Mr. and Mrs. Nutria Start Their Day

"Bye, honey! (kiss, kiss!) Have a great day (smooch!) foraging and digging up gardens! (yumm, smack!)"

"Will do, sweetie! (peck!) And make sure that Junior (slurp, lick!) finishes his burrowing homework! (umm-waah!)"

No tongues!

I’m getting chapped lips just watching them, Minette L.



  1. Muskrat Luh-huv!

  2. nutrias gave my cat fleas.

  3. Mary (the first) says:

    The first time I saw a nutria, I had no idea what it was. A beaver with a rat tail? Huh?? These two look almost cuddly, though. And yet.. I believe I’ll let them snorgle each other and not try to interfere.

  4. MWAH!

  5. Hugs and kisses foreveh!

  6. Stephanie C. says:

    While this photo IS very cute, nutria in general are very much not cute to me.

  7. ZOMG they’re like guinea pigs / hamsters/ beavers / porcupines! So much rodent wuvs!!! *joins the smooching*

  8. I’m calling “Young Frankenstein” on the h-text, right Tomtom?

    Wheesker city right here…

  9. 260Oakley says:

    “Did you grab a NutriaGrain bar for breakfast?” Yes, Nutria sounds so much more cuddly than Water Rat.

  10. They have orange teeth! So help me god, orange teeth!

  11. emmygirl123 says:


  12. AuntieMame says:

    Aww! Dey lurves each other!

  13. cellarmouse says:


  14. Jennie Mello says:


  15. scooterpants says:

    hmmm… Nutria, how “damaging” to all that they-
    see/eat/destroy /demolish, and so on. Not a fan of the lovelies. (out of their enviornment)

  16. Wow — as someone who grew up in southern louisiana, I never thought I’d see the day where nutria (*snorgling* nutria!) would be posted to cuteoverload. Well played.

  17. NTMTOM, I love your amusing posts- but g*dd*mn, I loathe nutria. I had to to work with then at an aquarium, and they are the most uncute creatures imaginable.

    Appreciate the cutesy-other-animal-couple image, though!

  18. Since everyone here seems so familiar with these creatures, I’m sort of embarrassed that this post sent me straight to google. I’d never even heard of a nutria before! But now I know. Their teeth are indeed amazingly orange, according to the photos. That’s cute, I guess…

  19. BServ, if you hadn’t called it, I was about to.
    In fact I’d call it one of the Old Standards here.

  20. needapuppy says:

    All– Mindy the basset hound is puppering right now…

  21. junior? psssshhh…who kisses that much after children? this must be the second marriage for the both of ’em.

  22. Huh. So that’s what a non-roadkilled nutria looks like. Kinda beaver-without-the-tail.

  23. That isn’t snorgling. That’s proof that nutria see each other as part of the food chain.

  24. @Kat: LOLOLs!

    Big water rats, yes. Snorgling cute though.

  25. Gail (the first one) says:

    So, Nutria is another name for Water Rat? Must have a good PR firm.

    Great pic, caption and hover!!!!!

  26. I hear Nutria are good to eat tho’ I’ve never wanted to try it.
    Yes, here in Southeast Louisiana, people eat Nutria.
    I think they’re cute but very distructive!

  27. Aren’t water rats one of the evil creatures in Redwall? Everyone knows they are inherently bad, jeez! They side with the weasels! 🙂

  28. I swear I can hear sappy violin music every time I look at this picture.

  29. Yep, everyone needs a good slurp before going to work in the morning.

  30. Do they taste like chicken? Or more like Johnny Cash? Or Joaquin Phoenix?

  31. Jez, they taste like KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!

  32. Cslick, oh no, what about sweet little Ratty in “The Wind in the Willows”?

  33. Kristabelle says:

    Gotta start the day with a nutriatious breakfast…

  34. Well, no. This is Wally Cleaver’s little brother, Beaver, whose unfortunate name just took him over, he found an nice Nutria girl in the swamp one day, he converted to get married, and there we have the result. At least they are happy in their decision.


  36. Any fans of Feasting on Asphalt here? Alton Brown had some very funny Nutria adventures 🙂

  37. Nutria? What a very odd name. It sounds more like a brand name for baby formula, somehow.

  38. I can’t help myself…
    Muskrat Susie, Muskrat Sam
    Do the jitterbug down in Muskrat land, and they shimmeeee…

  39. I used to feed the nutria at the park! 🙂 they would come up whenever you fed the ducks.

    i agree with idiolect…never thought they would make it to cuteoverload.

  40. Anna in Portland says:

    They are so common here in Oregon that we have started calling Beaverton Nutriaton.

  41. Nutria!!!! I <3 giant rodents sooo much!

    I read a year or so ago that nutria were becoming a big problem in the Louisiana (i think) area. They were overpopulating the area and taking over habitats for native species. Plus, people often handfed them, so they became more bold. Hunters were sent to shoot the nutria to control the population, and at first it was really easy because the nutria would come up to the hunters, thinking they would get a yummy handout. Eventually though, the nutria caught on and were near-invisible. The city actually brought in SWAT snipers to try to take them out.

  42. Giant Rats! UGH!

    Cute giant rats, though.

  43. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Oh my, Estella! Nearly-tame, hand-fed nutria?! Make me think of the Rodents of Unusual Size… none of that, thanks. And, having never heard of a “nutria,” but having heard of a water rat, I feel a tad less uninformed. Agreed, some PR firm, they have. Wonder if they’ll work for humans?

  44. For a while, Louisiana was trying to market nutria meat to help keep the population down. I gotta tell ya, I’m not a fan.

    Edward, nice Christmas Story reference!

  45. I luuuuuv giant ratties! ^_^

  46. @estalla’s story:
    ugh. hunters are at the top of my list. disgusting creatures, hunters. i wish hunters would be hunted 😀
    snorgling animals. Ai! the loveliness, the sweetitude.

  47. I’m going to chime in with the others and say that I never thought I’d see a nutria on cuteoverload. I’m okay with most rodents (my dad had a pet rat that I adored) but nutria are disgusting. They carry dangerous and yucky parasites, and they’ve become so prolific along the gulf coast (they are non-native to the US) that they are damaging local ecosystems. In short, they make me shudder. Blech.

  48. I am amused to see so many Louisiana folks chiming in here. Nutria are such a terrible pest down this-a-way that the state actually pays hunters to exterminate them for $5 a tail… but that’s because they eat-to-death our wetlands, home to much cuter critters like otters, duckies, and gators.

  49. we don’t have nutria around here. Its nice to see something different and learn something new.

  50. “Have a good day at the plant!”

    … you get it? Plant? Simpsons: 1, Captions: 0…

  51. I bet there are a lot of tail-less Nutria in those woods and swamps. I’m just sayin’.

    I like the orange teeth!
    I like the water critters. Hey, I’m a softee. Just somone else can take the snakies, thankyouverymuch.

  52. My strongest impression of nutria come from Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern….. =X

  53. @Needapuppy- Thanks for sharing the baby bassets with the world!

  54. totalee puppy says:

    Gail(the first one)LOL for
    “So, Nutria is another name for Water Rat? Must have a good PR firm.”