Happy Thanksgiving from Winston!

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Enjoy a tofu turkey, pie too

We hope you feast like Winston

Start with a carrot and chew!

A hearty Thanksgiving wish to Rich, Winston and Rudy over at FourFour!



  1. Will our beloved Winston get heems own plate for dinner? He won’t be stuck with just carrot?

  2. OMG. you are so cute. plus the cat. winston is such a character. cute²

  3. I thought my Stinky was the only cat who liked carrots– he seemed to get stoned on them. Winnie is kind of a grown-up dust kitteh, isn’t he?

  4. Winston! Carrot! Excellent!!!

    Have a happy Thanksgiving, my American Cuteoverloaders!!!

    Enjoy your tofurkey!!


    My dog loves carrots in the worst way.

  6. Ah ha ha; they’re watching last year’s Thanksgiving video. Even kitty dads make their kids watch home movies.

  7. Rich ♥ Weenston ! Weenston ♥ Rich ! We all ♥♥♥ Weenston ! (Weenston ♥ carrots.)

    Happy Thanksgiving all !

  8. cheesybird says:

    Lol @ “Is it ’cause I don’t have carrots anymore?”


    Happy Thanksgiving to Rich, Rudy and Winston! I’m thankful for you and your brilliant videos!

  9. My dog loves carrots too.. must be the crunching and munching fun.. My cats however have not interest in any veggies:(

  10. Happy thanksgiving y’all.

  11. Oh my goodness. I love him.

    Eh, the cat’s okay too.

  12. I don’t know who’s cuter in this video, Rich or Winston.

    I mean…

  13. I Wuv you Winny!!!!!

    Winny looks kinda like a zombie chewin on that carrot.. lol

  14. me kitteh Truman luvs teh care-rots. Most speshully wit tarry yocki sauss.

    Winnstun! Try sauss nextyme!

  15. I LOVE Winston’s expression when he’s chewing the carrot, like the grumpiest old man.

  16. Can I have him? And Winston too?

  17. berthaservant says:

    I’m very excited to have visual proof that there are other men in the world who have very, very intimate connections to their cats.

    My previous cat Rider was an eater of all human food, and I well recognize that bat at the hand as it goes towards the mouf with food. Bertha, not so much, but she DOES kiss me on the leeps (when I’m not eating) if the mood strikes her.

    Happy Thanksgiving, friends. There is much to be thankful for (and pray for peace in Mumbai!)

  18. biscuithead says:

    Yay Winston!
    Thanks for setting a great example for kitty oral hygiene by munching on a carrot.

    /My doggy loved munching carrots too!

    Happy Thanksgiving all!

  19. So, did anyone else recognize the music playing in the background?

    Last thing I expected to hear on Cute Overload. But perhaps appropriate, what with all the nose biting.

  20. Awww…just the BEST! Happy Thanksgiving to Winston & Family, as well as to everyonr at Cute Overload-grateful for you EVERY DAY.

  21. 1. Winston is SCARY when he is nomming a hard carrot in the cold blue light of the compy screen!
    2. Rich, you are teaching Winston VERY bad table mannerses.
    3. This is all very, very cute.
    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  22. my niece & nephew are now Winston converts. 🙂

  23. rofl, really, that’s kind of narsty to teach your cat to dig for food out of your mouth even if it is a cute mouth. the haughty look winston gave rich at the end is pricelsss, like “hmmpft, plebian with no more carrots.”

  24. *snerk* lol at the stoic human… till kitty falls half off his lap

    I love the Winston too!

  25. snoopysnake says:

    Winston is thankful that he does not have to take a bath today.

  26. Miss Venus says:

    Oh, he is too cute. The man. The cat’s great too. Soooo…Cute Overload Dating Website??? Now, please! 😉

  27. Can I just say, I love that this is filed under “interspecies snorgling”? Also, yes, add me to the legions of girls (and perhaps a few guys?) who think Rich is cute 🙂

  28. JinxtheCat says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Winston! And Winston’s dad. And to Meg and Theo and everyone on Cuteoverload. I don’t know what I’d do without you all. Snorf. Purr.

  29. can’t beat a fit boy who loves teh fluff, may we all be truely grateful

  30. who knew winston’s dad was so sexy!?! he’s perfect!

  31. seriously, is there ANYTHING Winston won’t eat? That cat is too funny. And his dad is HOT *sing song voice*!

