Nosevember, we hardly knew ye

What the heck just happened? It was ‘Tocktober like three days ago, and now Nosevember is on its way out the door!

Hamsters wearing yarmulkes in Christmas stockings are ON DECK!

Holy Schnozzles, photo finder NTMTOM! Nosey Fallow Deer! by johnmuk.



  1. cool!
    i never knew deer noses were so complex!

  2. YAY! No more moist nosicles! ::shivers::

    Now bring on the annoyed kitties in Santa outfits! 😀

  3. Hamsters wearing yarmulkes in Christmas stockings are ON DECK!

    who is making these tiny yarmulkes?

  4. I love the nosicles! Schnozzes make me happy!

    Do we really have to have annoyed kittens in Santa outfits? Oh, OK, I’ll deal with it.

    How does one make a hamster yarmulke? Very carefully. Hit me.

  5. I for one can’t wait for the annoyed kittses in Santa hats. And doggy tongues lolling out under Santa hats. AND the hammies in jammies and yammies.

  6. PS Mega-BEEP!

  7. cheesybird says:

    Theriouthly, that nothicle lookth like a rathpberry!

    Oh, and fuzzy deer leeeeep!!!

  8. Forget the nosicle! Look at that chinage just waiting to be scwatched!!!

  9. Animal noses are so funny! I am glad the deer is not really poking me with his, though. It looks slimy.

    Tocktober down, Nosevember on the way out, the only thing that sustains me is the knowledge that it’s only one month till Janu-eary!

  10. biscuithead says:


    /Amazing eyelashes too.

  11. schnork!

  12. Capt' Tightpants says:

    Holy Moist Nosicle, Batman! And he haz a teeny BEEERD!


  13. Capt' Tightpants says:

    or is it a ‘stache?

    when it’s underwater, does it get wet… natch?

    or does the water get schlorped instead?

  14. Itths not thlimey at all- its like a doggth nothse. Unleth you conthisder that sthlimy althso. Nope, jusht wet. And CUUUTE!

  15. Katrina– this thwack’s fer you…
    “How does one make a hamster yarmulke?” indeed…

    I’m having such fun envisioning this hammie …um… yarmulking. Oh, the possibilities!

  16. Looks wet, cold, and like it just got a whiff of something juicy like an apple or a carrot!

  17. warrior rabbit says:

    Capt’ Tightpants: Looks like a soul patch. Or maaaayyyyybe a goatee (deertee?).

    What a cutie. I would like to snorgle heeeeeem. Right now. (Sure beats what I am doing…i.e. work.)

  18. berthaservant says:

    To quote Norval Jones (the late great Eddie Bracken) in “The Miracle at Morgan’s Creek”:


    P.S. I’m glad that we haven’t given over to the obvious and declared next month “D**k-cember.”

  19. balamuthia says:

    “photo sharing”??!

    What kind of hover text is “photo sharing”?!

    *shakes head in disappointment*

    [Um, I’ve already fixed that… – Ed.]

  20. yeah i thought “photo sharing” was some bad joke i didnt get.

  21. This reminds me of when my parents took my sister and I to the animal park in Washington. There was this part of the park where you could drive along the trail and see the animals up close. I had my window open, and this huuuge bison stuck its head through the open window and into the car. It was awesome. *keeses the deer nose*

  22. balamuthia says:

    Sorry, it still says “photo sharing” on my LJ feed.

    Anyway, hooray for wet deer nose snorgles.

    Kinda…weird looking…though.

  23. Love this nose. What character.

  24. I love how his fuzzy lip almost looks like a ‘stache under there. :D!!


  25. Gail (the first one) says:

    Awww, I bet that fuzzy lip is SO SOFT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. berthaservant says:

    LOL at hovertext Theo!!!! Prolly the biggest laugh I’ll have all day.

  27. Noooo!

    Nosevember cannot be coming to a close so soon. Must have more nosicles in December, please.

  28. FYI – “Photo Sharing” is the default hovertext (title tag) for embedded Flickr photos. Until somebody edits. Hehe.

  29. totalee puppy says:

    Hamster-size yarmulkes we could
    probably get, but where to find the little hair-clips to keep them on?

  30. Just make them out of Post-It notes, very carefully, so they stick just enough. Maybe use an X-Acto knife & tweezers.

  31. (you know, it’s insane that we’re even *having* this conversation, but what the hey… might as well make a suggestion that could actually work)

  32. berthaservant says:

    Of course, Teho, they could just convert. Because who ever heard of a kosher hamster?

    [ *snortLOL* …oy gevalt – Ed.]

  33. that is definitely a gee-ross nostule! *yells to no one in particular* “Can someone turn off the HD when they do the close ups??”

  34. Apparently Philadelphia Weekly has the market cornered on hamster yarmulkes:

  35. Silly peeps! You make a hamster Yarmulke with a teeny crochet hook and spider webbage. Very carefully, and with a magnifying glass to check your work!

  36. mberkie0-I think I’d go for knitting the spider webbage in the round. Just sayin’.

  37. Oh, come on, he has payas- not every hamster who wears a yarmulke has payas, too. Give the Conservative hamsters a break!

  38. Punctuation Police says:

    Nosevember is on *its* way

  39. hamster-on-rye says:

    “Ahem…” I believe the
    best description is “an
    observant hamster”.

  40. Yeah but it’s not the *funniest* description.

  41. Also, just because you counted 5-7-5 doesn’t make it a haiku. *ahem*

  42. Yeah, um, right, hamster-on-rye(i just love that name, but I’ve already told you that, I think!)

    OK, then, ‘Observant Hamsters’, your payas are waiting for you, but Conservative Hamsters- as long as your yalmulke was made with Kosher spider silk, in you’re OK.

    Theo- dear, if you are still there- hi.

  43. zzzzZZZzzzzzzzz *snork* zzwha…? Whose birthday?

  44. hamster-on-rye says:

    Lovely Katrina, “Observant hamster” was not meant to be an alternative for “conservative hamster,”
    which is a great description. I offered it to substitute for “kosher
    hamster”–I should have made it clear. My apologies.

  45. Another one for the calendar.

  46. Over-the-top Hamster-on-Rye,

    I love that we have yet to see the Hamster avec yarmule and we are already discussing it!

    Let’s see. there are “Ultra Observant Hamsters”, “Conservative Hamsters, “Reconstructionist Hamsters” and “Reform Hamsters”- all wearing their own style of teeeny tiiiny head coverings- and then there are the Muslim Hamsters with their own brand of head covering and Sikh Hamsters and, of course he Pope Hamster. OK, Theo, Meg and NOMTOM, you have your peep requests- now deliver the goods. (please???) How I miss Chmurka. (insert heart here)

  47. Oh, my, God, (no pun intended), is CO a Peep Show?

  48. [envisioning Popester]

    [head tilt]

  49. Theo- remember that quaken-a-bush of a lady who has 1,000 costumes for her animals? Yeah, she’ll have one- she was, as I recall quite prolific in her Catholic Scene reenactments. God help me.

  50. @Katrina: More like God help the Quaken-a-bush of a lady who has 1000 costumes for her animals. Picky hears about costumes and gives me the “Meh” look.

  51. That is, “Meh,” as in “if you really want to try this, you can expect I am most definitely not going to enable you, and in fact, I am going to hide in my least favorite hiding place(s) until this fit of yours passes. Good luck!”

  52. mberkie0-how is Picky? Surely he doesn’t have to get dressed if he doesn’t want to…you are such a sweetie for caring for him as you do. Give him a cuddle for me, ok?