Somebody get me Bob Costas

Because this mouse is ABOUT TO WIN OLYMPIC GOLD!




  1. ….how???? Just how did this happen?

  2. OMG

    how did they teach that mouse to do that???

  3. That was AWESOME! I hope the mouse got some sort of treat at the end. 🙂

  4. LibrarianJessica says:

    Fabulous stuff to find on a Sunday morning. Thanks Meg.

  5. That was incredible. I love mice.


  6. Ok. Where is his reward? The big hunk of cheese??? He certainly deserves it!

  7. Holy crap!


  9. i quite sadly must admit i wouldn’t have known my way round.

    this calls for emmentaler!!

  10. wannadance says:

    fave part, when loving hand keeps the champ from running over the cactus….

    whatta mouse!!!

  11. Ok pretty cute.

  12. What the… *blink blink*

    That was AMAZING! :))) Go mouse!! I join those who said that there better be a big, tasty treat waiting for him at the end of the course. He deserves it!

  13. Awesome little fella. 😀

  14. Bessymouse says:

    Wow. He’s so clever. Go mousey!

  15. How amazing. I loved how the human hand comes down to gently guide Algernon around the post in the middle of the obstacle course. I’m thinking that’s how Algernon got so well trained…human guides him through the obstacles.

    I remember an interview actor Michael Jeter had regarding the mouse he had to interact with on the movie “The Green Mile”. He said mice lay down a scent trail (urine) so they can get back and forth along a “path”. A mouse was trained to go up his arm, across his back and down his other arm. He said he had to get used to the fact that he had to have mouse pee on him so the mouse could find his way. Sorry to be so yuckie.

    Anyway, Algernon gets 9.8 from me for getting through the obstacle course. I just love the weave poles!

  16. Oh my goodness, that was awesome!!!! Way to go Mousey. Woohoooooo

  17. Von Zeppelin says:

    The International Olympic Committee paid only $187 million for that agility course. They used rats and weasels as their contractors.

  18. OMG O_o

    I CANNOT believe that mouse was able to do that whole course in one try (for this video at least) Despite what tactics it took, that was a spectacular feat!!! 😀

    Way to go Mousey!

  19. Wow. Truly amazing, and kudos to the loving trainer. But I was somewhat distracted by all the mouse poops (if that’s what they were! could you clean them up please before you film?). Gives me the skeevies ’cause it means the little critters have gotten into my house.

  20. I especially love the way the human left the mouse’s little droppings laying there for added “charm”. Lovely.

  21. Dang, now I really feel bad about the one I killed this week. We coulda hit the road together and done meese shows 😦

  22. You can lead mice by dragging a piece of cheddar across where you want them to go but this mouse was clearly trained with gentle diligence!

    BTW – if you want your indoor cat to catch unwanted mice you know you have, drag a piece of chedder to make a scent trail across the floor right under the front of your stove, then in a straight line from that one out to a wide open area of the floor. Make a large sheet (at least 18′ x 18″) of aluminum foil and crumple it some, then mostly spread it back out. It’s important that it retains quite a bit of texture. Put the foil sheet at the end of the scent trail in the middle of the kitchen floor with the piece of cheddar in the middle. Shut the cat in the kitchen overnight.

    The mouse will make scritching noises as he walks acorss the foil to get the cheese and wake the cat up. The cat will have a better opportunity to cathc the mouse in the middel of the floor than he mromally gets as mice tend to stay close to cover.

    I created this method myself, submitted to Mother Earth News and got a year’s free subscription. Every time I have used this method, on the first or second night there has been a dead mouse on the floor that the cat had killed.

  23. …. and then the mouse gets to have a snooze on top of the plunger in the bathroom …..

  24. That’s amazing!

  25. Would you look at those little feets in action over the high wire?? Super cute…

    Three cheers for operant conditioning (and schedules of reinforcement)!

    Also, Patty, must you give such details in this post? Sheesh.

  26. That was SOME MOUSE!

    ; )

  27. (I can’t actually say anything cause my mouth is hanging open. Wow.)

  28. totalee puppy says:

    heart mouse! heart music!

  29. paulajeanne says:


  30. @Jenny: You have the option to stop reading at any time.

