Well, Hi-De-Ho There, Neighbor!

“Golly, pleased ta meet’cha, don’tcha know!  My name is Gunderson, Betty Gunderson, and this is my husband, Laars, and we just moved into the house on the corner, and by gosh, this is such a great neighborhood, it sure is, I was just telling Laars how lucky we are to be here with the great schools and shopping and being off the main road away from the noise and all, and so what do you do for a living, then?  Oh my goodness, well that’s just fascinating, say maybe you and the family wanna come over for dinner tonight, won’t be nothing fancy, just tuna hot dish and salad, and if you wanted to bring something, maybe you could bring over a little drawn butter and lemon, that would be just super, so we’ll see you at seven then?”

I'm just so pleased to eat -- er, MEET ya!

There goes the neighborhood, C. B.



  1. Mary (the first) says:

    Yep, pleased ta meetcha!

  2. Hai New Neighbor how about joining us for a BBQ tonight!

  3. LOL, LAARS.

  4. fish eye no miko says:

    “maybe you could bring over a little drawn butter and lemon”

    It’s a trap!

    BTW, I kept reading this in the voices of the guys from MST doing their “Minnewegian” accents. ^_^

  5. What is that crustacean, and how did it get there??

  6. Oh fer silly.

  7. AuntieMame says:

    When I hear ‘Hi-de-ho neighbor,’ I hear it in Wilson’s voice from Home Improvement.

    (Uck…buttered scorpion…)

  8. those sly cats – they would definitely say that!

  9. (the original) Mel says:

    Who’s your Craw Daddy?

  10. Jello salad. Don’t forget the Jello salad.

  11. I believe it is a crawdad or Rock lobster depending on your part of the country.

  12. I thought I was the only person who had ever seen a crawfish crossing the road!! Small world!

  13. I love it when I can tell a NTMTOM post before reading the “posted by.”

  14. Epic YOWL in 3…2…1…

  15. warrior rabbit says:

    Crawdad, crawfish, crayfish — a rose by any name would still pinch your nose with that pincer, no?

    But I’ve never seen one out of water (much less crossing a road!), unless it was on a plate.

  16. OMG… you said Hot Dish- sooo Minnesotan!


  17. Gail (the first one) says:

    Brilliant post!!!!

    Oh, I was waiting with bated (or maybe baited?) breath for the mention of some variety of “hotdish”—a term I learned from Garrison Keillor.

    In my neck of the woods, we call them ‘crayfish’, I don’t know why that and not ‘crawfish’. Too close to Minne-consin, I’m thinking (said as a Flatlander from far NW Illinois).

  18. Are they gonna dance to B52’s?

  19. I love Casual Lookout Tabby over there.

  20. Why did the crawdad cross the road?

    To give the cat a high-five!

  21. wannadance says:

    yes, crayfish.

    +head blows up+

  22. cellarmouse says:

    crawdaddies live in minnesota *and* louisiana? i never knew – but i guess the mississippi is a great highway
    “watcha gonna do when the river runs dry?
    sit ont the bank n watch the crawdads die…”

  23. Kitler can has shellfish?

  24. Ya, ya, you betcha!

  25. Cute! But… get them all out of the road.

  26. warrior rabbit says:

    Good eye, BS — there is the hint of a ‘stache.

  27. It was also crayfish for us Canadians in Manitoba or western Ontario, where they could be found in the lakes. A line, bare hook and a bit of wiener was usually enough to haul one up at the end of a dock. A catch-and-release operation for 8-year-old amusement.

  28. In Maryland, where I grew up, its crayfish. I now live in New Orleans, where it is most certainly Crawfish. Speaking of which, this, plus the nutria in the next photo, suggests to me that this must be Louisiana wildlife day.

  29. AuntieMame says:

    Whatever they are, I wouldn’t eat any of ’em. Not even to stave off starvation. Bleah!

  30. puppies&kitties says:

    Well thank goodness. I swear I thought it was a scorpion.

  31. In Maryland, where I grew up, its crayfish. I now live in New Orleans, where it is most certainly Crawfish. Speaking of which, this, plus the nutria in the next photo, suggests to me that this must be Louisiana wildlife day.

  32. In Maryland, where I grew up, its crayfish. I now live in New Orleans, where it is most certainly Crawfish. Speaking of which, this, plus the nutria in the next photo, suggests to me that this must be Louisiana wildlife day.

  33. The Gundersons are going to regret this invitation. Mrs. Letitia Crayfish-Hoople has an Amway franchise…

  34. needapuppy says:

    And sweet tea. Don’t forget the sweet tea.

