THIS JUST IN: Awesomest rug ever

Yeah, yeah, yeah, there’s Deery Lou on the left and  Strummer the pup with a homemade hat on the right. But let’s get down to the REAL issue here. 


It’s so awesome.






Just kiddin’, the rug is great, but let’s give it up for Deery Lou and Strummer the Pup.



  1. I need the pattern for this hat!

  2. OMG, cutest little doggie ever. I want a dog with a little pink knit bonnet. I’m in love. The carpet’s pretty hot too!

  3. uh oh- does that cute lil doggie have an irritated eye? I hope not. 😦

  4. the phrase “an explosion of yarn happiness” brought me much joy for reasons I can’t quite explain.

  5. omg, this made me laugh so hard!

  6. warrior rabbit says:

    Deery Lou doesn’t seem long for this world…

  7. whew! All that anger is being directed at the deer. I was certain the hooman responsible the for pinkness was going to be murdered.

  8. Hellooooooooooooo matchingks! (thankfully not with the rug)

  9. Now, is this Strummer, as in Joe, as in The Clash? Because if it is, this puppy’s owner is the coolest person alive.

  10. totalee puppy says:

    I love the little pockets
    for the ears knit into the
    pink hat…

  11. All that shag! I’m having flashbacks to my bedroom when I was 8!

    And marmoset flashbacks too, from the hovering.

  12. Rug looks like it was hanging on clothesline as part of a rug display for a
    vendor who sells stuff off his truck.

  13. LOL @ last photo…You are going to payyyyy for teh pink hat I had to endure because of you!!!!

  14. I love the rug but even more The dog and it’s toy with matching hats.. sooo adorable

  15. Hahaaha, how about the dignified brown couch in the background, masquerading as a WILD ORANGE COWCHINGTONS YEEOW!

  16. I still have an unfinished latch hook rug from when I was a kid, and it was tiny..I wonder how long THAT rug took!

    Also, thanks for getting the damn Marmoset song in my head again. 😛

  17. Stephanie C. says:

    @Kristi: I’ve made a latch-hook rug that size. You know how long it took?


    And a day.

  18. binky-mama says:

    The last photo made me think: “Oh noooooooo Mr. Bill!”

  19. berthaservant says:

    Good call back on the marmoset post, Meg.

    And matchingks…(singsong)…

  20. Lol, I still have my little 8 inch latch hook 3 quarters finished… I’m just too lazeh to do the rest 🙂
    *Steals hat and rug*
    YARN 😛

  21. Elaine Wilson says:

    This just made my night! Here I am, feeling sorry for myself, then I visit C.O. even though it’s 11:30 pm and this new post made me laugh so hard!! Marmaset Wednesday… yesss!

    Thanks Meg.

  22. That’s like the dorkiest, cutest, most shagedelic thing I’ve ever seen! Gah, I’ve been hypnotized by yarn……………………..and chihuahuas with eye capshules!
    The beer helps too……………..

  23. 3 cheers for Strummer & her mama!

  24. Collect your sun glasses before entering this home.

  25. reminds me of little red riding hood..

  26. That was the weirdest reenactment of Little Read Pinking Hood I’ve ever seen. Courtesy of the Shagpile Players. Of course I loved their production of A Rug for All Seasons and their acclaimed all-avocado colored appliance presentation of The Fondue Pot Murders.

  27. That’s the weirdest version of Little Pink Riding Hood I’ve ever seen. Mind you, the Shagpile Players are at the vanguard of the intelligensia. Remember their all avocado-colored appliance production of Checkov’s “Uncle Maytag.” And of course who could forget Mr. Barkyboots in Rug! The Musical!

  28. Ree-donkulous.

  29. My parents had two rugs a lot like that when I was growing up. Yow.

  30. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Decca: LOL!!! Have they done “The Shag Menagerie” or “The Carpet Installer Cometh”?

  31. . . . it looks like the ’70s threw up on that carpet. Seriously. It’s “Interior Desecrations”-worthy. Dog’s cute, but that carpet is giving me flashbacks to the Decade of Little Taste.

  32. Von Zeppelin says:

    “The photos of Strummer were taken by the victim, shortly before he was found dead by family members. Police report that the corpse had over 28,000 bite marks, apparently from a small dog.”

  33. I haz a mini-me! 😀

  34. I just watched baby foot nommings and now this? Cuteoverload sometimes you take cute to new heights of cute-osity!

  35. Remember Ren & Stimpy? It’s Ren. Steempy, you eeediot! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  36. i wuvs puttins, I’m totally seeing the Ren Hoek connection, especially in the last photo where he has clearly snapped into a characteristic psychotic rage. If we had sound we could hear the maniacal cackling. 🙂

  37. OMG that was too funny.. no quero bambie.. i guess hahahahhaha

  38. Matchinks!

  39. adorable! where can i get the hat or the pattern for the hat??????
    email me someone!

  40. scooterpants says:

    omg. we used to have this shag carpet in our house when i was young.
    i had the miserable job of raking the crap.
    hate it!
    but this is very updated retro, iz cool.
    dog is unbearably cute as well.

  41. Oo! And you can see the base of an undoubtedly-cool table in the background. I want to see the whole place!

    Tracy B. < -- who reads the Apartment Therapy blog and is into the whole retro-revival-with-a-twist thing.

  42. oww what a tiny cute couple!:)

  43. Yup, had a rug like this in my room too. Mine also had purple in it. It inspired me to plant my knees in the center of it and spin around and around, watching the fabulous colors spin by, faster and faster, until the center of gravity is lost! Thunk. Shag breaks my fall. I watch the ceiling make herky jerky movements. Get back up on knees, start again. Mom wonders where I’ve been all afternoon.
    Can a psychedelic rug be considered a gateway drug?

  44. yuck.
    overgrown rat. kill it.

  45. totalee puppy says:


  46. lol e-beth

    I used to hang up-side-down from my bunk bed and imagine all the stuff on the floor was on the roof and that the roof was the floor. It was really weird, but very entertaining when I couldn’t sleep.

    I love the tinsy lip curl in the second picture. Control those emotions doggy.

  47. Christopher says:

    Ohhhhhhh. I think I know that dog and rug! Unless there’s another Strummer the tiny chihuahua living in a vintage mod pad. So cute!

  48. Mary (the first) says:

    I love the teeeeeny little tongue in pic.3. THIS is why I want a smalld dog. So I can knit / buy it little outfits!! TOO moishe!!

  49. I saw this and thought my sister had posted a pic of her dog! Mini is just a little lighter. Sooo cute!