  31. lucy's mommeh says:

    Patty, that’s actually pretty ingenious.
    And Jenny, although this mouse is super smart & cute as all get out, wild mice coming in the house & causing damage is NOT quite so cute….
    I’ve had pet mice, and i NEARLY had a deer mouse as a pet, but the little bugger managed to get out of the five gallon bucket I had him trapped in.

  32. He can have my cheese!

  33. Amazing.

  34. That guy’s wife is so pissed.

  35. metsakins says:

    I’m not sure if I’m impressed by the mouse or the owner making all those cardboard cutouts.

    The mug handles was my favorite.

  36. That was fantastic!

  37. This was brilliant. Both the little mouse/athlete & the human/parent/trainer were amazing!!

  38. This was brilliant. Both the little mouse/athlete & the human/parent/trainer were amazing!!

  39. Hee-hee-heeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!! Go for gold, Olympic mutant gerbil-mousie-rattie Algernon !!!

  40. What a super mouse! ^_^

  41. Wow. I give this performance a 9.7 (slight deduction for having help from the trainer). Next I wanna see ice skating… better get training for the winter Olympics.

  42. That was pretty amazing…. even though the mouse poop was a bit on the bleh side lol.
    YAY mousey!

  43. no-kill trap baited with stilton and placed across known urine trail at about the time mice appear each night: 5 minutes to capture, on average

    no data available on how long it takes if you put a thimble of chablis next to the trap

    [One problem: You’re as likely to catch *me* as the mouse, esp. with the chablis and possibly some apple slices; Honey Crisp is very nice… – Ed.]

  44. Can anyone tell me what that music is? I know I used to play it on the youth orchestra when I was a teenager but I can’t quite remember what it was.

  45. I saw the vid and before I hit play I was “bleh, I don’t like mice, WON’T watch. But wait… have I ever seen anything on here that I hated? Nope.” so I proceeded to watch, and was cheering at the end, lol

    Gooooo Mousey!

  46. Wow! Bravo! Encore!
    Stupendous! Awesome! Must see! 5-star!

  47. warrior rabbit says:

    MaryG, it’s the Olympic theme by John Wiliams. It’s scored every Olympics since 1984.

    Gosh, I didn’t even notice any droppings. I was too mesmerized by da mousie.

  48. i’m soooooooooooo jealie. you sir or madam have the smartest mousie pants ever. smartie!! this was a pleasure to watch b/c mousiekins algernon was so dutiful in his task taking. he was all like, “ok now this, then this, then that one, and then i go here, over this guy under here, almost done…..” awesome!

  49. Actually, that music is a copyrighted music to an Olympics-I think it is still in use. They are pretty persnickety about people using it- I hope no one gets in trouble. (shhhhh)

    Now, on to the Mouse.
    Amousing. Good mousie! The cup handles was my favorite part, too! Just a darling, ingenious set up! My hat is off to the mouse and his companion animal! And how do we know that the mouse didn’t design the course? Hmmm???? I doubt he cut it out of cardboard, because of the whole thumb thing, (Mr. Lovinghand probably did that),but I say if he can jump it,he probably designed it! Great duo, great job!

  50. please please please give him a a whole wad of cheese!

  51. Gail (the first one) says:

    “….And, a little extra guidance around the roundabout….a hesitation at the Pineapple/Cactus jump, that’ll be a minor deduction there…and we’re through the final obstacles to finish line! Bob, I think that this little riderless mouse has thrown down the gauntlet to the horses in this Equestrian competition!!!”

    Brilliant video!

  52. goodlookingelf says:

    Awesome. Now this is someone who loves their mouse! Great video!

  53. Brilliant! I’m going to catch our meese and train him to vacuum and dust!

    The poopies were distracting though 😐

  54. I had no idea that meeces were such natural tightrope artists!

  55. you think we could get the mouse to work with bush and palin?

  56. noramaria says:

    That is one talented mouse!

  57. i would have fallen on the cactus.

    how did they teach mousie to do this?????

    i hope he got a reward right away! PB sammich puuleez!

  58. GreenEggsAndSam says:

    I had never been so proud of a cute little disease carrying vermin in my life.

    My eyes watered up at the end and I cheered. My housemates thought I was insane, until I showed them.

