I can’t decide if this is lazy, brilliant, or both.

"Delicious McGrassersons—I must have eet!"

[The sound of a thousand noms]

I guess those two aren’t mutually exclusive Josh N.



  1. Ohhhhhhhhh……

  2. Both!

  3. Ponies!!!1!

  4. cute horsy! love the prehensile leeps 😀

  5. Brilliant and sad. Definitely should be in the “cute or sad” category.

    Get that horse a pasture!

  6. Juniper Jupiter says:


    Looks like he’s munchin’ on some horsenip!

    Or is it horseradish??

  7. That is brilliant. How smart and efficient to rest AND eat at the same time. I do this routinely. With a book, and a snack, in bed.

  8. Ace!

  9. This ingenious, silly little foal happens to be blind. There are loads of videos of him and his ranch-mates at YouTube.

  10. There are several WONDERFUL vids at this site! This horsey is blind! And he has an hysterical cute blind doggie friend there, too. So CUTE!!! :):):)

  11. grass! it’s a pillow AND a tasty snack!

  12. What a cute little horseeee!

    It is making it’s way in the world sideways. (like the owl?)

  13. biscuithead says:

    Brilliant, not lazy.
    Warms the heart.

  14. Gosh. There’s a lot more to this. These animals are on a special farm for disable animals called Rolling Dog Ranch. So much LOVE! All their vids are must watches!!

  15. Haha, lazy bum! Adorable, though!

    Vegetarians do it best. 😀

  16. Amy — in the context of this example, you seem to be saying they just lie there and eat. I guess if the goal is energy efficiency, then you win, but where’s the fun?

  17. What a smartie! Love this little guy/gal!

  18. Another pet from Crazy Ernie’s Factory Seconds!

  19. Vanessa The Animal Rights Advocate says:

    Rolling Dog Ranch is a wonderful place run by a super couple who take in disabled animals. Cash is blind.
    They’re angels.

  20. Great video of Rollingdog Ranch

    I should apply for a summer internship 😀

  21. I call it brilliantly lazy!Or is that lazily brilliant?

    And the birds chirping away in the background only add to the peaceful scene.

    I was going to be sad that Cash is blind, but it doesn’t seem to be bothering him at all. Yay for Rolling Dog Ranch!

  22. Same foal, part 2

  23. LOL even though the horse is already halfway under, he doesn’t want to bother shifting all the way through. And why should he? Much better to just stay under the fence. Less work involved.

  24. Foals have loooong legs out of proportion to their bodies. They can get tired just trying to graze, since it’s such an effort to reach the ground; they have to spread their forelegs reeeeeally wide and stretch their little necks as loooong as they can go. So it’s not all that unusual to see a foal lying down grazing; it’s just easier that way.

    For some reason they seem to forget when they get older…although lying down actually stresses the horse’s body, once the horse is reasonably large.

    And it’s still amazingly adorable to see a li’l guy lying down and eating.

  25. Hey,I look at this site everyday! It’s da bomb! That’s why I got your calendar,no applause needed!

  26. That’s a link to a video about Rolling Dog Ranch. Watch at your own risk; you will cry!

  27. This little foal is so cute nibbling on the grass.

    Since he is at a rescue ranch I wanted to include a link to another rescue ranch. Crystal Peaks youth ranch in Oregon specializes in taking abused horses they have rescued and pairing the horses with abused children. The owner of the ranch, Kim Meeder, has written a couple of books about the ranch. Her stories are amazing.

    This is the link if anyone would like to see it.


  28. This should be in the ‘cute or sad’ category!

  29. I’m in no position to call him lazy… I was just lounging in bed eating blueberry truffles while reading, he is doing the horse version of that. 🙂

  30. i love the way he doesn’t even bother to go much out of his way – just a little back and forth, not too much exertion. Reminds me of our cat Moonpie, who can’t be bother to move when we open the refrigerator – she just lets herself be pushed along the floor like a dust mop, with an stubborn and unconcerned expression on her face.

  31. JC Great link

  32. berthaservant says:

    Yay for people helping animals with special needs!

    (still waiting for the “nomnomnom” tag)

  33. I just watched the video of him playing with the zipper. It’s hilarious!

  34. Psilopathic says:

    Why doesn’t someone let him to the grassy side? (so he can lay down and essentially do the same thing over there.) He’s in the mud… I cannot wait to look at his youtube videos (I bet he is a star). Thanks to commentators who gave the heads up on his condition/videos.

  35. Totally prosh!

  36. Martha in Washington says:

    How come no one has said this yet…The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence!

