I got my Lion cut and and I am READY TO PARTY

"The chicks LOVE IT.

Seriously. Rowr." [Lion impression with pffft pffft paw swipe]


Matt and Danielle R., way to instill confidence in puppehs everywhere



  1. Aww 🙂

  2. Total win!! Go pommeh!

  3. Poor guy. Not only did he go bald, his stifles bend backwards…

  4. On second thought, maybe it Does deserve a beer.

  5. So Cute!!! that dog IS king of the jungle

  6. scooterpants says:

    WOOF! my pommies cuter.

  7. Re the hovertext: This is “trapezoid head,” yes?


  8. Poor nekkid pom. Thumbs down to stylist.

  9. the pommie is brave! i like that.

  10. Other Mike — there’s already an embedded URL in the post, y’know… no idea who might’ve put it there…

  11. Brrr! I hope pommie is not in cold weather climes. He might miss his warm coat

  12. Awww, he looks like a good sport. Don’t know why he got a haircut but I definitely prefer how Poms look with all their floof. Is that a necklace he’s wearing?

  13. Some might call it a “collar”, SunnyMum, but yes.

  14. berthaservant says:

    Gaaaahhh!!! Teeny tongue ac-shun!!!

  15. Mary (the first) says:

    That poor dog. On another note, I just now noticed, the C.O. background is now flying hammies toting a c.o. calendar! REEE-donkulous!

  16. temperance says:

    i have to say, that pup seems quite pleased with his new haircut.

    perhaps it was taken this summer. or maybe he had a run-in with a giant blob of chewing gum…

  17. very funny Teho… 😉
    it looks like he’s wearing a necklace with a gold bell on it, almost like it’s a cat collar. Hmmmmm…

  18. Re: Background image

  19. Oh my god, the trapezoid head! It was one of the first CO posts I read, and like Meg I laughed and laughed. Not even sure why really.

  20. Cute! But that puppy’s hair will never grow back the same! Get used to the look, your keepin it for a while!

  21. hey M-TOM: thanks for the link to trapezoid head! i don’t remember seeing it…

    and Theo: thanks for the link from trapezoid head comments to an even older post of a tiny ham “supplicating himself to an angry god” on a plastic spoon. you were illustrating how much wittier The-Other-Mike is than That-Mike. M-TOM’s drug warning comment made me laugh so hard i just peed myself.

    and finally: Theo, you happened to ask M-TOM if he writes for TV or a cartoon or something. i’ve always wondered, too. did you ever get an answer?

    thanks! and sorry for the long post…;P

  22. Poor dog!!! How would YOU like to run around like that. A BIG bad to whoever clipped this little guy. They should be shot at sunrise!!!!

  23. Ashagato — wow, that must’ve been before the screen-name conversion to NTMTOM. (and before either of us *worked* here)

  24. @Wendy Run around like…what?

    Are you saying the dog cares about it’s appearance and will now have low-self esteem because it’s a fashion nightmare?

    Because I can totally see that. Uh-huh.

  25. PS — baby bobcat nap! No reason.

  26. Why do his rear legs look so funny?

  27. berthaservant says:

    Nice, Teho!

  28. Oh. Man. That’s not even right, dude!

  29. Brandi7920 says:

    Winston would be so jealous….

  30. Theo,
    “Beauty is its own excuse for being.”
    -Ralph Waldo Emerson, doncha know.

  31. Yeah, I am sure having a lion cut totally destroyed this dog’s psyche and he’s going to need years of therapy.

    You people are ridiculous. If anything, the dog is probably soaking up the attention he is getting from his unusual haircut.

    I assure you, dogs do not have any sense of fashion or style. Really.

  32. Oh wow. That’s just not right. Why, oh why????

  33. “You people”????

  34. Oh, the humanity…

  35. Turn ons include long walks on the beach, drinking fine water from the toilet, and reading Proust.

  36. Caninity, J. Bo! *Caninity*!

  37. lapinguina says:

    I’m with you, Kat. I’m a groomer and have shed endless inner tears over poms with beautiful coats whose owners want them shaved down. They grow back all stiff and prickly and gross. Leave the poms long, I say! (/nuff). That said, this guy looks pretty fierce.

  38. A wim-a-way A wim-a-way
    In the jungle, the quiet

  39. Lots of dogs DO love getting haircuts and all the admiration and attention they get, like I’m sure this Pom did!
    That said, there’s a reason dogs have the coats they have, generally. It’s not just insulation from cold, it’s also insulation from heat. It’s part of their temperature regulation system. It’s interesting!
    Yes, I remembered trapezoid head even without checking links. LOL.

  40. DLR in Canada says:

    oh that is just so wrong! that’s the same as giving “lion cuts” to kitties. oh the poor pom, that is just so wrong. yeah i know i’m repeating myself but it is still just so wrong!

  41. Aww! My mom just gave our older Pom the exact same cut because he’s got rashes on his body and we need to put topical cream on it. He looks utterly ridiculous, but so adorable.

    He probably appreciates the haircut, in all honesty– we live in the tropics!

  42. Northern Tigress says:

    I suppose this finally answers the question of “How much of a Pommie *is* fur, anyway?”

