Take two hamster close-ups and call me in the morning

Look People, I know you’re feeling down. You haven’t found that perfect present for your annoying brother-in-law who already has everything. I know, I know. [patting your back]

But let me tell you, it’s going to get better. Simply pop these two Cute Overload Xtreme Close Up Hamster pictures in your mouth and see if you don’t feel the insta-joy IMMEDIATELY.


Here’s the first one:



And here is the second. Come on, doctor’s orders. [Handing you a cup of water to wash them down]


Call me in the morning if you don’t feel 800 times better, Judit H.



  1. I’m thinking that my annoying brother-in-law needs a cute little hammy… oh wait, I wouldn’t want to do that to a poor little hamster.

  2. Teh teeny-tiny pawsicles and nosicles in the last picture have sploded me to bits. I’m happy. Splody, but happy.

  3. You know, I *do* feel better. No martini needed (but there *might* be a slug o’sumthin in my coffee, yarrrrr).

  4. Hold on…is that a normal, cucumber-sized cucumber slice? Srsly?

  5. Cuke tables are the in thing now I hear. I MUST have one. And I can’t ever recover from the head roundnessess that I am seeing!!!

    AND what a POOCHY lower lip Mr. Pouty McPoopypants has!

  6. Arachnophile says:

    “It rolls down stairs…”
    “Alone or in pairs…”
    “Rolls over your neighbor’s dog..”

    It’s LOG…

  7. Ahh, I feel much better now! Thanks, Meg!

    mmmm hammie goodness….

  8. “It’s great for a snack,
    It fits on your back,
    It’s Log, Log, Log!”

  9. Ellie in Flint says:

    OMG! I do feel so much better now! Thank you!

  10. I forgot to mention eating with EYES CLOSED!

    soooooo….sleeeepy…..honkshu……..must eat……..so sleepy……..must eat…..

  11. Yep, that’s a megadose of cheerup-ness. Thanks Meg. ‘Course it helps that I’m finally getting out of my crap job and into a great one with a great boss with great pay – my last day here is tomorrow. PLUS my birthday is Monday so I’m a happy girl!

  12. me wants me wants. they make me forget two legged creatures at work. Perfect prescription for Fullmoonitis is two hammies and call me in the morning.

  13. Are they really old enough to eats da solid foods?

  14. GAH!!!!!!!!

  15. Michelle S says:

    geeerosss. I don’t think I wanna pop that second COXCU in my mouf. O.o

  16. It’s log, it’s log,
    It’ big, it’s heavy, it’s wood!
    It’s log, it’s log,
    It’s better than bad, it’s good!

    (tous de le monde aime le Log)

  17. Rachel Hotty says:

    OMG!!! i want one!! they r so adorable!!

  18. Oh thank you, Meg! I’m feeling better already!

    (Er, aren’t those Gerbil bebehs in the first COXCU?)

  19. anonnymous says:

    The one guy on the left is eating the cuke table, LOL!

  20. (pretends to swallow – then spits hammeh babehs into pocket when Meg isn’t looking.)

  21. Classic, classic Meg. Sure, we all appreciate the intricate layers of a NTMTOM that make our heads spin, and the zen brilliance of Theo, but really, Meg hits us on so many levels at once. And we all bow down.

  22. LOL at It’s Log…I am sitting at my desk thinking I know that song.. How do i know that song
    Where is it from.. I can hear it in my head

    two seconds Later after a quick google foo.
    It’s Log It’s Log… Ren and Stempy <3<3<3<3

  23. it’s STEEMPY, you EEDEEOT
    [sprinkles a little more Powdered Toast in the Pirate Coffee]

  24. Congrats Erebella!!!! Good luck at the new job.

  25. Hee hee Theo: I love the episode where Ren goes: “It’s Hoak you eeedeeot, not HOOOOOOOOOOOOCK”. Thanks for the laugh!

