Crank the lullaby tunes, I’m sacking OUT

[Kitten voice] Hey you, with the  lap! Crank the lullaby tunes, I have some Z’s to catch up on.

HLavinkas, the pile o’ kittehs at the end is a really nice toche.



  1. AuntieMame says:

    Argh! The video needed to be two seconds longer to get the end of the song!

    Privacy tailio!

  2. That is amazingly adorable! As it says on the youtube comments, it melted me down into a sugary puddle!!
    Anyone know what song that is playing?

  3. omg, tosey nibbls!!!

    and sooooo tie-tie. can’t you just hear the tiniest of honk-shus?

  4. That’s too much. The toe nibbling, the adorably fuzz, the kissable belly, the pretzle nap, and all finished off with a kitten pile.

    *head explosion*

  5. OMG kitten fluff bunny

  6. And Meezer. Too cute

  7. We need to get lullaby tunes at our place. Even bigger puppies like “sleepy sounds”.

  8. That kitteh is totally blissed out. I haven’t seen a cat that happy here or anywhere else in a long while.


    ow I am in pain here, that was too much, the actual definition of NOM NOM NOM… AHHHH!!!!!!

  10. OMG – I just died twice!!!

  11. Ohhhhhmigod, foot nomming.

  12. berthaservant says:

    Love the frozen sleepy at 2:00….LOVING the mini-noms, too….

  13. binky-mama says:

    It must have taken such strength for the girl filming to restrain herself to those quiet chuckles. Me? I would have been all “Wook at you widdle bay-beh wit your widdle eauws and widdle peenk nosey and widdle stubbular tailio and I wuvs you so much yes I do could you be anymore pwecious”….etc etc goo-goo ga-ga etc…

    My higher brain functions turn to mush around kittehs.

  14. Brain was already oozing out of my ears by the time we got to feetsie nomming at 0:35.

  15. h my goooodness. The toe nomming, the slight coma the keety went into, the PILE o’ KITTY FLUFF!

    Died. Ded. Done.

  16. Santa, we’re inside a month for Christmas. You KNOW what I want in my stocking.

  17. TOO DAMN CUTE. I let out involuntary nonsense words while watching this. “Snoofy… moofy moofy mooof-moof… FOOTIE! Snubble-de-wubz…”

  18. Bet that’s the kitten out of the litter she kept and didn’t adopt out.

  19. I’m with Claudia! Meg…are you trying to KEEL US?

  20. OMG. that is code-red level qte. imminent attack! squeeee for your lives!! that is the most snorgle-worthy kitteh belly ever. the stretches! the privacy tail! the soul-peering eyes! the thorough toe-nomming! the paws-up zzzzzs. and then the fuzzy pileup at the end. deadly!

  21. Cutest overload ever! The girl’s sweet giggles added to the awww for me.

  22. Sleepy, flexible kittens with blue eyes chewing on their toe beans and then falling asleep in your lap………………that’s what heaven’s like, man, you betcha.

  23. is nomming yr own feets a “rule of cuteness” yet???

  24. wow…I actually “nom nom nom’d” at the computer screen. I think that’s a first for me.

  25. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Alright, Meg!

    While I appreciate the viddy with the anerable floofball ragdoll, you need to realize that when you post such a viddy of a kitty, you need to make sure that you have enough REAL kitties for the rest of the class because now I want one SO bad! 😀

    Happy Thanksgiving, BTW…just got done making a punkin pie and a peanut buttah pie (that one ended up with a slightly burnt crust, but we fixed that!)!

  26. The ultimate in cuteosity.

  27. ok, this was probably the cutest thing i have ever seen on this site.

    although i prefer dogs over cats, this is one of those vids that made me wish i had a little kitty.

  28. When I put my foot in my mouth it doesn’t look anywhere near as cute as when this sleepy one does. Perhaps if I say something really horrendous with my family at Thanksgiving I can go instantly cute and start nomming my own toes. Yeah, that’ll win them over.

