(sigh) I Remember Back In 1963…

Man, those were the days.  You could get into Fenway Park for fifty cents back then, a Hershey bar was a nickel, and gasoline was only thirty cents a gallon, if you can believe that— and lemmie tellya, when I drove my Impala in for service, the crew gave me the royal treatment.  Now, I gotta pump my own gas, sigh …

I think I'm a quart low.

What’s the world coming to, Brinke G.?



  1. Nice outfit!

  2. Awww i love it! he’s all like, “behind the ears please. hey! watch the paint job! its custom!” 😀

  3. (…is everybody nappingks?)

  4. I can’t imagine those birdeh claws feel too good digging in when they’re hanging from the chest and belleh. What do they find so tasty?

  5. Cyan Walker says:

    These birds have a somewhat symbiotic relationship with animals like these where they eat the ticks that have latched onto them. However, they do not get enough protein from the blood in the ticks, and often will pick off the scabs from wounds and drink the blood that comes out. They have been known to cause an animal to bleed to death.

  6. warrior rabbit says:

    Some guys get all the chicks.

  7. warrior rabbit says:

    So he really could be a quart low, eh, Cyan?

  8. Von Zeppelin says:

    Great two-tone paint job on that ’63 Impala. Nice stripe job on the rear deck, too.

  9. bookmonstercats says:

    Magneeficent! What a beauty. Hopefully he looks too healthy for the awful fate Cyan says could be in store for him.

  10. bookmonstercats says:

    Von Zep, do you really think he’s a ’63 model? Looks like a more recent model, or perhaps he’s a refurb.

  11. spikedcolor says:

    Anyone else’s eyes go all wonky looking at those horns? I swear they keep switching sides :/

  12. LOVE IT!!
    Impala: Yeah, yeah down a little more….to the left…HEY WATCH IT!

  13. Now, that is a very easy-going fella…. 🙂

  14. Spike — sorta, yeah. :S

  15. Janet in Cambridge says:

    Oxpecker of some sort looking for blood-suckers. The animals love the “service.”

  16. Okay I went looking for the info that Cyan Posted and found this site


    IT seems that there is a scientific communtiy doing research on these birds and their relationship with the animals they remove ticks from… the scientists are working on figuring out if the behavior Cyan talked about happens always or when there are not enough ticks to go around.. anyway the site was interesting and there is a nice close up of one of the birds who look really cool in and of themselves. And are /were on the endangered species list for a while

  17. Von Zeppelin says:

    @bookmonstercats: I asked those guys servicing the Impala. They tell me it’s a cherry ’63, low original mileage. It can still to 0-60 in under 8 seconds. On Saturday nights, they dragrace against the cheetahs on the highway outside of town.

  18. I suspect one of those dudes is telling him a very interesting secret. If you lean in you can almost hear it…

    Fenway eh? I wonder if I should get a Tshirt with “Are you NTMTOM?” and hang out there for a while. 😀 If nothing else the Franks are to die for.

  19. holligans says:

    Spike’s right. Stare at the antlers for a bit – they switch back and forth…urp…

  20. anastasia says:

    i wonder what the birdeh at its ear is whispering?

  21. “Why do Impalas have bells? Because the horns are twisted?”

    OK, I got nothing.

  22. I like the ones clinging to the underside. That’s some good balancing technique there.

  23. Pit Crew birds!
    Fastest tick stop in the Indeer 500. Driver in a bad crash? Heyyy.
    Complete blood transfusion in 12.3 seconds!

  24. Ok, since this is cute overload, DON’T JUDGE, but I just woke up from a bender, and thought that the grass shoots were where the birds had pecked into the big deer thing’s skin and it had sprung a leak. It took me a while to figure out what else it could have been. :S

  25. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    My dad had one of those horns on display in the living room, and as a kid, I never knew what it was. I am not sure where he got it, if he hunted the animal or bought it, or what… The animal itself is much lovelier with its horns than the horns are without the animal. Even if they do sort of weird out the eyes a little.

  26. Miss Helen! I see it!
    Ah ha ha ha ha! HA! Hhhhhh….. aaa!!!!!
    That was good!
    heeeeeee! Beautiful.

  27. scooterpants says:

    ummm… FLEAS.

  28. Twilight zone moment here.
    I used to have a ’63 Impala. I have a kitteh named Fenway. Yes, named for the ballpark.
    Thanks nomtom.. looking over my shoulder.. LOL.

  29. Fuzzybutt says:

    We actually owned a ’64 Bel Air.

    What exactly IS a “Bel Air?”

  30. GO SOX!

  31. totalee puppy says:

    pyrit–thanks for “fastest tick stop in the Indeer 500″…the whole comment is

  32. Martha in Washington says:

    Hey!! I have pictures of both of these animals!! Only not together 😦 The oxpeckers are on a Cape Buffalo and the Impala are in a herd. We saw them on our trip to South Africa last year. (The hotel fed us impala for dinner one night. I tasted it just to be polite.)

  33. wannadance says:

    why would a critter have stripes on the bum?evolutionarily or survivalonkq speaking? and why are both horns on the same side?

    and is this a blowup gazelle? there’s sproingo leaks comin out of ees belly.

    back to bed.

  34. berthaservant says:

    Symbiosis is cute if BOTH animals are cute. That is an unofficial rule.

  35. Gorgeous animal, gorgeous birds.

  36. Ah, the bloodsucking oxpeckers.

  37. Oh can’t you see, there’s a bird on me, oh can’t you see, there’s a bird on me. I can’t see if there’s one or two or ten or three! I don’t want to complain or raise a fuss but those birds up there think I’m a motorbus!

  38. I like to think that the impala has some itches that he cannot reach, and the oxpeckers are scratching the itches and making him feel good.

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