Please Welcome … Your 2008 All-star Varsity Scampering Team!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Black and Decker-Nokia-Johnson Wax Stadium for the start of the 64th Annual Intercollegiate Scampering Championships!  And I can see the Kansas team taking the field now; let’s meet some of the key players:


On the starting line, we’ve got Mopsy and Flopsy Rabinowitz, going over last-minute strategy.  The brothers won ten out of their twelve starters during their freshman year, and so the crowd expects great scampering from them today …

This time, *you* scamper left, and *I'll* scamper right!

… and yes!  There he is, coming on to the field now, looking confident … it’s star scamperer Biff "Zippy" McBlurrgh, who leads the league this season in total yards scampered …

... and I hold the school record in the 100-yard scurry!

… and now the team is getting final instructions from Coach Zeke "The Disapprover" Standhope …

All right, ladies, get out there and try not to embarrass me!

… and so, as Head Cheerleader Alyssa "Sender-Inner" B. joins her team on the field, we’re ready now for the coin toss, sponsored by Chevron and Microsoft.  But first, these messages …

Ya-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-y Bunnehz!!



  1. coyotemom says:

    If NFL players looked this cute I might actually watch a game.

  2. Scamper !! Scurry !! Disapproval !!! My bunneh bliss is complete.

    Mopsy and Flopsy Rabinovitz : best bunneh names.

  3. Best team ever…

  4. bunny cam? please and thanks…

  5. firefinch says:

    That coach should come to Detroit to coach the Lions. Maybe he could disapprove them into winning a game.

  6. BUNNEHZ!!


  7. Dexter Fishmore says:

    Rock chalk!

  8. Good jorb, Mike! – Coach Zeke

  9. Is this an all-male sport? Is there a female teams? Doesn’t Title IX apply to bunnehs?

  10. Wait a sec—where are all the bunny pellets? With that many buns, it takes a fast trigger finger to snap all those pix before the carpet gets soiled.

  11. What sort buns dese is? Look kinda hare-like to me. Still prosh tho.

  12. I cannot *wait* to see the post-game presser with Coach Stanhope. Every reporter in the room will be withered by the intense disapproval! <3

  13. And Teho, I bleeve that’s spelt “jaerb”.

  14. I call personal foul! Nobody should be allowed to hoard that much cute!

  15. i can puts my face in pile uv bunnehs for snorgle?

  16. PS “Black and Decker Nokia Johnson Wax Stadium” Snerk!

  17. This week, prepare to be ANNIHILATED as CuteOverload and DisapprovingRabbits present the MONSTER DISAPPROVAL RALLY at the Megadome! Tickets are only 5 bucks! The first 100 people get to feel guilty after being disapproved of by Coach Zeke “The Disapprover” Standhope himself! This BUNDAY!!! BUNDAY!!! BUNDAY!!! BE THERE!

  18. Paul,
    Perhaps something like thees?


  20. I want them I want them I want them I want them I want them I want them I want them I want them I want them I want them I want them I want them!!

  21. Gail (the first one) says:

    The coach is disapproving so hard his nose is running!!!!

    “Now, let’s get out there and win one for the Zipper!”

  22. I just wanted to say good luck. We’re all counting on you.

  23. I guess Peter rabbit is still in Mr McGregors veg patch.

  24. Holy cow. I was all “they are so cute! squeeee…” until I saw the 4th pic and the flaming disapproval silenced me immediately. I beg your forgiveness; here’s some baby carrots to make amends.

  25. Personally, I’d shorten “Scampering Championship” into “Scampionship,” but that’s probably only intensify Coach Zeke’s disapproval.

    (hehe, Bunderdome!)

  26. Okay, this is one of the best post ever (not that it hasn’t been topped in the cute category, but the fun of it NTMTOM…)
    I tried to watch the vid in the link Hal McCrae (???), seriously, for your brothers and sisters this side of the Irish Sea: subtitles needed… ;o)

  27. Kristabelle says:

    Back field in motion!
    I’m gonna have to penalize you.

    That’s quite the Fantasy Football team there. :o)

  28. @Kallisto, the BEEP’s should need no translation. 😉

  29. Kristabelle says:

    Guess they have their own BCS standings…

    of course, that stands for Bun Scampering Championships…

  30. Kristabelle says:

    Rather Bun Champion Scamperers… dyslexia will get you every time! :oP

  31. Theo- Nice Airplane reference! 🙂

    Also, are Mopsy and Flopsy going over strategy in their sleep?

  32. First down you start cheatin’ on me
    Second down, I was too blind to see
    Third down, you know I love you so
    Fourth down, baby I got to let you go

    Snerk snerk snerk!!

  33. As always Theresa Brings it Home!!!

  34. Holla!!! It’s mah alma mater!

    ROCK Bunny Hoppin’ CHALK!!!!!

  35. Wow, they’re so tiny they almost look like mice! That disapproval nearly scared me, it was so intense. Give him a pipe and a monacle and he’d be perfect!

  36. Nice Homestar Runner reference, Babs.

    At first I thought these were little mouses, but then I saw they were baby buns! Must nibble!!!

  37. (End Zone Dance)

  38. That is the most disapproving rabbit I’ve ever seen.. reminds me of Lloyd Carr 😀

  39. momof2kitties says:

    Manny: LLllloyd Carrrrr ref. FTW!!!

  40. No ’nuffing about the girl in the last photo yet? Have we reached a new era in cute tolerance? (I hope so!)

    I find it VERY hard to believe that there are any “Rabinowitz” offspring playing for the Jayhawks, but maybe they’ve been more aggressively recruiting in the bun shtetls of Eastern Europe (or at least apartments on the Canarsie line).

