Amazing Love Secrets Revealed!

‘allo!  Mah nahm ees Joost-een LeFonque, an’ ah weel teach yoo ze see-crahts of LOFFF!  Ze farst see-craht ees ze aaht-moss-pheer.  Eet mosst be ze rho-man-teek for ze beoot-ee-ful lah-deez, wis ze can-dalls and ze bahth wis ze boob-bahls.

Waance you haf ze rho-man-teek aaht-moss-pheer, yoo waal-come ze lah-deez …

'allo, mah dar-leengs...


Wot’s dat, yoo say?  Yoo do not haf ze lah-zar vee-shon?  Dan yoo can-not haf ze LOFF!!

Eet also halps me evade ze traf-feek tee-kets!

Bow wow chicka bow wow, Alexis L.



  1. AuntieMame says:

    I had to say it out loud a few times to figure out what “boob-bahls” were. 😀

  2. @ AuntieMame – “boob-bahls” was def my favourite term from this post. I had to repeat it a few times myself.

    I’ve never seen a NTMTOM accent post! Well played, sir!

  3. Corgi boobahls, corgi boobahls in my tub…

  4. It took me saying about three “boob-bahls” out loud to figure it out.

    And the roommates continue to doubt my sanity…

  5. fish eye no miko says:

    Am I the only one wjp can’t hear (or read) “bubbles”–excuse me, “boob-bahls” without thinking of _Finding Nemo_?

  6. berthaservant says:

    Um, okay, pic #2 is kinda scary. And the Frawnsche accent is a bit overdone, although I’m thinking that was intentional.

  7. “boob-bahls”

  8. Corgis are amazing, yet somehow I don’t associate them with outrageous French accents or high romance. Is it just me?

  9. And do you think s/he made her own whirlpool (a la Eddie Murphy)?

  10. Eyes look like he’s about to morph into The Hulk. Also it took me three tries saying it out loud to understand “yoo
    waal-come ze lah-deez”…
    Having fun!

  11. Omg, the laser vision part just killed me. I hope I didn’t wake anyone up guffawing.

  12. biscuithead says:


    /”boob-bahls” sounds potentially… um… a bit… um… naughty.

    //yeah okay, “bubbles”, but still… is it just me?

  13. I’m hearing Barry White in the background.

  14. “Sank evan for leetle girls
    zay grow up in zee most dee-lightful wayyy”

  15. *snigger*

    I’m glad I’m not the only one having trouble with the “boob-bahls”

  16. Trabb's Boy says:

    Love you to death, NOMTOM, but with all those hyphens, I found myself reading that in a robot voice instead of the language of lof.

  17. OK, NTMTOM, you dunnit again- I got ze nozzingks. (“Boob-bahls.” Ze varry ee-day-ah. Hm.) *speechless with ze laffingks*

  18. *snicker*
    He really knows how to sway the lah-deez.

  19. yez, I am ze loff-eenks too over zee boob-bahls..
    loff you all dah-leenks!

  20. *sings* Whar iz zee LOFF? Whar is zee loooooooff?

  21. He’s a Fronsche Corgi Smoove B!!

  22. PS “LaFonque,” snerk!

  23. PPS
    Nous voulons LeFonque!

  24. Capt' Tightpants says:



  25. Vee ‘ave you now, Agent Corgski! Yowaire kahrayzay Frawnch accent deed not foowail us fowaire a zingle momenteh’! Vee know vare you are hidinks zay roobahles!

  26. Where is Katrina? I was certain she would immediately sense that a Corgula has been posted!

  27. Jenn in IL says:

    Did anyone else read this in the voice of “Franc” (played by Martin Short)from the Steve Martin version of Father of the Bride??

    Because that’s ALL I could hear.

  28. This made me think of Martin Short from Father of the Bride. Especially the sequel where both mom and daughter had a “booby.” He’s a hoot.

  29. Oh, Katrina will come (nodding wisely). She will come.

  30. ThreeCatNight says:

    Eez a quar-teer to three,
    Zere’s no won in zee bath,
    Except you and me,
    Mon cherie.
    So let’s share a dreenk,
    Mon petit amour.
    And see waht you theenk.
    Weel cuddle, and then,
    Weel cuddle again,
    and share keeses, too.
    So come to moi, little darlink,
    I’m waiting here for vous!

  31. Brown chicken, brown cow you mean.

  32. Je suis l’eau, vous etes les bulles, non? I am zee wa-teehr, you arrrre zee bubbles, no?

    J’adore es bulles! J’adore le Corgis!! Vive les Corgis, oui!

    CORGULA!!!!!!! Killer’s face is somewhat squarer than our wet friend here, but CORGULA!!!! I’ll have to take a picture of her and post it when her bigger big brother brings the camera home from UCONN.
    MWAH! (Zee keesie smack on zee wet head, oui?) Ohhhh, oiu! Thank you to those who waited for me. A Corgi may, at times, be aloof, but at dinner time, she speaks in whatever language will work for zee foood, I can hear her speaking in an awful, outrageous frwanch accent if she wanted some of zee cshi-ken, ah, oiu!

  33. I love corgyn. Such CUTENESS! Bathtime for ze puppeh.

  34. Wow, you’re popular on here Katrina. People waiting for you to arrive, that makes me jealous. 🙂 Like B-serv and the marmies. Okay, for future reference, I love kitteh creamsickles, golden retrievers and weimies. I also worship Great Pyrenees, but they’re way too cool to be caught on camera being dorky.

