Crazy Ernie’s Factory Seconds Discount Pet Warehouse!

Friends, are you looking for an exotic pet for your family, but those sky-high pet store prices have you settling for hamsters?  Then bring the kids down to Crazy Ernie’s Factory Seconds Discount Pet Warehouse and select from dozens of one-of-a-kind irregular and discontinued pets, all with a 30-day guarantee!  You’ll find deals like this feller here — now, I don’t know how they did it, but they managed to get his head on sideways.  It don’t bother him none; he gets around just fine, and he’s yours for 70% off the pet store price!  Hurry down now, and I’ll throw in a starter pack of six-legged mice absolutely free!

Hey, you're walking on the walls, and you call ME defective?

This is the coolest idea since pet conversions, Johanna S.



  1. Space Cowgirl says:

    Majestic fluffy overload!

  2. the bug man says:


  3. Birds ROCK.

  4. cataddict says:

    baroo whooo!

  5. Looks like he just flew in from the land of the Misfit Pets.

  6. Trabb's Boy says:

    Is not defective – is Baroo!

  7. Elisha B. says:

    No, no, no…..BAROOOO??!!

  8. Haha, other people made the Baroo-whoo joke before I got here. ^_^

  9. Maybe “Baroo” can be a contraction of “Barred Owl Whoo” this time.

  10. My boss used to own a company called Crazy Eddie’s that sold computers. No, his name’s not Eddie.


    Anyway, owl is not broken, owl is just flexible. He’s the deluxe model.

  11. Ah I get it!! The land of Misfit Pets, like the Misfit Toys in the Christmas show!! Haha…only this time of year would I get that.

    I wonder, was Owl looking that way before the picture, or was crook neck a result of the camera? As if owl was trying to figure out the one eyed zooming device that was looking at it

  12. leeleemarie says:

    so soft!

  13. Nice short-eared owl!

  14. anonnymous says:

    Awww, he’s from the land of misfit birds.

    emmemm – Crazy Eddie’s? Didn’t that guy go to jail for fraud?

  15. =D

  16. @ the Bug Man

    ; )

  17. But does he only fly in one direction?

  18. WickedWendy says:

    Crazy Eddie’s LOL That sounds like something my dad would have said when he answered the phone! Too Funny!

  19. Six-legged mice sound cool.

  20. Crazy Eddie’s was an electronics store here in NYC for years while I was growing up. They had the world’s most annoying pitchman who used to yell “CRAZY EDDIE- HIS PRICES ARE INSANE!” It all folded up in ’89, after the owners were indicted for fraud.

  21. Re: Crazy Eddie’s

    Yes, you are correct! There was a NY area Crazy Eddie’s that went out of business and the guy was probably arrested or something.

    I totally spaced it – the business my boss ran was Crazy Fred’s! Oops! Ah, the power of suggestion.

  22. you know you just had to tilt your head to the left

  23. I wish I could remember who it was – some comedian used to do a routine about buying substandard pets at Woolworth’s when he was a kid. Fish who couldn;t swim, asthmatic birds, etc. Eddie Murphy, maybe?

  24. fish eye no miko says:

    Diesal said: “Six-legged mice sound cool.”

    I agree! Awww…

    Wait… they’re selling the mice with the owl, who probably eats mice. Are they supposed to be additional pets, or this guy’s dinner?

  25. His momma always used to tell him his head would freeze that way….

  26. Extreme baroo

  27. PS Hmph, nothing misfit ’bout this wollie. Only baroo.

  28. I like wols, too, Theresa.

    Yes, the six legged mice starter kit is to make mice for his consumption. There I said it.

    NOMTOM, another grandeloquence.

  29. You crack me up to no end! Love your site (wouldn’t be nearly as wonderful without the super-duper silly comments)! Keep up the good work. We’re all counting on you for our baroos and hawhaws!

  30. scooterpants says:

    Major Massive Head,.. ‘TILT’
    bwahhh ha ha ha! adorable!

  31. I’ll take him!

    I love him. : )

    I imagine him flying with his body horizontal and his head right way up, like a Chagall maybe.

  32. berthaservant says:

    Tewtally obscure, but I was reminded of “Al Peck’s Used Fruit” — sketch from SCTV. (“Grapefruits! Hardly ever been squeezed! And you won’t get a lemon!”)


  33. scooterpants says:

    any regs here that could run over to the last shiba /pup post and check it out with me??? come on ya’all!

  34. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Ow. Bad case of torticollis Mr. Owl?

  35. snoopysnake says:

    A business called Crazy Eddie’s was featured in the movie classic “A Letter to Three Wives” and its jingle was sung by Darla Hood who as a child was in the Little Rascals.

    Conversions: “I gotta take a tuck in the Airdale, then I got the frogs to let out.”

  36. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    OK, scooterpants, I took you up on the challenge… When I looked in on the puppies, there was much commotion, until a female human came in and sat down with them. Then, they all climbed all over her, licked her knees as she sat cross-legged on the floor, piled all over each other, one big mass of puppy love. *sigh* some people have all the luck…

  37. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    oh, and by the way, NTMTOM, I love that hovertext…

  38. JohnnieCanuck says:

    I think maybe we have been judged and found lacking. By the owl.