  29. warrior rabbit says:

    I appreciated the zoom-in close up of that one raised paw and toe beans, too…

    All the squeeing, etc of above? Ditto. {swoon}

  30. meg, my 50th birthday is less than 2 weeks away and this lil fuzzball would be the PERFECT gift, you know, in case you were wondering. i mean, i still have a whole month to go before i can start drooling over my CO calendar. just saying,

  31. warrior rabbit— “toe beans”!? that is awesome!

  32. Pile o ‘kittehs at the end… of the rainbow?

  33. JohnnyJohnny says:


  34. WEAPONS GRADE cuteness.

  35. Pups'nstuff says:

    Must….. chew… feet…

  36. *sigh*

  37. Space Cowgirl says:

    Well, anything that can send me from depressed, gloomy, nihilist thoughts to a dopey smile in the space of 1 minute is pretty good…

  38. *giggle*

  39. I am so jealous of that lap.

  40. Ah, kittens. Wiggly to zonked in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1

  41. Gail (the first one) says:

    @binky-mama: Ditto!!!

    Kitteh discovers “I haz a flavor!!”

    Must have been shot by a CO fan, what with the close-up of the peeenk toesies and attention to other important details!

    Happy Thanksgiving to the U.S. peeps (and an extra good day to the rest of you)!!!

  42. Why isn’t the world overrun with this kind of kikky-cat? I want to give one to every little child who wants one, so he/she can learn to love and learn empathy.

    Happy Thanksgiving, peeps. Now I am off to bake something or other.

    For the non-Thanksgivininged, have a great day and I am thankful for all our peeps!

    I really want that kikky-cat. Maybe being married isn’t the most important thing in life…naaa, I give, the kikky can go to someone else, this time…..

  43. I am eeee-ing all the way through this. Gosh. I´m so ded and gone to kitteh heaven now. 😀

  44. Had to sing that last final chord for perfect contentment. Finally had time to watch this textbook sample of cute. The lullaby, of course, adds to the lethalness.

    And the FOOTSNOMMING !!!!!! *kerthunk*


  45. @#”$¤%&% (@$&!&)

    This sort of cuteness make me feel the need to say/write some really bad, horrible words, to try to reestablish some balance in the world lest we all ASPLODE!

  46. Oh for the love of all that is CUTE!! My head just asploded and my veins are gushing rainbows..


    Teh lullaby?!
    Teh floof?!
    TEH FEET NOMMING???!!!?!


  47. Dude, that’s the freaking WMD of cute. Srsly. I just coughed out some glitter.

  48. The fluffy waving feet! The paw nomming! The gradually defocussing eyes!

    Me go “awedefluffableslookitawlemmesmooch” at computer. Then splodey.

  49. Yup.

  50. What IS it about kittehs nomming they feets that is so dern cute? Hmm people? I need some answers. STAT!

  51. It makes me so HAPPEEEEEEEEE…

  52. Alice I just read your comment and nearly stopped breathing I was laughing so hard!

  53. AuntieMame: 47 comments so far, and yours is the only one about the last note being cut off? Gah!!! I don’t even know the song, but it’s pretty obvious what it would be, and frustrating to hear that it’s missing…

  54. @Keith Handy : see above ! Proposed a singing solution to the dilemma.

  55. girlnextdoortn says:

    I love when kitties discover that closing their eyes feels good. Like, “Oh, I didn’t know that’s what I wanted, but ok, that’s niiiice…zzzz”

    My cats do that too.

  56. Poohbear: oops! Sorry. Did I miss any others?

  57. Okay I stooped back in at the risk of dying from the cuteness to wish all the Peeps
    a very happy Thanksgiving.. Yummmmmmm!

  58. can someone link this? cant see it here- keeps on saying its down 😦

    i wanna see the meezers!!

  59. I believe that is the rare Ragdoll/Wookie cross–anyone else get distracted by how odd bebeh’s nose looked?

    I do not need to have any sugary desserts today, as I got all my sweetness right there!

