THIS JUST IN: Sea Otter Pup Takes Water Nap

[Pulls kelp blanket over head]

Honk-shuuuuu [causes tiny bubbles]

Sea Otter Pup by the fabulous mbavolunteer.



  1. so […] sleepy….

  2. 260Oakley says:

    In the unlikely event of a water landing, your otter can be used as a flotation device. Or raw bar.

  3. He looks so cozy!!!

  4. gloom raider says:

    You’d think he’d get some water in that honkable little nose…

  5. Awwwwww sleepy little beeper.

    reaches out and beeps otter nose on computer screen.

  6. Make room li’l guy! It’s chilly out here and I just wanna take a nap. Having an otter companion would complete the experience!

  7. It’s the opening shot of the all-otter production of “Sunset Boulevard.”

  8. fish eye no miko says:

    Awww… what a sweet little thing! [very quietly swims around the li’l pup]

  9. Floating on a snooze cruise.

  10. egad Hon Glad, you don’t know how hard I’m trying *not* to go off on a rabid rhyming bender right now.

    Lose your shoes & pass the booze…


  11. Just needs a little buddy to “hold” paws with.


  13. Ohhh, sweet baybee! That looks tewtelly comfy!

  14. omg, squeeee, that’s too fricking adorable. otters are so lucky to be able to float and sleep like that. if i tried that i’d sink to the bottom just like that. i wonder where its mama is or is it old enough to be apart from her? definitely needs a floating buddie like that other otter that recently died at the vancouver acquarium.

  15. metsakins says:

    Once again Meg has forced me to pet the computer screen with my mouse pointer, feeling annoyed at myself and slightly pleased at the same time! (However, Annie, I have resisted the nose beep, for now.)

  16. @T.U.M. – hahahahaha! All-otter Sunset boulevard! That is excellent!

    Meanwhile, I am marveling at the swell big fat fuzzy feets! I bet THEY’RE warm – no bunny slippers needed.

  17. They sure are bouyant!

  18. mba volunteer supplied info that this bebeh was floating in a tide pool, and mama was no more than 3 feet away, but not in camera view when he shot this pic.
    And so he snoozes
    As he cruises;
    And honk-shu-zes
    Without Shoes-es–
    Drinking brews-es
    By ones-es and twos-es.
    My heart I lose-s;
    Gives me the blues-es.
    Little otter,
    In the wotter,
    Needs no blotter
    To keep him hotter.

  19. TrumanRabbit says:

    Goodbye, rabbit and deer best friends computer monitor background. Hello, D-lish otter child. As if I could resist this!

  20. MBerkie — um, “blotter”?

  21. omg that is the cutest ever!!! oooooohhh i’m dyingks!

  22. turbofloof says:

    Guh! Are his footsies completely huge or is it just me? He must be just a little otterlet to have grow into feet that big!

  23. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    ooooo I’m sooo cold and looking at that water makes me wants to freeeeezes! Him’s feet ARE big! I’d like to wrap him around my neck like a lil’ otter stole and he could snorgle my neck and keeps me warmsies 🙂

  24. William Holden was floating face down for Sunset Blvd… but I’d love to hear the otter voice-over as he narrates his fateful fate.

  25. When I was a kid I came home from school one day to find an otter in our bathtub. No joke.

    This one is cuter, though.

  26. That fluffeh tail is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to squeesh it!

  27. I am standing by with a big, fluffy towel.

  28. OH! A notter! my bathtub is all ready for him/her!


    And those feetsies ARE HUGE! Yum, yum!

  30. When I wake up early in the morning,
    Lift my head, I’m still yawning
    When I’m in the middle of a dream
    Stay in bed, float up stream

    Please don’t wake me, no
    don’t shake me
    Leave me where I am
    I’m only sleeping

  31. cataddict says:

    Now THAT’S a water bed!

  32. An all-otter production of “Sunset Boulevard”:

    “I’m ready for my PAWS-UP, Mister DeVille!”

  33. Huh. I’ve heard of a “dirt nap,” but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a “water nap” before…

  34. More from the all-otter production of “Sunset Boulevard:

    “All those LITTLE PEOPLE sitting out there in the aquarium!”

  35. “We didn’t need dialogue. We had WHISKERS!”

  36. “The otters were big. It’s the aquariums that got small!”

  37. @Theo: “Blotter,” as in “to blot up extra moistiture, such as water or ink or something or other.” If bebeh ottersons were to have wet fur next to his skin, he would need blotter big-time.

    […borrowed from the octopus in the previous post. Presumably. – Ed.]

  38. warrior rabbit says:

    LOL @ pookie. You Norma Desmonds are cracking me up.

    You know what they said back then: You otter be in pictures.

  39. Without him there wouldn’t be any Paramount Bay.

  40. Madame is the greatest star of them all.

  41. “You see, the body of a young otter was found floating in the pool of her mayn-shon, with two shots in his back and one in his belleh. Nobody important, really. Just a smart-aleck otter with a coupla ‘b’-slides-down-the-slippery-rock to his credit. The prosh dope. He always wanted a pool. Well, in the end, he got himself a pool…only the price turned out to be a little bit high….”

    (great call, T.U.M. — and if there is anyone out there who has not seen this film, DO EET!)

  42. …and sometimes an otter is just an otter…

  43. Lucky for him he doesn’t live near me. I would find that pond and sweep him away forever to cuddle and kiss! Sweet otter baby!

  44. Soo tempting to create a big splash

  45. So glad to see I wasn’t the only one with Sunset Boulevard thoughts!

  46. “I’m dweamin’, of a wet cwistmas…”

  47. I think it’s dead

  48. Gail (the first one) says:

    LOL’ing at all the Sunset Boulevard references!!

    @gizmo: Great Beatles ref!

    Pic reminds me a bit of the film version of “The Great Gatsby”, with Redford floating in his pool (until ‘he’s-so-dumb-he-doesn’t-even-know-he’s-alive’ George shoots him).

  49. I – I’ve just seen the cutest thing I will ever see in my life…

    I blew a cute fuse… I will never think anything is cute ever again.

  50. He had better not roll over too far!

  51. Oh, I SO want to see a video of this!

  52. TINY BUBBLES!! 😀

    Sing it Don…..

    “Tiny bubbles (tiny bubbles)
    Make me warm all over
    With a feeling that I’m gonna
    Love you till the end of time…..”

  53. See Don Ho, Robert Redford, and Gloria Swanson in the all-otter production of “The Great Bubbling Sunset,” Saturday night on FOX!

  54. totalee puppy says:

    References and rhymes…You guys are great as usual.
    tie-tie puppy

  55. He sleeps just like my kitties (except the floating on water part)!

  56. Vanessa The Animal Rights Advocate says:

    Why isn’t someone looking after him?

  57. eikoleigh says:


  58. gravyboat says:

    Just when you thought otters couldn’t get any cuter…

  59. thats so great! I absolutely insanely love otters!! It is snuggling with the waves!!
    *head tilt*
    now I can look at otters again without starting to cry, I was so devastated when “otters holding hands” Niyak died.

  60. @Theo: But of course, mon ami! Where else would a young ottersons get his hands (oops-that’s paws) on ink?

  61. Those big furry feet are killing me

  62. Jennie Mello says:

    look, I really really really NEED one of those baby otters. Can SOMEONE please set me up with one? I just want ONE….please?????

  63. Sharon Wilson says:

    Awww, it looks like someone tossed a stuffie into the pool!

  64. That looks so comfy. I wish I could sleep on water like that.