  32. Northern Tigress says:

    That was really, really cute. And as for the Don’t Bite my Nose part, all I can say is, “you started it.” heheh

  33. Two Thanksgiving cuties! And the nose nommage is definitely the highlight!

    Did any Top Model fans see the interview he did with Sheena from cycle 11 just recently? There was a Winston cameo involved in the outtakes 🙂

  34. GreenEggsAndSam says:

    Winston is pretty awesome. My Kitten, Toast is the same way. If she’s feeling affectionate you’ll get a kiss (on the lips, cheek or nose) if she’s feeling otherwise, you’ll get some nommage. She is Also a huge fan of “Oohman” food. Raspberries, dill pickles, Gatorade (probably because of the salt content), cashews and popcorn are a few of her favorites!!

  35. winston’s daddy is h-o-t!

  36. Wow, there was a great shot of vampiric Winston there, where he was chewing his carrots with full Winstonian fangs revealed. Luv it. Happy Thanksgiving to Winston and his assistants there.

  37. ew, i’m sure winston licks his hiney. and you let him put his mouth on yours!

    cute tho.

  38. well… ehm… hull-oh thur!

    winston’s daddy is cuuuute!!!!

  39. the other Brenda says:

    Well. I noticed that Winston did wash up after that episode. Hmmmmmmmm….

  40. Love Winston, cannot BEAR the sight of animals near human mouths/food. Made me feel sick.

  41. Wernshternnn! I gert a carrert here ern mwy teesh, shee? Heeeere Wernshtern!

  42. I think the haughty look at the end is Winston’s way of saying, “Eh, what’s up doc?”

  43. I never imagined the infamous Winston’s dad was HOT.

    And when he put the carrot in his mouth “Lady and the Tramp” style I was like, OH NO YOU DI-N’T!!!!”

    Great video!

  44. Too cute! Reminds me very much of my own Jesse except he doesn’t try to steal it out of my mouth, he just keeps patting my shoulder or my leg (depending on where he’s sitting) to remind me he’d like some too!

  45. I recognized the music instantly! It’s from the “classic” film Cannibal Holocaust. Not only was the video hilarious…but the music made me snort my Diet Mountain Dew.

  46. Daphne Moss says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to Winston and Rich and all my wonderful CO pals.
    Hope youre bellies are full and your hearts are light this evening.

  47. I guess it’s a bonus that Rich is pretty darn cute too.

  48. weeeenston!!!!

    luv teh nose biting, and the carot noms. teh guy’s not bad either…

  49. i can has rich?

  50. Brandi7920 says:

    I love Winston! <3

    Happy Thanksgiving, guys!

  51. Aww, it’s like Lady and the Tramp. This video is totally one of those “Cute Overload dating” things. Like, any guy who will practically make out with his cat wins my heart.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all! I hope yours are filled with teh qt.

  52. The Button says:

    I am thankful for Winston, Rudy, and their person. Very, very thankful.

  53. Hey Rich, how about I be Winston? 😉

  54. Awwwwww! I want to kiss him too.

  55. Apparently I’m not the only one who wants a little love from Rich. Cute overload dating site STAT!

  56. Awww, they luf each other. Love the shirt. And Winston is not a phony: no carrots no suck up.

  57. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Yay!! Happy Thanksgiving to the boys!

    Gobble Gobble!

    Although Rudy needs more face time there! Winston is SUCH a cam whore! (and their daddy is a hottie! :D)

  58. nose=carrot.

  59. I think Winston has two Dads, but that doesn’t make him any less cute!!
    Happy Thanksgiving my American friends!

  60. Gail (the first one) says:

    Hope all you fabulous Peeps here had a fantastic Thanksgiving (and thank you to everyone who wished us crazy Americans ‘Happy Thanksgiving)!!!!

    If anyone here is from India, I wish everyone there the best….such an awful couple of days.

  61. Best part? When Rich holds his hand under Winston’s nomming mouth in case anything falls out. I thought I was the only person who did that to her cats.

  62. Gosh, that is adorable. Men should have and love cats more often. 😀

  63. Winston and Rudy have two daddies, and they are all adorable.

    I think Weeeeenstun was biting Rich’s nose out of jealousy, since he doesn’t have one.

  64. Thanks Cuteoverload! For everything. There is no gift greater than the gift of laughter. I think I can safely say that you add a little ray of sunshine into all of our lives everyday!

  65. I think I’m in love with Winston’s dad there…sigh…

  66. Pups'nstuff says:

    I like your shirt, guy…

  67. They are both so cute!

  68. :O I had no idea that any cat out there would be so happy to have a vegetable!

    My cat would be so offended if I offered him a carrot.