  60. it looks like a pile of fluff at the end awwwwwwww

  61. Kitteh is all “I’m delicious!!! Nom, nom, nom”. And so sleepers!!!

  62. The nomming of the pawsies and the footsies kilt me dead. DEAD I AM!!!

  63. balamuthia says:

    I’ve been conditioned that when music like that plays, something TERRIBLE is about to happen!

    Glad to see it wasn’t the case here, precious kitties!

  64. Notice how he coyly looks right into the camera when he starts eating his foot? What a flirt!

    And then the finale – a pile of TINY WINSTONS!

  65. awww @ mega nomming from such little fluff ball…want one want one! What a happy kitteh!

  66. The Leafs got slammed by Atlanta on Tuesday, I’m down to half days as the company scales back, all hell broke loose in India yesterday, much upsetting a co-worker from India and a few neighbours from India as well, the stock market is insane, I don’t know what to buy most people on my Christmas list, I didn’t have time to grab a tea on the way to work this morning, one of the Partners has been driving me insane all bloody month….and this video has made all that bad and annoying and depressing go away! WOOK AT DA KITTEH! SO SWEEPY! SO FWUFFY! I just want to tuck the little darlin down my top and snuggle down for a long winter’s nap, wrapped around that pile o kittens.

  67. OMGooosh. I’m not a cat person but that kitty could have made me cry he was so cute!

  68. cheesybird says:

    Is official. I is ded.

  69. I’m just sitting here with a goofy grin on my face after watching that.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  70. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Vampy: Sorry about the rough times you’re having!! Get to a shelter and snorgle kittehs until you feel better!!

  71. I think that’s the cutest thing I’ve seen… ever
    the way it noms it’s foot… awwwwwww *melts*

  72. Gail: lol…if I run to a shelter to snorgle kittehs, I’ll just be sad because they have no home. So I stay home and snorgle my own demanding pair! (the older one, btw, is currently lolling around on the floor in a very similar manner to this little floof…minus the paw nomming)

  73. Awwwwwwwwwwww… Raise your hand if you would have thrown the camera aside long ago to engage in kitteh snorgling! *raises hand!*

    P.S. I put on “Lullaby” by Jack Johnson and Matt Costa to this video <3

  74. Chewing his own back feets. Perfect.

  75. Daphne Moss says:

    Oh, no! Da BAY-be!!!!
    Da toe nibble!

    *Puddle of mush now…hope you’re happy…another death by kitteh*

  76. This kitty is a privacy tail PRODIGY! Such masterful skill in one so young is surely unprecedented!

  77. Sahrawi Wife says:

    Cutest kitten video EVER!!
    Fluffy Sleepiy kitty stole my heart !
    Hope you are happy now cos I have happy tears sliding down my face !
    *sniffle*sniffle*smile* :O)

  78. This makes me sleepy, but it’s such a Sopranos moment when it cuts off in the end like that. I just need to hear those last few notes!!! Please!?


  80. @ Alice; I burst out loud laughing…WMD?!!!

    And for all the folks that are DED and otherwise ‘slpoded”…Happy Thanksgiving to you. I am thankful that your brains turned to mush at cuteoverload to be shared with the rest of us.

    Oh, and kitty bless us everyone.

  81. My kitty tried to sniff the computer screen when we watched this. He loves the kitten movies.

  82. Enough to make a grown man go SQUEEEEEEE!!!

  83. hamster-on-rye says:

    What are YOU starin’ at?
    That’s my pal, and,if he
    wants to go SQUEEEEEEE, that’s cool! Any questions??

  84. Danbala- after the day Vampy had, there is obviously no need to do or say anything negative- and besides your own karma doesn’t need to say or do anything negative- just read the newspaper- we are in no danger of overwhelming the world with cute. Yet.

  85. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  86. Nice song

  87. Pretty cool

  88. Mara and David says:

    Universal mental health plan right dere.

  89. To paraphrase Saavik: It eats on its own feets! If one cat can stuff its entire paw into its mouth, why don’t they all? That privacy tailio just about did me in.

  90. I almost started to cry for this, TOO CUTE!