The annoying Christmas cards are starting to roll in

[Holier-than-thou Papillion voice] "I’ve been soooooooooo busy this year! I’ve hardly had time to make these cards to send to you people! Yes, I’ve been keeping busy with my martini ‘n’ cigar parties, looking after the twins and my dog CPA practice. Hope you’re wellllllll!" [singsong]


Ryan S., I shall feature this one prominently on my mantel…thaaannnnnnks



  1. Chestnuts papillon an open fire, Jack Russel slurping at your nose…

  2. These are much, much cuter (and better for Karma too):

  3. No, I wanted my martini to be DIRTY, not FURRY! It’s hard to find good help these days.

  4. muttluver says:

    May I have sip? Please? I may be underage, but something that cute can’t POSSIBLY be bad for you, even if it IS addictive…

  5. PG — um, sounds like a noble effort, but you’re way off-topic here. I saw maybe one dog and one cat out of, what, a hundred thumbnails I skimmed?

  6. muttluver says:

    I agree with Theo… like the scrolling effect, though.

  7. Annaconda says:

    This must be Dita van Teese’s dog!

  8. I have thing for cleaning out animal eye boogers, so this is not as cute for me as it might be for others.

    Say hi to the twins, though, little butterfly dog.

  9. Why don’t you slip out of the wet fur and into a dry martini.

  10. (the original) Mel says:


  11. Personally I love the added touch of the cigar. HEhehe

  12. ThreeCatNight says:

    Papillon – are you listening?
    In the glass, gin is glistening.
    You’re under the tree,
    and waiting for me,
    Oh, how lucky can one girl be!

  13. Did anyone else notice that the URL for this page just says “annoying-christ”?


  14. You can see she isn’t wearing underwear. Goshdarn starlets.

  15. KailinRileysMom says:

    I too am a fanatic at cleaning eye boogers.
    Would never allow either of my girls to be
    photographed with one on her face.
    This is a cute pap otherwise.

  16. Rookie — err — that’s just the way the blog tool happened to shorten “Annoying Christmas Cards” y’know.

  17. MandaBain says:

    I didn’t notice the eye boogs…my eye was caught and held by the double-hung ornaments to the left of the pap. I’m a OCD tree decorator…come on! I can’t even focus on the puppeh…

  18. Rookie, snicker.

  19. I think he’s adorable! Look at those ears, and the floofy tail, and the button nose! [trying not to look at messy eyes]

  20. Von Zeppelin says:

    Another martini, bartender. And make this one with less eye booger, please.

  21. Mary (the first) says:

    Toe beans under glass! Who cares about eye boogies? He’s got VELVET EARS and TOE BEANS! yummmmmm

  22. Pup is way too young to be smoking them cigars.

  23. Smoking? More like marinating.

  24. I agree about the double-hung ornaments! I pride myself on a very well-proportioned tree.

    Love the CPA mention … woo!

  25. Anaconda nice D v T ref. I was gonna say “Watch out Dita Von Teese” but you beat me to it!

  26. Come here little one…(takes thumbs and wipes out eye goobies)

  27. totalee puppy says:

    holiday parties are a challenge when you’re not eating meat–It’s only been since Thanksgiving, and I have to check-out every snack at the party to see if I can eat it okay. I need an A.all- veggie-scanner or a B.sweet, kind assistant.
    Prefer B.

  28. totalee puppy says:

    ThreeCatNight…I love your holiday song!

  29. Coulda been worse, coulda been a Chinese Crested…

    My apoligies to Chinese Crested fans…

  30. DLR in Canada says:

    Hey, where are ze butterfly ears? That’s the hallmark of Papillion dogs, those sweepy long-haired ears. Well, at least there’s the sweepy long-haired tail! So pish-posh in the martini glass!

  31. thaaaaanks says:

    was that a sarcastic south park reference by any chance?

  32. @Theo; Marinating? I get it. Ew wet cigars. Pretty pup anyhow. Say, where would one get a martini glass of such proportions? Sans pup of course.

  33. Did the card have one of those annoying round robin letters in it,telling every one how brilliant the family all are?

  34. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Hon Glad: Snort!!

    @Theresa: There’s a newsman on the radio in Chicago who always says, when one these pics makes the news, “Poor girl’s mother forgot to pack her underpants.”

  35. “Sorry this is so late, but we’ve all been so busy since Miffy won the Heavyweight Championship, and the Nobel Prize for Physics.”

  36. I like my puppies shaken, not stirred

  37. ratchic-why would you want a martini glass of those proportions?
    And what, (save me), is, (unless it is nasty),D v T, please? (Feel free to edit for content).
    I like my puppies snuggled, (or snorgled).

  38. DvT = Dita von Teese, German model and former sweetie of Marilyn Manson.

  39. Also, nasty is as nasty does.

  40. Theo-why the hell would anyone know that? Oh, which Marilyn Manson? Anyway….you are today’s Homme de la Renaissance…*shhesh*. Yes, that was a judgmental *sheesh*.

    [Um… o-kaaaaaaay…? – Ed.]

  41. I’m wondering if the stuff near her eyes is her coloring, not ickage. What a sweet face! Of course the toes are just too, too!

  42. I know plain obnoxious when I see it!

  43. anonnymous says:

    OMG – Eye boogers and double ornaments! Cute dog, but all that is distracting to me too.
    Glad to know I’m not the only eye booger cleaning obsessive person in the world.

  44. I’m not really a drinker, but maybe I’ll try this sweet papillini pup-tail. *stirs/twirls puppy’s tail fur*

  45. I haven’t visited CO for a while, so I add here:
    the modified background of the fairy-winged hamsters holding cats on leashes and the calendars (lunchabuhls?!) are ruh-donk!

  46. But poo-haps it is actually staining around the eye, espesh down there on the white part of his. . . um. . . snoutykins.
    You can tell I’m an expert with expert terminology, huh?

  47. Sorry, Theo, than Marilyn Manson thing just really pitched me over the fence.. Eww.

    You, however, are cute and I apologize for my judging.

    Phew. I need a large hamster. That would help a whole lot.

  48. Hey, I’m not saying *I’d* want to date the guy. Please. (Dita either.)

    (Rose McGowan, maybe.)

  49. Yes, Rose is *very* pretty, and, at the same time, pointy.
    A combination not to be missed!