  69. I would love to be Winston in this video.

  70. it’s so cute that he holds his hand under winston’s mouth when he’s nomming the carrot so if anything drops he’ll catch it. CUTE!!

  71. AuntieMame says:

    Someone else thought Winston looks like a vampire when he chews. 🙂

  72. Cannibal Holocaust!!!!! best thanksgiving movie…? kidding.

  73. That guy is so fine. The cat is pretty cute too.

  74. TOO. CUTE. And I would give him a carrot kiss too 😉

    But what are they watching?

  75. Elizabeth P. says:

    Oh dear me. I’m in lurve. That guy is just too damn cute. The cat’s ok, too. 😛 Both he and Winston can come over here and do some post turkey day noshing at my house with me and my kitters!

  76. warrior rabbit says:

    I believe they are watching themselves, Serena. (Well, Winston’s watching the food.) But note how Rich keeps adjusting Winston (and his vampire chewing) so that we can get the best view of the carrot munching, etc.

  77. awwmonster says:

    Yeah, I know what I want for Christmas now.

  78. Does anybuddy else think Winston’s dad looks like Heath Ledger? Also, I love that Winston is audibly purring while open-mouf chewing.

  79. Winston’s fur has grown out now! Yes!

  80. I am not even a little bit of a cat person, and I have probably watched this ten times. It’s hysterical, from Rich trying so hard not to laugh when Winston is obviously DESPERATE for the carrot, to Winston nomming his nose.

    It’s just a happy moment– and heavens knows we all could use more of those in our lives. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  81. Is there *anything* that Winston won’t eat?

  82. Winston’s daddy is way hot. More hot cute pet daddies on this site!

  83. Wombats–You have a great
    point there–“Will our
    beloved Winston get heems
    own plate for dinner?” I cannot REST until I know…
    This calls for a SEQUEL…
    The ladies sure won’t mind
    another appearance by Rich…Will Rich get his own plate? Tune in whenever…

  84. The replay and slow-mo versions made me laugh. XD Super cute.

  85. chichi and boots says:

    hi love your cat. my girls where going nuts with him. my girls chichi and boots, are cats too, they have such personallies that only a cat lover would understand why we love are cats so much.. my chichi love milk whenever i have milk she is right there for her share…

  86. me luv carrots too…heheh

  87. I love how he puts his hand under to catch any droppings, so sweet!

  88. mmm…im pretty sure when he smiled i blushed. i love smiles and wow… i would kiss him.. in a heart beat.

    i wouldnt mind giving winston some snorgles too =]

  89. Aww Winston – cuteness. And indeed so is your dad *ahem*…

  90. The chemistry between these two is so wonderful- and that hand automatically placed under the carrot-chomping Winston is just so genuinely caring. It is the pairing of the two souls that makes them so special.

  91. on the cannibal holocaust theme… how cute !

  92. …riiiiiight.

  93. Don’t eat too many carrots it’ll make turn orange and your waste will look wired.

    P.S.have you ever tried chess?

  94. i would kiss him with or without the carrot!

  95. Rich is cuuuuuute but so is winston

  96. Oh my… the cat is cute, but the guy is gorgeous! 😉

  97. Hot guy who loves cats?? There is a god!

  98. Wow!!! Rich is HANDSOME!!!!

  99. mentonemommy says:

    I am sooooo jealous of Winston right now!

  100. I think I have fallen in love with Winston’s owner.

  101. Winnie has two daddies (and they are both cutie pies). Of course, Rich has his own website and he is hilair. And Rich holds his hand under Wins mouth because he is acting like a true daddy but if you’ve ever seen any other Winnies vids you’ll know that that puss eats like a starving troll. 🙂 P.S. don’t forget little ole Rudy

  102. I just needed a shot of Winston. Ahhhhhhhhhh.

  103. my kitties bite my nose. it means they love me. 😀

  104. WEEEEEENSTON!!!!! Love that kitteh!

    And not for nothing, but Rich is smokin hot. Woot. 😛

  105. hot damn that dude is cute

  106. OMG WINSTON RULES! daddy’s cute too and the whole “is it ‘coz I dont have carrots anymore?” KILLED me! YAY! thanks for sharing Winston with the rest of us! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

  107. I think I recognize the music!!! Is that from cannibal holocaust, or am I just being weird? 😛

  108. Ha! Fabulous. Especially when when Winston is like “Of COURSE it’s because you don’t have carrots now.”
    And I think most of the female population agrees that winston’s people is almost as cute as winston. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him before : )
    Yay for men who love four legged fuzzies.

  109. Wow, talk about cute overload! Cat’s pretty cute too! 😉