‘Tocks ‘n’ Pads

[Sing to the tune of ‘Cups and Cakes’ by Spinal Tap]

‘Tocks ‘n’ pads, ‘tocks ‘n’ pads
Oh what naps this puppeh’s had!
If you’ve got to honk-shu, a striped carpet will do,
Find a nice bright sunbeam too

‘Tocks ‘n’ pads, ‘tocks ‘n’ pads
Biscuit-shaped toes are really rad
Got no visible tail, cuteness we all hail,
Sending a smooch priority mail

Chow and kibble, leg of lamb
"Yes please, sir" and "Thank you, ma’am"
Shiba cam

‘Tocks ‘n’ pads, ‘tocks ‘n’ pads
Pour some Ranch on your sal-ad
How sad it must "end"
But I’m glad I’d a friend
Sharing ‘tocks and padswith me
And pads with me…


Melina A., hopefully you and your Boston Terrier are singin’ along…




  1. This is absurd! CO you’ve gone too far! This nonsense must cease at once! I say!

  2. biscuithead says:

    Those toes!

  3. Wait a minute, let me guess, you expect us to ooh and squee and snorgle and make grabby hands, while singing Tocks ‘n Pads to the tune of Cups ‘n Cakes?
    By Spinal Tap???
    We’ll do eet!

  4. binky-mama says:

    I find it scary that I immediately identified this as a Boston Terrier. First thought upon seeing this pic “Oh look at the Boston butt”!

    *reaches out to tickle toes*

  5. Awesome! What a marvelous song. And those ‘tocks, those adorable ‘tocks…!

  6. I have so many pictures of my Boston, Ratso, like this.

    We also call them drumsticks, or try to put curled paper feeties on them like lamp chops.

  7. While I do appreciate the effort, really, I do… honestly the only Spinal Tap song that has a hoeball’s chance in Schnell of earworming me is “Big Bottom”. Talk about mud flaps.

  8. chortlemeister says:

    @ binky-mama: i find it scary that you find it scary that you immediately knew it was a Boston. I only have 2 Bostons, but I see more Boston butt than I am proud to admit. That said, i want to peench it… just a little.

  9. Theo, those toes look like bottoms actually.

  10. [looks again]


  11. blinky-mamma — i find it way more scary that i put this to the right tune before reading what tune i was supposed to put it to. i probably haven’t seen spinal tap in like 10 years, but there it was…

  12. …one Cute Overload antidote coming right up, …
    they also look like fly heads, bug eyes, ew and even the spongeing mouthpart…

  13. Anner … me too! Creepy. But I love the Spinal Tap / cuteness combo. 2 of my favorite things!

  14. berthaservant says:

    More proof that Meg is my dream girl.

    (Although technically, “Cups and Cakes” is a song by ‘The Thamesmen’ – they didn’t become Spinal Tap until “Listen to the Flower People.”)

  15. binky-mama says:

    @ Kimski- I do believe you are right! There ARE three..er..”bottoms” in the picture!

  16. Ok, the alt-text is what finally did me in. Heeeheheheheee

  17. turtletattoo says:

    His pads remind me of fortune cookies- think there might be an inspirational message hidden inside?

  18. Classic Boston Butt. Put some maple glaze on it.

  19. Breakfast is served!

  20. I want to see the rest of that “wide load”! Uncrop please!

  21. Mmmmm…glazy…drool…

  22. The toeses look like upside down hearts to me not bottomses…

  23. Possibly the funniest tocks’n drumsticks pic EVER!

  24. I’m calling “Buffy Fan” on whoever wrote that hovertext!

  25. @ binky-mama…you are not alone. I told my husband “I bet that’s a Boston butt”.

    I once saw a sign on a grocery store advertising “Baked Boston butt”.

  26. totalee puppy says:

    detox unit…STAT!

  27. warrior rabbit says:

    Unless the hovertext has changed, it’s from Spinal Tap.

  28. That’s a great song!