If Salvador Dali Designed Livestock

"… and I’m going to title this one The Persistence of Moo-mory, just as soon as I can figure out how to drape it over a tree branch."


Wow, Morgan R., it’s like … deep and stuff.



  1. Zort!

  2. What the…

  3. Capt' Tightpants says:

    Maybe he’s trying to get that Polka station to come in more clearly?

  4. OK, NOMTOM is now seriously rivaling Meg in the hovertext department.

  5. This is the cow with the crumpled horn.
    That tossed the dog that worried the Cat.
    That killed the rat that ate the malt.
    That lay in the house that Jack built.

  6. This is for improved scratchingks access.

  7. Now I totally want to bust into my art history final… Look my professor dead in the eye … And say, “I CAN HAZ SURREALIZM!”

  8. bruce norelan says:

    ying yang cow lol

  9. Ummm..that scared me a little! I’m gonna go hide under my desk now.

  10. ThreeCatNight says:

    One horn points towards Heaven, the other points Earthward; possibly a Buddhist bovine?

  11. BeckyMonster says:

    I can gore people from both directions!! SCORE! Pamplona here I come!

  12. My neck hurts trying to get an even look at this fella.

  13. awww, fuzzy cow! I don’t care if his horns are weird… he’s cute 😀

  14. Eyes half-closed, (s)he is clearly going in for a kiss.


  15. not a little one i might hug, but cool horns going in different directions.. must be great for getting that hard to get itch:)))

  16. ThreeCatNight: Perhaps you mean Sufi bovine, as in whirling dervish?

  17. How about Picasso:

    Les Demoooselles d’Avignon
    Three Moo-sicians

    OK, that last one was REALLY a stretch.

    (“Persistense of Moo-mory” – fantastic!)

  18. ThreeCatNight says:

    @jayjay –

    No, I didn’t think of Sufi dervishes. What I was referencing was several statues of Buddha that I’ve seen, with one hand cupped facing upward, to symbolize the spiritual tie, and the other hand facing downward on Buddha’s lap, symbolizing the earthly side of humankind.

  19. very nice

  20. I want to hug the fuzzy cow! Such underappreciated animals, and not mean (only if caged up and/or their “privates” are tied up like in rodeos- I’d be angry, too)!

  21. ThreeCatNight:
    No, you’re right.
    And I guess bovs are more Buddhist than Sufi, what with their being vegans and all, when they’re not being driven mad, that is.

  22. How do big bovines stand on those tiny feet/ how does all that weight get distributed to those tiny hooves and oh, right, one in each corner….

  23. Daytime Deb says:

    It must be really hard to get fitted for a hat.

  24. “No, I didn’t say ‘Mad Cow,’ I said ‘CRAZY Cow’!”

  25. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I wondered what I was going to get when I clicked on the CO link this morning. I used to be a huge Dali fan, but I’ve sort of branched out to other artists… And this bovine is doing a bit of “branching out” as well, it appears. As a semi-related aside, I am told that as a little kid I saw a cow whose horns were not docked, as is frequently done on dairies, and proclaimed loudly, “Look! A horny cow!” I just couldn’t understand why all the grownups were having fits of apoplexy all of a sudden…

  26. Why do cows have bells?
    Because the horns don’t work! Ba-dum-cha!

  27. Erebella-are you there Erebella? Hoot! Come on ouuuuut to comment!

    Theresa-where go generals keep their armies?

  28. Up their little sleevies! BAM!

  29. I’m a little teapot, short and stout,
    here the hay goes in and there the milk comes out! 😛

  30. That was SOME party!

  31. Whoa, I missed KBO’s groaners. Guernsey-nica… teh owch.

  32. pa-DUm-pump-swish. “You can always count on the cheap seats.”

  33. I believe this is also the star of Dali’s well known collaboration with film direction Luis Bunuel, entitled “Un Chien Anda-moo.”

  34. Eek..film DIRECTOR (and well-known should be hyphenated). I can haz Ph.D.?

  35. Theo: Those doggies made me think of “Lost Highway.” EEK!

  36. It’s dizzying…ooh, the swirling horns. So weird and so cool….

  37. Mary (the first) says:

    Has no one realized this cow has seen the post of the bison a day or so ago .. and is trying to kiss him back? I think they are meant for each other!! What adorabuhls bebehs they would have!!

  38. For the last time, Mary, there will be NO C.O. DATING SERVICE!

  39. Yes, Theo, I am still reeling from my own shamelessness of even TYPING “Guernsey-nica”, it’s so very very horrible. Monstrous. I will try to control myself in the future.

  40. Tewtally wants a bison kiss. Or some grraaains!

  41. Closed eyed sniffing – so cute!

    (And LOL Paunchie – “grraaains”)

  42. awwwwwwww….I wanna smooch his fuzzie-wuzzie, not so wittle noggin…what a cutie!!

  43. Aleesha Nicole says:

    This post helped me pass my final for Art Appreciation!!!
    The Persistence of Memory was actually on my test and this vision of a giant cow came into my head. Saved by the cow!


  44. Gail (the first one) says:

    @kbo: Oh, I *liked* “Guernsey-nica” BEST!!!!!

  45. Great Dali reference NTMTOM!

  46. This picture gets weirder every time I look at it. It’s a giant head, wearing a butt as a hat, on two tiny legs…

  47. Um yeah, that’d be weird all right.

  48. totalee puppy says:

    “Guernsey-nica” works for me! (as if I knew anything…)

  49. Maybe just me, but reminds me of the plastic monkeys in the “Barrel of Monkeys” game we had as kids: http://www.samstoybox.com/toypics/BarrelOfMonkeys2.jpg

  50. You know, you’re right. It’s the arms/horns.
    I wonder how long a cowchain you could make?

  51. “Une Vache Anda-Lieu”

  52. fart

  53. Hey, I remember that too, catvicc4r, good memories!