The Chosen Puppeh!

Many of you followed great interest the story about Martha Stewart’s quest for a new puppeh. We have an update!

As you recall, ever since Martha’s sweet pup Paw Paw passed away in April ’08, Martha has been searching for a Chow Chow, and has finally found one!

Introducing… one of Paw Paw’s grandson’s… Genghis Khan!


[and two of his sisters:]


Back to Genghis in all his square-faced, Mongolian conquering glory!


Sender-Inner Eliad! WHAT A WONDERFUL CHOICE! This pup is too prosh for words! Check out Martha’s blog for more puppeh adventures…



  1. Aww, the pup has the anime smiley eyes. So kawaii!

  2. Hehe – when Martha calls the dog in from the yard, she’ll be yelling “Kaaahhhnnn!!”
    *Star Trek nerd giggle fit*

  3. So stubular! So cute!

    Now, if only the Obama’s would announce the First Puppeh.

  4. warrior rabbit says:

    Maybe it should be Genghis Conn, then. 😉

  5. But the blog says “I never ended up taking possession of that particular puppy. Instead, I decided to wait for another litter and I think things are right this time… Karen has told me that little Khan is very happy in his new home, where he lives with Daisy, a sweet fourteen-year-old chow chow.”


  6. warrior rabbit says:

    No, Izzh, she decided not to take Khan and wait for another litter. This is Genghis Khan, a different dog.

    It’s like horse racing (if you ever read the stuff under the horse’s name), where you have Chopped Liver and Liver & Onions and wind up with a new horse named Chopped Onions. Same type of naming continuity here.

  7. She’ll have him making table decorations in no time.

  8. I’m so depressed. This dog is richer than I’ll ever be. Sigh…

  9. berthaservant says:

    Well, I’m glad for puppeh and the owner…but really, naming your pet after Genghis Khan? Well, what’s in a name, I guess….

  10. @ warrior rabbit: For some reason I think my (unfortunate) high school nickname will be far more cute on this pup than it ever was on me. *le sigh* Kids can be so cruel.

  11. Foo Dogs!

  12. I’m sorry puppeh, but I must snuzzle you.


  13. can they see at all?? lol looks like they need glasses

  14. DLR in Canada says:

    Awww, that’s one cute puppy! Congratulations to Martha for choosing Genghis Khan. I agree with above posters who say can you imagine her calling out “Kkkhhhaaaannnn!” aka Captain Kirk’s yell in the Star Trek movie. Hehe.

  15. @Katie: LOL!

    @Hon Glad: I’m giggling my ass off because I read your post as: “She’ll make him into a table decoration in no time”.

    @Meg: I read the title and my hopes were dashed when I saw the post, thinking I’d find out which Shibu pup was remaining with the human parents. But this was so cute, I bounced away happy anyway. Prosh indeed!


    I want to grab him and squeeze him and squish him and kiss him and bite him and love him and MAKE HIM MY OWN!

  17. Gail (the first one) says:

    Cute and VERRRY furry!!!!

  18. OMG…that last pic is the MOST anerable Chow I’ve ever seen! I can say that because mine, Miao Yin, is HALF-Chow, half-peke. Whew. 🙂

  19. HOW prosh are the sistahs? Eep!

  20. I will adopt you, sisters! Even though I don’t like dogs that much, those look half-cat or something!

  21. Kewl! My Siamese kitteh is named Genghis. He was a wild child, thus the name, but is now a big ol’ loveable lump.

  22. How can anything be this stubbular? How?

  23. I really can’t see the big whoop about this at all.

    Never having been a radical in my life, I have felt that no breeders should get any attention at all while millions of cats and dogs die in shelters.

    Decent people should adopt, but then, it’s Martha.

  24. I adore the little triangle flap ears. I want to nibble them.

  25. I had a foster chow once! *is jealous of Martha, yet again*

    Mindy had her puppies last night!

  26. snoopysnake says:

    He looks like Martha Stewart herself, only cute.

  27. I wish she would have chosen all three 😦

  28. Ohmygod,
    These puppies are ADORABLE. They look like they have “^_^” faces on.

    [Why yes, yes they do. ☺ – Ed.]

  29. @ Katie. Bwahahahah Thanks now I will be hearing Captian Kirk All Day KAHHHHHHHHHN

  30. I read that as “Caption Kirk”. Still works.

  31. Pups'nstuff says:

    Chows bite.