  35. (And obligatory)
    Hot Tub!!
    Get in the wat-tah!

  36. “Why do you think I have this outrageous French accent?”

  37. Erebella-I await your comments, and they are pretty-damned funny, if you ask me. You are a ‘regular’ (meaning oft-commenting) peep!

    I think it is the name- it has such beautiful, life-affirming, peaceful, sylvan connotations these days….

    NNNNAAAAAHHH, it’s me all the way!

    I love creamsickles. Ooh, you are speaking of the kitty kind, yes those too. We do need a majestic Great Pyrenees on CO soon- and how much would I love one of those! Oh, oh, oh! My Great Aunt had one- what a fluffball! Wasn’t the ‘Peter Pan’ dog, Nana, a Great Pyrenees?

    On another note entirely, Hamsters with yarmulkes? Hmmm?

  38. goodness how long did it take to type that out?… I’m so glad I’m at home and I’m the only one that can hear how horrible I sound!

  39. Kristabelle says:

    That was heeelarious.

    However, I heard it in Hank Azaria’s accent from Along Came Polly.
    “You are for zee scu-bah?”


  41. I wish these kinds of posts come with translations.

    I got nothing.

  42. I wish these kinds of posts came with translations.

    I got nothing.

  43. I wish these kinds of posts came with translations.

    I got nothing.

  44. Apparently, you’ve got PLENTY of nothing. 😉

  45. It’s a French Welsh Corgi…. Is it posseebul?? eh…?

  46. This was too much. A few words here and there but I could notttt read this post. Tune the ridiculousness down please. Seriously.

  47. Mary (the first) says:

    Well, now I know why I do not have ze LOFF. Because I do not have ze LAYZEHR VEESHON!

  48. I love corgis! This corgi looks somewhat evil in the 2nd pic though.

  49. Mary (the first) says:

    Although upon reflection, I realize I am not trying to attract ze lah-deez anyway. Maybe ze mon-seeurs have different requirements. Ah well.

  50. Sharon Wilson says:

    Hey, he’s a corgi; the ladies will be all over him!

  51. “This was too much. A few words here and there but I could notttt read this post. Tune the ridiculousness down please. Seriously.”

    Yes! We must seriously work to grimly and solemnly reduce the amount of entropic silliness and ridiculosity in the universe. Ex-specially in some place as somber as Cute Overload.

  52. Stop it! That’s silly!
    What we need is a little precision DRILLING. (you rock-n-roll fairy, OOOOH)

  53. We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertanty!

  54. Sneek-airs not snickers!

    Who knew – Cthulhu’s lovesick minion is a Corgi! (I’m always making up names for would-be punk and gothy bands.)

  55. Phill — this evening’s wild spontaneity break will begin promptly at 7:45 (as usual). Hooten-NANNY!

  56. (um, that wasn’t a reference to anything)

  57. ILuvCuteOverload says:

    Corgi! Must snorgle….

  58. Chicka bow wow indeed!!

  59. Mmmm, I suspect he sounds more like Barry White than a suave Frenchman.

  60. elle double you says:

    Laurena and klgray — come on, it’s not that hard… and really, if you can’t understand something on a post about cute puppies, you have to criticize? TRANSLATION:
    “‘allo! Mah nahm ees Joost-een LeFonque, an’ ah weel teach yoo ze see-crahts of LOFFF!” — Hello, my name is Justin LaFonque, and I will teach you the secrets of love. ” Ze farst see-craht ees ze aaht-moss-pheer. Eet mosst be ze rho-man-teek for ze beoot-ee-ful lah-deez, wis ze can-dalls and ze bahth wis ze boob-bahls.” –The first secret is the atmosphere. It must be the romantic for the beautiful ladiees, withthe candles and the bath with the bubbles.

    “Waance you haf ze rho-man-teek aaht-moss-pheer, yoo waal-come ze lah-deez …” –When you have the romantic atmosphere, you welcome the ladies.

    Now, if they did it in a Welsh accent, it *would* be unreadable! 😉

  61. “Phill — this evening’s wild spontaneity break will begin promptly at 7:45 (as usual).”

    Those present will recive an extra ration of BigBrotherBrand Chocolate.

    BigBrotherBrand Chocolate: Rich, delicious and we have never been at war with Oceana

  62. MMmmm, Choco-Soma™. The only choice for your morning SoMocha™!

  63. (Orwell, meet Huxley. Huxley, Orwell.)

  64. Corgis are SUCH GOOD DOGGIES!

  65. You know, I got the boob-bahls right away, but it took me a minute to figure out the Lah-zar vee-shon.

    Have to agree, though . . . love, romance, and laser vision are not things I associate w/corgis. Which is why they will TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!!

  66. hey! that's my dog! says:

    This is my dog, Justin. He is a most awesome corgi. He’ll be very excited when I tell him he’s internet famous. And then he’ll take a nap on the sofa.

  67. Gail (the first one) says:

    @hey!that’s my dog: Congrats on having such a CUTE doggie!!! I can’t resist his “come-hither” eyes!!!!!!!

  68. hey! that's my dog! says:

    @gail thanks! he is always available to attend to his adoring public whenever he isn’t working on Urgent Corgi Business.

  69. *sings* Trooopical laaaaaaser beams…. laser beams of loooooooooooooooooooooooooove!