Shiba on Shiba action

As if you needed ANY PROOF that EVERYONE is obsessed with the Shiba Inu puppeh cam, here is Boomer (who also happens to be a Shiba Inu) checking out the frolicking puppehs.


See for yourself what the puppehs are up to!

Awesome matchingks,Jennifer K-G.!



  1. sleeping that is what they are up to. As usual

  2. See how I neatly side step the ennuendoh.

  3. Lisa (one of several) says:

    I haven’t checked out the puppies for awhile, and what are they doing when I take a new look??? Sleeping of course! But they are HUGE!

  4. Mary (the first) says:

    Am I the ONLY person on earth not obsessed with shiba inu puppehs? What is so cute? What? I don’t see .. welll .. hmm.. they are a bit entrancing after awhile, aren’t they… OMGPUPPEEHS!!

  5. When I saw the title of the post I was like, “Oh dear, do I really wanna look?” And then, “Oh, okay, that’s funny!” Cuz you never know around this place…..

  6. This place is like a box of chocolates….with a lot of fur in it, and sometimes feathers, and sometimes it’s hard to tell.

  7. the other Brenda says:

    Itchy middle pup wakes up everyone else.

  8. Sleeping? Well, I guess I’m lucky, I got here just in time to see lots of scratching and shaking and wiggling, a little running, and lots of little tails wagging! Cuteness!!

  9. Gail (the first one) says:

    Is this “Boomer” of “Boomer’s Babysitter” fame?????

    SOOOOO cute!!

  10. lurkingsmirk says:

    Wonder if he is also thinking AWWWW.

  11. OMG they are up and frolicking

    gets entranced with the cute… forgets to work… Awww and little puppy whines and fusses. awwwwww!!!!!!!

  12. There’s a full-out shiba inu WAR going on now. A puppeh war!!!!

  13. They’re all having a massive free-for-all brawl right now…I wish I had that much energy.

  14. Capt' Tightpants says:

    I swear to god one of them is chasing its tail in circles.

    I have now seen everything.


  16. I see a fluffolicious swirling pile of teef and tailios!

  17. Seems they are out to destroy the bed before they leave! Sounds like a bunch of crabby old women at times..

  18. As much as I wuv the fwuffy wuffy pwuppies… my grades are going to skyrocket when they go off air.

    I suspect the stock market will rebound, too. They’ve all been ooohing over puppies and letting the world financial market slide into the drain.

    But I’ll miss the tails….

  19. Yeah, there’s some fighting going on. It’s just like when my family gets together, only these guys are cute, everyone likes having them around, and they never bring up the dreaded “road trip of 1972” incident.

  20. LOL, Katie. Hang on, I’ll get Bernanke on the line…

  21. were clean five minutes ago, now you’re just on vacation!….(stewie to brian)

  22. To the owners of the puppehs:

  23. “Yes, my children…this is (Shiba) god.” I can just imagine Boomer messing with their little heads that way.

    Have I just been lucky, or are the pups really growing up? Yeah, they still sleep a lot, but not as much as a few weeks ago. Pups have been way more active and playful the last 1.5 weeks.

  24. OMG i caught them at feeding time!


  25. they’re getting so BIG!

  26. Oh noes, not the shiba cam again! Cannot stay away from this thing when it’s on CO! Boomer’s prolly thinking “those were the days!”

  27. berthaservant says:

    Now they are leecking human legs and sniffing a human butt…

  28. Ok, why is a person standing there and not petting the puppies?

  29. Is that a mannequin?

  30. OK, someone’s getting their legs licked by about four pups at once…no fair! She has all those pups and we have none! If you don’t bring enough to share then you shouldn’t bring any, young lady!

  31. I WANT TO BE THAT LADY! The puppy that hurled himself on her, and their little grunts – so cute!

  32. Nope, not a mannequin. It would be literally impossible for me to be around these puppies and not reach down and pet them. Six Shiba Inu puppers, all begging for attention… Heaven, I’m in Heaven, and my heart beats so that I can hardly speak…

  33. That’s better… lot’s and lot’s of petting and holding. Can you say Squirmy McSquirmersons? Or how about… teething? I knew you could!

  34. My puppies like to watch the shiba puppies too!

  35. warrior rabbit says:

    Mrs. Hands was just in there a while, in a puppy maelstrom, but she just left. Now, back to bed tearing.

    When I looked this morning, four were sleeping and two were just chasing each other all over the place.

    I, too, will miss the cam. I guess the puppies will be leaving this weekend. 😦

  36. renee in tx says:

    totally outdoors…

  37. LOL, it’s a puppy tornado right now!

  38. warrior rabbit says:

    Inside. No, outside. No, inside. No, outside!

    High-speed doggie door exiting! Wow.

