Hey, Wanna Come To A Stag Party?

“Hey, sweetie, my friend here’s getting married on Tuesday, and we were wondering if you’d like to … hey, where you goin’?  Aw, come on, honey, we just need you to pop out of a cake, that’s all!”

(OK, actual story:  This nice lady visiting Japan gave the deer some of her bread — and promptly learned why that’s not such a good idea.)



  1. (shudder) Soulless killing machines.

  2. PS, did she maybe ask for a “nice, firm butt” for Christmas?

  3. This is actually in Nara. The deer are called “shika” and they do that to everyone. Particularly if they have “shikesembei” a rice cracker. It’s pretty adorable.

  4. OMG! If I were her I would have been there all day feeding them crackers and singing “Feed the deer. Toppins a bag. Toppins! Toppins! Toppins a bag.”

  5. Cyndi Eppler says:

    When I went to Japan, they did this for rice crackers, and when you have no more, you give them an empty hand signal and they go away. They also bow. It was delightful! Thanks for the memories!

  6. I love that she calls back “Bye, Sorry!” as the buck looks on, bereft. As though he wasn’t a terribly persistent mooch.

  7. It’s “tuppence” a bag.

  8. man that friend of hers is gonna pass out giggling like that… breathe, girl!

  9. I wanna know why the traffic in Japan sounds like rushing water.

  10. heh, the last time i went to nara, i made the mistake of feeding one of the deer a small piece of mochi (sticky sweet rice flour ball thingie…).

    the bastard headbutted me all the way to the temple for more, and then called his friends.

    i think there was a video on CO a while ago of one of the deer using a nara bus stop, too…

  11. fish eye no miko says:

    portera said: “The deer are called ‘shika'”

    For the record, “shika” is the Japanese word for deer.
    There’s actually an anime character named Nara Shikamaru. His family raises deer. ^_^

  12. OMG get a load of those furry white ‘tocks! Lol she is like that disney princess with the animal friends….!

  13. That giggle is contagious! 🙂

  14. violetgreen says:

    This would’ve been cute for the laugh alone! 😀

  15. Yeah, they’re all over Nara and Miyajima too, and I got to feed a baby deer the shika senbei when I was there. ZOMG, they’re so cute! *goes find my baby deer puddle pictures*

  16. Ahhh a tuppence. Cheerio!


  17. When i was in Nara, one of them headbutted me in the back to knock me over and then they all trampled me to get at the pocky in my backpack. Love those deer!

  18. Um yeah, sounds like a faceload o’ fun…

  19. Oh yeah, I have a video of my boyfriend-at-the-time being head butted in the groin by the same deer 😎 And one of me being chased around the place… crazy things.

  20. wish that was me..

  21. Do the free-roaming deer near all that traffic make anyone else nervous?

  22. Agree with Jahni and Violetgreen. That’s the most infectious laugh I have ever heard! I watched this a second and third time just for the giggling. Thanks for the smile!

  23. My thoughts exactly, Skip. But it sounds like the deer are pretty domesticated, since they spend their days begging for junk food from tourists, so I’m sure they’re safer than your average run-of-the-mill woodland creature. So effin cute though!!!

  24. This is what happens when you blow through security checks at Japanese airports. They send out the Shika Squad! The buck stops here, Lady!

  25. Or maybe they want to hoof-stamp her passport…

  26. That was funny. I felt so sad for the deer at the end.

  27. I’m still laughing. What a great situation… also, love the comment at the end, which sums it up PERFECTLY.

  28. That deer’s expression at the end just breaks my heart!

  29. I just love her “I’m Sorry!” as she’s making her escape. God Bless Enablers, we want to help so much. Even when we know we’re not supposed to.

  30. I know! (hee)
    She needs to get to the top of the porch, no, the top of the wall, and shout, “Dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!”

  31. Von Zeppelin says:

    Maybe “shika” is also the Japanese word for “schnorrer.”

  32. I had a similar experience at Nara, except I had my ex-boyfriend add some Gilbert and Sullivan to the video:

  33. Well that settles it. I’m goin to Japan.

  34. LOL, pyrit! 😀

  35. The Nara deer are basically pigeons with 4 legs! They can be quite aggressive if they think there is food involved and I’ve seen them swarm/bully many well-meaning visitors to Nara Park!! Yes, they may be cute but they are best completely ignored – trust me! (I’ve smacked numerous deer on the nose. Gosh, that makes me sound like a big meany, doesn’t it…) Oh, and they are protected in Nara. Vehicles have to give way – but no one is moving fast in that part of town anyway.

