Is it me, or does this tree get taller every year?

"Leroy, that’s too much tinsel on the left side … Somebody help Maybelle, she’s tangled up in the lights again … No, Betty-Bob, we can’t decorate the backside of the tree this year, because we just don’t have the — ornaments."

I'm re-e-e-ally not looking forward to putting the angel on top.

Photo sender-innered by MaryBeth, who has more cuteness and an amazing puppy rescue story on her blog.



  1. Can I have him come decorate my tree this year?

  2. AWWWWW!!!! It’s tough bein’ such a cute pup:)

  3. ZOMG ><><><

    mammeh i want one now k?

  4. Ohh so adorable!

    Can I take him home?

  5. That is either a very very big christmas ball or a very very tiny puppy…

  6. i luff him!

  7. The rescue story is totally heartwarming. I hope everything works out. Much love to people who work with/help out/love lost or abandoned animals.

  8. Well played, NomTom. Well played. [le snickère]

  9. Okay, correct me if I’m wrong, but there is an ELEPHANT on the reflection of the glass bulb!! A REAL LIVE ELEPHANT, PEOPLE!

  10. Or it could be a lion…I can’t really tell.

  11. anne marie says:


    haha, i love it.

  12. What the heck is in the reflection???????

  13. the bug man says:

    My first thought was that the thing reflected in the middle of the ball looked a mighty lot like a mesonychid. However, since they went extinct 25 million years ago, I took a COXCU and realized that the thing consists of: 1) a kneeling photographer, and 2) what looks like a weiner dog crossed with a coyote.

    The thing on the left is probably also a dog, but I prefer to think it’s an extremely disapproving rabbit.

  14. Do read the rescue story and see the puppy pix– including those of their beautiful Mama dog.

  15. I want Santa to bring me a puppy this year!

  16. Here, let me beat the nuffers:



    Anyway, he’s adorable! His ears are prime specimens of the stubbular variety <3

  17. *Tosses out my tree and makes grabby hands at the puppy*

  18. what precious reflective puppy action!!

  19. the reflection reminds me
    of blended animals in
    “Star Wars”.

  20. Hi All
    The reflection is myself squatting down shooting the photo, with my dog Lady trying to assist. one or 2 of the pack pups are in the left hand side of the reflections. My sister had to point out all the reflection inside the silver orb to me , as I was so in love with little sweeties face

  21. Heh, it’s Tatooine. That’s Uncle Owen, taking the photo.

  22. My boyfriend and I just had an argument over whether this is a tiny puppy or giant ornament…
    I said giant ornament, he said tiny puppy…

  23. …wow, they taste GREAT!


  25. (OK, so that’s NOT Uncle Owen taking the photo. Easy mistake to make.)


  27. Holy Cutenss beat me to it….


  29. Joaquin DePlank?

  30. totalee puppy says:

    Please bring Geno a puppy
    this year. He has been both naughty and nice (just like the puppy he would love to have). Come on, Santa, unconditional love is what the world needs now…
    totalee puppy

  31. Well, the disapproving rabbint/pup in the foreground of the reflection COULD pass for a jawa. . .

    These aren’t the pups we are looking for . . . . Move along.

  32. Theresa and Other Mike need slappins. I’d do it if I wasn’t laughing so hard.

  33. PS — Joaquin T. Line, duh!

  34. berthaservant says:

    LOL Teho (Uncle Owen)….and I thought it was a bunneh in the reflection as well.

    But my FIRST impression was that this was a deleted scene from “Raising Arizona.” It just screams early Coen Bros. to me!

  35. BALLS! We don’t have the BALLS!

  36. Delightful, MaryBeth! Thank you so much for sharing your home with these doggies, and your story with us. 🙂

  37. great story but did Mama ever get adopted? I missed that part. Thanks for sharing MaryBeth.

  38. I didn’t know what a mesonychid was, so I looked it up. And, yes, I can definitely see that resemblance.

  39. It’s the canine version of my cat Mississippi! I’m not sure she’s moved from under the Christmas tree since it’s been up. She’s my Christmissi.

  40. pups'nstuff says:

    I don’t see the cameraman reflected in the ball… ooo… mysterious.

  41. pups'nstuff says:

    I don’t see the cameraman reflected in the ball… ooo… mysterious.

  42. pups'nstuff says:

    I don’t see the cameraman reflected in the ball… ooo… mysterious.

  43. pups'nstuff says:

    I don’t see the cameraman reflected in the ball… ooo… mysterious.

  44. pups'nstuff says:

    I don’t see the cameraman reflected in the ball… ooo… mysterious.

  45. pups'nstuff says:

    I don’t see the cameraman reflected in the ball… ooo… mysterious.

  46. Pups — dead center; she’s squatting and there’s a dog right next to her.

  47. Teho, you held the door open, I just walked through. 😉

  48. Don’t make me make a Katrina and the Waves joke.

  49. TUM, my cats always park themselves right under the tree as soon as it goes up.

    My late tiny Mimi was less reverent. She would send the Baby Jesus from the creche on unscheduled flights all over the house. He was perfect cat toy size.

  50. Kristabelle says:

    What a cute puppy!!!!!!

  51. Who is making a “Katrina and the Waves” joke- who?

    Theresa- I will have a delightful day with mental images of the Christ Child flingining throughout you house. Just too cute. Even better that you put him back each time. No disrespect intended, just mirth.

  52. Katrina, just visualize the manger as a tiny space ship.

  53. The name’s Christ. Jesus Christ, Space Ranger.

    I should stop. Really I don’t want to offend folks for the sake of a chuckle… or at least, not right now.

    (To the dining room, and beyond!)

  54. What kind of dog is this?

  55. No, no, no, Kaz the song is “What dog is this?” I’m goinnahellarent’I?
    Chuckle On, Theo, chuckle on…

  56. What a good mama. And what wonderful aunt and uncle to rescue the baby.

  57. ok so ur lookin at a cute photo and suddenly u see there’s a reflection and u look but there’s no one in the reflection so WHO WAS PICTURE

  58. SO CUTE! I really hope the puppies and the momma find a wonderful loving home.

  59. This must have been zee puppeh’s first Chreestmas, non?

  60. Mama and zee puppehs found a new home. Apparently all this happened about 10 months ago.
    The tale is very sweet, but not-a-little anxiety-producing until you find out it all happened in the past and all is well. I’d love to have an update-I asked the lovely lady if she could provide one. She knows that the puppeh made Cute Overload, so maybe she is lurking out there? Hmm? An update, peut etre?

  61. that is so cute awwwwwww

  62. the camera man is being snorggled