  32. So do I.

  33. heyoooo

  34. Carrie- congratulations, you’re a puppygrandmother!Best wishes to all five of you.

    About this puppy, which I read ‘will be turned into a table decoration,’ too. It doesn’t really look real, now does it? I’d like to see how big it is today, the stubbular little beauty with the unfortunate name. Will people be naming their dogs ‘Saddam Hussein’ in the next millenium? I guess Jews have a longer historical memory, maybe. *sheesh*. But names always break down to more familiar names, so this one will be ‘gengy’ or ‘gissy’ or something, I’m sure. CUUUUTE!

  35. Hold on, half chow, half peke- how does that work exactly? Either a peke with a big ego and ability to stretch or a Chow that bends down easily? What? And, I’d like a picture, please.

  36. OMG!! Someone please set up a webcam on these puppies. This would tide me over this very sad day.

    *mourns for the little shiba pups who will be leaving this weekend*

  37. scooterpants says:

    “I haz such fluff-a-tude, I cannot see nusingk”!
    He’s SO cute! OMG, I shall faint now.

  38. ant man bee says:

    but then if Chopped Onions had a sibling would it be called Liver Liver?

  39. Wow, something here actually struck me as not cute. I just do not like Chow Chows.

  40. I love Martha, and am so happy for her new pupster! 🙂

  41. Berthaservant, I can give you an even odder Ghenghis Khan homage…Go to YouTube and look up “Dschinghis Khan” (I think I got the spelling right) or “Moskau.”

    A German 80s ABBA-esque band, in glam costumes, doing a song that is about a Mongolian conqueror. They were apparently really big in Europe, in the US not so much.

    The song is catchy, though…Look for Buffalax’s “translation” of how he hears the lyrics. Very funny.

    And oh, cute puppies!! So blocky and fuzzy!

  42. Gah. No, the song is not about Ghenghis Khan. The GROUP is named after him. The SONG is about Moscow. It’s a German song about a Russian city, by a German group named after a Mongolian conqueror. I need to go back to bed.

  43. He’s sweet and stubbular and all and I want to squish him and call him George. But what *really* got me was “We’re Ghengis’ sistahs”. Right! “Dontcha mess wit’ him!”


  45. soooo cute! too bad most chows have such unfriendly personalities.

  46. Ghengis Khan, Ghengis Khan
    Here’s a song for Ghengis Khan
    It’s not a town, it’s Ghengis Khan

    …and we’re done.

  47. OK, that’s *four* times that Shatner gag has been used on CO this morning, twice by me. I’m not setting the bar high, here, people. C’mon, it’s Friday, somebody do something better! Make me proud.

  48. warrior rabbit says:

    We had a dog named Spiro Agnew. 😉

    @ant man bee, I think that’s when they start with the hybrids and end up with something like Livoni.

  49. My gosh, they are the cutest things I ever saw. I just want to hug them to death

  50. Theo, have you seen (?) the Robot Chicken episode where Kirk and Spock are running a pizza parlor and Kahn is their delievery boy who fails at his job, so Kirk gets to yell… wait for it… KHAN!!!!!!!

    Made me giggle.

    To anyone who knows – How old do Chows need to be before their tongues turn blue?

  51. @Theo,

    For you, Trek II clip:

    Kirk yells at 2:18.

    Still looking for Robot Chicken clip…

  52. @Meredith, nobody asked your opinion.

  53. lillianjane says:

    I would be impressed if Martha got a dog from the shelter, but to create more dogs and let others die just doesn’t seem very cute to me.

  54. Huh, Patty P, I didn’t realize that second chick from Cheers was in Wrath of Khan. Lt. Saavik. Heh.

  55. Oh KC, don’t even bother.

  56. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    @Carrie-how cute!! Mindy was needing to shift positions when I peeked in, and all three puppies started whining, so she sighed (almost sounded human), and went back and flopped down again, resigned to staying there for their sakes. What a mom!!

  57. They look like giant versions of my hammy ^_^

  58. I believe Martha would DISAPPROVE of astroturf! Non?

  59. @Theo – Kirstie Ally. I loved her as Saavik and was pissed when they replaced her in the next movie with an ugly girl (Robin someone) for Spock to have sex with. During his adolescence. When he was growing up. Again. On the Genesis planet. I swear I’m not fully a Trek geek either…

  60. Williams, Patty. Robin Williams.

  61. @Theo- LMAO! No, that would make her Lt. Doubtfire, a very bad name for anyone manning the helm.