  36. scooterpants says:

    pleeze do not walk out into the road you goof-ball…

  37. AuntieMame says:

    The camera lady’s cackle was the best part.

  38. I’ve been here. This is Nara Park. You’ve got to be careful with those deer though…they can get aggressive. Being surrounded by all those deer wasn’t the best idea. My brother (he was 7 at the time) almost got run over by a doe that came at him when he tried to give her a piece of bread. =X

  39. Deer Tocks!!!

  40. Oh dear(no pun intended).

  41. Yes, yes! This happened to me when I went to Nara – they even chomped on my mom’s ‘tocks!

  42. And I thought the seagulls at home were bad!

  43. “Just keep walking..”


    Oh man. They’re like the raccoons in Stanley park. But I get kinda irked cause it’s bred into us since we are in school: DON’T FEED THEM! Then people do anyways lol, and this sort of thing happens.

  44. Aww… the deer looked so sad at the end. Like “don’t leave us!” *plink plink*


  45. OMG the deer are so polite!

  46. Oh gosh… that video is hilarious, especially with the giggling. I have to say, though, those Nara deer always scare the crap out of me! They’re a bit pushy, and are apparently dangerous during rutting season. But, if you go during the school year you get to laugh at middle school kids on field trips as they feed the deer shikasenbei and then start screaming when they get chased around 😛

  47. Did the giggling camera-girl say “best prank ever!”? I love the idea that she welcomed her pal to Japan and immediately tricked her into feeding the deer. Hee.

  48. I’ve been there — the girl I was with had gone shopping, and a deer INSTANTLY came up and ate half her paper shopping bag. All her nice gifts, all over the road.

  49. totalee puppy says:

    Cute overwhelmed!

  50. abs0lutelyfab says:

    What a pack of thugs, scoundrels, hustlers, grifters and thieves!

    If only they had legs full of Folex watches. “Hey, lady, you wanna make a deal?”


  51. Houdi's Mom says:

    I love a parade!

  52. I was there! I experienced it in person! Nara is my personal utopia. One of the most special places in the world. Deers rule in Nara! Hurray!

  53. Maybe you shouldn’t feed them but the locals sure encourage it. Every 100m or so you can buy deer biscuits for like 200Y.

  54. Oooh they’re so beautiful! I’m sure if they were acting aggressive they could be scary, but I would LOVE to be in her shoes in this video. Reason #516 on my list of reasons to go to Japan.

  55. Denise Conner says:

    @ Emily,
    The reason to not feed them is only so they don’t get pushy or follow you for several blocks. Personally I found them rather intimidating and stayed away from them. If this is something you want to do knowing the consequences (for you; the deer will be fine), by all means do so.

  56. So, “Grandma got run over by a Reindeer” is a documentary?

  57. Gail (the first one) says:

    Good one, Katrina!!!!

    I would totally bring a bagful of rice crackers to see those deer up close!!!! Consequences be damned!! (Picturing legs and arms dotted with tiny antler bruises)

  58. Thanks, Gail(the first one), I would bring enough food to stuff those tummies! There is something about feeding things that is just irresistible to me! They would be so logie they wouldn’t be able to follow me- like Thanksgiving afternoon!

  59. Hey baby! I’ve got whatchu want! I’ve got whatchu need!

  60. In high school, when going to Nara, my classmates used to stick senbei and bread in other students back pockets (particularly the girls) just to see the deer come and eat from their pants/skirts, and butt them in the rear. Immature, highly, but also funny.

  61. Thissis WHATchu need, Igiveyou WHATchu need-ah

  62. catwithagrin says:

    I remember going to Nara and wanting to feed the deer. I had no shikasenbei, but my friend had a huge bag of M&M. who knew deers liked chocolate. They chased up right until we had no more M&M for them. It was so cute!

  63. catwithagrin-did you grow up to be a animal dentist?

  64. I watched a lady at the same spot try to get a full newspaper out of a buck’s mouth. He ended up eating the whole thing, which he’d stolen from her purse, never realizing it was not edible.

    School kids being harassed by deer: http://www.flickr.com/photos/travoid/2646744514/in/set-72157606013322511/

  65. What on Earth? Why are there rando deer wandering around the park? The Japanese kicking our butts in teh qte again!

  66. berthaservant says:

    I couldn’t have put it better myself, Fegli. We’re all just commenting like “Oh, yah, blah blah blah, deer walking the streets of Nara, blah blah blah” and I want to say WAIT A MINUTE people (movie trailer record scratch) — THERE ARE DEER WALKING THE STREETS OF JAPAN? Is there ANY question why they kick our ass it qte? I bet every office has a pet bunneh and every kid gets a baby stoat for a sixth birthday present and every Friday is “Try to out-cute your neighbor” day.