  39. OH NO! One of them has their collar stuck in it’s mouth! I want to help him/her!!!

  40. I can’t quit watching now… someone needs to HELP THE PUPPY!!!

  41. dustbunny7 says:

    I’ve been watching the pup with the yellow collar for a bit now. Poor thing has it caught in its mouth. Where is the human?

  42. Can someone for pitty sake get that collar out of the pups mouth!!!!!!!

  43. I saw a great bumper sticker the other day: “Your honor student is a mere pawn in my shiba inu’s world domination plot.”

  44. Dustbunny7 says:

    Okay this is really getting upsetting. Why is that poor puppy struggling with the collar in its mouth? Isn’t there a human around??

    The pup can’t eat or drink! The other dogs are picking on it.

  45. The other pup tries to help :p

  46. Awww, the other puppy got the collar out of his mouth and now he tries to put it back there 😛

  47. Oh good it’s out finally *phew*.. I can now go back to my life, lol.

  48. Looks like the human took the collar off.

  49. They really like to wrestle!!!

  50. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    @Gail (the first one): No, sorry, the Boomer I babysit is a Bichon. These guys are cute, though!! When I looked at it, two were tugging war on a little squeaky toy, and a third was playing referee with another toy in its mouth (the prize for the loser?), bonking the battlers about the heads. BTW, “my” Boomer is having setbacks since his tendon repair surgery. He doesn’t know the meaning of “rest,” so he does his walks on three legs, as fast as he can go. But, but… if he doesn’t use the repaired leg, it won’t heal properly – yet he doesn’t seem to have a “slow” mode. *sigh*

  51. Puppies

  52. Holy cow those things are growing fast. It seems they’ve tripled in size just over thanksgiving break

  53. OMG they are all going crazy right now!! Do puppies get the night time crazies like kitties do?

  54. Holy cow! Those puppies are going nutso! When they run they are just blurs!!!

  55. Wow ze puppehs has gottens big.

    Haha they turn into blurs as they dash around after each other. Or their talios XD

  56. Pupinos!!!

  57. *sigh*

    Sleeping. It figures.

    Hey I have the same monitor!

  58. LOL they are trying to pull off the owners Halloween PJ bottoms! They sure have grown…

    And pup watching the puppy cam is also too cute

  59. I haven’t been watching. Can anyone tell me if they’re potty trained? It looks sparkling clean there. Geez, I’m impressed.

  60. I felt so bad because 2 of the pups were in one of the crates and couldn’t play with the others. They kept pawing at them through the bars and seemed desperate to get out.

    …Then I realized the door to the crate was wide open. Puppies are goofy!

  61. Hahah! I first thought that was a CAT, a ginger tomcat! 😀

  62. The puppy cam is off right now. I guess they are argumentative by nature, even with each other!

  63. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Boomer’s Babysitter: Aww, I thought we were seeing YOUR Boomer in all his glory!! Yes, that must be tough trying to get him to use all 4 feetsies—hope he is better soon!!!

  64. I can’t help thinking those glasses on the desk belong to the shiba.

  65. Theresa-she just got contacts and she isn’t too sure how long she can keep them in, so she brought her glasses just in case. One smart cookie, that Shiba.

  66. Okay so I am one of those people you know the ones who loves all animals and finds them all cute and adorable but GAhhhhh these dogs… babys adults and tweens are really the cutest dogs ever and okay blasphamey I know but equal to Pomeranians.

  67. I seem to be partial to basset hounds, m’self. No offense.

  68. DLR in Canada says:

    omg, the puppies have grown so much! they’re playing with what looks like stuffed pumpkins. is this live? coz wouldn’t pumpkins = halloween?

  69. natalie anne says:

    aww little shiba babys. i gotta go pick mine up at the groomers in 5 min. am dreading what the little mite has done to the place – Shane’s not fond of baffs

  70. scooterpants says:

    fabulous! thank you col! 🙂

  71. Redwolffclaw says:

    I caught them at a time where there was a 5 way tug of war going with a stuffed toy. So cute.

  72. So cute….that is exactly what my shibas do!!!

  73. Teho thats cause you got that cutey at your house… and can we just establish right now that they have the most softest ears ever basset hounds… and of course soulful eyes.

  74. Collar in his mouth? NOT A PROBLEM! He’ll chew his way out of it. As for being potty trained — anyone see the poopy party yesterday? Right in front of the camera no less!! If you don’t own a Shiba, you can’t imagine what’s coming next!!

  75. Dustbunny7 says:

    Normally I would agree with you about chewing out of the collar. But the placement of the collar would have created a ‘chocking’ problem for the sweet pup.
    Pups are always ready to try anything. Part of their charm!

  76. Oh yay!!! The little puppy’s person is playing with them! Yayyyy!!!!!!

  77. There is a another puppy cam local here in Virginia, USA – well there are no puppies yet, but Mindy the Basset Hound looks like she is going to have them any minute now!

