[Pat pat pat]

Thanks, Mom.


Sender-Inner Leslie, Let’s re-run this one on Mother’s Day, Okay? Burpalicious photo by Oliver Pietern. 



  1. Bleen!!!

  2. No matter what happens, hugs from Mommy always makes one feel better!

  3. berthaservant says:

    THE TONGUE, MEG….PLEASE give us a COXCU on the tongue……(bleen?)

  4. awww! this is so cute!!

  5. berthaservant says:

    Oh, and this is another picture of heaven, right? I mean…mommy cat, tabby tongue, marmie in background….

  6. haha, I agree with berthaservant… we need a COXCU, didn’t even realize there was a teeny tiny pink tongue creepin’ out until berthaservant mentioned it!

  7. I am deezzy with all the stripes!

  8. White gloves + stripey sleeves = SQUEEEEE!!!!

  9. TINEETABBEES!!!!!!!

  10. Anne Boleyn says:

    Surely the mommy doesn’t like this baby best ’cause it matches her so well, but it looks a bit like that.

  11. This picture is cute on so many levels. Seriously.

  12. totalee puppy says:

    I love this picture! I really miss my Mom…she
    died last summer. I thought I was getting over grief pretty well, but the
    holidays this year are kind
    of heartbreaking, I guess.
    I’m not very patient–can get annoyed real easy. I say “I’m sorry” a lot, and I crave nice hot “comfort foods”, like soup or oatmeal. I hope I improve for 2009. Thanks for caring, thanks for CO cheer, and I hope your holidays are a special time. totalee puppy

  13. Hoschie finally made cuteoverload! 😀
    He’s a wonderful photographer with a skill for the cute.

  14. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Good night, Meg!

    That is an AWESOME cap wiff an ANERABLE pic!

    Plus you’re making me miss my mom hard, too! 😦 (See giraffe snorgling its bebeh pic)

    I here what you’re goin’ thru, totalee… ***ten thousand huggy wuggies*** just for you (it’s what my sister used to say to make me feel better)

  15. That is seriously Aww-dorable! 😀

  16. binky-mama says:

    Uh-oh! Momma-kittay forgot to put her burp cloth on her shoulder! This photo just kills me ’cause I do this to my kittehs all the time. My boy kitten particularly enjoys being burped and will drape himself over my shoulder and wait for the burpingks to commence!

    totalee puppy- sending you warm wishes and comfort for the holidays!

  17. Call me a bah-humbug, but is this photoshopped? ‘Cause it’s so cute it’s hard to believe it’s real!

  18. Awwww, they both have matching socks and mittens. Was it a 2 for 1 black Friday deal at Target?

  19. Haha, I didn’t know kitties burped their babies. So redonkulous.

  20. Lilyleo-Thanks for sharing that link. Those photos are amazing. Love how he captures the beauty of cats, and his appreciation of cats really comes through in his photos.

  21. This is awesome. The way the momma cat’s eyes are closed, just like me when one of my kids gives me a super hug!!! AWWWW. So freakin CUTE!!!

  22. I didn’t need those braincells today, really I didn’t.

    Don’t mind me, gurgling incoherently on the floor over here…

  23. Oh, that’s just too precious for words! I love it! And the marmie in the background just makes it better! I LOVE diluted marmies.

  24. What a lovely, lovely photo!

    Hugs to Totalee. I lost my mum very suddenly 2 years ago. You don’t get over it, you just get used to it. Lots of hugs to you.

  25. 45 years, and I’m still waiting to get used to it. I guess it’s harder for a kid.

  26. P.S. I’m still a kid.

  27. Oh this is just too adorable for words 🙂

  28. I’m glad you enjoyed them VC, he’s been keeping Deviant art in cute for awhile now.:)
    Be sure to check out his pet hamster Herr too

    Ok, brace yourself…most of the cats he takes pictures of are Shelter cats. He does it to help the cats and the organization. <3

  29. Oh my….between this and the capybaras I no longer have a brain. It’s oozed out of my ears from the wicked abundance of cutitude.

