Awwww, isn’t that kee-yoot? That lady’s got one of those novelty backpacks …

Vrrrroooom, vrrooooom!

… you know, the kind that look just like a … just like a …

Wow, they look so realistic up close.

a … a …

Well, hi there!

I’m speechless, A. S.



  1. omg!

  2. OMG indeed. That harness is in *HOUNDSTOOTH*.

  3. SillyGirl says:

    hm. do you think my cat would put up with that?

  4. No, I do not think your cat would put up with that.


    (AND there are pink bunny ears, but that might just be due to the pajamas, which are clearly not the cat’s)

  5. Just Passing Through says:

    It’s wearing a pink outfit. REDONKULOUS!!!!

  6. Well, what else would a dog wear besides houndstooth?

  7. Notice that the prosh little outfit (for a hoomin baby, I believe) has ears on the hood.

    Pup needs a helmet. Safety first, you know.

  8. dharlan1too says:

    That’s who I want watching my back!

  9. IT’s a POMPACK….. OMG and he is wearing pink bunny pagamas just in time for Christmas.

  10. OMG. Not only is it in a backpack on her motorcycle, she put a pink outfit on it first. It’s cute, but I think it’s way beyond overload! I wonder if it has a matching blow-up doggie water bowl to drink out once arrived at the destination?!

  11. Theresa, I think you’ve figured out the feline model.

  12. (the original) Mel says:

    The dog’s face says, “Halp meh. Please. Don’t take photos. Halp.”

  13. totalee puppy says:

    First yarmulkes for hamsters, crochet hoodies for chihuahuas, now helmets for
    I mean, is there MONEY for
    CO in all this?

  14. Hahaha, at least it’s enjoying itself.

  15. Once more around the block, driver! I must be sure everyone has seen my stylin’ new threads.

  16. The look on that dog’s face made me burst out laughing.

  17. Wow. I figured this would have been on the site like 3 years ago… I should have submitted it myself. lol

  18. There was a picture on CO maybe a year ago with a tiny dog on a motorbike with an equally tiny helmet. I think the rider was a guy, and in Japan. Does anyone have the link? Its a good companion piece to this adorable montage.

  19. fish eye no miko says:

    (the original) Mel said: “The dog’s face says, ‘Halp meh. Please. Don’t take photos. Halp.'”

    Yeah, no kidding, “I’m a boy dog and look how she dresses me! None of my friends will take me seriously anymore!”

  20. Am I the only one who thinks this might be kinda dangerous for the dog?

  21. and my kid just scoffed after oohing and awwing :”That’s cute! But now watch all the people start complaining.” LOL
    She KNOWS this site and has her own expectations and she’s thirteen LOL

  22. berthaservant says:

    I remember the previous pets on bikes postings as well! But there’s never enough!!!

  23. fish eye no miko says:

    gennette said: “Am I the only one who thinks this might be kinda dangerous for the dog?”

    No you’re not.

  24. haha look at that happy face in the last picture.

  25. haha I recognized the background in the pictures…the poor dog is currently being carried around Taiwan.

  26. gennette & fish eye: maybe there was no other way to transport the dog? He/she seems snugly harnessed in too.

    Anyhow, the dog’s big goofy smile cracked me up. I’ve always wondered if people put their pets in those baby bags!

  27. No more dangerous than riding in a car without being strapped down. It’s a scooter on an urban street ffs. Not like she’s gonna pull a wheelie and throttle up to 80 right? The dog would be more upset being left at home I’m sure. Lighten up Francis.

  28. eikoleigh says:

    I LOVE IT!!

  29. Perhaps this is her only transport and she’s taking the dog to the vet?

    Remember gang, we don’t know the backstory to any of these photos, so just enjoy the cute. 🙂

  30. thedistractor says:

    Photos like these are the reason I’m awake at 2 am working on my thesis instead of asleep like I should be. Nevermind the fact that it’s due Monday afternoon, I must constantly check CO to see if there is an update.

    I blame you, Meg and NTMTOM.

  31. uhh that does not look very comfortable for the pup…

  32. POM PACK, indeed- that there’s your Pom Pilot! See the tiny microphones where they can talk to each other?
    Made ja look!