  78. Hey, this person is doubly cool. Not only do they own a Shiba Inu, but they also play World of Warcraft (as evidenced by the open box of the recently released “Wrath of the Lich King” DVD on their desk. Sweet. *my god, I’m a dork…*

  79. scooterpants says:

    mr hands is the coolest of ALL puppeh dad’s the the whole world, dont know about all that other stuff ya’all are talkin about.
    but JUST check em out! the most healthy and happiest of puppers!!!
    dont they just rock??

  80. scooterpants says:

    check him out, getting the pups used to new noises and stuff. they are SO intelligent, you can just see it on their faces, so inquisitive and not afraid of NOTHIN! thank you very much!

  81. gravyboat says:

    Uh ohhh! There are two humans in the room. The puppies must jockey for a lap position! And oh, those leetle tail wags are the cee-YOO-test!

  82. A previous commment:
    “When I saw the title of the post I was like, “Oh dear, do I really wanna look?” And then, “Oh, okay, that’s funny!” Cuz you never know around this place…..”

    Are you SERIOUS? SERIOUSLY SERIOUS? REALLY SERIOUSLY SERIOUS? Because that is oh so silly.

    Yeah, Meg, enough throwing around of the beastiality already. Ow, my delicate sensibilities.

  83. totalee puppy says:

    puppies Puppies PUPPIES!!

  84. Mr Hand dumped all their toys on the floor (& 1 puppeh) & took their bed away…why you do that Mr Hand? Why? They DO have more nights at home …right??!!RIGHT????

  85. doodlebug says:

    Earlier Post:
    There is a another puppy cam local here in Virginia, USA – well there are no puppies yet, but Mindy the Basset Hound looks like she is going to have them any minute now!ttp://
    Renee | Dec 03, 2008 at 04:48 PM

    To Renee: Thanks for telling us about little Mindy!! How cute she is!
    Now I’ll NEVER get anything done!LOL!

  86. Silly puppehs are scrunched in an open-doored metal cagey-thing and not on their soft beddybye. Hmm. Silly puppehs are not out playing for me.
    Will return later.

  87. 10:41 cst Thursday, the puppies are beating the living crap out of each other – and humans are walking in and out of the shot.

    ON Mindy cam…. she’s really acting like she could pop at any moment!

  88. warrior rabbit says:

    Morning time with Daddy. Lap attack!

  89. Check out what the Chicago Tribune had to say about the pups this morning:,0,4395803.column

    I’ll miss the puppies!

  90. Hehe. Pupeeh is stuck upside down wedged between doggy beds.

  91. I saw Autumn and Ayumi both chewing some plastic that one of them had managed to chew off one of the toys. It was pale blue green and they were fighting over it. Autumn for sure was chewing on a piece there in the bed that she swallowed. It was long and thin and stretched by the time they were doing the last bit of cronching. Hopefully, she will be okay.

  92. I think they are very cute puppies but why on earth are they in such a small kennel together?? They can’t be comfortable sleeping in there. My sister-in-law volunteers at a shelter and she would hate to see this video. But they are cute. Sorry, I just had to ask.

  93. @chris – the kennel door is open, they just choose to squeeze into there all together 🙂

  94. @doodlebug – haha I know! I have the window open next to my work on my computer… definitely close to puppy time and I can’t stop watching!

  95. AuntieMame says:

    Chris, it’s easier to poke your brother surreptitiously in the behind if you’re sleeping on top of him. 😉

  96. This is me, not asking.

  97. warrior rabbit says:

    They’re all crammed into the crate, and one head is lolling out onto the floor. How can that be comfortable?

    Meanwhile, that poor basset hound looks sooo uncomfortabuhls.

  98. catforspam says:

    Wow. I got a picture of the head loll. How do I submit a picture?

  99. Gerry Hartsoe says:

    I just saw purple color pee on his bed. Shame Shame.

  100. They’re making really weird noises…

  101. They are v cute and v addictable…awww

  102. can the humans in the puppy pen see these comments?

  103. @BillyUK, They do have access to CO and have been known to comment in the earlier posts on this site for their puppy cam. They don’t respond directly to questions in most cases because there would just be too many of them. You can see their info posted on the puppies by clicking on the Ustream link in the upper corner of the video here. It will take you to the page they roiginally set up so they could watch the puppies from work, to keep an eye on them while they were away from home.

  104. warrior rabbit says:

    Crazy puppy time! For all those who complain that they’re always sleeping when they look.

  105. warrior rabbit says:

    Mr. Hands was trying to get them to look at the camera, so first he was sort of gesturing this way and then he must have done something more encouraging, because all of a sudden a couple of them swarmed the area and I saw a big black nose come straight in and THEN THERE WAS NOTHING. Then Mr. Hands laughed and told them not to lick the camera and distracted them back away. 🙂

  106. warrior rabbit says:

    I’m surprised they haven’t had more visitors. If I knew someone who had puppies, I’d be over there all the time.

