Annoyed Dragon Side-Eye

"This is the LAST DAY you can dress me like this, MoFos.

From 2009 on, I go nekkid!"


Side-eye enhance!


Richard has his own blog (of course.) Direct all side-eyes to Vic L.


Wash, Dry, and Go!

It’s easy!

Step 1: Find kitteh under bed

Step 2: Fill sink with warm nip-scented bubble bath and smoosh kitteh around in it. Ignore mews.

Step 3: Plop kitteh in dryer on "Xtreme Fluff" setting for 20 minutes. Ignore mews.


You’re all set!


Martha Stewart would approve. Sender-Inner Jake Z. has many more pics of Winnie here.

You had me at ‘Bokee!’

It’s another installment in our million-part series "C’Mere Bebeh"!

Introducing Cassanova McParakeetersons making moves on Sender-Inner Stephanie A.

"Woooooooooooooo!" [canned audience sound]


You will rub my belly and you will like it!

Don’t even attempt to rub my face.

You will fail.

Then, I will direct you to my belleh, and you will SUCCEED…


OK! OK! Smurf-a-smurf!!! Geeshe!!!

Rottweiler puppeh with hiccuples




Mia K., you sure do know hoe to find ’em….

Headless penguin continues to thrive at Japanese Zoo

He still manages to stay pretty plump despite his lack of a noodle.

Carry on!

ONLY at a Japanese Zoo, Ben D. Only at… a JAPANESE ZOO!Asahikawa January 05, 2008_-7 by Patoland.

I Shall Pet You Now…


Cat and parrot found by Andrew Y. I haven’t laughed that hard since the Trapezoid haircut on that Bichon Frisé!

Out of control Triple Baroo-ing power

Is taken? (Yes, it must have the three o’s in a row)

I don’t KNOW why pugs are so good at this… they just ARE. Baroo-ing is like built-in or something.

Three Confused Pugs video was found at Yahoo! by Dora N.

Encore Presentayshe: Kittehs… so… tie-tie

Must…. McYawnersons… repeatedleh…

Thanks for the reminder, Mia K.

Holy Hooters!

People, get a load of this shape-shifting owl action. It’s a delightful slice of Darwinism!

Via Huffington Post’s 10 Incredible Animal Videos.