  33. Is it me or has the background changed the flying hammmies seem to have gained pets on leashes but the comments fill up before I can see what they are?

  34. Yes Dewi, the flying hammies have gained kittens on leashes as well as the CO calendar (I managed to stop my browser mid-page-load).

  35. OMG! snork!

  36. ya I lol’ed to.

  37. curb-to-curb curb service, courtesy of the pupsville cab co

  38. oh, and if you want to see the background image, just right-click where there’s nothing else and select “view background image” and it will show you thees!

    just goes to prove what my grandmammy always said:

    there’s nothing cuter than hamsters in pants walking their cats to get calendars of cute

  39. Oh I think it’s Honda tooth, not houndstooth…yup.

  40. MR. MUGGLES!

  41. Pyyyyyyrit! [grooooooan]

  42. (doffs hat @ Teho)

  43. Looks like a happy gremlin, waiting for a good rain then will turn on driver and maul him for putting him in comfy yet embarrassing pink get up:)

  44. And,,where is his helmet?:)))

  45. Still waiting for the Hamster in the yarmulke, patiently,mind you, but waiting nonetheless.

    Pom Pilot. *snerk* Yes, I *snerked my own comment*

  46. facts to consider says:

    Dog spines and buttholes aren’t designed to handle a vertical stature for very long.

    So his legs will fall asleep and he’ll uncontrollably fill that cute little harness. At highway speed.



    Doggie helmets – I knew I’d seen them before – you don’t forget something like that!

    I was actually looking for a carrier just like this for my Corgi who tore her ACL!

  48. OMG! Never have I been prouder to be Taiwanese! Daiwan Dog sooooo cute!

  49. scooterpants says:

    no Hell-Mutt! What the heck???

  50. Wait, no christmas pudding?

  51. Did Aunt Clara make the bunny suit?

  52. yumyumjanitor says:

    That dog is a casserole if the lady flies off the moped.

  53. I hope that puppy is as happy as she looks. Holy moly, that’s cute!

  54. girlnextdoortn says:

    Shrieking commenced immediately upon viewing pic #3.

  55. Yep. MUCH in need of a helmet AND goggles/sunglasses of some kind.

  56. Merry_dawdler says:

    Do you think they make this backpack carrier in Labrador retriever size?

  57. Merry_dawdler says:

    (calls chiropractor at the mere thought of pack-muling lab around)

  58. I think if you incorporated some kind of balanced composite framework, with proper waist-and-shoulder harness rig, you could probably tote a bullmastiff. Not that I’d recommend it.

  59. Merry_dawdler says:

    Fabulous ergonomic thinking, Theo! But…it wouldn’t be so pretty to see that wobble by on a moped.

  60. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Nancy: Looks like a pink nightmare! LOL!!!

  61. very cute, but lets not encourage this dangerous behavior.

  62. amanda- how did your Corgula tear her ACL? Killer Corgi wants to know. We’ve been discussing it, She’s such a snoop-doggy-(dog). Oh, hell, I should never attempt that kind of thing, I just end up looking lame-oh, God did I say that? How did she do it, please, really? Killer is all worried now…what a hypochondriac….

  63. Merry Dawdler — cute, no, but I’d lose my s*** right there on the sidewalk laughing. Guaranteed.

  64. Hell, you could park the bike, lean back, and let the bullie tote YOU home.

  65. mental image of a bull mastiff on Hulk Hogan’s back on a very low-riding motor scooter- try it, it is a fun visual! OR even better- Fabio, providing the fluffage with his same-colored-as-the dog’s hair flying behind them. Theresa-totallee-hamster-on-rye can you see it?Maybe it was the noon-time medicine I took…

  66. Those type of baby-carrier harnesses are terrible for a dog’s spine. They are not supposed to be in that position; their bodies are not made to be upright like that for more than a few seconds. I am sure the human driver got a ton of attention, and maybe – if it really doesn’t hurt, which is anybody’s guess, the pup had fun – – but it is not a good practice.

  67. AWW! it looks just like my dog! Their faces are very similar. CUTE!