  37. binky-mama says:

    The other videos made me cry….this place is truly wonderful. The “wobbly” animals remind me of my old arthritic horse who is in retirement and has similar neurological issues. These animals are truly blessed to have found such a wonderful home and to be loved for who they are. I swear every animal in the video was smiling! 🙂 *sniff*

  38. binky-mama says:

    @ Shaz the Original- I second your comment on the zipper video…priceless!

  39. warrior rabbit says:

    Put a remote in his hoof, and it’s basically me.

  40. That’s funny. Little blind bubby. He looks like he needs some Funyuns, dude. Whoooaaa munchies…

  41. Horses do this sort of thing frequently…it’s cool that, despite being blind, this baby compensates quite nicely !

  42. I think it’s very important in these hard economic times to remember places like RollingDog Ranch who give animals a second chance to live out there lives in peace and happiness. Every dollar we give to these non-profit organizations makes a difference!

  43. EEK! Did you see the vid of this sweet baby playing with the the zipper!!?? (erm, not what it sounds like) MUST SEE!!

  44. spacebunny says:

    Wow, horses apparently are very smart! Anthropologists are always talking about how smart apes are, well I think they neglect to mention horses!

  45. Wait, your screen name is “Space Bunny”? Here:

    [flashback waves, flashback waves, flashback waves…]

  46. Thanks Theo for the flash. Sadly, I didn’t even know cuteoverload exsisted in 2005! And I am so very sorry. I’m doing my best to make up for this trangression. Weally.

  47. Hooray for extra-good people like the Rolling Dog Ranch! 🙂

  48. IT is a happy accident tired mc colterson layed down by the edge of the coral and his wee little colty head slipped under the bars and as he was dreaming horsey dreams his nose smelled the grass and nom nom nom and voila a genius is born. He went on to teach all his little friends and the horsey school of proper under fence noming was created.

  49. Peanutcat says:

    Brilliant! That’s the only way the poor widdle pony can reach the nummy-nummy grass!

  50. Oh and since I posted before I read the comments casue sometimes I read them and forget what I was gonna post. YAy for the ranch that taked in disabled animals
    and yay for the ranch helping both disabled animals and children.

  51. Janet in Cambridge says:

    That’s blind baby Cash at The Rolling Dog Ranch in Ovando, MT. Steve and Alayne take in disabled horses, dog, and cats. See their website at: http://rollingdogranch.org/about/index.html or read their daily blog at: http://blog.rollingdogranch.org/.

    I’m addicted to it as much as I’m addicted to CO.

  52. Sweetest little horsie ever.

  53. Definitely both!
    At least horsey doesn’t have to worry about crumbles in bed like the rest of us.

  54. Clearly this is a good jewish pony practicing for Seder

  55. “The sound of a thousand noms” — sing to the tune of “Land of 1000 Dances”

    Nommm, nomnomnomnom,
    Nomnomnomnom nom-a-nom nom-a-nom,
    Nomnom nomnommm!

  56. Brillazy!

  57. sunshine, birds chirping, it’s paradise.

  58. Thank you. M.V.

    My initial feeling was that this precious was infirmed. I was hoping to be wrong, but no matter! He looks like he’s in heaven. I mean isn’t that what heaven looks like for horsies? Plenty of grass and a nice, cozy spot to rest? Bless him/her!

  59. I <3 him! Such a smart little horsie.

  60. Nom nommington! I just think he looks uber happy. 🙂

  61. totalee puppy says:

    KarlaB–Love the name
    “moonpie” for your cat!
    Best little horse–all time.

  62. that’s the cutest baby horsey ever 😛

  63. eikoleigh says:

    I vote brilliant….

  64. This just in… The grass IS greener on the other side of the fence.

  65. OH GOD. Teh aminals, they iz learning how to be lazy, like us! X3

    Yet they never get fat, because after such sessions of lazy lounging, it’s back to running about. :3

  66. Thanks,G,for helping us to understand about foals (didn’t know that word).
    Thanks,Annie,for a nice story.
    Thanks,Cash,for showing us
    that challenge doesn’t hold you back. Your picture inspires us to keep on trying and to trust our feelings.

  67. Awww it’s Cash!!! You should see what he can do with a zipper . . . Rolling Dog Ranch is great. You gotta feature the Smokey & Charley videos!

  68. Poor thing says:

    As you can see, it’s closure is fairly muddy and seems to e lacking grass.
    So the horse it’s getting it’s food by other means.

  69. that’s sad. it looks like the only grass available is outside the gate and the only way for it to reach it is to eat lying down. that’s not normal. free the poor thing! or at least keep it somewhere that has grass.