Fill stockings with the joy only Cute Overload can provide!

What the heck are you going to get for your NIECE WHO HAS EVERYTHING!?

Just what can you expect on your desk with this little Slice of Heaven? Just the hilariousness and proshness you’ve come to expect from Cute Overload, only in daily, tear-offable, print form:


Yay! Goes great with Gerbera daisies and Red Pandas on your desk. Pencil and/or doing actual work is optional.


Look how easy it is to change the day! [Ffffffftttt]


Here’s what some of the pages look like—check it! [wiki wiki wiki! hand on turntables]


Shuh-zaaam! Look at these helpful tips!


Yes, yes! To answer your questions—all your favorite posts are in there…


Buy a calendar and let it incubate under the tree thru December—it will fill your house with the warm, redonk joy only Cute Overload can provide!

Available at, Barnes and Noble and! and retail outlets WHEREVER CALENDARS ARE SOLD!

Check it out!



  1. got one for moi and two others for other people!

  2. I got one and EVERYONE in my office wants one now. Buy this calendar for you and everyone you know 😀

  3. Ok I have an issue. The woman I share an office with (who I am very fond of) is convinced that the animal on the cover of the calendar is a guinea pig. Clearly is is a baby bunneh. Everyone else at the office agrees. Can I get some confirmation on this?

  4. Ahhhhhhh!!! I’m waiting for the wun I winned here to arrive…. Hurry little calendar of cuteness!

  5. That is almost too adorable.

    I am in a Kryptonite levels of-cute situation here.


  6. victoreia says:

    @M: Is she kidding? What guinea pig has ears like that?!?

    …Now I have to go find the resident “Axis of Snorgling”….I *know* I have at least one!

  7. @victoreia: I thought she was kidding at first. She is convinced it is a guinea pig. She had one when she was younger, but I am convinced it must have been deformed!

  8. needapuppy says:

    Oh, my, I just noticed the changed background, too. Flying kitties now?!? I wonder what Winston would say to that.

  9. I saw it in Target today! I only didn’t buy it because I’ve heavily hinted that I *need* it for Christmas. But, Target… yay!

  10. I gotted one for my birfday in Toctober! It’s been MURDER not opening it and looking at it… but I’m gonna make it!

  11. licoricebear says:

    hehe, i definitely bought 6 at kohl’s (at 40% off) so i can spread teh qte to my friends 😀

  12. totalee puppy says:

    The pictures you’re sharing are great…It’s hard to pick a favorite between “dee cowshe” and
    “built-in blush”…cowshe or blush…cowshe or blush…urk…

  13. I bought mine last Saturday! And I got gerbera daisies the same day (courtesy of arbed).

  14. That was no guinea pig, it was a hamster. SIBERIAN hamster.

  15. I “loff” Noodle. I really really doo.

  16. I was going to ask for this from my parents, but then my sister gave it to me as an early present! I was so excited I wanted to tear it open, but instead it’s just sitting on my desk wrapped in plastic and sitting in its box until January 1st. The temptation is killing me.

  17. I have 2, one still in the box, the other well looked at.

    An, M., it’s a bunny.

  18. disgruntled says:

    i will not buy this until i can be assured that there is a fair representation of cuteness across all species and it isn’t just 70% kittehs like the website! i love kittehs but this isn’t catoverload, people.

  19. It is a bunny. Definitely a bunny. Just too young to start disapproving is my guess. I didn’t wait to open mine, life is short, eat dessert first.

    I find that the calendar is just prosch, and I’m delighted that I can have such cuteness at my fingertips. That being said, after I oh-so gently looked through it, I’m going to give mine to my mentee at the high school, she can use all of the cute she can get, as can we all.
    Happy Bunday, Peeps!

  20. Um…. Are those dates right? I mean, are Tuesday the 17th, 11th and 14th all on the calendar? Cause I’m sure there aren’t three Tuesdays in a week…

    I’ve always loved Noodle 🙂

  21. (Btw, all of September, before I get mistaken for being stoooopid X.x)

  22. What an adorable calendar!

    But please explain to me: why the God-awful baby talk all the time??????

    It almost ruins the website’s appeal!

  23. It is a Peeps thing. Some people just melt and revert to a younger state, that’s all. It in itself is cute, usually. You’ll just have to “*Bleep* over it-it won’t go away. Thorry.

