You Cannot Defeat My Corn-Fu Skills!

Hah!  They call me the Nibble Master, because my nibbling technique is invincible!

♪♪ The Internet is for corn, ♪♪


♪♪ The Internet is for corn, ♪♪


♪♪ Munch until you've had your fill ♪♪

Ooeeee-HAH!  LEAPING PANTHER (buurrrrp!) … um, kinda full, just gonna lie down for a minute …

♪♪ of corn, CORN, CO-O-O-O-O-O-O-RN! ♪♪

If do right, Arlene F., no can defense.



  1. ROTFL, that little guy is ambish! So much corn, so little time….

  2. Avenue Q hovertext for the win!

  3. Oof. Hamham is going to have a tough time passing all that cone.

  4. I would love to see this little guy in a cob-off with Winston and Rudy.

  5. RE DONK!!! so cute

  6. NTMTOM, you’re on FIRE today. That was beautiful. And the assist goes to Theo for the hovertext.

  7. I really wish someone would give me a big, honkin’, very cute hamster for any holiday coming up. Even a Tuesday would be OK. Really. Where in the world did this family get cute corn? *sheesh*.

  8. I just have to say… I love people that love their animals.
    That is all.

  9. Oh, my, those hamster ears are clear? Clear hammie ears!

  10. I luvs his bleening self!

  11. Oops! No bleen but lots of joy at theese submish. Luffs the foot ackshun!

  12. @Theo: You mean “Avenue Qte.”

  13. Sure, why not.

  14. DebG — I only *got* the hovertext, I didn’t *write* it, more’s the pity. (But all kudos to NomTom and Avenue Q.)

  15. Looks like Christmas came early for this li’l guy. 🙂 Pic #3 reminds me of Mission Impossible!

  16. (oh — and Mr. Miyagi too… R.I.P. Pat Morita)

  17. The hovertext reminds me of my ex’s cat. She claimed that the cat said “corn”, but I knew what he really wanted.

  18. Joe — suddenly I have the curious problem of TOO MANY JOKES

  19. Best hovertext evarrrrr!!!111!!!one!!!1

  20. YETH! I love the Avenue Q hover text!

  21. awww. cuteee wuzzy kernel-king!

  22. :: raising hand sheepishly ::

    I don’t get the hovertext reference. I’m old.

    I like the photos, tho.

  23. Yeah, I got the Miyagi reference but I’m afraid I don’t know what Avenue Q is. But that must be some damn good corn.

  24. (sing-songy voice) I guess those fancy demographics are kicking in–I have no idea what Theo is saying almost 50% of the time anymore.

    Oh, well I still have relevance in my own world…
    Berthaservant- you are probably still flexible enough to learn to get the jokes. I’m hopeless. I’m still reeeling from the Marilyn Mansion jokes that I don’t get. I’ll recover to pun another day.

  25. For those who need a little help with the hovertext (audio NSFW):

    It’s from a Broadway show called “Avenue Q”

  26. tee hee! i <3 avenue q.

    youtube search “avenue q the internet is for porn”

    for all those who dont know what avenue q is, it is a tony award winning broadway musical (it beat out Wicked for best musical) that is basically sesame street for post-college. yes, they use muppets on stage.

    warning, rated PG-13….

  27. Thanks for embedding the earworm into my brain. Now I’m going to be thinking of the Avenue Q song throughout my meetings today.

    Awww…widdle hammie with his corns is falling into a food coma in the last pic.

  28. essensual says:

    The last pic sums it all up pretty well. McNibblerson is one happeh bebeh! Never thought I would want one, I do now.

  29. Avenue Q beat Wicked for Best Musical? No WONDER Berthaservant pretends not to know about it. Poor Kristin. 😉

  30. and Katrina, bear in mind I’m plugged into Google and Wikipedia (and any number of blogs) for most of my waking hours. heh

  31. BabyOpossum says:

    Love the splayed paw searching for a foothold in the first pic. EHN!

  32. Hovertext, ftw!

  33. berthaservant says:

    Oh. I’ve heard of Avenue Q. I’m getting a Ph.D. in theatre. I just hadn’t heard that song….

    Now I’m even more embarrassed.

    Thanks a lot, CO.

  34. See, I *KNEW* you were pretending. (Higher and deeper.)


    Well done, sir.

  36. ThreeCatNight says:

    Next time, The Buttered Corn Double-Axle Slide…

  37. i just have to read the captions and the hovertexts to know who posted it!