  30. Intolerable Cuteness.

  31. Totalee-Many warm and long-lasting hugs to you. Think of the good times and make new good times, that is my recipe for getting through that first holiday season. Your Mom would want you to be happy, I’m sure. Give it your best try. K.

    This picture will evoke memories for many people, I’m sure. As we get closer to the holidays, it is up to all of us to make good memories and to instill happy and healthy habits, like sharing and caring. (Gee, all that from a picture of kikkies? Yup.)

  32. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Totalee: Thanks for reminding me to appreciate my mommeh (who’s 76). After my dad died, it took awhile to get used to him being gone. Anyway, sending lots of good throughts your way with {{{HUGS}}} and snorgles from us!

  33. Gail (the first one) says:


    That is the CUTEST pic!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!

  34. omg that is so adorable. happy kitties.

  35. Lisa (one of several) says:

    To Totalee, DumBunny, and Ginger – I’ve been without my Mom for 10 years – she would have been 67 on Christmas Day this year – my heart goes out to you – what happens over time, I think, is pictures like this beautiful one of the mommy cat and kittens make you cry because of the wonderful memories you have of your Mom more often than crying only at your loss.

  36. I second Berthaservant, we need a COXCU on the tongue!!

  37. Waaaay too much cuteness!!!!

  38. I lost my Mom just over a year ago and this Christmas is for some reason feeling very poignant to me to so the plan is to make all her christmas cookie recipes this year and remember the fun I had making cookies with her growing up.

    Hugs to everyone missing one of their parents.

  39. The tiny bit of tongue is going to be the end of me!!!

    I too had a cat that would do this-you would pick him up and he would just lay his head on your shoulder like a baby and go to sleep. It was one of the cutest things ever. And he wasn’t even a kitten.

  40. I was waiting for this one to show up. Hoshie has a great DeviantArt page with all sorts of cute kittens!!

  41. OMG. I love kitty cat hugs!

  42. berthaservant says:

    Just want to send out hugs for those who have lost their mom. I’ve had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with my mother over the last couple of years and we’re both very grateful. Keep the good memories close to your heart, friends, they will always bring you comfort.

  43. awww!
    It looks SO cute because moms eyes are closed.

  44. dangerous, nookular levels of teh qte here. handle with extreeeeeme care.

    could be one of the Top 5 All-Time CO pix.

  45. Aww looks like they are hugging ^_^

  46. A must pic for the next calendar. AWWWWW

  47. Nothing quite as comforting as mom. This pic is adorable! 🙂

  48. the other Brenda says:

    Hugs to Totalee. Hang in there! She would want you to carry on. And she would love knowing that you miss her.

  49. the other Brenda says:

    I love this pic. My Chloe was a tabby that I adopted as an adult. I have no idea if she had kittens, but know that if she did she would have been one heck of a mom. She sure was a great pet. RIP sweet Chloe.

  50. My dad died a few months ago. He gave the best hugs in the world. This picture makes me think of my daddy … thanks, CO. Made my day :o)

  51. totalee puppy says:

    Thanks to all of you for
    the kind and understanding words. Happy times with the pictures and videos and comments at CO also help to heal.

  52. Daphne Moss says:

    Aww…another photo that makes me love this site sooo much! Nothing more lovely.

  53. “mommy i already burped stop spanking me” hee hee hee

  54. Kristabelle says:

    Sending out hugs and love to all those missing parents this holiday season.

    What a cute kitty pair!

  55. hugs to all those missing parents! at first i was just *ESPLODE!* from the photos, but then i got sad thinking about what the holidays would be like without one or both of my parents. then it occurred to me that as i’m getting older, they are too. i’m going to spend every night this week with them, since they live so close to my office. thanks for the reminder, CO, that parents are precious!