    We all cheered the second time around.

  59. Michelle S says:

    absolutely adorable!

    I can’t tell which is cuter, the mouse or the cardboard agility course peppered with “wild rice”. >.<

  60. She’s beautiful. I miss my mouse, Widget. Sleeping in my shirt pocket, her tiny heart beating next to mine.

  61. :-O

  62. :-O x 2

  63. Jennie Mello says:

    “will work for food” has a whole new meaning.

  64. OMG – SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute and wicked smart!

  65. The qte starts before you even see the mouse… That wee tiny cardboard obstacle course is too much!


  67. Gotta love all the teeny tiny mouse turds scattered amongst the course…=0p bleh! Probably the spoils of the previous mice who couldn’t conquer that event.

  68. I squeed when he went through the coffee cup handles because I expected him to weave around the cups.

  69. I like retro stuff-Anyone
    remember “Mighty Mouse”?

  70. berthaservant says:

    As I was watching, Bertha came in and started cooing at me and I said “Why can’t you do this?” and then she threw up a hairball.

    Oh, mice. Is there anything that we can’t train you to do with just a wee bit of operant conditioning?

  71. Well, I’m fairly certain that that mouse is smarter than I am (and I know for sure that he’s cuter!). I’m seriously impressed.

  72. Wow! I might have expected that of a rat but from a mouse that’s pretty impressive. I wonder how long it took to train the mouse to do it?

  73. @lucy’s mommeh: Thanks!
    *takes bow*

    This IS one of the bestest vids I’ve seen here so far. Me loves it. I am not afarid of mice or rats. I am more concerned about the disease that the wild ones carry, the damage they do inside the walls and attic, and the food they contaminate and destroy.

  74. Aww, bless that little schmousie and give him a baby carrot dipped in peanut butter!

  75. This video should be posted again during a weekday when more people will be looking to kill a few minutes at work – this mouse deserves to be recognized by lots of admiring gawkers…

  76. Jean-Marie says:

    Is that Mr Jingles from “The Green Mile’? I think it is.

  77. How can people be afraid of such cute (and perhaps intelligent) creatures???

  78. That was amazing, but seriously, I think someone has a little bit too much time on their hands not only to train the mouse to do that, but also to build all of those little things out of cardboard! Hysterical.

  79. Definitely cute.

    You could tell by the sheer amount of sniffing going on that he was following a trail of cheese, probably rubbed on the course in the path he was supposed to follow.

  80. DKNxnsox:
    :-O 😯 8-D

  81. MaryG, maybe you’re thinking of one of Howard Hanson’s symphonies (no. 2, I think). I too played it in junior symphony, and have always thought the two pieces sound remarkably alike. Kind of like Holst’s “The Planets” and the Star Wars music. John Williams is a rather shameless ‘borrower.’

  82. Wow, gold for sure. Or cheese. Do they have a Havarti medal at the olympics?

  83. Robert —

    (I’ve had WSU cheese, it’s quite good)

  84. binky-mama says:

    Anybody else get a leetle motion sickness in the begninning? 😛

    Seriously cute mouse- I love how he sometimes hesitates and looks around. “How much farther ees eet to the cheeze?” *whiskers twitch*

  85. Rodents are AWESOME! I Thank you for the shrill laughter I just had! I was actually ‘da da da” ing along with the music as the mouse was going through. Thrilling!

  86. That’s nucking futs!

  87. *uns-beleaves-ables*—>feel very dumb now

  88. is the other one! 🙂

  89. Are those little mouse poops? And are they art of the training? Like does he/she follow the scent?Incredible. I did not think it was going to be so well done, but this mouse does not disappoint!
    He is better trained than my kids, fo’ sho!!

  90. i don’t think the mouse is really trained. its likely following a scent trail which is part of its problem with the round about portions.

  91. Lol I thought about agility training my rats once but they ‘re so pushy about getting that treat NOW that I wasn’t able to teach them a single thing. Except maybe to “come.” I like how Mr. Mouse stops at each obstacle like “treat? well maybe the next one then…” hehe

  92. Thanks, Ant!!
    I love how the mousey four-wheel-drive kicked in to get over the A-shaped obstacle.
    “Can’t quite -ehn!- reach the next rung, so -ehn!- grab the edges and up I go!”

