Winnah Winnah, Turkey Dinnah!

Way to go, dawgs!  Before stuffing yourselves with Thanksgiving dinner, you stuffed our mailbox with lots of correct answers in our latest quiz!  And our winner, randomly selected from over 360 entries, is Elizabeth S.!  Congratulations, and your Cute Overload Page-A-Day Calendar will be on its way shortly.

And now, the answers:

You betcha!In what U.S. state will you find Red Dog Mine?

Answser: Alaska

Theeeeeeyyyy want candy!What British pop group’s controversial 1980 single encouraged home music taping?

Answer: Bow Wow Wow

Make ready the royal hydrant!What nation was ruled by a dog for three years in the 11th century?

Answer: Norway

I CAN HAS NOBEL PRIZE FOR LITERATURE?In Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley, what breed was Charley?

Answer: Standard Poodle (any answer with "poodle" was accepted)

... and don't call me Shirley.What is the brightest star in the night sky?

Answer: Sirius, the "Dog Star"

I can't remember where I buried my nine iron.In golf, what is the term for a hole that’s curved rather than straight?

Answer: Dogleg

Thanks again to everyone who played! Enjoy your Thanksgiving! Photo credit! The wonderful crowned pup photo shown above in the “Norway” answer by photographer Lane Collins!



  1. I’m PISSED that they killed Rickrolling even further in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

    [Oh come on, of ALL the things you could possibly consider sacred…? – Ed.]

  2. gobble gobble gobble gobble

  3. Nelliepodge says:

    Doggone! Missed it by THAT much
    (Question 3, I submitted dog’s proper name rather than name of country–must remember to read clues thoroughly).

    Hot dog and big congrats to you, Elizabeth S.!

    Travels w/Charlie = best Steinbeck book ever.
    Calendar competition = much fun for Thanksgiving.

  4. And gobble gobble to you.

    NomTom, you could send one leaf of the calendère to every winnère!

  5. ChibiKitten says:

    Heh, darn it.

    I even sent along a picture of my cute chinchilla in an attempt to sway the judges. 😛

    Congrats to the winner!

  6. That last question took me forever to find.. curse you dogleg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. berthaservant says:

    I thought for sure that the Sirius hovertext would refer to Keanu Reeves….

  8. Yeah, but the Airplane reference was funnier!

  9. doesn’t google make quizzes like this obsolete?

  10. Wow, I would have sworn the brightest star in the sky was THE SUN. XD

  11. well, actually it was someone with the nickname “hund” = “dog” that was king in norway during this period..

  12. I was sure I was gonna win this time! Oh well, congrats Elizabeth and enjoy your calender!

    And… uh… more quizzes please?

  13. Poop, I should have entered! The only time frame I could find for the dog king was early 1100’s making it the 12th century, so I figured I had the wrong one 😦

  14. I laughsnorted at the Airplane reference, haha…

  15. Selphie van der Boffin says:

    I remember that moose! It’s from Russia not Alaska.

  16. pinkmariposa says:

    Rule #1 when looking at
    CO do not drink and look
    no,no bad things happen
    and then your nose leaks!
    the hover text
    “you betcha” was too too
    much like a “gotcha”
    it got me!!!

  17. Actually it was not the whole of Norway, but only Trondheim that was ruled by Saur.

  18. Lovers of travel stories with pets should definitely seek out Clare de Vries’ rollicking road trip I and Claudius, about her journey across the US with her irresistible, chocolate-coloured, wise-nose, telly-loving, talking cat Claudius.

  19. way to go Elizabeth S.!

    I could not think of Bow Wow Wow, probably ‘cuz I thought they sucked back then, anywayz, I put down Los Lobos for that question; I know, wrong continent, but it followed the theme : )

  20. Johanna and Zoe, you’re both wrong. Check this out:

    [Um, guess again. Read about “Saurr” here: – Ed.]

    Btw: stupid incorrect question.

  21. Heheh.. Okay I got them all correct but didn’t get my name picked but BoooYeah for Elizabeth S.

    And NTMTOM that quiz was fun it took some major google foo to find the dog king and BOW WOW WOW.

    Excellent quiz.

    I am looking forward to the next quiz.

  22. can you provide evidence for dog ruler of norway? it was dennmark and the dog was sent there by the king of norway. Im british and around in 1980 and never heard of bow wow wow!!