Bon-bons, s’il vous plaît

Pleeeeeease, pass moi zuh bon-bons.

I need zem.

I need zem very, very, very moshe. [chomps own paw in distress]

This smooshed-face lethal cuteness found by Kaity J. >^•^<



  1. Meg.. do you HAVE to keel me with ze kyute frensh akzent and the even more kyute ball of silver floof?

    I admit it, I watched the entire thing with a head-tilt.

    *shakes fist in air -“damn you and your overload of teh cute!”*

  2. It’s a Tammy Faye Bakker cat with those eyes.

  3. Give this kitteh whatever she wants! I am captive!

  4. Ohmygod SO CUTE

  5. Boomer's Babysitter says:


  6. This kitten will haunt me in my dreams tonight.

  7. Utterly sickened by the cute says:

    ‘What’s this? Can I gnaw on this? Then I shall…’

  8. Egads, the chirp has rendered me absolutely useless! Le sigh.

  9. berthaservant says:

    Tin man voice: Now I know I have a heart, ’cause it’s breaking.

  10. I MUST huff zees kitteh! Naow!!!

  11. Its the cat from ‘eep-anima’!

    Just too wonderful. Too, too….

  12. Some one is in big trouble because there will be no denying theis cutey anything. ever never no how no way!

  13. I detect a level of stubbular-ness that is past the legal limit.

    tsk tsk…for SHAME C.O.

  14. I’ll be needing a badge number and the name of your superior officer.

  15. Shake your bon-bon, baby, shake your bon-bon. Meow

  16. the other Brenda says:

    this kitteh will someday rule the universe!!!

  17. I didn’t realize how tiny s/he was until I saw THE HAND. What a tinykins.

  18. So I wanted to go look for TV listings, but I just couldn’t… look… away..!

    *siiigh* makes me want a kitty

  19. YAYYYYY! I was the sender-inner on this one! I could not stand keeping the toxicity of cute to mehself anymore! Now everyone is this petite smooshed face’s victim! Mwahaha!

  20. siiiiiiiiigh. I want.

  21. That is not a kitteh, that’s a baby ewok.

  22. Gail (the first one) says:

    Zee eyes of zees pauvre kitteh, zey need to clean—-eet ees distracting me from ze Cute!!!

  23. totalee puppy says:

    Marguerite, peel me a grape.

  24. Remember, s’il vous plait,
    le “Smooshed Face Caturday”? Eet ees getting
    better, sans doute. I really loved that song, Meg.

  25. SilentMouse says:

    Oh, that is fabulous! That kitten is so leetle it still has blue eyes!

  26. I can’t handle eet! Zee fluffiness! Ees too CUTE!! I CAN’T DO EET!!


  27. please notice, that youtube has chosen a barry white song as a related video.

  28. Kitty whimpers!

    I actually said the word “bon bons” today and it made one of my friends crack up.

  29. Oui leetle keetee, you can ‘ave ze bon bons. But I do require a leetle keees in advance! keeskeeskees

  30. This kitten is going to grow up to be SO spoiled. You know it’ll just have to let out a few “meep-meeps” & “chirp-chirps” and the humans will come running with whatever it wants.

  31. OMG, that’s soooo adorable! I practically cried watching this! What kind of kitten is this anyway?

  32. The video link at the end of the Chipmunk eating out of a woman’s hand is pretty killer too.

  33. waffles'momma says:

    wait, did I see a human nipple?

  34. *fell over dead on floor-too much to handle*

  35. EEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! The paws! The paws!! Black toe beans in a sea of white fuzzulence!!!! Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!! *sploit*

  36. Can’t… stand… the cute…


  37. waffles’momma – That’s not a nip, it’s just a peach colored shirt with some pink embroidery!!

  38. flowerfanatic says:

    This little babe is a Shaded Silver Persian. It’s marked just as it should be with black eyeliner, black toe beans, and it will probably have beautiful turquoise eyes.

  39. found this one on related clips:


  40. Yesterday, all my tribbles seemed so far awayyyy…

  41. As God is my witness, this is possibly the cutest non-cat/dog/rabbit/red panda/giraffe film I have ever seen

    Well, at least porcupines aren’t 17 feet tall….

  42. The miniscule mew mew mew just kill me!!!

  43. Oh my God! Kitten squweak at 00:10!!!!

    I haz to try theez accent theng ven I saw all de othyer people doing et. Fun!

  44. Failed. My accent is mostly unreadable. 😦

  45. warrior rabbit says:

    Sunstorm — No, eet ees fine.

  46. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    Katrina! bebeh porcupet sooooo cute!

  47. warrior rabbit says:

    Katrina, that porcupine was soooo kyoot! And did you notice that was Birdchick’s channel? (Of Disapproving Rabbits fame.)

    Porcupines always look like they’re wearing hula skirts.

  48. warrior rabbit says:

    Pyrit! Where were you on the road hog thread?!

  49. Meg — remember all the other times, I wrote in, to say an item was the BEST ITEM EVER POSTED?

    I was WRONG.

    Someone please notify Winston. Someone younger and (gasp?) CUTER??????
    has emerged. It’s always that way in the nation that gave birth to
    I am SO repentant, Winston.

    (but ……..)

  50. What do you mean “wants a bon-bon”? It IS a bon-bon! I WANTS!

  51. LR

    Thanks for your you tube link and I return the favour with

  52. That porcupine should be mine. I’ll give it banananananas and I won’t try to hug it until it puts its quills down and I’ll be very nice to it. Can you imagine the adorable Porcupine and Corgi photos? No, neither can I. Feh.