  43. Now that’s just downright mean!

  44. How about this- the owner gives away the pom and gets a real lion instead. Then they can give it a pom cut, or get eaten. Justice will be served, pun severely intended.
    Stop messing with the dog’s natural coat. Feh AND *sheesh* AND my stars and garters! Poor Pommeluh.

  45. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    Wow I didn’t think there’d be nuffing about THIS 😦

    Never know the circumstances of a photo you know….just my 2 cents 🙂

  46. It’s like a Pommy Q-Tip!

  47. See soxfan’s comment, June, a long coat works as “air conditioning”, so to speak. Cutting it off will make the dog hotter.

    And talking about a-wim-a-weh …


    I know, it’s old, but it’s still funny!

  48. “I’m too sexy for my fur, too sexy for my fur, so sexy it hurts.”

  49. Awww, I want to touch him, he looks soft and velvety.

  50. starling- that is wonderful! Thank you!

    We had a miniature poodle whose sense of self was severely damaged when she got anything but a puppy utility clip- a very nice way to keep a poodle, imho. She had her dignity. Some people like to dye their hair purple, some don’t dogs and cats are the same way–some are more adventurous, some not. Some dogs might like this, so I won’t over generalize, but some dogs do, do, do care about their ‘do’. Go, ahead, laugh, you just havent met one yet. I lived with one for 14 years.

  51. It’s a look for sure.

  52. I too have known some very self aware dogs including Sandra My Grandmothers last poodle who not only knew but liked to look at herself in the mirror upon arrival home from the groomer.

    That said he is pretty cute looking and maybe he likes it that way.

  53. I’m sorry but clipping a Pom like this is just wrong.

    unless it’s for health reasons

  54. His head and tail are high and I would swear he’s smiling, so it doesn’t appear to me that his sense of dignity is suffering. I bet he gets all the girls….

  55. I did that once to my pom. He was mad at me for weeks. Now I give him an all-over trim and he looks adorable, and doesn’t hate me!

  56. I have to admit, nicely toned bod there bud.

    If you’ve got it flaunt it.

  57. I find the “hair is their natural cooling system” comments sort of funny. That would be true if this were a wild dog whose characteristics had been shaped by the environment. But since there aren’t any free roaming packs of poms in the wild, it is safe to assume that the characteristics this dog has were chosen by selective breeding over many many generations. Thus his coat may serve no more beneficial purpose than some group of people having liked it that way, and not a magical hair cooling system.

  58. Word, Annie and shuzluva. If this guy feels good well, GREAT!

    Cherie my poodle loved to see herself in the mirror and ate every bow ever put on her ears! One complete idiot painted her toenails cherry red – I had to take it off her nails cause she whimpered so much. True.

  59. De- You try it. I live in New England, and guys routinely get their hair cut short in the Summer, claiming it feels better. Just saying that I don’t think my friends were a case of selective breeding, either, but neither do they run wild.

    Now, by way of humor, can you see a pack of say, 20 Pomeranians running across the torrid veldt? Oh, yes, I can see it plainly. Yipping and yapping at whatever was running with them- Eland, perhaps? Like tiny Corgies nipping at their heels? Oh, I have to stop, I’m dizzy!

  60. Hare today gone bald tomorrow. ; )

  61. We interupt you normal work day to bring you this breaking news alert…
    A mini lion was seen roaming a local neighborhood today terrifying old ladies and children alike with his ferocious roar… be on the look out for this mini lion and contact local officials if you see him…
    DO not I repeat do not approach as he is considered very dangerous… Police officials are asking that you resistt the overwelming desire to snorgle this mini lion if you should come in contact with him.

  62. LOL! So funny lookin! Mini-lion

  63. BrassServices says:

    damn, left ‘im too long in the microwave

  64. still laughing at trapezoid head! baw haw haw …po’ thang!

  65. ThreeCatNight says:

    (In an Austin Powers voice):
    “Oh, hello baby. Do you think I look sexy,luv? Want to shag me, baby? Ooooh,groovy! DO behave,now!Rrrrr-uff!”

  66. Sharon Wilson says:

    Well, I once knew some people who shaved ALL the fur off their pom–he didn’t even look like the same breed!

  67. FIERCE!!!

  68. Awww, that is just cruel! Mind you, I almost choked on my apple from laughing…but it’s still cruel! lol

  69. Mmm… me no likes so much…

  70. De, explain to me why wearing lots of layers of long, wide clothes in the Saharah cools you down. People aren’t born with those clothes on (I hope!), but it still works.

  71. Sahara, not Saharah.

  72. …also, *pipeline*, not Pippelini.

  73. >>Caninity, J. Bo! Caninity*!< <

    Well, he’s certainly been deprived of his dognity…

  74. Calamity!!

  75. “Wide” clothes in the Sahara?

    [Double wide! – Ed.]

  76. Um, I’m not sure what people wearing “wide” robes has to do with selective breeding for a trait that doesn’t necessarily fare well in hotter climates. But then again, I’m also at a loss for why anyone gets so riled up about dog haircuts to begin with. Maybe they should shave him and then stick a robe on him and he will be all set!

  77. I proclaim myself the world’s cutest dog, and I ain’t lion