And then there were three…

According to my only real source of news, DListed, the Shiba Inu puppy cam is losing three puppehs today:

"It was announced that three of the puppies (Ando, Autumn and Akoni) will be leaving us today for their new lives!!! That leaves just AyumiAki. But they will probably be skipping out of hearts soon as well."

GOODBYE SWEET PUPPEHS! We shall miss your inappropriate licking, snorfing nap pile and stocked living room crib action.

Live TV by Ustream

[head bow in the direction of Michael K.]



  1. mandy_Reeves says:

    BLEEENNNNNN!!!! and what a topic to be the bleener on

  2. mandy_Reeves says:

    Well the site says they are keeping Ayumi

    so after Autumn Akoni and ANdo leave it Aki and Amaya to go to their homes

  3. How will I live without the daily fix of wiggly yellow butts?

  4. Oh noes! People in the pics? Are those the evil people taking our puppies away?

  5. WOW! Just got a huge butt-crack shot of one of the hoomins. Evil indeed!

  6. Haha oh dear. Inappropriate usage of webcam.

    Goodbye sweet puppehs. I hope you go to good homes. Omg how can you separate them?? 😦

  7. baroo (T_T)

  8. Baroooooo!

    Shiba puppers going to their furever homes – there are only four left now… Who will they lick and fight and cuddle with now? I hope their hoomans make a good pack for them…

  9. rebeccala says:

    i LOVE that you read dlisted too, meg!

  10. And productivity by CO fans increases by 75%.


  12. those dogs are so adorabulls.. I can has one?!??

  13. i am only OBSESSED with dlisted. CO and Dlisted are the two i visit everyday!

  14. Maerlyn99 says:

    Awww, I will miss the little devils terribly. They have reminded me of what my Shiba was like when he was just a little boy. I’ve been watching them since they were about 2 weeks old, and it’s so sad to see them go. I hope their new owners know how wonderful (and bratty) each one of the little bundles really is.

    Bye babies! Good luck!

  15. berthaservant says:

    Think of all the happiness those puppers will bring to their new homes….and something tells me we’ll have other pupcams soon!

  16. I, too, look to Michael K. for all of my news and current events knowledge!!

  17. The puppers are sitting so adorably while their pictures are being taken. Ooo..I will miss them.

  18. Oops! I counted four earlier, now it’s actually five. I guess only one has left so far. Right now two in the bed and three on the patio, but reprts from owner say indeed wto more are leaving today. *sniff*

  19. JinxtheCat says:

    Looks like they need flea medicine.

  20. Ahhhhn, noo! Well, we knew it would happen someday.
    :: goes and watches “Bolt” obsessively, wiping away tears from beneath the 3-D glasses ::


    One of the puppies is defective! I’ll take that one, there with the neck all out of whack!

  22. barrooooooooooooooo 😦

  23. I totally teared up while watching them earlier — they were all sleeping in one last 6-pup pile. So sweet. I love to see puppies going to loving homes, but darnit, I’m going to miss those little boogers!

  24. Daphne Moss says:

    OK, I know this is a good thing; puppies get loving homes. But they were so happy together for 8 short weeks…Loved each other. Now the remaining ones seem to be hugging extra tight. I wish they could have stayed with their sibs just to 12 weeks.

  25. I can’t believe I actually started crying when I read they’ll be going to their new forever homes soon… They’re all just so dang adorable together!!!

  26. I’ll miss looking at perfectly round brown starfishes!

  27. Awww I just read that some are going bye-byes. then I saw one sleeping and then another came up and put his head on the sleeping one. I had tears in my eyes!! Plus I was listening to Love Remains the Same while I was looking at this. its amazing how much more sad a song can make an already sad moment.

  28. Oh noo! I will miss them, and so will my art class, but I’m sure they’re going to good homes.

  29. stephyf82 says:

    The puppy owners have decided to keep Ayumi (previously yellow collar, now no collar). Ando (blue) was the first to go, then Akoni (black). Autumn (purple) should be next. I’m gonna miss those little jumpy-puffs!