  53. Oh, yes, Dewi- I played that thing so many times I memorized that little ditty and it became an earworm!

    Love each kittie with its own headbobbing action! Thanks!

  54. Katrina– I fainted at the porklypine, and am only just coming around. Must not look again

  55. Jacqueline says:

    OMG. The baby teef, the baby pawsies, the wittle baby nosie! SQUEEEEEE!!!! 😀

  56. There IS one way to ramp up the cuteness to even more lethal levels: watch this video for the first time with a four-year-old in your lap. I was showing this site to my niece yesterday and we watched the poor helpless kitteh together, and her squeals were infectious.

  57. Theresa- isn’t that the just the most wonderful face on that porklypine?

    This white kitty is wonderful too, this is a good day.

  58. This is the cutest kitten ever! Where can I get one?!

  59. My kitty started squeaking when he heard me playing this video. TOO CUTE! 🙂

  60. Beth, right after leetle Persian kitteh went “Meep!” my old Persian kitteh went “Meep!” and I had to hit pause so I could go snorgle him. Or is that paws?

  61. Beth, right after leetle Persian kitteh went “Meep!” my old Persian kitteh went “Meep!” and I had to hit pause so I could go snorgle him. Or is that paws?

  62. Meriweather says:

    Mew. Mew. Meerp! Mew…

    Too much fluffulence for even a hardened cynic like me… *staggers* Overload. Overload. *flomp*

  63. totalee puppy says:

    I have had the worst craving for bon-bons…I don’t want to compete with crowds
    at the mall for
    Godiva Chocolates…Is a
    snack-size Nestle Crunch
    bar a bon-bon?


    Must nom the nose and the ears and the PAWS!

    Flowerfanatic said “toe beans!”

  65. Christine H says:

    So impossibly fluffy and adorable! *cuddles the little snowy fluffball*

  66. When are they going to invent snorglevision? When?

    *smooches screen helplessly*

  67. jackie31337 says:

    Fegli “*siiigh* makes me want a kitty”

    Oh no, the conspiracy has gotten to you too!

    pyrit “Yesterday, all my tribbles seemed so far awayyyy…”

    ROFL! If that parody does not yet exist, someone really must write it. Not me, though, because I’m not enough of an original series geek to pull it off.

  68. Sing-Songy voice-

    Meet Agra, the porklypine!

    from your friend, K.

    Now everybdy else can see it too. thankskby.

  69. Agra kinda scary, huh?? Can’t they shoot those quills?? Don’t let them kids geet to close! Ze grand rongeur!

  70. tracyFlick says:


    They make the best rugs.

    And the best cats.

  71. Jenn in IL says:

    Oh, good Lord…she still has her baby keeten blue eyes! I love, I love, I love. She is beautiful.

    The kitten I saved at 4 weeks and gave to a friend at 8 weeks recently lost her blue eyes to the more common greenish. She looks much more like the Devil now…the blue eyes are just SO innocent and beautiful.

  72. Paunchie- No, porklypines can’t throw their quills- they do however, back up at their foes. And they don’t ‘beep’ while they are doing it.

    Actually, the do make a tooth clattering sound way before they land the stickies into you. You would know.

  73. Actually, I just had a vision of a porklypine luurkenspoinging somebody backwards- Theresa- are ya with me here? Erebella, BServant, Theo- can you just see it- Oh, Hamster-on-Rye, Warriorrabbit-Totaleepuppy-NOMTOM-I know you can, yes?

  74. I am having a quiet conversation with a friend of mine about going to the Philadelphia Flower Show this year-AAA is running a bus from somewhere or other in CT to the show- is anybody else going?

  75. warrior rabbit says:

    Katrina, I took that tour (uh, with other people), I met that porcupine (well at the WAP, not the Zoo, but still)! I was going to say it earlier, then was all, oh, never mind.

    I’d never been up close and personal with a porcupine before, or an ambassador, much less an ambassador (peers through monacle self-importantly) porcupine.

    That porcupine is why I think they look like they’re wearing hula skirts.

    You know, the behind the scenes stuff at the WAP/Zoo is worth it, imho.

  76. warrior rabbit- was the tour fun? Can a person who uses a cane still have fun? Wanna go again? I know it is a lot of walking – thinking of renting myself one of those motorized cart thingys.
    I like the Ambassador Porklypine- I’d be very happy to meet Agar!

    The Philadelphia Zoo is sooo calling me right now. Do they still have flutterbys?

  77. Danilelle says:

    dangerous! Why is it that when things are tiny and extremely cute, I want to squish them?

  78. Danielle-my guess is that you would only do it once in the case of the porklypine.
    The kitten is another story. Choose well.

  79. Le porc-epic (say “pork-ay-peek), ‘ee is vair’qte, n’est-ce pas? Mais, mes amis, I am not of accord zat le chaton persian is ze best kittain, alzo zees one is vair’qte, too. I am of opinion zat ze best kittain is one you ‘ave close by enough to snorfle and pat.

  80. “snorf – Le” en francais, NON?

  81. totalee puppy says:

    Katrina…Somehow I have
    gotten porklypine vision…
    I see it!

  82. hamster-on-rye says:

    L. Katrina–What would life be without Katrina’s vision? Grant me that vision, great OGD–I will see!

  83. Totalee puppy and hamster-on-rye, good, good, now see the porklypine backing up to the nasty prey and *lurkensproing!!* The helpless (but very nasty prey who never ever uses signal lights when turning) is taken completely off-guard and now wishes that s/he had used her/his signal lights and will always use them from now on, even when changing lanes! Hooray Porklypine of Justice! Hooray!

  84. Is it just me or do I spy a panda on kitty’s paw??