  107. scooterpants says:

    ah Patty P. you and I must be the last hold outs of the SHiba Pup’s on teh COL.
    I feel that we are ‘old souls’ now , and have the responsibility of ed-you-ma -kate-ing the new-bees.
    although we are about coming to the end of our
    journey arent we?
    this weekend will bring much sadness/joy/sorrow/hope.
    I am also so excited to see. WHO WILL BE THE CHOSEN ONE! to stay and be the most beloved ‘keeper’.
    as you know I think it will be Ayumi. who do you think it will be?

  108. @Warrior Rabbit: I too have managed in the last few days to tune in more than once to witness a great amount of puppeh activity – lots of running, chewing, snarling, barking, wrestling and human adoration. I have been giggling when all six were in a free-for-all wrestling match in the bed, and when I have seen one or the other try to control access to the doggie door, like guard it against others using it. Of course, nobody’s interested in any toy until one puppeh picks it up, then everyone else must have it.

    Funniest moment I saw in last two days was when they were all in the bed area and someone stepped on a squeaky toy under the edge of the bedding. Everyone hd to commence digging in the same spot. Oh yeah! I saw a puppeh baroo today too!

  109. @scooterpants – I am hoping it is Ayumi too. She was the “runt” of the litter and fought hard to earn her place. She is brave and plucky and stands up for herself. I am not kidding myself though that she may not be the best choice from a breeder’s standpoint. I don’t know if the fact that she was smaller than the rest at first and had difficulty getting to the nipple precludes her from being a good choice for future breeding. She would be the choice I would make to keep from the heart though. She overcame any minor obstacles in her way and is nothing less than the other pups IMHO.

    I have suspected all along that calling her the “runt” might have been distasteful to our cam hosts as I am sure they love all six, but I too have used the term. In any case, I think she would make a great addition to any household.

  110. Mindy’s having her puppies!

  111. Is there a newborn baby at Mindy’s or do puppies sound like that when born?

  112. How old are your pups? They are gorgeous.

  113. warrior rabbit says:

    @Jon, the SF clan just turned 8 weeks old, and this weekend will be going to new homes. Except for one. But we don’t know which one they are keeping.

  114. warrior rabbit says:

    They’re now sleeping in a circle. I mean, they form a circle, as they sleep mostly nose to tail in the round. It’s as if they were placed that way. And then in the middle, a bright blue plushie. It’s kind of funny.

    Earlier there was some nose-in-the-camera action again. And general wildness. No wonder they’re sacked out now.

  115. Pups'nstuff says:

    EWWWW!!! There was pee on the bed and the person put a fresh blanket down right on top of it! Gross!

  116. MY Shiba is named Boomer too and he does the same thing, well not in the chair but sits on the ground next to me while I watch the puppy cam!

  117. @kimberly – Mindy’s puppies were born a little after midnight ET

  118. I read that several if not all of them will be leaving this weekend to go to their new families.

  119. NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooo, They can’t leave this weekend. I’m gonna be really sad without the puppehs

  120. the puppies are in the dark now. playing hide and seek?

  121. warrior rabbit says:

    If snarling and barking = counting to ten, then yes.

  122. @Scooterpants – if you are reading – they picked Ayumi to keep! Yay!

    Thnaks for all the fun and great puppeh care, Mr. Hands and Pretty Red Fingernail Polish Lady!

  123. LOLOL at Akoni learning how to use the squeaky toy. It looks like it’s gonna take him a loooong time to get tired of that one! Squeak-uh-squeak-uh-squeak-uh-squeak-uh…

  124. warrior rabbit says:

    Was that Akoni with the squeaky toy? LOL. I was doing something, but I could hear it…squeaking and squeaking and squeaking…

    I love it when people come in and they all sit and look alert in that general direction, full of expectation.

  125. One of the pups has… is that an *artichoke* on its butt?

  126. @warrior rabbit – yes! It was black-collared Akoni. He was having such a great time, he made me giggle. It took him a while to tire of making it squeak. Mostly the others ignored it until one decided to try and take it away.
    @Theo. What? Artichoke butt?
    Those Shibas are sooo smart at only 8 weeks old! I saw one opening and closing the crate door, figuring out how it worked. The ones he shut inside didn’t care much for it though! They fretted only shortly then pushed the door open.

  127. I got screen shots of all six playing and a bit of camera nuzzling this morning. I tuned back in six hours later (just now) and two pups have already gone to new homes, one more later this afternoon. *sniff*

  128. warrior rabbit says:

    Patty P, I think only one left so far. I see five furry lumps.

  129. OMG one of them is up on top of the cage. His little legs keep dropping through the holes. It is so funny!

  130. mizteebird says:

    how can i adopt one?!