  30. The bed looks so empty with only four pups….

  31. Heather in PA says:

    Hahahaha, speaking of inappropriate, the person in that room needs to buy a belt before the next time they crouch down like that. Hahaha. Like 19,000 people just saw their booty crack. Myself included.

  32. Heather in PA says:

    Oh yeah, and if you want some Shiba action, come to my house. I have one just like these named Holly.

  33. 😥
    this sux. i’ll miss teh shiba inu puppeh cam! ya know, i LUFF dlisted more than my luggage… but between the shiba inu puppehs leaving, and shutting down, my daily internets just won’t be the same!
    well, life goes on, right?

    it still sux!! :p

  34. Heather in PA-Great photo! I love the back leg upintheair action!

  35. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! You can’t take away my puppycam joy! This is the worst Christmas EVER! 😦

  36. Damn! They´re always off air when I´m looking! 😦

  37. if i ever need to explain the wormhole effect in degenerate N-fold spaces, i’m using this video

  38. David Harmon says:

    Three left, but man, are they active! Red and Green wrestling & chasing until one tramples Ayumi, who starts “mauling” the offender… swiping toys from each other’s mouths…

  39. Blair — if you’re keen to explain, please, be my guest. (i.e. “Huh?”)

  40. Good heavens, whoever got that purple-collared one has some serious dog training/puppy classes of ahead!

  41. “And productivity by CO fans increases by 75%.” Hahaha Decca!

    Damn this job anyway. There should be a career where I watch puppy cams all day. I’m highly qualified.

  42. John Linder says:

    Very Cute Pupps, I will also miss them. What about MAMA Shiba Inu.

  43. you read DLISTED!?!?!!?!? how awesome is that! i go there & here everyday!
    what are the odds!!!

  44. David Harmon says:

    Oh wow — Ayumi apparent noticed the camera and came up to try to mess with it, for some serious close-up muzzle shots!

    (Apparently there’s a protective framework there, for just such occasions. 😉

  45. Neverfear cutemongers! There are more!! A whole new crop in fact.

  46. You must get more puppies soon. If you don’t, well, I might actually have to do my work.

  47. some serious honk-shu’s going on right here 🙂

  48. BYW, I don’t know when it happened, but I love the new baby creatures (hamsters?) on leashes with the biggie ones on the CO website background. I figured it was a tribute to our departing puppehs?

  49. The Shiba Inus may be growing up and leaving home – but look what I just ran across over at Daily Doxie!
    What could be cuter than week-old doxies?!


    How can anyone seperate them? I can’t help but tear up looking at the last 3 pups sleeping in a lil pile.

  51. Though links to a number of other puppy cams have been posted and they will have their followers, I do not think any will achieve the status this one did. It was exactly the right thing in the right place at the right time. The phenomena was magic and unlikely to happen exactly so again for some time. Many of those who lost productivity to partake (including me) are chosing not to so invest their emotions and time in watching yet another litter of any breed. That having been said, I hope that when these owners are blessed with another litter that they will have the generosity again to share with us. I would watch again in a heartbeat!

  52. Dang it, while I was waxing philosophical, someone licked the puppy cam! Snicker!

  53. Sshh, assignments…fax, go to sleep…
    I’m watching the puppies,
    and puppies don’t keep.

    (from a poem about babies)

  54. One of them peed on the floor =(

  55. Hey, basset hound fans… there’s some 5-day old basset puppies at http://mindypups.blogspot.0om

  56. Ok, there are some new Shiba Inu’s on Ustream.

    Unfortunately, they will not replace these in my heart. I am so sad.

    On the new Shiba’s they have an ad running through it, and they spelled “purebread” “pure bread”.

    Not the same, but better than nothing.

    I’m off to see the Basset hounds.

  57. oh those Bassett hounds are little bitty boos.

  58. David Harmon says:

    The Westchester bunch are still nursing — totally sweet.

    The guys on this cam are certainly feistier and more active, but you can also see how psyched they are every time a human comes into sight…. They’re ready for real homes.