  24. Interesting how the site’s background now features flying kittehs on a leash holding the calendar.

  25. I got one!

  26. Ooh!! I love the new background with the kittyflies!

    And I got my calendar when they were first released. It’s under the tree now awaiting the new year.

  27. metsakins says:

    Every year for at least the past 10, I have bought the Cat page a day calendar. Last year there was a little set back when I discovered the back of pages no longer were graph paper. I have also bought this calander for many of my CuteTalking friends. I was determined to be strong and rigid and inflexible. Last week I went in to Kohls where calanders were half off and managed to snag the last cat page a day calendar. However, the next day I found myself back in Kohls buying the CuteOverload calendar as well. (They were half price, it’s still like I bought only one calendar, right?)

  28. I got one for my roommate, and she opened it today. The look on her face when she opened it was better than any present I could’ve gotten (except for maybe a calendar for me!)

  29. hhhmmm... says:

    Anyone know if “racks” are in this calendar? I know there are several species that enjoy hanging out in ‘racks on the website, but I work with kids and am not sure if this will be appropriate for my desk. Anyone know? thanks!

  30. Picked mine up at Target when I went to the store with my family over Thanksgiving break, which my mom saw and said, ok, that’s what your sister’s getting you. I had intended to just get it myself, but hey, I guess it doesn’t matter since I can’t use it until 2009 anyway 😀

  31. Yesterday we were out shopping and my hubby said he needed something for his office administrator. This was sitting right in front of us. I told him to get it for her cuz she would love it and to tell her I was totally jealous cuz I don’t have one!

  32. rain drops says:

    I actually saw the calendar at Target the other day, I’m going back for it since I must have eet.

  33. I have asked for this for Christmas numerous times, but if the parental units forget, I’m ordering one right after Christmas.

  34. I have asked for this for Christmas numerous times, but if the parental units forget, I’m ordering one right after Christmas.

  35. I have asked for this for Christmas numerous times, but if the parental units forget, I’m ordering one right after Christmas.

  36. berthaservant says:

    I am, in fact, giving ONE of my three CO calendars to my niece! And one is going to be a white elephant present for my friend’s party. And one is going to be mine all mine but only to be opened on Jan. 1!!!!

  37. I’m gonna buy one for me and my roommate to share. Hehehe. 😀

  38. I got a free copy because my kitten’s photo was selected to be in it – but after leafing through (3 times!) his picture isn’t in there! 😦

  39. I just want to share my joy of finding that it has reached Swedish retailers! After a very, very annoying hour trying to buy it at Amazon, with shipping rates twice the amount of the actual calendar, restricted countries of destination, and 6 weeks of delivery time, I finally found a way to get some of these wonderful things and give away to my best friends at chistmas.
    It will be a merry christmas over in Sweden as well this year!

  40. I was in Target today and saw the calendar! Target! I’m so proud of CO for getting this out there!

  41. @hhhmmm…Meg would know,she made it right? MEG, any racks in there? and peeps that have already looked through their calendars of course…

  42. RatChic — there’ll be at least one C’n’R shot in the 2010 calendar. BUT NO MORE SPOILERS!

  43. Ordered three for Christmas from Amazon! Ugh, have to wait until 18th? 😦

  44. eikoleigh says:

    I got mine!

    It’s taking all my willpower to not peak ahead – ahhhhh…..!

  45. Got my three: 1 for grown-up niece, 1 for best friend who will appreciate der qte but who is computerchallenged, and 1 for me!
    I peeked already, couldn’t wait, and I luurrrve eet. Pic of Chmurka makes me smile every time.

  46. Totally got one and everyone at work is already jealous even though it isn’t even Jan yet. If people don’t stop looking through it, it will fall apart and I will need a new one before I even use it. Hehe.

  47. Nobody mentioned the most important thing: HOW do you bring yourself to throw away any of the used pages?

  48. Bought mine yesterday at Borders – before I even saw this post! So much cute.

  49. Noelegy, you don’t throw away the used pages. They are blank on the back and you use them like a message pad, there should be a tray in the calander for holding them. If they are too cute to write on you take them home and either make cards with them or decoupage them on stuff.

  50. I bought mine weeks ago at Borders and, now, I can hardly wait ’till 2009, both to look at the calendar AND to check out the link with the COde that comes with it 😉

  51. I have recycled my 2008 New Yorker cartoon page-per-day calendar by: using the back of each page as notepaper; giving appropriate (well, and inappropriate) ones to friends; and posting some around my office