  35. “When I was growing up, we’d eat meat. When we did not have meat, we’d eat fowl. When there was no fowl, we’d eat crawdad, when there was no crawdad, we ate sand.”

    Or pee in sand. Whatever.

  36. Just Passing Through says:

    THEM ARE BUGS!!!! At least that’s what I call crawfish. Wouldn’t eat’em. No way, no how. And I come from a family of cajuns.

  37. @Decca: LOL! X-D Cats may think THEY’RE predators, but they’ve got nothin’ on Amway peoples…

  38. Just Passing Through says:

    Oh and when I read the intro, I hear Frances McDormand from Fargo.

  39. HAHAHA! Drawn butter and lemon. Here, and I was thinkin’ she was a real peach there, yah a real peach.

  40. This reminds me of the time late at night, riding our bikes to go downtown in New Orleans, my husband and I saw a crawfish hoofin’ it across the road. We stopped and waited until he made it to the sewer. We’ve always been proud of the little crawfish-boil-escapee.

    (But he would have been so tasty!)

  41. p.s. Ya, Nora, over here in the Pacific Northwest, it’s been “crawdads” forever and ever.

  42. Yay for Louisiana day! I live in the New Orleans area too. 🙂 Those kissing nutria must be Boudreaux D. Nutria and his wife Clotile! Go Zephyrs!

  43. BTW mmmmm….. crawfish….

  44. scooterpants says:

    Those cats have Crabs.

  45. NOMTOM is totally nuts!

  46. Yeah, we’re just gettin’ ready for a crab boil at our place? Wanna’ stop by with the wife and kids?

  47. Anne Boleyn says:

    Why did the Crawdad/fish cross the road?
    To show the possum it could be done.

  48. Earsplitting *YOWL* in 3… 2… 1…

  49. (PS — not actually a fan of tuna hot dish, especially if it involves peas)

  50. Man… I just got back to Kentucky from a week home (WAY N. Illinois, as in twenty-minutes-from-Wisconsin) and I still have all those vowels ringing in my ears.

  51. …. forgot the end, there, donchaknow, I love how the whole scene reminds me of home!

  52. Hmmm, I’m going to believe all of you CO peeps who say he’s a craw fish/dad, but he still looks like a scorpion to me….

  53. Put the crawdad in the crik.

  54. Felicityanne says:

    “O Oysters,” said the Carpenter,
    “You’ve had a pleasant run!
    Shall we be trotting home again?”
    But answer came there none-
    And this was scarcely odd, because
    They’d eaten every one.

    LEWIS CARROLL GOT THERE FIRST…only the Walrus asked for a loaf of bread, pepper and vinegar…being British, don’tchaknow.

  55. We called them crawdads in Houston. As little kids, we played catch and release with them on the banks of the bayou (creek) behind our house where I grew up. A long piece of string, a bit of bacon and a few washers or nuts from any bolt from the garage made a great fishing line. The big ones (thrice the size in the picture) were wary, a challenge to catch, but simply could not resist bacon.

    When I bought my own house as an adult, they lived in certain damper parts of the yard in underground tunnels and would build impressive smokestacks of mud above them.

    Whiskers and Theo are right. A few seconds after that curious cat stuck his paw out at the crustacean, it most likely latched onto that paw with all its might (not letting go) and the cat yowled as it shook the paw with great speed. The crawfish would have held on for a bit, increasing the cat’s panic, to eventually be flung off.

    I’ve heard them called “mud bugs” In Louisiana.

  56. Pinch the tail and suck the head, kitty!

  57. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Decca: LOL!!!! Kittehs are so trusting, dontcha know.

  58. I’d say Betty is in for a BEEG and rather nasty surprise in about 1.5 seconds, donchaknow, and Laars is going to go hippety hoppin’ down the street, laughin’ his whiskers off.

  59. Definitely a craydad. Or crawdad, or crawfish, or crayfish 🙂

    There’s no stinger on the tail, it flattens out kinda like a lobster, so def. not a scorpion.
    Craydaddies are gross, but the spicy corn and baby potatoes served with them? Heaven on earth..mmmm…

  60. The Button says:


  61. tigereyez says:

    I never post but I’ve always been around. Looking at this picture definitely reminds me of home.

  62. LOL I love the other cat sittin there all “meh”

  63. You bring the hotdish, I’ll bring the bars, NTMTOM.

  64. Kristabelle says:

    I love NOMTOM’s posts!!!

    Marylander here, and they’re crayfish…and never had one. Hubster’s from Knoxville and they call them crawdads.

  65. tracyFlick says:

    This was always one of my favorite LOLcats, i think the caption read:

    “Nhace to meet you.”

    I am looking for it now but cannot find it?