    *still snickering…*

  62. Not a Martha says:

    Is it just me or does Ghengis look a bit like Martha? (That’s a good thing).

  63. Sweet cracker sammiches, that is one CUTE puppy! If all the chows I’ve ever known weren’t neurotic and psychotic, I’d be tempted myself.

    TOTALLY off subject, but relevant to the site. Peeps, if you have a pet, please, PLEASE make sure it has a collar and tag on at all times, with all pertinent information. My hubby and I spent four hours yesterday going house-to-house with a sweet little spaniel that was roaming our neighborhood. We finally did locate the owner, and she just said “Oh, she never wears a collar because she’s strictly an inside dog.”

  64. the bug man says:

    Three cheers to Lisa for rescuing that lost spaniel.

    Collar and tags are a must. I can’t tell you how many bugs I’ve found wandering around outside without collar or tags. It makes it SO hard to find the owner…

  65. binky-mama says:

    Holy Cow! These balls ‘o fluff have the whole “smile with your eyes” thing perfected to an art!

  66. Lisa — don’t forget there’s those scannable RFID chips for pets now, too.

  67. I <3 <3 <3 anything for which the word "fuzzy blob" could be used! (In the spirit of the kangaroo post), good on ya CO!

  68. Those RFID chhips are wonderful. Killer Corgi has one. She always wears her collar and tags EXCEPT when I had to take it off because I bathed her in it and

    Think Crystal Gale (here): ‘don’t in turn my Corgi Greeenn! (Oh Lord, I’m so sorry I asked you to think Crystal Gale-I’m really sorry, it was too long to go for the gag.)

    Anhwhoooo, it took the green quite a while to go away. Tags are a must ‘all de time’- for that is when my wandering Welshwoman decided to go roamin’ in the gloamin’ (an international dog, to be sure) Teho, yes, we have gloamins in Central Connecticut. Big ones. A Corgi could get lost.

  69. and there cute little pinch face so cute

  70. True…RFID chips are awesome, but not really helpful to someone like me, that found the puppeh wandering at 4:58 pm (a time when most vets have switched to voice mail). Nothing can beat the dinosaur technology of a tag with the pup’s name, address and phone number!

  71. I’m generally not a chow person, but holy heck those are some freaking adorable puppies! How on earth she could ever choose is beyond me.

    I hope Martha chose a responsible, educated, ethical breeder – but with puppies that gorgeous, I’m guessing she found a good one. Li’l KHAAAAAANNN!!! is going to be just as handsome as his grandpappy.

  72. Wow, the pups are as cute as a button. =)

  73. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Lisa: Thank you so much for finding that puppeh’s home!!! That is really cool that you and your husband took the time!!!

  74. What, you don’t have an RFID scanner on your multi-tool? Might be time to ask Santa for an upgrade, hon. 😉

    (OK, so mine doesn’t either.)

  75. I literally gasped when I saw that first picture, that pup is unbelievable cute. I really thought I was a Pom person, but Chow Chows might be a new fave.

  76. i’m going to be barfing rainbows for hours after looking at these pictures! honestly, how can anything be so sickeningly, nauseatingly, cute? i feel like i have rainbow ebola!

  77. Breeding dogs when thousands are killed in shelters every day? Not cool, not cute.

  78. Amy, be a dear and Google “zero-sum game”. Hint: it doesn’t apply here.

  79. I wish someone would evict Theo.

  80. OMG!!!!!!

  81. Only Theo has the power to evict Theo!


  83. Theo sits, Theo rolls over, Theo gets a treat?

  84. Yes, I’m sure he does. Like a Japanese deer in a park, Theo is ever-present and we giggle at him. Feed the Theo at your own peril! But we do it anyway, it’s fun, and we end up giggling!

  85. Awwwwww! So cute! 🙂

  86. what an unfriendly name voor the littl’un.

  87. Has any one noticed how much this pup looks like Martha? Fur real!! Look!!

  88. stephanie says:

    awwwwww smoooshie cute cutes! i love!

  89. hamster-on-rye says:

  90. totalee puppy says:

    We need you, Theo–self-evict is not an option. The master of the poetic put-down…and other great stuff…

  91. Hamster — that page does exist, though sadly it’s just a generic link page by some opportunistic URL-grabber who’s got the domain name parked.

  92. Totalee — I’d stick around even if reality turned inside-out somehow, and Meg could no longer afford me. So, no worries.

  93. HOLY COW are those some ugly dogs…I feel nauseous…

  94. Holy Kawaii Anime Eyes, Batman.