Fine, Don’t Let Me Play In Your Snow Fort!

"I don’t even want to play in your stinky old snow fort, anyway!  I’m going to make my own snow fort, and it’s gonna have a Foosball table, and a bowling alley, and a go-cart track, and a roller coaster, and …"

Cool, can I play in it once you're finished?

Well, at least it gets them out of the house, Birgit P.


  1. Who knew cats had such intense sibling rivalry too? ;D

  2. Thy look like my dear departed Bob.

  3. LMAO!!!

  4. 260Oakley says:

    The cat in the fort is really just embarrassed by the fact that his hairballs have frozen to the floor. Somebody pass him the blow torch.

  5. And a Van Gogh. Don’t forget the Van Gogh.

  6. Or else one of those “dogs playing poker” paintings.

  7. Frozen hairballs = snowballs

  8. Don’t forget the mini fridge filled with tuna and milk.

  9. I love their little mitten paws! Cute even if they are spatting!

  10. oh yeah.. the ears-back-hissy-face… unfortunately with 13 cats in the house, we see that every now and then. but it’s not over anything as fun as a snow fort, usually the hammock seat attached to the kitchen window-sill…

  11. The only things my cats would do in the snow is raise one paw up at a time, as their little toesies would get too cold from standing in the snow/ice. Kind of comical, actually.

  12. Snow only happens every few years where I live. My kitties would probably be afraid to go outside mush less build a fort!

  13. momof2kitties says:

    Add a white chest to these guys and you’d have my George. My two kittehs fight like this all the time but it’s usually over something important like, “You looked at me”, or “You exist”.

    I love the bravery of standing in the cold, cold snow, my scaredy-cat kittehs would never deign to do such a thing.

  14. what pretty kitties.

  15. Now then play nice or your coming in.

  16. Just Passing Through says:

    This reminds me of the one time we had about a foot of snow and my cat decided to make a dash for it. I laughed as I watched him run through the snow around the house to the back door to get back in. It was way to cold for the piddies. :)

  17. “Now, children, play nice!”
    “But, Mo-om, he started it!”
    “Did not!”
    “Did, too!”
    “You leave him alone and he won’t bother you! Go and build your own igloo, and STOP THAT BICKERING NOW!”

  18. CoffeeCup says:

    Don’t they make kitten mittens for this kind of weather? I really think someone makes that kind of product, or at least should.

  19. When we lived in Massachusetts, my mom’s two long-haired black cats loved to play in the snow. I would throw very small snowballs which they would chase and catch and eat, leaping and prancing through the yard. Or, if the top layer was sturdy, they would slide around on the ice coating, chasing pine needles. They would leap at snow flakes from the shovel as I cleaned off the driveway. When they got cold & tired & came back inside, we dried them off with towels and I worked the snowballs out from between their toes.

  20. homermariner says:

    They do have very appropriate snow toes. I always loved watching my cats play in the snow (I’m from Alaska). They really seem to enjoy it!

  21. I have never seen cats play in the snow. This is too cute!!!!!!

  22. @CoffeeCup — cats wouldn’t wear mittens. At least, my cat wouldn’t. She’d have the first one chewed off before I could even get the second one on her! Then she would probably walk around in the snow the way she does after I give her a bath — shaking everything she has (each paw, tail, head) with every step!

  23. Beautiful kitties!

  24. hah! I love this!

  25. Howard has made another “Big Big” I see!

  26. photogirl says:

    Cool Cats!

  27. Ya know- I was trying to type “Howard’s Big Dig”. Sorry about the bad typing. Tpying, whatever.

  28. No, my snow fort. Mine! Mine! Mine!

  29. Way back when i was a kid in Houston, it snowed hard enough once and froze hard enough for the top of the snow to be firm. The kittehs had great fun running and sliding across the top of it. made us laugh big time.

    These two look used to being out in it, but want that cave exclusively!