  41. P.S. Cute girl: please feel free to bring your bunnehs to California anytime.

  42. Digging the portable snorlgeages, and the girl is teh qte too, but she should ditch the nose jewlery.

    Nawt attractive, imho.

  43. @Theresa, yep, they were understandable even for us Brits ;o), but what was he even on about?

  44. warrior rabbit says:

    If there are any bunny berries left, blame Coach Standhope. He probably gives locker room ‘pep talks’ that would make you have accidents.

    So. Intimidating. Wow.

    I’d rather have Bobby Knight throw a chair at me.

  45. @Berthaservant: *in a whisper* Psssst – They used to spell it Rabittowitz, but they were afraid of the disapproval, so they changed it…. So maybe it was Brighton Beach, not Canarsie….

  46. As a Lawrence resident of nearly 20 years, seeing this on Cute Overload just made my day! I’m not a sports fan, but I gotta say: Go bunny-hawks!

  47. Alyssa, where’d you get that rug? My brother would DIE for one!

    And I think her “nose jewelry” looks great!

  48. I have been lurking lately, not commenting, but just had to one this. What can I say? Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk KU! (I’m an alum, can’t you tell) Yea for the baby buns and yea for 2008 Orange Bowl Champions and 2008 NCAA Basketball Champions.

    And yea for the bid to the 2009 Bowl that I can’t watch causes it is on the NFL network (what’s up with that).

  49. bubbyscranky says:

    I saw the first pic and was all OMG, OMG, OMG! Then I got hit with the biggest disapproval evah. How is it possible for such a tiny babeh be soooo disapproving?

  50. All I have to say is, “YOWza, YOWza, YOWZA!”

  51. Erin Pfannenstiel says:

    OMG!! ALY!!! I’m so stoked to see you on!!!

    Joel and I miss you but I can see why you’ve been busy! 🙂

    ~Erin Pfannenstiel

  52. lawyerjenn says:




  53. Yeah Janelid! Rock Chalk! ’08 was GREAT!

  54. @Kallisto, he’s a baseball manager, after his team lost, and he was objecting to answering “stupid*** ***damn f***ing dumb*** bull*****” qustions from reporters. It was a question about a substitution that he did not make, that ticked him off.

    NB, This is a little edited at the end– I remember originally, the camera swung around to two players watching in amusement– McRae caught sight of them and thundered “And I don’t want to hear any s*** from you f***ing players, either!!”

  55. mommy25bunnies says:

    We need a live baby bunneh cam!!!

  56. victoreia says:

    “I just want to say: Good Luck. We’re all counting on you.”

    (one more to go….)

  57. bunnehs, bunnehs, bunnehs, bunnehs, bunnehs, want!

  58. Well I have to say that not only are those bunnies cute, but the owner is a major cutie of epic proportions. Feel free to provide her with my email address lol.

  59. Scamper, scamper? More like napper, napper. zzzz

  60. My husband would say, “what smells? Ah, I see that ugly rug over there. PU KU!”
    He is a Wildcat fan.
    Those buns would look just as cute on purple.

  61. Awww……baybeez! I want to take a nap with them all snuggled up!!

    Ps. and yes, I concur, your nose jewelry is fine. Pha!

  62. ROCK CHALK!! And yes, cute bunnies.

  63. OMG it’s a hooman. I almost fell out of ma chair.

    Love the disapproval, that wabbit is setting new standards.

  64. oooooooooooooo a bushel of bunnies,cute little bunnies. gotta have a fuzzy bunny


  66. Brandi7920 says:

    4th down: the ultimate in bunneh disapprovalness.

  67. Disapproving bunneh….come here and let me nom on those eeyahs!

  68. 8 bunnies and 1 horse.

  69. What are those strange looking creatures?? rats or bunnies???

  70. Runnies!

  71. totalee puppy says:

    mberkie0–“Rabittowitz” is great!

  72. auntyb, some of us could use an aunty like you…

  73. anon-the mega event announcement is brilliant!

  74. hamster-on-rye says:

    Coach Zeke looks like he’s waiting for a busload of
    recruits on the first day of boot camp. Go Wildcats!

  75. Could someone tell me what NTMTOM means? I’ve tried to find a translation but I just can’t find it.



  76. *UUUUUUUUUUUH GASP!* I fell off my couch after seeing this. So many cute lil’ bun-buns, so little time! I just want to reach through the computer screen and take one home *tear*! *Bleen*!

  77. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Lils: NTMTOM stands for “Not That Mike The Other Mike”, the “screen name” of one of the folks who create the posts here…….

  78. @Lils: NTMTOM is the current acronym of “Not That Mike, The Other Mike,” adopted in the early days when there was a mix-up between two people named (strangely enough) “Mike.”
    @Theo: “Runnies!” Haw!

  79. just want to point out Flopsy and Mopsey are Girl bunny names,

  80. Disapproval Heart Attack!

  81. @Gail (the first one) and mberkie0: Thanks you guys, it’s been driving me crazy not knowing what it meant.

    BUNNEHS! (yes, I am bored at work)

  82. Oh gawd, I can’t take the cuteness! The disapproval! The munchable ears!!!!!!!!

  83. The earcute disapprovable munchness!

  84. Debbie fisher says:

    Bite them!! Quick, now’s your chance!

  85. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK KU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Nice end-zone dance, Theresa. What, no pompons? ***?

  87. Hooray! Bunns that are Jayhawk fans at heart! 🙂

  88. New category, Hunnies with Bunnies?

  89. Dust bunny says:

    these are cottontail rabbits!

    Did the person find them? i hope they’re taking good care of them, real fragile animals!

    but oh so cute ! 😀