The scrolldown…

Seems like a perfectly nice-looking kitteh. Nothing out of the ordinary here.





  1. How do you say, zay réhabeelitashons de boîte, de portmanteau, de chat, zay chat, no?

  2. she’s thinking “i know there was an even smaller box in here. i must have eet!”

  3. That looks like my cat doing something my cat would do! Except then the kitten would shove him out (he is 16lbs and could stand to get bigger and the kitten is maybe 6lbs)

  4. what a great pic! :o)
    pritty kitty!

  5. It’s like the stretching portraits in the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland! It all looks perfectly innocent at the top, until you see the true horror at the bottom!

  6. Von Zeppelin says:

    No wonder this cat is seeking a little box relaxation, after reading all those economics texts in that bookcase.

  7. Welshcake says:

    Is boxhab really necessary? The box seems to be enjoying it.

  8. I love tabbies. 🙂

  9. This kit is the spitting image of my Otis.

  10. Audrey Leigh says:

    Wonderful way to start my week!

  11. Boxhab! Boxhab! Boxhab!

  12. No, no, no.

  13. cataddict says:

    Welshcake: “The box seems to be enjoying it.”

    You must be someone that thinks “out of the box” -that box is smiling!

  14. Kitty is already on boxhab, the boxes get smaller and smaller until any attempt to get in flattens them.

  15. “I’m actually on the box-patch. I used to sit in the 14×16 at least 3 times a day, but now I’m down to a 8×10 twice a day and still feeling pretty good.”

  16. Cataddict — that’s ’cause she’s the only one, built like an Amazon.

  17. Hahaha, T.U.M.!

  18. Ze hovèrtexte, she ees keeling mee !

  19. Suddenly without warning kitty folds self down and fits perfectly into miniscule box…Hiding until the next unsuspecting human walks by and then…..

  20. oh ye olde hovertext strikes again.

    cute kitty will have to start buying bigger books from amazon.

  21. I ain’t got the time,
    And my human thinks I’m fine!

  22. Jack, my BFOC (that’s “Big Fat Orange Cat”) currently has two of those amazon boxes–one in the den, one in the living room. Every time he climbs in I imagine him saying, “Aaaah! Just right–too small.”

  23. makes me think about my kitty…loves boxes, HATES packing tape!

  24. OMG! That could be my kitty!!

  25. Cat in a box? Nope. Not out of the ordinary at all.

    As observed in “Ginger”, cats like cardboard boxes (however small they are):

  26. The Scrolldown? I think Meg reads Go Fug Yourself!

  27. Absolutely she does. (I’m more of a Slashdot guy, m’self)

  28. Pheas… bwahahaha!

  29. taj — beat me to it 😀 I wonder if we should alert the fug girls to this here “scrolldown”? Hehe.

  30. I had boxes all over the house t’other day and none of the three felines currently residing with me took the slightest interest. I can’t imagine who raised them, since I’ve been hooked on the cardboard cube crack since I was a behbeh myself…..

  31. (Holy crap can we please find a dog somewhere that looks like karl lagerfeld “talking” to maybe a bird that looks like katie holmes or something? & narrate said conversation in the GFY style? Best. Crossover. Ever.)

  32. This cat needs help! Look at the glazed over far away gaze. So sad.

  33. Gee, I didn’t know Amazon also sold kittehs. I do hope they have overnight shipping

  34. tracyFlick says:

    Your cat looks very distinguished.

  35. This is Kitty’s Author Picture for Book he just finished writing, Title: How to train your Human and assorted Mouse recipies for the descerning cat gormand.

  36. Just when you think it’s safe to leave a little shipping box on the floor…desperate kitty goes for desperate measures, or is it lesser measures?

  37. Zee striped kittenpants, zey are always een season.

  38. totalee puppy says:

    BFOC–You sound like fun!
    What are you doing New Year’s Eve? Sure, we can do BYOR (bring your own

  39. totalee puppy says:

    OMG-I’m not eating meat–for myself I could carve a
    mouse-sculpture out of
    tofu with carrot slices and olives for ears and face-features.

  40. Little brother, there’s a job waiting for you at
    Kyoto Kitchen. Patrons will line up to try your
    tofuyucky. I’m so proud of
    you, really–I just have a
    weird way of showing it.

  41. DLR in Canada says:

    I think that is an Amazon shipping box! Funny, I didn’t know Amazon was selling kitties by the box! 😛

  42. well, it’s better than d*** in a box!

  43. awwwww!!! Box-hab is indeed a great problem we are dealing with here, but I think now the holiday/Christmas season is upon us, we are now starting to have some serious holiday decoration/Christmas tree-hab. There are kittehs right now (including my own) who are wrapped up in/taking down the lights, chewing on the bows, garland, and tinsel, and literally scratching and jumping/attacking the Christmas tree. It is going to be difficult season people… *bleen*!

  44. i see a smiley face…..!!

    or i am in need of boxhab too?

  45. Sue — that’s what Amazon says you’re *supposed* to see, when you look at their logo. It’s not the only possible Rorschach-style interpretation, of course. (see also Ashagato’s comment, above)

  46. When kitties try to eat pringles and get there face stuck in the tube is it better to laugh or to save them from their nommitude o.o Its a question from the soul

  47. @ Charlie — first you laugh and then you save them. Or, alternately, you save them while laughing.

  48. ‘tively, that is.