  39. Craaazyy Ernie’s!

    I’m having a flashback from my childhood…. “Brave Little Toaster,” anyone?

  40. wol…lol!

  41. Deese ees the most amazinks BAROOO ever!

  42. I can’t believe Meg would post a link to such a cruel and inhumane video. I don’t know if it’s real or not (I think maybe not, but then I think, who would joke about such a thing?), but we shouldn’t give people ideas!!! Meg, do you want to be responsible for someone sticking a pipe in the neck of their terrier and painting it gold because they think it would be a good idea after watching this video???? I thought this site was supposed to be safe for children and pets, but apparently not.

  43. Kimski: Definitely a Chagal Owl.

  44. ( :

  45. wannadance says:

    mike, i love you.

  46. Hey, I’ll run away a mile if I spot a ‘normal’ owl…but this one is extreme.

  47. This wol is Barooing to check out the photographer. Raptors and other birds of prey have this funny eye thing, wherein they can see better by going Baroo on our patooties.

    The Siba Inu puppies are just adorable, and HUGE!

    Yes, and s/he is a Chagal Wol, I tewtally agrees withchu.

  48. @Katrina: Patooties? going Baroo? where did you find this out? (I’m not being rude, just looking for info.) I think this Chagallwol is barooing for the sheer fun of it.

  49. Gail (the first one) says:

    @mberkie0: I think Chagallwol is showing off…just a little, mind you. He’s all, “Can you do this, hooomans? Bwahaaahaaa!”

  50. CJ,

    Brave Little Toaster is such an overlooked classic. The movie itself is wonderful, but John Lovitz was especially hilarious.

    The Radio: Why, if we were all wiener dogs, our problems would be solved.
    Toaster: What?
    The Radio: Or maybe it was a basset hound.

    The Radio: We’re trapped here like rats! Small little rats with no hair and one leg!

    Dang it–now I’ve got to go home and watch that tonight.

  51. Kristabelle says:

    Owls are so cool. If they weren’t so unsuitable to being pets, I would totally have one.

  52. On Futurama they had a robot-owned used car dealership named “Malfunctioning Eddie’s.”

  53. Brandi7920 says:

    Whatchoo talkin’ bout, Willis?

  54. I want an owl. And I want to make silly noises at him s he will barroo at me like that.

  55. @Gail (the first one): Chagallwols are just too cool to “Bwahaaahaaa!” like that. I still think this wol is just playin’.

  56. I’d love it if a birdyologist would chirp in at this point, too.
    The Patootie Barooing is because these eyes of these birdys have a sort of bifocal thing, and when they look through one part of their eyes they can see far away patooties and when they look through a different part, they can see close-up patooties. The trick is to turn their wol heads so they can focus the right lense on the particular patootie in this particular range.
    Wols are so wonderful. Barooing wols, well just indescribably delicious (oh, Lord, I meant to behold, not to eat).

  57. Definitely a major baroo!

    *looks back* Except an angry baroo.

  58. “Chagall owl” love that!

    Also, maybe it’s not barroo, but whooo cooks for whoooooo?

  59. they had a big puppy dog baroo thing on Yahoo a couple days ago. Anyone see it? I swear you’ve got a fan who works at Yahoo.

  60. @Katrina: I guess patootie barooing is like the graduated focus lenses in my glasses, only I don’t baroo to focus (it would look kind of silly on a hooman), I just kind of nod up and down until it’s clear enough for me to see……

  61. Tarquin–
    Wait, are YOU serious? That video is from Monty Python, the funniest and weirdest ever TV series from the ’70’s. Glad to see it’s on YouTube. Don’t miss the Dead Parrot Sketch at

  62. @Quizkid: No worries, I’m sure Tarquin, whose screen name itself is a Monty Python reference, was just kidding.

  63. mberkie0-can you see me now? and, how’s sticky Picky? I hope you are both well.

  64. @Katrina: Thx for asking, Picky is fine, altho he is not a good patient when his nurse (me) attempts the subQ. He squirms, wiggles and gives me the *huffy sigh* and mrrrrrowwwws all the way through the whole procedure. He is getting used to the ridiculously expensive renal diet. As for me, it’s a whole new adventure…… Hope you are well, too.

  65. @Other Mike: No worries, I’m sure Quizkid, whose screen name itself implies extensive knowledge of popular trivia like British humor and broad satire, was just kidding.

    (*ahem* — right, Quiz?)

  66. That is an awesome owl.

  67. Reminds me of an old Woody Allen routine from his standup days where he talked about a Damaged Pet Shop in his Flatbush neighborhood where they sold damaged pets at reduced prices. You could get a bent pussycat if you wanted one. He said his parents bought him a dog that stuttered; whenever cats would give him a hard time, he’d go “buh-buh-buh-bow-wow”.

  68. Hahaha! Just the picture I need for my Christmas-Present-Modeling-Needs!