  26. Is that a POOP at 9:00 in that 2nd COXCU pic? Aren’t there rules against this?

  27. BLARGH I bet you could actually swaller one of em whole….

  28. So cute!!

  29. I’m trying to imagine the size of that piece of cheese or whatever that’s on top of the cucumber slice. It looks large, but it must be like a flake or something. Those are teeny babies! Between that and the “Hamster on a Piano (Eating Popocorn)” video I just discovered today, I’m reveling in all the tiny pawses(handses?).

  30. Gaaaahhhhhh at the 2nd COXCU : the tineh bear paw, the nosiclzzz, the leeps !!! And the expre-shons of perfect bliss on the tineh bebehs around the cucumber table. Too moishe. I do need a martini.

  31. What?! Are they like the size of a lima bean???

    And that is NOT a cuke table. It’s a cuke pacifier. Actually, a cuke pacifier with a cheese binkie.

    Also, I just noticed the tiny teeth marks on the lower half…

  32. It’s LOG! it’s LOG !

    fun for a girl or a boy!

    now i have to pull out my old ren & stimpy dvd!

  33. ZOMG I love how the behbehs in the first pic are A SUNFLOWER SEED wide!!

    And all the tiny feetsies…iz ded.

  34. Awwww, so kyooot!! Love the velvety little pink pawsies and nosies!

  35. (the original) Mel says:

    What’s great for a snack and fits on your back…

  36. Call the police!!

    Sorry another R&S flashback.

    Them’s some bite sized hammies!

  37. I see POOP!

  38. mass of white floof and little pink parts!!

  39. Wittles nibbles cheese… aww…

  40. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    That particular Ren and Stimpy bit reminded me of singing PDQ Bach with my high school choir MANY moons ago…
    (AND, it’s seasonal!) “Throw the yule log on, throw the yule log on, throw the yule log on… Uncle John.”
    (The pause is VERY necessary, or you miss the whole point.)

  41. I really enjoyed all the interesting information and things plus all the really cute photos that I saw and am going to definately refer this information to others. Thank you so much!

  42. Thanks, Meg.
    I feel better now too!
    Love the Ren & Stimpy flashbacks.

  43. leetle pink toesiiiiiies!

  44. BabyOpossum says:

    I want to give him the tiniest of high-fives.

  45. I’m nuffin’ stuffed!

  46. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Erebella: So happy to hear your good news!! Hope you have a Happy B-day as well!

  47. that would be way cuter if it weren’t for the poop!

  48. I am pretty sure both pictures are of gerbils not hamsters. Does not lessen the cute, but as a gerbil owner I don’t think gerbils get enough love on this site. They are always being tagged as hamsters.

  49. JuliaJellicoe says:

    I thought they were nibbling an avocado there for a moment.

  50. *sploded* *splode* *falls off chair and dies*

    Thank you GOD for hamsters….I needed that today..

    *now cannot function with Ham pictures in my head*

  51. Someone ees nomming on zee furniture…

    (My brain has been so washed by this site that when I saw a headline today about the “Golden Globe noms”, I immediately pictured some celebrity chewing on a statuette.)

  52. @Ash – I think those are probably alfalfa pellets, not poop. I *hope* poop that size isn’t coming out of those little bebehs, anyway.

  53. David Harmon says:

    Very cute!

    More rodenty cuteness: the other day I was watching an overcrowded
    cage of mice at the pet store… with 6 mice at a time using the same exercise wheel, “which side is up?” became a majority-vote sort of thing! (And never mind the one riding on the top!)

  54. I have found my family! I knew I wasn’t the only one obsessed with all that is cute! Let me tell you a secret….I work as a surgical assistant at a veterinery hospital…and I get to nom, snorgle, smooch and squee all day long, and it still isn’t enough! I really enjoy reading the posts…you’re all a little weird and I like that! P.S….I love the smell of dog feet…I smell them when de puppehs are asleep…do I scare you?

