Well, This Sucks

"Check out these road hogs, will’ya?  What’s the matter, lady — you and the kids skipped breakfast again?  Hoof it outta here, Squeals on Wheels, I got stuff to do today!"

Pay no attention, children, we're more equal than they are.

Let’s see if the peeps can milk some more jokes out of this, Johanna S.



  1. they were hungry, dammit! also, love the Animal Farm hover text!

  2. She has ‘four on the floor’…will that do for the first joke?

  3. “The Road Less Traveled”? “And that has made all the difference…….”

  4. Tocks! Too much tocks!

  5. they tired & squeeled to a stop! ooohhh!!!!! what mountainous apetites! (mayne dis wittle piggy decided not to go to the market after all.)

  6. Snowball, is that you? I have to say the little pink tocks on the pavement are too moische.

  7. I think I can see at least one more set of wittle twotters and another brace of ribs on other side.

  8. A mothers dutys are NEVER done !!!

  9. Hey! Yeah, you!. Quit hoggin’ the road.

  10. biscuithead says:

    Multi multi multi multi ‘tocks!

    The tails fail to curl though.
    What’s with that?

  11. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Whomever took the picture could just well win an award. I mean, WHEN are you ever going to see that, again?!

  12. lol! i <3 pigs & thats rly funny.

  13. (Donning nerd glasses) Did you know that when sows nurse, their milk comes down in vast quantities for just a few minutes at a time– then she’s done? So little peenk peeggies have to get it while they can– then mama is up and about her business again.

  14. It’s a snout rout!


    Why the Lord didn’t give Eve cup holders.


    Next stop, the Piggly-Wiggly.


    Victoria’s Other Secret.

  15. It’s a snout rout!


    Why the Lord didn’t give Eve cup holders.


    Next stop, the Piggly-Wiggly.


    Victoria’s Other Secret.

  16. Road hog!!!

  17. warrior rabbit says:

    Isn’t there a $500 fine for littering?

  18. biscuithead – It’s likely just genetics. Some pigs have curly tails, some don’t. These are likely wild pigs for at least a few generations and that means that they have no clear breeding lines. At least in the U.S. farm pigs are bred to have certain traits, including curly tails. I’m sure it’s the same on many European farms.

  19. You gotta do what you gotta do.

  20. Sir Garence says:

    Looks like we’ve come to a pork in the road!

  21. If I had a nipple for every time this has happened to me…

  22. Nice Orwell reference!

  23. I’m bacon you — please get out of the roadway!

  24. warrior rabbit says:

    It’s a porcine of things to come…

  25. littleredhen says:

    This roadblock sucks!

  26. warrior rabbit says:

    Looks like last (hog) call to me. The time when everyone’s got their boar goggles on…

  27. vegas vickie says:

    Isn’t there a $500 fine for littering?

    warrior rabbit

    ROTFLOL HAHAHA thank you

  28. warrior rabbit says:

    When will they sow-nd the all clear?

  29. warrior rabbit says:

    Looks like those guys in the car might wind up hoofing it…

  30. one for the road

  31. warrior rabbit says:

    This is so sooey-t!

    (I’ve really been trying to come up with something using oink…but nothing’s come to me yet. Anyone?)

  32. Gail (the first one) says:

    A Beatles ref:

    Have you seen the little piggies, passing through the woods
    And for all the little piggies, Mama’s got the goods
    Stopping where she stood,
    To feed the piglets…

  33. biscuithead says:

    Thanks for the factoids!

    @Gail (the first one)
    Thanks for the earworm!

  34. No way. That has got to be photo shopped!

  35. fish eye no miko says:

    Gail (the first one) said: “A Beatles ref:
    Have you seen the little piggies”

    Also: “Why don’t we do it in the road?”

  36. warrior rabbit says:

    NTMTOM: Let’s see if the peeps can milk some more jokes out of this, Johanna S.

    Oh, guaranteat!

  37. @Warrior Rabbit.
    Oink-you glad you came this way!

  38. totalee puppy says:

    “Oink the horn, Steve. That oughta do it…”

  39. hamster-on-rye says:

    Katrina, “four on the floor” is fantastic!

  40. berthaservant says:

    Momma sez, “Hey, at least that one little runt already went ‘whee whee whee whee’ all the way home.”

  41. totalee puppy says:

    Katrina, Would you kindly meet me at “Buuuuuuuuurp”
    Totalee Puppy

  42. What? Literature references? In my Cute Overload?

  43. “Pork in the road.”
    That’s the best. Gad, that’s funny.

  44. berthaservant says:

    “This is not what I meant when I said I wanted my hamhocks to go.”

  45. talk about eating on the road! they’re lucky there’s not much traffic. i can imagine if traffic was piled up a long way, but luckily sows only nurse for a few minutes then they move along and the piggies scurry after waiting for the meal.

  46. I don’t think this is Photoshopped. It’s extremely difficult to make something really look like it’s standing on a road.

  47. wannadance says:

    waaaaaaaa. gasp. wheeeeeze. falls over. head blows up.

  48. of COURSE it’s not shopped, don’t feed the trolls

  49. WHEE. Animal Farm! <3 lol

  50. Whoop-dee-do for my Sow-buru!

  51. (deds)

    (gets up (no it’s not easter, it’s prize-goving time))

    Sir Garence wins the Golden Chicharrón for his entry, “Pork in the Road”.

    Elsie gets a leftover turkey drumstick for figuring it out too.

    I get to bleen and go back to ded.


  52. Has no one else noticed that the sow looks suspiciously….dead?
    Stuffed? Taxidermi-shopped?

    Sows don’t nurse standing up, do they?

  53. temperance says:

    four legs good- two legs bad.

  54. warrior rabbit says:

    Sure pigged a bad day for a road trip.

  55. I may have to wean myself off of these bad jokes.

  56. this little piggy went to market,
    this little piggy stayed home
    this little piggy had roast beef
    these little piggies had nom

  57. [insert obligatory “wee wee” joke here]

  58. “And then after we’d been on the road for a while Mom said,’let’s brake for lunch,’ so we did.”

  59. Charlotte Cromie says:

    When I went to South Africa (I go to the BEST places!), this happened to me, only with the CUTEST LITTLE HERD OF WARTHOG BABIES EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!