55. [SNORK]

  56. Sho’ nuff!

  57. [sigh]
    Fine, OK, here, lemme save everybody a little time…

  58. Woooooooooo, Annie!
    You Powderpuff Girl! Puffs Plus!

  59. whitetigersx says:

    rachel, they would only burn up if they reenter quickly. With the balloon attached it’s a much slower descent since there is still some bouyancy lent by the balloon. It’s a weather balloon, they wouldn’t want to lose equipment – that stuff gets expensive, and it might be hard to recover data.

  60. AuntieMame says:

    @Jezebel: Klingons on the starboard bow!

    Scrape them off, Nom!

  61. They’ve got the RIGHT STUFFING!

    You have no idea how many years I’ve waited to work that into conversation…

  62. LOL! …and nobody else thought of that?? (Like, oh, let’s say, *me*?)

  63. Biscuitz4Bearz says:

    LMAO @ “Nose Aldrin.” Lurve it.

  64. pups'nstuff says:

    SO uncute.

  65. Actually it’s one of the best ideas — and, therefore, posts — ever. That’s not even an opinion. So NYAHHHH.

    (No, really, this is awesome. I want to do this with our kids now.)

  66. binky-mama says:

    Theo I do hope you mean your kids teddy bears? Do I need to call CPS to stop you from wrapping your kids in tin foil and shooting them into space? 😛
    Seriously this is such a great idea…education, cuteness and space…awesome!

  67. Once agian proof that Theo shouldn’t be here.

  68. Oh My kids and Girl scout troops would have loved doing this.. IT is very awesome…

    Heck I would love doing this…

    Any one ever done the denture tablets in water in a film container. They shoot up bout 30 ft or so in the air.
    IT is a great ativity in the afternoon while every one is waiting for the real fire works.

  69. Oh opps I forgot to add for the 4th of July to that

  70. Binky-Mama, while I’m flattered that you think I’ve got the engi-nerd chops to rig an upper-stratosphere vehicle for two teenagers, I was actually thinking more along the lines of some of their old Beanie Babies.

  71. Lil Bill the clown says:

    2 cool. way to go kids.

  72. Again I enjoyed this blog. How cool were the pics. You kids rock!

  73. I believe.

  74. I just love this site. This entire post with all the comments made me laugh.
    – Theo, you are too funny 🙂
    -Annie, I can’t wait to try out the the denture tablets in water in a film container. I won’t be able to wait until the 4th of July. I don’t even care how frigid it is outside here in Iowa where I live, I will be buying denture tablets today!!!

  75. Forgot to mention that I don’t think I’ll attempt the denture tablet residue on my living room ceiling!

  76. There’s always the regular Mentos-in-Diet-Coke trick. Classic.