  38. I sent this alternate to NomTom earlier…

    The internet is for corn
    The internet is for corn
    So grab your cob and do your job
    On corn, corn, corrrrrn!

    (to which he said “Zing”!)

  39. awwww. Love the nice guy (judging by forearm hair)who is holding the corn for his hammie to nibble. and the nice girl (judging by nice hands and nails)who is giving same hammie little hand snuggle. Hammie has very nice family.

  40. …and now they’re famous! Couldn’t ask for nicer pair o’ cornstars.

  41. binky-mama says:

    Corn coma alert in pic 4!

    (rather like a turkey coma, still fresh in my memory from this last Thanksgiving)

  42. “Corn-Fu” Lol!

    Love that.

  43. Oh my goodness, I didn’t even see the hamster cuz I was so excited about the Hovertext. Cute Overload plus Avenue Q equals the epitome of awesomeness!

  44. Haha, Avenue Q FTW (Everyone’s a little racist…SOMETIMES, hahahahaa). Cute ham, reminds me of my chubber Simba, who died many years ago went I was still young enough to think naming my pets after Disney characters was a good idea….

  45. Anyone remember typewriters?

    nomnomnomnomnomnom DING!
    nomnomnomnomnomnom DING!
    nomnomnomnomnomnom DING!

  46. I learned an important lesson from today’s alt-text. Wine does not belong in your sinuses.

  47. Ooh, Cass, same goes for coffee. Forewarned is forearmed.

  48. Theo, I didn’t know you were a nun!!???

  49. I nominate “DOUBLE MONKEY FOOT NIBBLE GRIP!” for Phrase of the Year.

    Who’s with me?

  50. Don’t make me get the ruler out, Miss Theresa.

  51. Um, is it just me or is that ham GINORMOUS? He looks like my Sir Hamlet Peanut,only about 4 times the size.

  52. The hovertext is hilarious!
    Corn=Porn? =)

  53. I second Double Monkey Foot Nibble Grip. NTMTOM must have indulged in a LOT of corn today…

  54. hamster-on-rye says:

    I like corn.

  55. So cute. He sort of looks like my hamster “Baby Boy”. That’s his name. “Baby Boy”

  56. totalee puppy says:

    No wonder the little guy is so stuffed and tie-tie…I am seeing at
    least two corn cobs nommed.

  57. “Why you think the net was born?


    Excellent. And I would say at least one scene in that show is rated R. I knew it was coming, but still. Seeing it was completely different. My eyes burned, lol.

    And the last pic is the best. I would love to nap with a rattie, personally.

  58. I love how he gets tie-tie after the corn-fest. I didn’t know hamsters would cuddle!

  59. Now your showing cornography on CO do you realise children look at this site! :0}

  60. [insert “cornhole” joke here]

    [or, y’know, someplace]

  61. YourMother says:

    Hammie Tug-O-War is Awesome!

  62. Theo- No, I didn’t know that. Actually, that sounds like fun, and I salute your curiosity and eagerness to learn. Thanks for the videos-I’ll go see them now (attains new ability to be relevant in the big, wide world) Thanks!
    Isn’t that a rather large hamster? I had one that was half that size! More to love!

  63. Ohhh! I love seeing loved hamsters. They’re soo much cuter when they’re not mauling people.

  64. that folded hand snuggle is killer.

  65. My hamster does the same thing with tuna fish and baby carrots.

  66. …with *what* and baby carrots?? They’re not sharks. Pretty sure.

  67. To anyone concerned about the hammie binging on corn: whenever hamsters have access to lots of food, they light up all like “JACKPOT!” and stuff their cheeks with it to bury/hoard elsewhere (and promptly forget about it). So it’s a safe bet this little dude didn’t eat it all at once.

  68. Theresa: Yes, I remember typewriters!

    I also remember this:


  69. totalee puppy says:

    Hon Glad…”cornography”…
    so great!

  70. vegas vickie says:

    thanks for the hook-up to avenue Q. i had heard of the show but not the songs. my husband wanted to know what i was laughing at… now i’m in trouble hehehe. thank you for keeping me laughing and “ah”ing durning bad times!

  71. EaterofShades says:

    avenue-Q alt-test FTW!!

    and hamster corm nomming!!

  72. Sigh, I can’t give my little dwarf hammies a whole ear of corn like that. I hear it’s too sweet, and that they’ll get diabetic. So sad. I feed them a kernel or two every so often. 😦