    For some reason the idea of animals becoming friends my formal introduction is very cute to me.

  66. Cassie — definitely, POSITIVELY not a scorpion. Crawdad/crayfish for sures. The only thing weird about this pic for me is its already-cooked-lobster color. Ohio crawdads are always a delicate shade of mud.

  67. Felicity, that poem immediately came to mind too! thank you for saving me from looking it up.

    There’s a parable in there somewhere little one…

  68. “Minnesoota Nice.”

  69. Long as you keep that in “quotes”, we’re good.

  70. I love “The Walrus and the Carpenter”!

    More walruses! (please).

    And a Leafy Sea Dragon, too!

  71. Awwww. I believe the whole “crawdaddy in Minn.” thing~I grew up in upstate NY, and in elementary school, we used to go rustle some up from the creeks for science class. Ours were never that pretty though~they were small yellowish-brown little things.

  72. Anna in Portland says:

    Here in the Pacific NW they are orange like this (and we say crawdads, or at least my father who is from Ohio does). I also thought of the actress from Fargo while reading this…

  73. They’re “crawdads” in Texas, too, although I do occasionally hear “crawdaddy.” And I see kids digging for them in ditches all the time.

  74. And oh yeah: I can’t count how many episodes of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” I’ve seen in which some guy decides it’s a brilliant idea to hang a crawdad from his nipple, and then seems shocked at the outcome.

  75. momof2kitties says:

    They’re “crawdads” in Michigan. And butt-ugly, too. Yeesh!!

  76. Frances McDormand, Anna in Portland?

  77. (hmm, that’s already better than my Ghengis Khan song)

  78. warrior rabbit says:

    Yah, dontchaknow, Lars is actually just daydreaming about tonight’s dinner with Hot Dish and ketchuuup, ketchuuup, ketchuuuuuuuuup. Or maybe some Powerdermilk Biscuits on the side, yah, youbetcha.

    I remember that the playground (the one with the spinning wheel of draggable death) near where my grandmother lived had crawdads in the little creek/culvert that ran through it. Ah, good times.

  79. that kitteh get hees toe peenched!!

  80. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Hubby and I are Virgos, by the way. Ha,ha! Fooled ya, didn’t I? Betcha thought I was going to say something else, eh? Well, anyway, been a pleasure meetin’ya, for sure.”

  81. catloveschanel says:

    i think a me – OWWWWWWWW is soon to come

  82. “Yay for Louisiana day! I live in the New Orleans area too. 🙂 Those kissing nutria must be Boudreaux D. Nutria and his wife Clotile! Go Zephyrs!”

    Oh, I thought that was Emile and Claudette!

    I’m from Looseyanna too!

    I don’t know where this craydad/fish nonsense is coming from but that is most definitely a CRAWfish. And it’s not a scorpion because it has a fantail and not a spiny venomous nub.

    I don’t think they make good eatin’ though.

  83. This is so weird. I didn’t know crawfish crossing the street was a thing.

    I saw one crossing the street one day when I was out walking in Austin, TX, many years ago.

    Things I still wonder about the crawfish: Where did he come from? (Austin is fairly landlocked.) How far did he get? (He was across the street from a restaurant.)

  84. Theo: Frances McDormand, aka Marge Gunderson, wife of Norm “Sonofa” Gunderson (“Fargo”!). I’m ashamed to say I thought of Sarah Palin, hope THAT wears off mighty soon!

  85. EVERYBODY from up there can’t be named Gunderson. What about the Bunsens and the Inqvists? And of course, Prince Rogers Nelson?

  86. warrior rabbit says:

    Ingalls, Olson… 😉

  87. the other Brenda says:

    @decca, LOL. Who hasn’t been “bitten” by an AMWAY invite?

  88. Joools — yeah, the sooner you lose that association the better.

    Theresa — more like The Formerly Artist Known as Prince and Can My Friend and I Interest You in a Copy of The Watchtower?

  89. Theo, alas. I must admit I live in the past where His Royal Badness is concerned.

  90. OK, Theresa. Here’s one for the true funk soldiers.

    [crawdads & kitties, git yo groove on]

  91. Ms. Palin never reminded me of Minnesota.
    Minestrone, maybe, but not Minnesota.

  92. And the minibar of course. Every time.

  93. Sounds like a very comfortable party. I’ll bring the mini-donuts.

  94. (Weeping with nostalgia)

  95. PS How’d you know I was a real-life musicologist? 😉

  96. Because you more or less just said so?
    It’s like I’m magic.

  97. Scene from Milo and Otis, anyone?!!!

  98. Oh hey der, Mike! Ya did a great job on yer Minnesota accent.