    P.S. If you’ve ever walked through Washington Square Park with long hair and a slightly lost look you will also find unusual creatures following you with desperate entreaties.

  67. lurkingsmirk says:

    Some enteprising soul should invent a way for you to feed the deer from a safe distance, like a souped up armored segway or something.

  68. See, this lady was lucky. I got bitten when I ran out of approved deer-biscuits. I admit I bopped the little guy on the nose. Not hard, a’course, just enough to say “cool it, cute-stuff!”

  69. That’s kind of magical xD

  70. cobratoes says:

    OMG, I was laughing hard enough just watching. lol Had that been me, I would have had to stop to breath I would have been laughing so hard. Ridiculous! xoD

  71. Aw, man, another reason I can’t wait for my trip to Japan! I just know I’m gonna be there all day feeding the deer :o) I just hope they have some inexpensive rice cracker stores

  72. I LOVE how the friend is absolutely NO help at all – too busy cracking up. That’s grand.

  73. My parents went to nara on their honeymoon. They still have the map from there. The corner is missing cuz a deer ate it.

  74. The deer hang out around a lot of temples and tourist locations in Japan, and have, I’ve heard, for a very long time. They get food (and shelter, in a lot of cases) out of it, and the tourists and temple visitors get the novelty of cute deer.

  75. Gosh this brings back memories of my trip to Japan. I bought “Deer’s Cooky” in Nara, and when I was out of cookies, they all started trying to eat my trench coat ties (I think because they were the same color). There are some places in the US where you can visit Japanese deer. My parents took me to visit them (at Griffith Park, I think) when I was small.

  76. Dobermama says:

    I had a whitetailed doe try to eat my jacket off me once. By the time I realized what was going on, she had most of the right side of it chewed up and spitty in her mouth. Heh.

  77. So cute! I remember going to feed the deer in Nara with a friend. Just as he was paying for deer wafers with paper yen, a deer zoomed up and ate the money out of his hand. I guess the deer was cutting out the middleman!

  78. It’s like she was Britney Spears and the deer were the paparazzi…

  79. Madeleine says:

    Being chased/nommed by deer is a bad thing?!?! Sounds like the stuff of my wildest dreams.

    I would be so tempted to try to bring those deer back to my house and teach them to help me clean dishes a la Snow White.

    Then again, I tend to feed the largely tamed animals I come across (am smart enough not to do this with wild ones). Used to carry cat food in my backpack so that I could feed the various cats on my college campus.

  80. There used to be a small park near my house that had deer in a little pen. We would go feeed them. Once my sister was feeding them apple peels and the deer took her glove right off her hand and ate it! It was kinda scary and funny all at once.

    We put out food for the deer in my backyard now but they don’t let us get close enough to feed them. We just admire them through the window. I just love watching them and occasionally they are there when I get home from work and we get into a staring contest for a few minutes before they run off. It’s so cool to have encounters with wildlife.

  81. This is Nara I went here on my trip to Japan and a deer took my map from me and ate it!

  82. That is THEE BEST [throat-warbler mangrove] EVAR Theresa!

    [http://www.squidgrid.com/cute/Glossary.htm#FP – Ed.]

  83. LoL…I was in Nara March of this year and got totally molested by these deers even when we didn’t feed them anything!!!

    They are so used to grazing from the tourists so they will first give you a tongue bath to smell out the goods. Caution dont ever buy the deer cookies, unless you want all deers to gang up on you. We’ve seen a lot of hapless tourists got chased all over the park right after they bought the deer cookies

  84. omg too cute. I would never leave, I would just stand there petting them forever.

  85. until they ATE YOU MUHUAHAHAHAHAHAAAA *urk* [coff coff coff] scuse me.

  86. hamster-on-rye says:

    Katrina, what a super idea!
    Let’s have “Grandma Got
    Runover by a Reindeer” as a soundtrack for the video.
    LASSA, thanks for “cutting out the middleman”.

  87. shame-on-me says:

    Don’t try this in edible

  88. Sorry, but very annoying giggle.

  89. I loved Nara. Was so much fun.

  90. Poor deer looked so sad at the end 3:

    That’s adorable x3 Most people never even get close to a deer and you’ve got a whole herd following you <3