  30. Really, Who would have the patience to get all four paws in mittens. Kittens in mittens would be cute, but I bet it cannot be done……JMO

  31. @chanpon – My Steve used to do that! She was mostly an indoor cat, but liked the occasional trip outside. Whenever there was snow, it’d be:

    1. Step into snow with one dainty little paw
    2. Shake snow off dainty little paw
    3. Repeat

  32. (threepeat!)

  33. I can’t even get my cats near the door when it’s cold. They’d never go out and play like that…

  34. You can’t come in!
    Yeah I can!
    Nuh uh!
    Yah huh!
    NUH UH!
    YAH HUH!
    You’re adopted!

    Wait! Don’t tell mom I said that.

  35. JinxtheCat says:

    They’ll be snuggling later. What sweeties.

  36. Ah the memories of snow forts from when I was a kid and lived in Michigan… this looks just like us fighting.. of course our fights involved snowballs not fangs.

  37. berthaservant says:

    What, y’all have never heard of a snowcat? Oh ya, youbetcha, the First Dude likes to race them. Also.

  38. the other Brenda says:

    The outside one looks like my Chloe (sniff). RIP dear one!

  39. I thought those cats were already wearing mittens.

  40. Oh, and that’s a mighty fine quinzhee someone’s got there.

  41. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Hey, git outta here!”
    “Says who?”
    “Says ‘me’!”
    “Well, your mother wears Army boots!”
    “No she doesn’t. Her paws are too small!”
    “Well then, she smells like a dog!”
    “That’s possible. Some of her best friends are our mutts.”
    “Like, I’m trying to insult you.”
    “It isn’t working. You still aren’t getting in here!”
    “I’m not touching you! (points paw menacingly)I’m not touching you!”
    “Sorry, it’s STILL not working.”
    “Ah, guess I’ll go off and pee in the snow somewhere.”

  42. Trabb's Boy says:

    LOL T.U.M.. I can just see it! But who the heck names a female cat Steve?

  43. They are too cute!…btw, did you have separate them as my parents always told my brother and I they would when we were fighting over something???

  44. Mary (the first) says:

    This is funny! I’m sure they’ll be snuggled in a ball by the fire later on.. warming each other up again. (and, @Trabbs Boy, I had a cat named Harold that had 4 kittens. I had decided the kitten I got would be either “Harold” or “Barbara” and the one I got just didn’t look like a “Barbara” .. so “Harold” she became. Her kittens: Henry, Herbert, Henrietta and Harriet. Of course.)

  45. Mary (the first) says:

    (p.s. that was long before I was old enough to understand the importance of spay/neuter.)

  46. binky-mama says:


    “What am I going to do with these dang kids?”

    *calling out window*

    “Just you WAIT ’till your father gets home!”

  47. LOL – Perfectly captured and captioned moment.

  48. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    NTMTOM speaks kitteh… I knew it!

  49. “You can keep your stoopid

  50. I was an only child, so was my sister. So I never got the ‘sibling thing’ until my boys were little- this is so soooo right on.

    My sister was ten years older and came to live with us as a teenager, if you are wondering. Stranger than Fiction!

  51. Kristabelle says:

    Me either, Katrina. My sister is 9 years younger, and though we lived together from the time she was born, sibling stuff was just not allowed. They say anything over 5 years difference is like being an only child, anyway.

    Kitties sure look like they enjoy being outside. Wish it would snow here!!

  52. Kristabelle- strange experience, wasn’t it? While other people had brothers and sisters to play with we were pretty-much on our own.
    Ah, and here we are a cuteologists, just goes to show that Cute will win out!

    Have a great day, Peeps!

  53. My twin sister and I were pretty much like these two kittehs until we went to college. Now both of us shudder at the thought of having fraternal twins.

  54. The caption is TOO GOOD! :D

  55. David-twins run in my family, and when I was ‘with’ my firstborn, well, I looked as if twins were on the way. My cousin, who had twin girls, saw me and exclaimed “NO!”

    It will all work out, she survived them with only sight scarring still visible from beneath her sleeves and long pants *snerk*. They are both love-ely people today, as I’m sure are you and your twin.