  59. I’m watching these Shiba Inus, and there are only 77 other watching,that’s OK with me!

  60. scooterpants says:

    ok C. here i be.

  61. scooterpants says:

    OOOOHHHH! yeah! Patty P. , CLC, katrina, ummm, hum…(clears throat) Mr. Theo….! itz like home coming or somethin! hi ya’all!

  62. scooterpants found the other place to be.

  63. Hey Scooterpants! I do keep checking back. After all, there ARE still three puppehs here, I wubs dem!

  64. Yes, I’m still here and now there are tow on camera all night-nights. Night-nights taking up the whole bed! So sweet.

  65. scooterpants says:

    seems ya might make fun of me.
    butt. O-tay i can take it…
    Really thou- just look at them frolicking , they are so love-ables.
    Ayumi rocks doesnt she? no wonder she is the ‘keeper’ she does look SO much like her Mama, Kiki. what an angel.
    she is (almost) the perfect Shiba Inu female to carry on the line, she has all the ‘right stuff’, props to Mr and Mrs Hands for their judgement on this MOST important call.

    “I am not worthy”, BOWS to your authority…

  66. scooterpants says:

    AH GEE . there is mrs lovely red fingernail polish lady, gettin all the puppeh lovin… how sweet an adorables… i am SO jealous. but it iz so nice for all of them… (*holds self back from leaping into laptop screen*)

  67. scooterpants says:

    hmmm MRS has the same fab hair as MR. PLUS the tattoo’s???? don’t they just rock our collective worlds??? shut your mouth…

  68. scooterpants says:

    oh ya, just check out the angel Ayumi gettin all the goodies from her mama human. she is no dummie. i love to see this happening, and there are NO favorites being shown by either mr or mrs Loving Hands, Ayumi just knows! she is such a smart girl!!!

  69. Wahhh! I missed all the puppy-parent action today.
    Thanks fopr keep vigil, Scooterpants!

    At first, I typed “scooperpants” but at least I soon saw the error of my ways.

  70. scooterpants says:

    ‘scooper’, ‘scooter’ same diff, since i pick up pommie pooe every day and i scoop the cat box too. its all about the poo. 🙂
    bwah ha ha!

  71. scooterpants says:

    ok so duh. totally new view on the puppeh bed. luv it. and the bed iz so cool. and there is my girl. MS Ayumi…the perfect and pristeen, jus like her mama Kiki… (and total lil _hit monster, DESTROYER OF ALL SHE SEES!) ha! I luff her! YOU go girl ! tear it up!

  72. scooterpants says:

    nice mr hands used to monitor this site occasionally, i dont think he has time any more, too bad.

  73. scooterpants – you are a riot too. 🙂

  74. scooterpants says:

    crap. i must be the last one here watching the fab running, jumping, playing, rough housing, it iz SO wonderful…
    gee, i feel so bad that ya’all just left, i guess for newer, younger pupps???
    ***kicks dirt under PF fliers*….

  75. wake up, puppies, wake uuuupppp!!!!!!!! :-DDDD

  76. scooterpants, I come back ever so often, but it seems they are usually sleeping. I keep wondering why the other two pups are still around. Mr Hands may not have this link as it’s been the third post for his litter. I’m not watching any other puppers. Just would not be the same.

  77. BTW, LOL about the pom-poo!

  78. scooterpants says:

    oh look at how gorgeous they are!
    they are beautiful dogs now! (cries a little tear for the loss of their puppeh-hood)
    its so wonderful….
    i want Ayumi for my own, shes a hell-cat, love baby, perfect pet.
    i cant wait to see her grow.
    i hope she gets to show!

  79. scooterpants says:

    patty p
    yep. the pom is 4 yrs old on jan 11th. so i guess the poo is not gunna stop, she just has to stay in the house way too long while i am at work. (she really prefers to go outside)
    luckily, i feed her a good high fiber diet- (ha, i think) the pupps are so mature now, they are beautiful arent they?

  80. Scooterpants, yes! They are yummy little doglets, still so cute and handsome/pretty.