  55. Tee Hee! I just have one thing to say- Judit H? Are you sure her name wasn’t Judith? 😉

    I would totally pop #1 in my mouf, though. 🙂

  56. OMG, teeny tiny fuzzy feetsies and sleep-nomming. About to die from cute. I bet the cuke table keeps their paws oh-so-fresh while they eat.

  57. totalee puppy says:

    Erebella…What great news!
    Please let us know how things are going. Also,
    happy birthday on Monday! I’m on birthday-hab, so I can’t get too carried away
    with the birthday wishes.

  58. totalee puppy says:

    OMG…baby hamsters DO help me feel better!

  59. I am barely trudging my way through the last few weeks of the semester… and DAMN did I need a hammypants fix! Yaaaay!

  60. auntyb – welcome to the madness !!! For your feets research project, try kitteh feets. The hind pawpads smell like Fritos ! *nom* (Am now going to study what the front ones smell like.)

  61. Nominal noms.

  62. Preeetty sure one of those hamsters is crapping in the last close-up.

    ~still cute~

  63. Cute little fellahs! Pretty brown colouring. Winter whites?

  64. I don’t think it’s poop. I think it’s a tummy button that hasn’t fallen off yet. I could be wrong though.
    @AuntyB – Can you smell the difference when puppies are sleepy? People always look at me funny when I say a puppy smells sleepy. They smell…warmer, I think.

  65. Gail (the first one) says:

    @auntyb: Welcome to the tribe!!!!!!

  66. Hooray for Erebella, whose life is getting better! Hip hip hooray!

    Welcome to our new ‘cousins in cute’. Have a great day, all peeps everywhere!

    These pictures are perfect for this dismal day we have been given in Connecticut. A real pick-us-up, thanks Meg!

  67. Don’t miss hammies on last night’s Daily Show (0:55)!


  68. Oh NO! POOP! It’s ok. *slips little diaper on ham* All better!

  69. Capt' Tightpants says:

    Introducing: INTERNATIONAL LOG! It’s speaks FIVE foreign tongues!

    Like New Yorkese:

    or, in the hammies’ case, “Hey! We’re Nommin’ He-ah!”

  70. Erebella…congrats on the new job (I’m so jealous) and Happy Birthday!

    Auntyb…It takes more than sniffing dog feet to scare us! Roasting, maybe, but sniffing, no. In fact you’re in good company here.

    C….I truly loled on yours and now I have a picture in my head of Frank Langella nomming on his golden globe (assuming he wins of course). Thanks for the image.

    Thanks Meg for the pick-me-up. Teeny, tiny, little hammies (or gerbils) really do make me feel better.

  71. bees on pie says:

    Am I the only one who caught the *Old School* reference? I love that movie!

    Re: C. and the Golden Globe “noms”–hahahahaha!

  72. In all my feetsie smelling research, I do find that puppeh toesies are more fragrant when they’ve been sleeping. And yes, I do enjoy the scent of a kitty paw now and then!Not quit as much as doggie feets, cause kittehs are always scritchin around in their potties…

  73. I see a poo. Nestled snugly in some fur.

  74. I wanna see how many will fit in my mouf….

    BTW auntyb you are tewtelly normal in my book, as a former veterinary nurse I miss all the free snorgles!

  75. On a side note: I had a pet mouse once that smelled like corn chips; he was the perfect little gentleman always letting me snorfle him up.

  76. I know were they came from! I saw the hot ham on ham action on As the Wheel Turns, last night on the Daily Show!!

  77. Oh, auntyb, you are so ‘home’ with us!
    I’m just grooving on the pink toesalation action! White- with-pink-peeking-out just slays me.

    Happy two days before your birthday Erebella. Totalee puppy-what is ‘birthday hab’, please?

  78. It’s where you go after you’ve had too many birthdays, of course.

  79. Do they have cardboard boxes there, Theo?

  80. Only if you’re not a cat.

  81. Poop nap