  93. My first thought: this is amazing, and how did they do that?
    My second thought (looking at all the cardboard obsticles): some people have too much time on their hands!

  94. Amy Fearing says:

    That was awesome! I hope the mouse got a treat afterward, and a sports massage! 🙂

  95. Wow! Go mousey!

  96. I have never seen anything like it. I still don´t believe. What a little guy!!!! 😀

  97. @Rooanne: Took the words right out of my mouth! I was just going to post something like, “SOMEONE has too much time on their hands!” But I thought perhaps I could read all the posts before I did so, and I was right. When one thinks of the time spent not just training the mouse, but the time thinking up and creating the agility course….. Trainer might have discovered a cure for the common cold! *snerk*

  98. Michael Phelps my mouse butt!

  99. Philip Dobson says:

    FAKE! You can see the wire. Poor thing, with it tied around his nose and everything. You should be ashamed.

  100. Philip Dobson says:

    I did not make the comment above. There is no wire as can plainly be seen. No shame is required. Please ignore the previous commenter who is clearly just jealous of your lovely mouse and his l33t skillz.

    [Noted & confirmed. The *fake* Philip is now banned. We don’t tolerate identity theft, Peeps, not even of screen-name identities… – Ed.]

  101. that. was. incredible. wow.

  102. blair,
    was that you? my husband, squeek, was so mad when I got home that night after scavening around town (!)

  103. yumyumjanitor says:

    And to think people kill mice in traps. Sorry, had to.

  104. I think this is how it went down: a person with saintly patience took the first obstacle and when the mouse did it he got a treat. Then said person put second obstacle after the first and when mousy pants did the first then the second one he got a treat. Repeat umpteen meelion times and voila genius status achieved. And thank goodness for people with time on their hands! Without them the world would be less fun! Maybe this mouse trainer person just doesn’t watch TV and applies their free time to something we all end up enjoying. Gosh, I am such a windbag today! Push me off my soapbox. Please help.

  105. PS OMG one of those kittens on a leash has pink shoes and lipstick on!

  106. That is, by far, the absolute best animal video ever.

  107. Entropy's bitch says:

    For the trying economical times, a demonstration of the book “Who the *(*F Moved My Damn Cheese?” Perseverence, let Mousie show you it.

  108. gasp. Gasp! GASP!!!

    no. effing. way.

    ok, i have to admit it. this rat-lover has NOT been giving mousies enough credit.

  109. WEAVE POLES!!! They taught a mouse how to run freakin’ WEAVE POLES!!!

  110. treat,repeat treat,repeat
    treat,repeat…I’m glad someone took the time to
    train this mouse and share
    with us. Maybe lots of laughs and cheer is socially-redeeming value.

  111. Perry Noid says:

    I think this was mouse World Cup and not mouse Olympics. I definitely saw “The Hand of God.”

  112. “I think this was mouse World Cup and not mouse Olympics. I definitely saw “The Hand of God.”

    Perry Noid | Dec 09, 2008 at 10:31 AM.”

    Even so, that was pretty darned awesome for a mouse!

  113. Ok, I have three comments:

    1. Seriously, you coulduv at least shown us the awards ceremony! You know… where he gets cheezed or whatev. Come on! Don’t leave us hanging!

    2. This mousy’s hooman:

    a. has waaayyyy too much time on his/her hands


    b. his/her life goal is to make a video of his/her mousy and get posted on CO


    c. has a great deal of patience, a sense of humor, and a good time bonding with said mousy.

    3. Great vid.

  114. Mousy: “Behavior Modification my arss! Ok, I’ll do it for the rewards, but in my own time! Don’t rush me!”

  115. YourMother says:

    Great Googlely Mooglely

  116. little gator says:

    MOuse looked tired in the last third of the course.

    if you follow the link somoene posted to the other video, check out that person’s youtube. Thery havfe one of the mousies at 4 weeks doing that same course, and apparently they use click45 training.

  117. I had to watch it twice before I noticed any mousie drops. The first time was all happy joy amazed clapping cheering. Then I read the comments. Watched again. Buzzkill. 😦

  118. Rod Wagoner says:

    I sure hope he gets a treat after that workout!